Sucks same routine over and over again


As of chapter 1218 the mc has died 3 times his wife also died but brought back to life due to her going to some god place where she will become more op and somehow surpass the mc AGAIN cause she already is stronger than him after all his hard work he came back to life due to his broken over powered heart that oh so conveniently works in only certain situations but not for simple ones. He is always the weakest when he jew areas just cannon fodder and only strong for 1 chapter.then moves on to a new area where once again he is cannon fodder. However the author what’s to make him this oh so powerful genius even though he is so pathetically weak it’s rather annoying if you going to make a op mc make him op dont half ass it and say hes op when he always gets his ass handed to him. Same repetitive sequence over and over again. Only reason I’m sticking this through is cause I want to see him meet his mom “clan” which I already know already will be full of cliche but then I can happily drop this garbage of a novel.