This is just a theory


Just some thoughts - do you guys think the Moon Emperor’s sword has a inter dimensional capability which can open an another dimension and hide things in it. Or perhaps creates an illusion for everyone around to believe


May be because she use it to try to kill YC; however it could kill him by a finger.


someone did theorized this before; and it was widely acknowledged by a lot of fans.


Where,which platform??


Widely acknowledged? Bruh, this is first i’ve heard this type. What was accepted by the community (at least by some) is that XQ has the World Piercer and used the purple glow from the Moon God Sword (Purple Moon God power) to hide the crimson glow that the World Piercer gives off.


Dude read about her physique, she is a portable dimensional storage bag, a fcking immortal Doremon!

She is a equaliser of sorts. A balancer or maybe even a shitty character penned out by a higher level boss.

It will not be surprising that she is actually a villain herself, many Chinese novels use this trope. Authors like these btches to beg for hero’s cock in end. Look at Martial World for example. That lazy author even introduced this plot in his sequal novel!

Ignoring all these, she is destined to be raped by Yun Che. That’s the only thing I can think of considering Mars tendency to have Yun Che rape the girls… Shitty Author!!


Indian talking about rape lol


That was my thought all along, and I believe that that should be the case


Mr Stingray. I am Indian because i am born here. And I accept that few of my fellow ones are not in right mind. But said that, we condemn such behaviour. Most of our Supreme Gods are even Women, so most of us are tought to respect women from early age. That said, rape incidents are more in India because of our population. Atleast we don’t have maniacs here who just start shooting the moment they feel the satanic urge!

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This page kinda says - as a percentage it’s much less as compared to US - Found it online


Dont worry bro. Rape cases are high in America, possibly higher than India. Prisons full of gangs from every race. Sons of rich people such as Brock Turner , raping and getting away with light sentences. America is the greatest nation in the world but also incredibly dangerous. Part of the reason why is cause of the freedom of speech. They cant control its population by taking away their guns and speech so theres alot of gang banging, street violence, protests, etc.

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In this regard, China is much better than our countries. In Chinese campaign, Trump couldn’t have dared to spew fake news!