Thanks Mars for new chapters


I never hope there would be new chapter but I still check it everyday.
Even there is only one chapter in a week ,I am satisfied
Thank u


finally someone who knows the meaning of the word ‘Gratitude’.

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Same with me too. I check two novels frequently but don’t read them in order to have chapters for bing reading. One is ATG another is MGA. For ATG, its generally when 2 chapters are released and as for MGA when at the very least 20 chapters are released. I know that there’s nothing that’s going to work anyway by shouting or posting comments so why not just chill and read the comments from our fellow daoists and wait for chapters.


2 chapter for 2 week


I didn’t expect any new chapter and i had already forgotten about any new chapter but today i just checked and get 2 chapter i was surprised so thanks Mars keep up the good work