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Synopsis :

He has extraordinary Kungfu skills, but keeps in a low key; he is a super hero, but walks like a playboy. He is the inheritor of Qin’s consummate mentality skills, in order to find the lost last page of the ancient book, he returned to the modern society. Thus, he entered a clothing company and became a bodyguard of the beautiful female president. Since then, he was surrounded by a lot of beauties, as well as the troubles… Don’t worry, he has the iron arms and wide shoulder!-------- Dare to trouble the ladies? Come to me first!

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is there any site that can i read this novel? or where can i get the pdf of this?


I need to read this novel where can I find it


Did u got the novel plz tell me too


On Amazon UK, they have 4 books on the president’s super bodyguard, good story but alot of mistakes, anyway the 4 books is not the end of story, just letting u know.


On youtube you can get up to chapter 1025