Wechat 23.3.20


(One of the comments in this wechat says: Mars Comment: “Xuanyin and Wuyao don’t have a deep connection… but her soul is higher grade than Ice Phoenix”, Mars also says in the wechat that there will be no more breaks this month and the wechat will be updated, (in another comment it says “8 days” and in another he says he will dealing with a “special event” next month so releases might drop again.))

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U are d bringer of bad news


He didn’t say any clew about how Wuyao know YC before


So apparently, someone who can read chinese said something different from what google translate gave, Mars in fact says ‘possibly next month i may update every single day’
Because of a ‘special matter’ that wont allow him to stop updating. Teehee.


The higher than Phoenix is a creation/demon god


Didn’t Mars Also mention something about Yun che and yinger relationship? What was that? @Elliott


Our chinese reader said about that; “He says there is a turning point for YC and Ying’er’s relationship, and that it is coming up right away/immediately. Mars also mentions the word ‘brutal’ when describing the turning point”, from out guesses, Ying’er is most likely gonna be injured in some way, if she has a child, it would be brutal/cruel to YC cause he regards family as above everything. In a earlier comment some months back, Mars talked about YC rampaging, this might be the time when he rampages which would make the Star God Disk be used.

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