Mr. Carson, a Real Man! Novel Book


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Title: Mr. Carson, a Real Man!
Another Title: Mr. Carson, A Charming Man

Synopsis :

Cora did not expected Robert marrying with her was to make her a surrogate, however the shameless mistress was her sister, Daisy…


Her husband had an affair with someone, but forced her to divorce with nothing, even took away her newborn baby. “I did pay so much for you, so give my baby back, please! I just want my baby.” “The child was dead!” His words were like a sharp sword that deeply stabbed at her heart. Only then did she realize that he just wanted to let her give birth a child. Losing everything, she was in despair. Unexpectedly, a mysterious man entered her room and embraced her, seductively said, “Do you want to revenge? Just give yourself to me.” His words echoed in her ears. When he took off his mask, she found he was actually…

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a nice story and i like the story interesting

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I can’t find this novel in the application. What is the title in babel novel?


Hello i cant find the story will u help plz

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I am not able to find this novel Mr. Carson a real man on the app … Please help