What is YC's Aunts hidden power level?


Well Fans any guesses?


Nothing because she’s dead and clearly never coming back… Right Mars?

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the mystery of little aunt have not been explained, plus remember the prophecy of frozen cloud asgard: “After safely passing through the thousand year calamity, Frozen Cloud asgard will flourish for ten thousand years!”. so i don’t think that blue pole star will disappear competely like that.

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That is the very first planet created by evil God … Note that… there’s also… You know … Black lightning …

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There might be some event that might happen in the future which will reveal the blue pole star that is hidden by the moon God. The aunt might need to reveal her power to protect her family and friends.

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whats this black lightening u r talking about plz explain

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Her mother was struck by a black lightning when she was pregnant… and Lingxi born after 13 months or so… So it defines that she is not normal… an :alien: alien there was a whole chapter about it… mysterious black lightning huh…


Hehe… man you read Tower of God… Cool


The identity of Xiao Lingxi and what her purpose is, will be revealed in the ultimatum chap (second last) unless Mars changes his mind.


It’s one of the best stories that can rival ATG.
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Blue pole star was already moved different planet was blown up she did it to make yc get stronger faster because he was to content with his life


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I’m not sure if the polar star was moved, but the people who lived in it certainly were, but it’s a possibility it’s a fake planet, but I imagine the level of magic that needs to be done and fool several emperors, another thing would be if she really wanted to kill YC or not, because the moment he has the mistress in his arms who goes after him is one of Xia’s subordinates and not her, but if she really wanted to kill him I think she was trusting in the mirror of sansara for him to revive, but it may also be a big possibility that she did it to make him strong, so I’m not so sure


Xia knows that YC can not protect the blue pole star. She can protect it. However all the God emperors my want some kind of compensation in a form of execution of YC family or Friends. The decision made hide the plant inside her body. This is where the planet is hidden.

However she needs YC to believe that she has destroyed bluepole star. Otherwise YC will not have ambition to grow and get strong.


When your the chapter where the Aunt was having nightmares…the voice in the head promises power unrivaled. YC is the only one that can jump to different power level in a short time. But this looks like someone from the devil race who can wake dorment power instantly


I agree with you but what I have doubts was if she really wanted to kill him or not


Yeah there’s another thing to notice though… Jie Yuan said she could see future… And before the devil race arrival … She asked Quigyue to come with her somewhere… I think Quigyue here is cooking up something… Another thing to notice, Quigyue knows Yun Che can control darkness law before anyone and she chose to attack when everyone in the primal chaos knew about it… Weird… And she is too persistent… She making it obvious to readers…


I totally agree with you there, another thing to note is her blue sword that she uses to anahilate the planet and trying to use the same sword to kill YC when she can just kill him without lifting a finger…

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I’m pretty sure that Quigyue’s sword is purple… THE PURPLE PYTHON DIVINE SWORD


Aunt wake up! YC is in “big trouble in little China”