What is Jianghu?




Jianghu (江湖) is a world where people fight - fight for fames, fight for wealth, fight for powers, but also fight for love, fight for freedom, fight for justice - in one word, fight for their own desires and believes.

That’s why the saying goes: “wherever there are people, there is Jianghu; you can’t find the exit of Jianghu.” It’s a line in the movie Swordsman, which is based on a classical Wuxia novel written by Jin Yong (金庸).

The Chinese title of the novel, 笑傲江湖, is usually translated as “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer”, but I would literally translate it as “Pride and Laughs in Jianghu” or “Laughing Proudly in Jianghu”.

The theme song of the movie, Blue Sea Laughter (沧海一声笑), is one of my favorite songs:

Somehow I recall an English song, which is also my favorite - Hotel California by Eagles:

The last sentence of the lyrics may also be used to describe Jianghu:

Jianghu is programmed to receive; you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.