Thoughts about locked chapters?


What do you think about the locked chapters?

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Garbage. Who thought it was a good idea to make this site Qidian-lite?


Everyone expects to get everything for free. They don’t understand that hosting a website is not free . Also, the creators of the site have put a lot of work on their translation engine. Most of the people here complain that the pronouns are often wrong. These people haven’t read chapter’s from lnmt or from chinese raw sites. If they had, they would have realized that the translations here are infinitely better than all the other available options.

That said, there should a proper mix of free and paid novels. If more and more novels become paid, then people will find a way to pirate all the chapters and create a site like qidian underground.


Exacto men en esos sitios en bruto es imposible leer


I am ok with it when the novel was good translated. But some of the novel here are just MT and have many mistakes. And i think if you pay fore somthing it should have some quality.

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Please unlocked the Chapters 16 to 31 of Love Story ib the Summer


Please unlocked the chapter 16 to 31 of Love Story in the Summer.


how to unlock these chapters do you have any idea

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No I dont have any idea