If you don't receive brick after check-in


Hi guys!

We apologize for system failure, some users did not receive bricks after check-in yesterday(October 9). We have solved the problem. We’ve distributed the right bricks to users who haven’t received the bricks after check- in, and compensate the user for 10 bricks.
If you don’t receive brick after check-in or have any problems , you can send us an email: service@babelchain.org, tell us the email address of your registered account, we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Babel Novel team

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Sorry, guys. We have to remove this novel from our site due to the request of the publisher.
Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks for your support.

They can fix it.
I have sent many messages, and you do not respond.


Sorry, we are working hard to negotiate with the publisher, please wait patiently

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I would also like to know if you can increase the voting number of a novel from 20 to 50??

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I haven’t been getting them for any but the first time am I missing something or what?


I haven’t gotten any bricks except that first day


Can you tell me your registered email address? I’ll check it


Sorry I’ve been to busy to get online recently in chichi32310@yahoo.com it worked this time when I got on and once before


I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this but I seem to be loosing bricks everyday. I check in daily to get 5 bricks but I started loosing the 5 bricks I gained from the check in after a few hours. It started out being only 5 bricks but now I seem to loose 10 bricks a day. This has been going on since the beginning of this week.
Is this a bug or some bullshit new system being tested out?

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Yes same thing has been happening to me


Happened to me right now!


yea happen to me too right now


I lost my brick too!


just checked in and no bricks help!


me too. checked in and no bricks


ya, terjadi pada saya juga


Someone help, checked in and no bricks!


Porquê não ganhei bonus hoje?


checking in everyday but bricks not increasing after 150 bricks