The Rogue Luna and Her Alpha


To all those who were reading “The Rogue Luna and Her Alpha”…my name is John Baiori; and I’m its author.

First off; I apologize for the long hiatus…but, my initial editor here had left the site; and, the was some confusion for a while regarding the posting of new chapters.

I’ve currently began submitting new chapters…seven, so far…and; I’m waiting to see if Babel continues honoring the agreement-contract that was initially set up. If they do; then, I will be working on it more continually. Hopefully they will.

If you had read the first 27 chapters already; Chapters 28 through 34 have been posted. I hope you will continue reading the book…and, enjoy it, of course. I also hope Babel will work with me to continue finishing the book. Thank you for reading it.

Please feel free to comment on it; and, let me know what you like and-or dislike about it, so I can keep improving on the story. Also; if you’re enjoying “The Rogue Luna and Her Alpha” …please recommend it to your friends. Thank you.

Take care; and, stay safe and healthy.

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