What is cat?


~ Is this old cat? Suddenly thinking back, he realized that it was most likely the old cat. This was because old cat was a guy that was searching everywhere for treasures left behind. “It was very rough, but very strange,” he said. It seems to be if you were to use your sharp claws as a brush and draw the outline. " Using claws as a brush, wasn’t this the old cat? Only cats have claws. If it was a human, how could it have claws? And the person in the mural, should be Xue Ji. Why? Because Chu Feng seemed to recognize this mural, or to say, because the mural itself was very rough, it didn’t seem like a painting at all. But something else. That was because the old cat’s painting skills were lacking. Only draw a rough outline. Another important piece of information was that after Chu Feng saw the mural, his eyes were filled with shock while his heart was in turmoil. This meant that the person in this mural should be very close to him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so agitated in his heart. Analysis completed! Brother readers, please guess. Train in reading and analyzing skills.

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I think it’s the Purple Coat Monkey King who Chu Feng had set free from that tower. Xue Ji was not Chu feng’s friend and I don’t think he would refer to her that way. And I believe the only other friend that Chu Feng had who was not human was the monkey King.


I think it may be, I think the name was Song Yi. The guy who was protecting his mom and Chu Feng eventually helped him gain his fathers bloodline inhertiance or something. I believe both he and Wang Yong showed abnormal and monstrous appearances while they were cultivating in a spirit formation. It was awhile back near the Sacred Mountain where Chu Fengs father sent him to the Upper Realms. The tomb may also be a place where his father brought one of his friends. Master Tiger was not a friend of Chu Feng, I believe Chu Xuanyuan taught him, the Blue Demon and the eternal Sacred Deer a lesson for their schemes of Chu Feng before he battled the will inside the Evil Demon sword of Chu Feng.


It was Song Xi. However it is written that it is a friend from the Lower Realm. Song Xi was not from the Lower Realm. So I don’t think it’s him.


Is wuang kian, god .