Yun Che: Creation God


I kinda believe Yun Che might likely comprehend the “law of void” completely and the on par with the Ancestral God of Creation, and might likely be able to revive his Ice Phoenix Master Mu Xuanyin
I also kinda have a feeling that Blue Polestar wasn’t destroyed. It seems like a grand scale illusion to push Yun Che to seek power absolutely and without any form of weakness. Xia Qingyue already told him this in one of their discussions


All of your thoughts are on point with what is accepted in the community, on discord at least, those over at lnmtl might fight u on these ideas.


MX may be re-birthed by Ice Phoenix nirvana


Yun Che will be controlled through soul, but an epiphany will wake him up, this way he will also destroy the northern domain.


My predictions that Devil Empress family will be comprised. In that case all life has to be extinguished. YC is going be wrestling with this moral delima. Plus when he hits Divne master lever growth he going get new arts and new mission. Someone powerfull as a Ture God level is waking up in the primal chaos. This is one of the reason the Devil Empress and her desided to stay behind the wall.