Yun Che character


frankly speaking, yc is the greatest inconsistent and thrash among all the mc that mars created.
after reincarnated in this life, he said that he is gonna be strong enough to make anyone fear him and never bully him in order to be able to protect his love one. but in the end, he never truly look for power to accomplish this, on the contrary, he has been ignoring all the consequence, his promise and everyone else in particular the harm that he will do to his love one who will suufer the consequence of his action even his life in order to chase one people after the other and satisfy himself whithout regret even if he has to die. even more annoying is that once he somehow managed to satisfy himself and escape, he behave as if he felt guilty and make some more grandiose realisation and promise to do the same thing again and behave properly but he eventually throw all of it away again for another self satifaction.
this was even clear in the god realm when he said many different that oppose each other and did many useless thing.
in short, he is an absolutely untrusworthy character who can’t carry one hope, promise and future of other since his only concern is to satisfy himself from beginning to end regardless of the consequence, harm that he does to himself and others,feeling and will of others.
the only good thing about him is his abnormal luck to have everything perfectly set in place for him whithout him asking or looking for it and his ability to always escape alive in one way or another no matter how much he himself throw it and wish for it.
this is to opposite to the other character who quickly learn from their mistake and always set to reach the peak and does everything they have to do to pull that off unlike yc who until now haven’t learn from his greatest miskate even until now and that is: ‘how much his action and choice affect his life and the people around him’ he still disregard them and forget them


If i have to put my stake down, Evil Dragon Against the Heaven’s MC is an annoying pile of bother, he does some random fucking stuff; during the war when the nations invaded China, the MC was in the ocean fishing… like bruh. The best MC of Mars’s novels is Ye Wuchen from Heavenly Star, then YC, Long Chen from Shura’s Wrath, EDATH MC and then Legend of Asura’s Long Xiao.


+100 …:grinning:


yep, Ye Wuchen is awesome!