That returns "borrow chapter"


It is a pity that they have removed the function of “borrow chapter” since not all novels accept the function of “unlock a chapter through announcements”. It seems unfair to me since when seeing ads to unlock chapters, the application is the one that makes money while the user is restricted to a certain number of chapters and what seems worse to me is that not all novels allow that function. I want the “lend chapter” function to return, also that they consider the user and buyer of the application. :preocupado: :frunciendo el ceño:


I agree with you, the feature ‘borrow chapter’ I quite liked, and I think it would be good for such a feature to return.

Concuerdo contigo, la característica ‘borrow chapter’ me gustaba bastante, y creo que sería bueno que dicha función que volviera

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I am one of those having a hard time with these ads, be it for bonus bricks or for borrowing of chapter. I have a new Samsung 21S Ultra and I get so frustrated. Like for today, I have yet to get to open an ad… Sorry, no ads available… Yikes!

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