We will have five changes on March 1st


How long does it usually take? Its been almost a day for me, and I have around 125 marked chapters but no returned bricks. Won’t be able to translate anymore pretty soon.
I’m translating Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts by the way.


Sorry for that. Your question has been answered. Please wait patiently.


Thank you for your feedback. We will make changes in the near future.


Quick question: You say share your website through social media with “my” link, but where do I get this link?

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at least make sure that we get at least 20 bricks a day with a chapter taking 5 bricks. It’ll be a lot lot lesser than before 10chaps a day, but much better than the current option.
We’re only able to translate just a single chapter a day and if goes wrong it turns 0

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@ekko @swmy I can’t translate :frowning: keep getting “Request for translation engine failed. Please try again later.”
Is the translator broken or down???


The marked chapters are under review. And review takes too long. I’ve been waiting a day for my extra bricks.


Same here. I’ve been waiting more than a day


That’s an already marked page. You can mark a page if you translate a url (translate option from the bar on the top) and then you scroll down and see mark it. It is near the top, after first few paragraphs. And you click on it, and fill in the book, chapter number and optionally, the chapter name.


Same here. I’m a free reader too…i can’t spend money so i’m a parasite here reading and translating for free…:joy::joy:

By the way how much time do it takes for the marked translations to be reviewed?
Can i still get the bricks?:sweat_smile:


we will have other ways to get bricks in the future.
please be patient.


Hi, Coolherochen, please be patient,thank you for your support.




So you just wanna make it as impossible as it takes to get bricks right? first you are not reviewing any chapters and novels i have marked, so i am no getting any bricks from marking for several days now. 2nd, starting from today twitter sharing no longer giving me bricks…i share either atg or mga chapters for bricks and asked some people to click the link so that i could get bricks. starting from today their clicks are no longer giving me any bricks…i had to check it myself to see what is going on so i used vpn and used my twitter share link and then i got some bricks, i bet tomorrow i won’t even get a single brick from vpn because the vpn ip are already used…this is beyond retarded at this point…


Am nit getting bricks on daily check in…how do i resolve this issue and i also followed d facebook page but no reward yet,…Need assistance

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These two doesn’t work in my case tho. I’ve tried sharing countless times and still nothing :confused:


Thanks for the post…


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