Please do NOT registered different accounts for one person


Hi Babel Noveler,
We found that some users register different accounts for one person, which is not encouraged in Babel Novel. In this situation, we will block these accounts.
Here provide some ways to gain bricks:

  1. Daily check-in: earn five bricks every day, and it will be the replacement of every day replenishment.
  2. Share our site on your Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp: each visit to Babel Novel by clicking your link can make you get ten bricks. You would gain at most 100 bricks every day by sharing.
  3. Follow our Facebook homepage: You can leave your Bebel Novel ID or Email on our Facebook homepage. As a reward, we will give 30 bricks to each ID.
    Any questions, please contact Thanks for your support. Enjoy!

Babel Novel team

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Can I get bricks from proofreading?


Yes, you can…


What’s this mean different account on one person?


my account suddenly deactivated.have only one account


Hi…is your account fixed?my account also suddenly deactivated. I still have lots of unlock chapters that I haven’t read it.