Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire - C37 Part2


Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire - c37p2

After lunch, since Yu Yi still had work to do, he asked the driver to drive Tang Mi home.

When the car stopped, Yu Yi’s brows moved almost imperceptibly. “So fast?”

Tang Mi laughed and said to him, “Then I’ll be leaving first.”


Yu Yi nodded, seeing her get out of the car, he stopped her and said, “Next time you want to admire the moon, call me.”

Luo Hao, who was sitting in the front row, was confused, but Tang Mi couldn’t help but laugh softly.

She stood outside the door of car and laughed for a while before saying to Yu Yi, “Do you have WeChat?”

"We can send messages on WeChat. "

Yu Yi said, “Luo Hao helped me register one before, but I don’t really use it.”

“Then let’s add each other!”

Tang Mi excitedly took out her phone and added Yu Yi’s ID before waving and saying goodbye to him.

Yu Yi watched her disappeared upstairs with her unfinished cake, he changed the name of her Wechat memo to Sweet Heart.

After Tang Mi went upstairs, she also modified Yu Yi’s memo to Goudan’er.

After Yu Yi logged out of his WeChat, he ordered Luo Hao: “Help me make an appointment with Lin Che, I want to talk to him.”

Luo Hao blinked his eyes quickly, then nodded and said, “Got it, I will arrange it as soon as possible.”

Luo Hao said “as soon as possible”, and he was indeed as soon as possible. The next day, Lin Che appeared in front of Yu Yi.

There weren’t many customers at the moment. Yu Yi sat alone in a corner, domineering enough to occupy the eyes of everyone who passed by.

Lin Che looked at him from afar, narrowed his eyes, and then walked up to greet him with a smile: “Mr. Yu.”

Yu Yi raised his head and glanced at him indifferently, “Hello.”

Lin Che smiled, straightened his clothes, and sat opposite him: “I wonder what Mister Yu wants?”

Yu Yi said, “I just want to tell you that Tang Mi is my girlfriend right now. I hope you won’t disturb her in the future.”

Lin Che’s expression stiffened for a moment, then gradually withdrew his smile: “Mr. Yu, you are the president of Yu’s Group. If you want to play with a woman, there are a lot of women who are willing to play with you, but please don’t look for Tang Mi.”

Yu Yi looked at him with a bit of coldness in his dark eyes. “Why does Mr. Lin keep insisting that I’m playing?”

"I take my love more seriously than you do. "

Lin Che couldn’t help but sneer: “Tang Mi is innocent, but that doesn’t mean I’m easy to fool. Bai Xiao has always been the Yu Family’s daughter-in-law. Can you marry Tang Mi into the Yu Family?”

Yu Yi said, “Maybe you don’t know about Yu’s family,” Yu said. “I started it myself, and it is not the family business. I don’t need anyone’s permission to marry who I want to marry.”

Lin Che looked at the oppressive man in front of him. After a moment of thought, he said: “Marriage is not only about two people, it is about two families, not to mention such a big family like the Yu’s Family.”

"I think Tang Mi would also like her marriage to be blessed by each other’s families. "

“You don’t have to worry about that, Mr. Lin.”

Yu Yi’s voice was cold and emotionless, carrying an irrefutable aura.

He called the waiter over to pay the bill. But before he left, he stopped beside Lin Che and said: “Mister Lin, since you personally threw away something, don’t hope to get it back again.”

Lin Che’s body slightly trembled, and Yu Yi continued: “The thing you gave up before, to me, is the most precious thing in the world. From this aspect, I should thank you.”

Yu Yi said the words of thanks, but his attitude was so cold that he had no sincerity.

Lin Che frowned and also stood up from his seat: “I didn’t give up. I had always liked her, but at that time I wasn’t good enough and couldn’t give her the best happiness.”

“But it’s different now. I’m confident that I can give her what you can give her, or even better than you do!”

Yu Yi’s deep eyes stared at him and expressionlessly said: “Because you weren’t good enough then, so you chose to leave.”

“After three years, when you became the disciple of Master Cheston and the media’s favorite Prince of Baking, you thought you were good enough and came back to her.”

“But what makes you think she’ll be waiting for you when you’re the best you can be?”

Lin Che was speechless.

Yu Yi withdrew his gaze and left the café without looking back.

Tang Mi, who had been studying the new ice cream cake for the past few days, consulted with the manager and decided to try the durian and chocolate ice cream cake first.

Tang Mi didn’t like the taste of durian, but as a pastry chef, she had to do it on her own at times. After all, durian taste was a classic one.

After being devastated by the strong smell of durian for a while, Tang Mi came home exhausted. After showering, she laid on the bed and started reading WeChat.

Although she had settled the relationship with Yu Yi, Yu Yi didn’t taken the initiative to look for her in the past few days. Moreover, he hadn’t sent her any sweet news. Tang Mi even began to doubt whether he understood what it meant to fall in love.

