Looking for freelance editors for male-lead novels


Hi, there. We are now looking for freelance assistant editors for male-lead novel info optimizing. Please join us.

Job description:

  1. Recreate the synopses of the given male novels. The synopsis should be attractive to readers.
  2. Workload: 30-40 synopses for a month.
  3. Well-paid, stable.


  • Fluent in English, and interested in reading male-lead web novels.
  • skillful in writing and editing.
  • have time to do good editing work and submit it before deadline.

Please note that a writing test is required during your application. But don’t worry, it’s a short test. If you are interested, please reach out to us via editor02@funstory.ai. Thank you so much!

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Hello there

This is an interesting opportunity… I am interested and looking forward to be selected

Thank you lot
Neo Scheepers
+27 734447912


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