what if Chi Wuyao is the mother of Mu Xuanyin and Mu Bingyun.
It has been mentioned that mu xuanyin has been captured by her in the last Great War and yet she easily left without any injuries plus there are no signs of her being controlled by chi wuyao as even the ice phonix would have probably noticed it. In chapter 1639 it’s also mentioned that the soul calamity realm(chi wuyao’s home) has similarities with the great snow realm. The story also mentions that mu Xuanyin’s mother was killed by the devils other then that there is no other information on her (maybe I can’t remember anything else) furthermore her father has never been mentioned. Somewhere in chapters 1635-1639 chi wuyao (after yun che departs from their negotiations)she states that “his way of doing things has changed“ ending the sentence with a sigh meaning there are is an emotional meaning behind it which means that she her self or a puppet had some sort of relationship with yun che or someone close to him.( the witch was confused by chi wuyao’s statement meaning they didn’t know anything about it).
As a criticism for this theory about mu xuanyin’s death not showing any affects on chi wuyao could be because she already knows about the ice phonixes revival technique or she simply doesn’t care much about her.

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Intially the point that theory not true as Mars said as I know from other’s comments that CW will join Harim so it’s had it’s vital Yin (virgin)
To be continued…



  • what CW said about YC "But Yun Che cannot use normal theory. " —> MX said the same before
    —>knowing the ability to refine medical bills, from the reaction of YC and QY this seem to be unknown thing, But MX may no it from here sister when he help palace of asgard
    -[ [ Chi Wuyao took a glance at the cover, and then, he lightly pursed his lips: “How do you know that, that this is my first time seeing him?” ]] Feeling MX in this
    – the current Sky Poison Pearl could only “live” for twenty hours.But Chi Wuyao seemed to know everything clear “----->He told MX what happen with XQ and taking QY as slave”
    -“His way of doing things has completely changed.” Chi Wuyao’s voice became longer and longer, as if she was sighing with emotion or perhaps feeling sentimental: “The past him, would definitely not be like this.” -----> she already know him and have emotion for that.

Said that ““Strangely, Mu Xuanyin was able to escape with her life after that. No one knew how she was able to escape from Chi Wuyao’s clutches… not even herself.”” --> may be CW made here a witch or share something with here

last thing phonex said that feel dual personality no some one control here

the wearied thing for me is
“This was because what he saw looked extremely similar to the Ice Phoenix Realm in the center, the Ice Phoenix Realm that was separated by a layer of invisible barrier.”
But may this will be clear when relation between CW and MX explained :slight_smile:


Its just my wild imagination or someone else also think like this…

  1. The demon witch seems like know Yun Che for some times…
    i cant think someone “UNIQUE” and “EXPERT” then Dragon Queen
  2. the time is perfectly match… when Dragon Queen Depart and vanished,
    the Demon WItch start to appear in the novel

Plot Twist: Chi Wuyao is Xia Qingyue’s other half.

This theory is not without a reason. It’s because on this site, it is mentioned that Xia Qingyue’s “Complete Body” is 100 - ? in beauty. Which means that the current XQ is not complete.


Now that I think about it Mars did say that “Chanyi is harem… but there’s something off here” in discord post. Perhaps, this might explain something.


I really didn’t see this coming, but i can’t imagine the NOVEL based on this input …
(Complete body) is a wearied description ??


CW somewhat intefere with even ancien true god inheritance. so he might be possible that she interfere with MX and was able to see everithing through MX. maybe Big Breast Senior Sister is the result of that interference.

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Remember the other character of MX?
That flirting bewitching character that was out of normal since MX is originally cold
That was chi wuyao i believe

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The following are the confirmed facts:

  1. ATG will end with 18-20 volumes.

  2. MX will come back at the half of 17th Volume, which means that Yun Che would have broken through the well of transmigration by then.

  3. CY and MX are linked through souls. CY is most proficient with soul techniques in the whole world and she was the Big Breasted Senior Sister which came to meet him before MX. Hence, it could be said that CY was half the teacher of Yun Che. And from HSDE talk, it could be seen that CY only cares about the Yin Energy but, if Yun Che would not have come himself she wouldn’t have asked for his help. If you ask me, if she has to choose between Yun Che and his 9 witches, she would have blindly chosen him.


MX was the eyes of CW in the realm of gods. And as the lord of most immediate territory she was the best tool for CW. It’s sad for anyone to be possessed by 2 souls, poor girl.


Damn I forgot about the “big breasted senior sister” she was a tool most her life well hopefully her death wasn’t caused through manipulation. Everything should be explained when she comes back. Oh yea I’ve got a question when yun che got revived he lost his cultivation will Mx also lose it ?

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When MX was captured note that she does not remember. CW has inserted her soul into MX. This how when she turned out to be the bug breasted sister, CW is in control at moment of MXs body. This why both the realm looks the same. This how CW knows about what’s going on in the God realm. This how CW know somuch about YC, XQ and YQ. Ice Phoenix knows about the dual personality / souls. Hence Ice Phoenix decided to control MQ. Just to make YC is protected. In the next few chapters when YC meets CW true form he going to make a run for it. Because he does not have defenses against big breasted sister.


It will be most probably upgraded. His harem girls will reach the realm of God/Demons, at least that level.


This is theory I am buying!