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Let us build the community rules together

Hi guys, After 8 months of growth, Babel Novel Forum already become a sweet home for all the novel lovers. Your feeling is very important to us. Recently, some users’ behavior brings the community discords and disturbi…

24 August 12, 2019
Please do NOT registered different accounts for one person

Hi Babel Noveler, We found that some users register different accounts for one person, which is not encouraged in Babel Novel. In this situation, we will block these accounts. Here provide some ways to gain bricks: D…

6 July 17, 2019
New way to speed up translation process

Hi Babel Novelers, You may notice that vote-to-translate chapter function has been canceled. From 28th June, we will translate 2 chapters for every novel every day automatically. If you would like to read more chapters,…

11 June 30, 2019
Good news: you can gain more bricks by following Facebook homepage for Babel Novel

Hi guys, we have registered the Babel Novel homepage on Facebook. Here sincerely invite you to follow our homepage . You can leave your Bebel Novel ID or Email on our Facebook homepage . As a reward, we will give 30 bric…

40 June 29, 2019
Three ways on how to acquire bricks

Daily check-in: earn five bricks every day, and it will be the replacement of every day replenishment. Share our site on your Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp: each visit to Babel Novel by clicking your link can make you…

2 June 26, 2019
Three novels are offline on Babel Novel because Kindle version released

Hi Babel Noveler, Three novels, My Wife is a Beautiful CEO, Super Devouring System and The Mightiest Leveling System, are offline on Babel Novel website, because we released the Kindle version on Amazon. Considering the…

25 June 12, 2019
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