Hating Xia Qingyue


Some of the guys now have started hating XQ for what she did to YC and had started calling her bitch…but that’s not good as one of our dao comrade
“hwhalowars” said: "She probably did all of this to save Yun Che, since he exposed his dark attribute, he was destined to get hunt down. Therefore the only way to save Yun Che is to push him to the extreme so he starts cultivating and gets strong enough to defend himself. QY tried to make him cultivate numerous times or leave the god realms but he stayed however he was too weak and ended up exposing his family to danger. The fact she destroyed Blue Polestar should be the catalyst that makes him strive for strength and escape with all his will otherwise he’d definitely die by the hands of the others. "

And it’s true if you guys had read Mar’s previous works then you would know that there were similar plot to his stories so XQ hadn’t truly betrayed YC and the blue pole star and YC’s family will come back with 100% guarantee at later part of the story and( maybe I think the star XQ destroyed wasn’t even blue pole star maybe she succeded to hide blue pole star with the help of some heavenly treasure or maybe she had hidden YC’s family and her family in the Moon God Realm. )


same thing happened on Shura’s Wrath(mars another novel) a harem betrayed mc but actually hepled mc to get strong… i didnt read it but i red from someone’s post about that harem actually schemed mc even way before he was born… in that novel family members also got “killed” but in the end didnt… as mars always goes for the happy ending.

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hey XQ didnt do shit… blame mars for what he wrote xD


The end does not justify the means.
Well that’s what people who hate XQ should feel, me too. Even though she did it all for YC, it hadn’t changed the fact that he suffered. For example, I rape your wife in front of you, but in the end this was for your good, you know now ?! That’s why I find it justifiable that they hate her.


Yeah and also Xia Qingyue is one of the few harem members to get so much screen time beside Chu yue chan and Mu Xianyin is not dead she will come back.

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I it still not justifiable to keep him in the dark his whole mind is croupted becauz of her and left YC with no place to call home and made him fall into despair
Even if he gets a happy ending it can’t change fact that her betrayal was the most devastating thing that happened to him


That’s maybe her goal ? If YC hates QY, he won’t feel any attachment to the god realm so that he can fully concentrate on cultivating instead of rushing to her like he did for Jasmine ( which is highly probable since she’s her only relative left) because if she stayed by him, the others will definitely Allie to capture QY, thus shed rather take the blame and allow YC to survive longer without restraint

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That’s her goal, even if she told him, he won’t listen as he went to Jasmine despite the others telling him not to. It won’t be any different for QY since she’s his last relative therefore she’d rather cut the ties so he lives on

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It’s not called cutting ties so he can live rather its cutting ties so that Bitch could live and stop MGR from geting implicated
What she did is kicking a person while he is down that’s what I think at least


People are forgetting that MX died fighting while XQ just watched… and there is no way she could predict MX’s re-birth. Also both the time she tried killing YC, he survived just beacause of luck and MX’s sacrifice. I don’t understand why people are still siding with XQ…


True. That bitch is getting to many ppl on her side when it shouldn’t happen. She deserves the worst fate for what she did. The scope does not excuse the means. And that should clarify all the doubts about her actions. Stop taking her side cuz she doesn’t deserve it. And I don’t care about the other novels that Mars written, this is my favorite novel ever and the thing that happened in the last 40 chapters destroyed all the joyous moments built so far. And for the plan she put up to make YC aware of his situation, 1 she couldn’t predict the betrayal and Jasmine’s death, 2 neither MX’s so please stop saying that this is all her plan cuz IT’S NOT. SO FOR THE GOD’S SAKE STOP IT!!!


Well, even if XQ had an excuse or not, but she did that to YC. And 40-50 chapters before when HSDE came to see XQ and read her memories she also said to her that in future she’ll suffer for what she’ll do, or something like that…

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I hate her since the beginning of the work, she always gave the impression that she doesn’t care about anything or her sect while she was in the moon realm, when she saw mc only asked a slight question about the sect and didn’t care much about it. to be alive


she must know that mc will resurrect in the past as well as in the beginning of the work

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What was she supposed to do, fight against the dragon monarch and the other high level masters of the universe? If she did anything other than what she did, YC would’ve been in an even worse state while she died pointlessly and then he never would get the chance for vengeance. And not only that, she tried warning him many times “maybe you should get stronger” and hes all like “ehh, why bother, I don’t care about strength” and she even tried to call him down and have him leave after Jasmine died and he goes “nope, gotta kill them now. I know I’m an ant, but gotta try”.

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At least she would’ve been a proper wife, at least a proper friend. What she did was not a friend would do


There was a moment when xia and heavenly demon met… I think it should be her idea to make him believe how much strength needed to keep the ones he loves safe… When your r a literally a treasure trove… Yet I hate her though xia

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Yeah you’re right. But we can’t say stupid YC didn’t deserve what he got. He was so relax and unambitious about power. He even said that he would want not to get Evil God Veins because there is responsibility of it.


Well, i can describe her in 2 ways:
Either she’s an a**hole
Or she’s a closet pervert
(btw QY is an open perv)


Yes bc that’s what I want to see more of. People rushing into fights that they know they CANT win just based on emotions. There is a reason many people were annoyed with YC when he came to the GR bc he’s stopped fight with his mind and instead has been fighting with his emotions. It’s annoying bc he is no longer being tactical and it makes the fights more boring.