Tired of waiting ATG?


Hi everyone, I suggest you all to read ‘‘Rebirth of urban cultivator’’ that you can read comic in youtube "Auto mganga’’ or ‘‘manganelo.com’’ and novel in’’ wuxiaworldsite.com’’ current 1209chapter. That novel is good as ATG but no sex sense.
The main character is reincarnated immortal venerable who will go out of this earth and then dominated all galaxies.


1209? isn’t it 150 chapters?

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King of God’s is great, very underrated. Almost done.
Martial World, also very good, and that is done.
Peerless Martial God, that’s good and also done. Same author that also has made Ancient Godly Monarch, I personally actually like it more then PMG, but it’s still in progress.


No thanks moron! I have no clue what you had in mind but your approach was that of a scammer salesmen, “TIRED of wasting time on gym, one pill is enough”,“Tired of being an impotent like the original poster, one file is just enough”. FKing retard. PS: ALL china webtoons are literally trash. Never waste your time one any of it, better go read the novel.

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PMG sucks and the translator is trash. I read it for a long time and it’s a 5.5 brand English.


That’s your opinion not mine.

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Lol I just bookmarked it…what a coincidence

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The latest release is 1209 in chinese so u may search translation other web


Yeah. I have read Martial World and True Martial world too. These two are series as Doulou Dalu novel and also good to read

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I remember seeing MC killing A Trash old man. So the funny thing is we can see a bubble of his thoughts after his death thinking “how dare you kill me” :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: