YC and QY


Many people do not like QY and do not want it to fit in the harem, because it did a lot of shit. There are even people who say that Mars just adds random women to the harem. But, I think the opposite of these people. Because, in my opinion, this is the case for the tag “enemies become love interests”. Most of the time when this tag is put, it’s just bullshit. The MC and the woman are enemies only for a short time (most of the time because of a misunderstanding) or they are part of two different factions, but have no real feeling of hatred one towards the other. In this case it is different, the two characters have at the beginning a real hatred towards each other and because of the events which preceded them they had to ally to accomplish their objectives. Even if the citation of QY was more desperate than that of YC (it is surely the one that most people have a problem with.) YC is in a completely different mental state than it was in the past. He has no family, no lover, the only “allies” he has left will be immediately destroyed if they help him. He only thinks of revenge. We can see at certain moments that he still has a little of his old self, but the pain he feels all the time to what results his choices have led him, he falls back into darkness. So I find it quite normal that QY starts to feel feelings for him over time. YC’s side will take longer for him to love someone. This relationship between two people who really should not have been allies, even less lovers (maybe) made me appreciate the present arc.

Sorry English is not my first language.

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We know dude. Everyone likes YQ now. You don’t have to worry. She is just not the number 1 waifu. It’s like the "Waifu we want, but not the one we deserve. "

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How do you know many ppl didn’t like QY? I even ship both yc and qy lol


If you’re talking about those hater then you should ignore them :stuck_out_tongue:

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I personally don’t hate her character. She is an amazing character with many hidden personalities and not someone who tries to look good in front of people. She is just a little antisocial type.


XQ will be in his harem no doubt about it. She has to give him her small world to him after all. He may even end up raping her and then become guilty for all the shit. Who knows?

For me, Harem Queen will be Xioa Lingxi. Second in command will be Little Fairy or Shen Xi, both of them have birth to his daughters. Joker will be Yun Quingyue. Third in rank will be Star god sisters. And then probably comes his other wives. And at end will be XQ.

She is a big introvert, so don’t expect her to be outgoing like others. In many ways, she is actually the most pitiful character. - And also the most hated character!

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Xiao lingxi as harem queen? I disagreed .

Imo it should be Shenxi


Yes she should be the Harem Queen. But hey, as a author I would have liked to introduce the first girl I introduced in the story to be main heroine!

Even if XQ was portrayed as most beautiful woman in Floating cloud city, the first woman to greet him after his rebirth was Xioa Lingxi. And also she is a end boss character. Just like those stories where the starting characters hide the ending.

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XQ will be in his harem ? Hhhhh You mean the girl who fell in love with fen juechen and mars changed his mind after seeing some people’s anger hhhh

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Harem Queen will be Xioa Lingxi ? Hhhhh You mean the girl who fell in love with fen juechen and mars changed his mind after seeing some people’s anger hhhh


***** Xioa Lingxi*****


What does being the first to interact with yun che after his rebirth got to do with this ?

And I feel helpless seeing your reply , you don’t seem to understand what i mean at all -_-"

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Huhu, i guess I’ll stop commenting for now else someone might troll me without me realising them


What a great comment , Specially XQ small world will allow YC to break through LV10 DM by Dual-Cultivation I believe
Because higher the realm Require more power needed to break through.

Where is MX ?! :frowning: in your ranking.
Also did you think that Mars won’t make XQ kill Yun Quingue ? and resolve the hate something like what happen with little wolf ?

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Haha, sorry for not explaining myself properly. First of all, if I had to personally chose the Harem Queen, it will be either Shen Xi or his masters or even Yun Quingyue.

But, every story ends when the hero gets to a level where his old problems are solved. Look at the Epic of Gilgamesh. It is the archetype of all hero stories. It started with the premonition that his status as most powerful human will change. Gilgamesh was a fighting maniac so he started actively searching for the man.

They finally had a great battle and tied. Then, they became sworn brothers. That’s the end of one part. In second, due to his lust or battle, Gilgamesh decided to fight the most dangerous demon there. They defeated them but his sworn brother got curse from gods and died out of sickness on bead.

That’s the end. He roamed around for answers of life and death and returned to become better King.

His little aunt is not the most powerful character of story. But I believe that she is the most humane one. She started liking that half ass devil because of her kindness too.

Anyway, honestly. Now I don’t even care he has a harem or not. Just finish this god damn novel Mars so that we could create our own fan fics. It is always said that if there’s not a book you want to read, fcking write it yourself.

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Mars trolled hard to include YQ into his harem. No one can ever shake her position. She is not S ranked heroine but she is top A Ranked heroine here. No one can ever kill her until You Che kept on saying that he doesn’t want another “toy”. He literally said this to Little Wolf “If we fck, we will have love dovy sex, but with her I go full hardcore. I rape her but love you.”…well this is my translation of his intent!


Xioa Lingxi cannot be Harem Queen…I think Mars should have left her with fen juechen … because she clearly loved him more then YC


Jasmine looks better as Queen of the Harem, it’s strange that nobody has thought of her.


I don’t think so. She is too emotional


But she is the one who spent the most time with him, the one who suffered most with him, the one who helped him the most and YC loves her more than anyone else.