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Their Pursuit of Wedded Bliss

Half an hour before my wedding, I found my fiance and my stepsister tried to obtain my property through the marriage.

To cancel the wedding, I escaped from the wedding and accidentally broke into a suite.

Under the influence of drugs, I had a one-night stand with a stranger, not knowing the man was Butch Warner, the president of Pinchon Group.

In this way, I conceived a baby, then lost it by accident.

Five years later, I returned to my homeland for my most important client, Butch Warner.

As he was intended to refuse me, his son showed up and asked his daddy to marry me. Unexpectedly, the emotionless CEO agreed.

“Hey, you guys don’t ask for my permission?” I was a little bit angry.

However, I was forced to be Mrs. Warner and fell into this sweet trap.

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