Suggestion's for Babel Novels


I’d like to suggest something to Babel Novel, this place can be a place for other’s to give suggestions as well to help Babel Novel’s as well.

1 thing I want them to take into consideration is the tags. I notice that fan-fiction novels on this site don’t have a tag and if they do, then they’re on the wrong novels whenever I see a fan-fiction novel I don’t see a fanfic tag on it

This makes it increasingly hard to find fan fiction novels on this site.

2 You should do a poll on what novel’s readers want on this site, like if you chose 5 novels and see which one gets the most votes is the one you will translate since you guys translate novel’s faster than any other translator I’ve seen.

3 Make the site more user-friendly, let us be able to change our profile picture’s etc.

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Thank you for your information. we will consider those suggestions.We hope you will continue to support us.