We have to shut down translation tool temporarily


We have found that some users have registered dozens of accounts to use our translation tool, and some users have using our translated content to publish in some other places (and created links on NU). Both behaviors have created lots of translation request and consumed lots of resources and made our other users have to wait in the queue. Half a month ago, we tried to raise the cost of chapter translation, but it didn’t work :frowning:

So, we have to find an approach which can satisfy our readers’ need for reading novels, while translation tool not misused. Then, we will have our translation tool online again.

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Have any way to give a trust translate rank for the project translate on going and allow the category to keep translating? Or do a offline tool for translate?
By the way I am at the project of translating nine star hegemon body art with @Greed and @EvilSpark

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You’re right that many users are creating many accounts and spamming links here and there. But this was never the case when one had 10 bricks and a chapter only cost 1 brick. Not that i blame you.

In order to deal with it, you should give those guys at least the once active and regularly helping community like me, @Greed @Acksor. I help in translating ATG and NSBHA. So maybe you should give guys who’re helping the community extra bricks or something and make it tough for the users who are spamming.

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A trust rank or some sort of special role will fix it.


That is why i said just add a paid option. Keep a dedicated and active and supportive userbase instead of trying to enforce things like “social media” sharing and marking translated chapters to get bricks, you just created more unnecessary load on server. the previous 10 bricks per day was more than enough.

As for multiple account, i detest such thing and whether in online gaming or anything else i never make more than one account. This is my one and only account. And it will always be one and only.

And then the matter with publishing in other places, i use translator here to translate but i don’t directly publish it because they are not proper reading quality for mass populace. they are filled with way too much mistakes and just making one chapter properly readable takes away one hour of my time. i use mate translator, bing translator, yellobridge dictionary and yabla dictionary to fix chapters that i translate using your tools. it is a lot of work. babelchain is a machine translation site and people read here knowing and accepting that, but in other places they need quality and they are real beasts about that.

Overall. add a paid option so that we can buy more bricks and enforce IP assigning with accounts to stop people from making multiple account.

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rather than making about 10 translators to buy bricks, create a pateron account and let everyone support it.


I think you should reverse to the original translation tool system, simple with 10 bricks a day or even less and 1 brick for translation in this way you don’t overload the tool and you keep in check the abusers
Also this mess started when you guys made this uselless changes and the tool was just fine when it was with 10 bricks and 1 brick per translation but hey I’m not here to judge… you still have the same user base since the beggining… If i were to ask the guys in a pooll from where they know your site most of them would reply like (NU or other mtl sites) but 0 from sharing or other social media crap
Conclusion: Revert the tool to his original state and i bet there would be people crying that they have to stay on 10-30min que (JUST wait until the guy who spams gets bored) also i remember that when there was only 10bricks there was not a excesive que only at hot hours like 6 PM CET.


I am saying there should be an option to buy bricks, not enforce everyone to buy bricks. say you want to support babel chain, you can just buy some bricks from the purchase option, you get more bricks to translate and babel chain gets some money, we all win. or there could be a monthly subscription system which would give the subscriber some extra bricks everyday.

patreon is a cool idea too.

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Patreon will be a lot better since there are not many guys who translate.



These are the threads i made on reddit and novelupdates to promote. I am posting these in advance so that you don’t blame me later for overpopulating the site :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:
@swmy told me to promote the site.

I also personally sent messages to people on discord and other places where i have joined novel translation groups like wuxia world or webnovel or such, to promote the site. these people i talked to all spend a lot of money in reading novels so i thought if i brought them in here and later you guys introduced a paid bricks option you could make a whole lot of money from them. i have no other intentions. just giving you guys heads up.


why would people make soo many accounts? me and my brother share one computer and have only an account each. since the changes on marking chapters to get your bricks back, we haven’t ran out of bricks because we cant read enough for bricks to be an issue


Relax. “Some users have registered dozens of accounts to use our translation tool” means some few users have created dozens of accounts. E.g., one user owns 20 accounts for getting more bricks to translate. Promoting our website is encouraged. Thanks for your support.

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It is same as why people multibox in online games. to work around the flaw of the system and gain an unfair advantage. in case of online games however, they have way too much bandwidth and people making whole bunch of account to multibox is an advantage for them. here on the other hand, is a severe problem.


on a different note : i believe if you were to sell this tool to google or microsoft, you guys would at least make a hundred million $. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::smile:


Let’s be honest google has better AI’s in their inventory but they don’t want to post it to public

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I do agree with you on that. but babel chain should really patent their algorithm.


I think one way to solve this problem is to not make it so that every chapter that has been translated and marked will need to be re-translated by the next person that reads it. It seems like a waste of time and resources.
That way bricks will be well spent on only translating new novels and chapters.


One for all, all for one.


the best solution is disabled this translator forever and learn chinese.