But on second thought, if Yu Yi really sent her sweet news every day, she might be more frightened than happy.

However, in matters of dating, there had to be someone who took the initiative. Since Chief Yu was still in the infancy stage, then she, the preschool’s senior, should take the initiative.

Therefore, she edited a message for Goudan’er: “Tomorrow I will take my turn at the Rainbow Welfare Institute to teach my little friend how to make biscuits. Do you want to have a dating?”

Not long later, she received a new message on her WeChat: “YES.”

Tang Mi stared at the screen and laughed while hugging her pillow.

After laughing for a while, her phone vibrated.

Tang Mi glanced at it. Oh, it was Goudan’er’s call.

She picked up the phone and sat up. “What’s up?”

“Nothing, I just suddenly want to hear your voice.”

Tang Mi blinked and asked, “Did you miss me?”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone before Yu Yi’s cold but pleasant voice came, “Yes.”

Tang Mi gave a muffled laugh. “Since you miss me, why didn’t you call me?”

Yu Yi said, “Last time when I left, I told you to contact me if you wanted to admire the moon, but you didn’t contact me.”

Tang Mi made a few twists and turns before she connected with his brain. “So you think I don’t want to see you?”

Yu Yi didn’t say anything. Tang Mi probed, “Are you waiting for my call these few days?”


Tang Mi: “…”

The corner of her mouth twitched as she earnestly said, “Men should take the initiative when it comes to dating.”

Yu Yi was silent for a moment before saying, “I got it.”

It was only when Tang Mi witnessed how Chief Yu took the initiative to speak up that she regretted saying those words.

Tang Tang hung up the phone when the two of them agreed to meet the next day.

She rummaged in the cabinet and covered her face with a mask. The she got out to buy what she would need for the orphanage visit tomorrow.

Fu Xin was lying on the sofa watching television. Seeing her taking a mask out, she keenly realized something, “Tang Tang, tell me honestly, have you been in love lately?”

Tang Mi’s heart skipped a beat as she feigned ignorance, “No, why do you ask so?”

Fu Xin wrinkled her nose and hugged her pillow as she sat up. “Recently, your hormonal secretion has been significantly higher than before. Furthermore, every once in a while, you’ll be making facial mask. It’s not like you that you’ve been doing it less times a month before!”

Tang Mi asked her. “Then wouldn’t your hormonal secretion be blown up since you have face masks three times a week?”

Fu Xin: “…”

Tang Mi found some cute molds, tidied them up, and returned to her bedroom.

Looking at her back, Fu Xin thought that there must be something tricky going on.

When she has time, she will punish her!

She didn’t believe that she wouldn’t admit it!

The next day, when Fu Xin went to work, Tang Mi also got up.

She looked around in the closet and decided it would be easier to make cookies, so gave up her pretty dress and chose a T-shirt and shorts.

After receiving Yu Yi’s call, Tang Mi carried a large bag of things downstairs.

Yu Yi stood alone outside the car as if waiting for her.

Tang Mi walked up with a smile. Raising her head, she asked, “Why aren’t you waiting in the car?”

This angle was convenient for Yu Yi. He slightly bent down and pecked Tang Mi on her lips. “Because I missed you.”

Tang Mi’s face flushed red. This was her home’s downstairs!

There were people everywhere!

Yu Yi’s face didn’t turn red nor did his heart beat faster. He opened the car door and let Tang Mi in.

Today, Luo Hao, this little tail of his, didn’t come with him. There was only the driver in the car.

After Tang Mi put the things away, the driver drove to Rainbow kindergarten.

Yu Yi looked at the things in Tang Mi’s backpack and asked, “Why did you suddenly think of teaching your little friend how to make biscuits at the Rainbow Welfare Department?”

Tang Mi giggled, “Actually, it’s my father. He has a good relationship with the old principal of the Rainbow Welfare Department. In the past, he usually gave me money twice a month for living expenses, one of which was mine, and one of which was for me to send to the Welfare Department. He also went to visit the children in the Welfare Department.”

“I had my birthday the other day, and he sent me postcards and money and urged me to visit the orphanage.”

“Speaking of which, it’s been a long time since I’ve been there last time. I’m a little ashamed.”

Yu Yi nodded. “I thought your father was a rough photographer, but I didn’t expect him to be so meticulous.”

Tang Mi’s brows twitched as she asked, “How did you know that my father is a photographer?”

“Didn’t you say so?”

Tang Mi said, “I did, but I said it to Yu Xin.”

Yu Yi’s eyes moved for a moment and then became silent.

Tang Mi’s eyes narrowed. “Have you always had Yu Xin’s memory?”


Are Yu Xin and Yu Yi’s personalities melding? I hope so .I hope this is not Yu Xin pretending to be Yu Yi.

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Both of them are one person