The final boss?


Speak of a few rumors that have been circulating lately, and answer a few of the more frequent questions you ask

Question 1: Is Xia Qingyue the final boss?


Question two: Is Xiao Lingxi the final boss?


Question 3: Is the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor the final boss?


This is not the Boss’ Third Company I intentionally sent you. These are indeed the three questions you ask the most.

Speaking of which, why are all of you so interested in the ‘Final Boss’? Let me tell you this, when the final Boss revealed its “true face”, the entire text was almost finished … … I think it’s two chapters away, so you don’t have to worry about it for now.

Fine, I will reveal a little bit of it. In the end, the Boss is stronger than the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor …

Question Four: Will Qianye enter the harem?

emmm… This question is not easy to answer right now, and there is no need to answer. You will know soon enough.

Question Five: Is Yun Che’s youngest daughter, Yun Xi, dead?

No! Even if Yun Che died, she would not die!

Question 6: When will Yun Che turn black? When was there nothing?

I say! Old thief Yun is just a bit of a scumbag, why can’t you all be more respectful towards him! One by one, they waited for him to turn black … The black fertilizer will be volatile; the grey fertilizer will be black!

Question 7: Is Yun Che’s fate always being controlled by the Mirror of Samsara?

No! Yun Che was still courting death with his own will, no one was manipulating anything.

Question Eight: Yun Che’s body in the dream is very weak, obviously he does not have a Tyrannical Emperor’s divine bloodline, so is it possible that his mother is not Yue Wugou?

No, his mother was Yue Wugou! The reason why the Xia Yuanba in his dreams was so weak and frail, was indeed because he did not have a Tyrannical Emperor’s divine bloodline, but… But there was something more powerful than the Tyrannical Emperor’s divine bloodline.

But, it’s just a dream, don’t be realistic (manual antics).

Question No. 9: When Yun Che returns to the Blue Polestar, what kind of present do you want to give him?

Five years for the college entrance exam, three years for simulation!

Today’s update time was 14: 00. Due to insomnia, there was a high probability that this one chapter …


Even if Qianye will enter YC’s harem, it better be so after Qianye got revenged by YC on par or harsher than what she had put YC through. At least make YC torture her or strip her naked for the entire God Realm to fap to. Serve it cold!


If the final boss is stronger than HSDE then isn’t the final boss the ancestral goddess?


orrr… qianye after she gets the 3 books somehow?


Mars said that the final boss was mentioned early on thou. Maybe the ancestral goddess placed some part of her soul into a character introduced early on?:thinking::thinking::thinking:


Only 2 I can think of are appropriate. Mo E or the The Infant. Maybe a combination of the 2?


And let’s be real, the real question is will MX join the Harem? Fuck XQ am I right? LoL.


h…haha. This is very interesting.


I think we have 2 scenarios.

  1. Big boss Yuanba
    Because Mars Yuanba has been functioning for a long time and the tyrant emperor’s veins have not yet awakened.
  2. Big boss Mo E
    Because he was the enemy of the Evil God and somehow Mars will bring him back.

Acho que o final boss é de fato o Yuanba


Pretty sure his veins did awaken and that’s why is strength increased so quickly. The final boss has to be at least a Creation God level person. Mo E makes sense, the question is how is he alive?

And it’s been said the Mars has said the Final Boss was introduced very early on? I hope not, because there just haven’t been enough to clues for us or setup for us as readers to appreciate a Super long setup, because there wasn’t any setup.


Será que essa alma foi introduzida em xiao lingxie?


I think the final boss should be either Xia Qingyue or Xiao Lingxi (reincarnation )


You should stop thinking


Order creation god, eve ke

Regarding this character, the description is only the owner of the universe. There is very little intersection with the protagonist.

And Yun Che, who is the blood of the evil gods, learns the true meaning of the life of the god of creation, and will definitely have an intersection with the sword of the ancestors of the last days. The protagonist has a story with the four creation gods, and there is no intersection with Xi Ke.

And Xi Ke should also hate the Mozu very much, even the evil spirits and the end of the evil, the end of the exile and robbery, are the eves in which they made a plan, and wanted to destroy the Mozu in one fell swoop, but did not expect to release the evil baby, let out There is no life.

If you say that you can escape the eternal life, in addition to Qiankun thorns, there should be only Tianzhuzhu, the same as Tianxuan Zhibao, the intrinsic side of the sky, if you hide into it is likely to escape this robbery.

Order order, what ability makes people think, is it true that she has no world order of true God? This world is like her toy. Maybe she has read the book of the World of War, and learned that to practice this work, she must first reincarnate a few times, and enter the world. Because there is no real God in the world, no one can threaten her, so she scatters her power and seals her memory. The world has become the ancestor of Zhou Tian! The creation of Zhou Tianjie, Zhou Tianzhu can recognize her as the main can also say, because she was originally the beads of the universe, and no one has let Zhou Tian recognize the Lord. I don’t know how many times I have experienced it, and I’m getting closer to the avenue, and her last life is the same as the celestial body of the celestial celestial body, with the body of ice and snow, the summer of the seven 窍 珑 ! !! The feeling of fate is arranged, because her body hides a soul of the creation god, when the return of the sky, and her considerable power to make the world order collapse, and she will gradually wake up, holding the heavenly beads, Even more powerful than her in the victory period, she will eliminate all the evil heresy in chaos!

(Xia Tiyue is not the ultimate boss, but the creation of her body in the body of God. And she can realize that being arranged by fate also shows that she has some independent consciousness, this is a big move, the big boss is both summer Month, not the summer months, but also in the novice village, there are many plays, and the latter can be clearly seen in opposition to the gods. # (you know)