The latest way to get free bricks


We are pleased to inform you that there are more ways to get free bricks as a result of our system upgrade! There are 3 ways:

  1. Invite your friends to earn 20bricks. Up to 1,200bricks!

  2. Daily Missions:This includes writing a review, reading some chapters, daily check-in, etc.

  3. Follow us on Facebook and fill out your email of babel(fill it) can make you get 30 bricks.

In addition, old methods of access, such as sharing books, will expire on May 18th and no longer be rewarded.

Here to get free
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Great app nice stories


More options please. So many brick required.


Hi! Is there a problem on novel Romance of Mr. Walton? I haven’t received free chapter since yesterday wondering why.


I did not like that they removed the old method

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Porque não consigo fazer comentários, aparece mensagem com se estive errado mas não vai de jeito nenhum.


the review bricks are problematic, first of all the format of having to open a topic with a title to leave a review is so stupid, and most of the time i get that the review does not conform to some specific rules i mean when i write random words review counts but when i do a real review it doesn’t so frustrating


No more free Daily chapters!?! What’s going on? A new unknown change?


Hi I recently download the app I got the first check in and add to library free bricks. I did not do
all the daily missions, next day I did not get any check in and add to library bricks.i hope someone can help me with this problem. Thank you.


Why can’t get more bricks by sharing?! :sob::sob::sob::sob:


I cant even write a review or comment. It says internal error. Why is that?,