Still no Regular Chapters?


I thought 8th Feb was the end of this shitty 1 chapter a week think but i think its still not over. Chinese New year is Over but the schedule is still delayed? C’mon Mars please bless us with some tranquility and peace of mind by providing some regular chapters!!


Mars always takes some days off after chinese new year, also considering there is valentine’s week now till the 14th, wait another week or wait til March.


Or we could just pretend this to be a weekly release novel and check weekly. So that we don’t have to be disappointed.

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From September until now it’s always been like this, I’ve run out of patience.


Bro aren’t these just excuse too much for mars who cares about Valentine’s day


It is a reason that we can at least accept, better than him not posting in March or something where he has no excuse to not post.


In this rate this year will end before end this ARC we still have 70 chapter to go …

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Bro does this happen every year when new year come… Because i started reading from August till now i have seen him taking only leaves i heard some people say about 2-1-2 chapter series…i think that just a legend


It was like that 2-1-2 but the 2-1-2 update is only a few times a month, since YC met HSDE again and got three drops of blood, mars has been updating less frequently… rumors mars Doing project,than come Chinese New Years, it’s all just bullshit …


How is it bullshit if we have pictures and people that saw Mars doing some promotional stuff in Beijing. Quite curious if ur gonna say that they are faked images…

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2-1-2 is the normal schedule that Mars likes to have. Usually (the perfect year) Mars takes breaks only when there is some celebration (lunar new year, harvest festival, national day, chinese new year etc), we don’t know his personal life so we don’t really know what he is doing rn, but 2-1-2 is when he has everything under control again. (People losing it with only 3 months def weren’t here in 2016 where this kinda schedule was normal through most of the year, and let’s not look past the Tales of Demons and Gods readers that only get one chap a month.)

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Mars: Yun Che’s revenge cant wait a second longer! Every second is like a bottomless abyss with his daughter calling out “Daddy, Daddy!”.

Also Mars: But it can definitely wait till im free. So no 2-1-2 for you kid!


Ok let’s say the promotional events and festivals is keeping him from regular release…but even after the so called events and festivals there is no regular release for more or less half a year…so is it really the events and festivals that’s keeping him from regular release? I said it ain’t about the festivals or events no more…maybe he has personal issues, plot issues…fine he’s a human being… that’s just normal…but atleast give a heads up, something like “next chapter will be in next week or next chapter will be in 2 weeks”…just one sentence at the end of chapter makes all the difference…and about tales of demons and gods we know for sure that it’s 1 chapter 1 month…so we got used to it and it’s manga is released regularly weekly and ATG manga schedule is even worse than TDG novel…as for Valentine’s day, it’s official excuse run out on 14th Feb or say 15th Feb “Exhaustion day” ( If he’s committed in his Valentine dual cultivation)…you can’t drag Valentine’s break till March that’s just mother of bullshit excuse that makes no sense…and we’ll see in few days if it’s really Valentine’s holiday that’s keeping him from regular release


Guyz it does not change anything whether we argue about his update frequency or not. Let him be… Atleast pray for him to be healthy as Corona Virus is In China. Just wait and let him so as he likes as long as we get chapters at least once a week, what if he doesn’t do that? Then too we just keep mum and wait…we can do no shit through this comment box anyway.


haah… how i wish i can switch off my mind thinking of ATG and remember it 3-4 month later instead of checking discord every free time to see new chap or not


Listen dude i’m telling this to you only. You’ve been a regular throughout the babel journey but it’s high time you stop defending Mars. This is the real fact that, Mars couldn’t continue his 2-1-2 for one month straight since almost 12 months. No need for his pregnancy, getting fired, vacations excuses. And what’s more is that he more or less doesn’t bother to even give excuses now at all. It’s okay fans are frustrated let them vent, let them rebuke Mars as he deserves that. We all know nothing will reach him, not the rebukes nor the boot lickings as he stopped caring about his writing career. So, you should stop being the smartass and just ignore the commotions. But, it’s a different story if babelnovel hired you to be the rat to keep the activity up. I gave up on being a fan of atg and visit every month or two to check that’s that. I wouldn’t even mind if corona curse gets to Mars, in fact i wish he gets it and the dangerous thing is that it’s highly possible. So, let people bark and one day they will quiet down by themselves.


whether to update the next chapter will be once a month or once a week?
2.1.2 is no longer happening and I think Mars has run out of ideas for the next chapter so updating the next chapter takes quite a long time.


My ass is only giving u the possible reasons, idk where “defending Mars” even comes from, i am telling u the fucking facts. After valentines day, there are no more reasons Mars could hide under, just because i do not voice my critique towards Mars schedule, i am defending him? Your wish will thus be fulfilled, i won’t say anything more, because there are no more fucking reasons for Mars not to upload, either he is dealing with the corona virus, has personal life or he is just very lazy rn, we don’t fucking know.
And don’t think i am hired to say this shit, it would be a shit job and annoying to deal with the special snowflakes of babel, lnmtl and discord, i could have commented a lot more, but i am not, why? Cause i nor other people want to hear another side i guess.
And the point of complaining, if u gonna complain, go on zongheng and pay for the chaps u read, better yet, go on wechat and message him directly, no need to keep these shit complaints and hatred nobody wants on babel nor lnmtl.

If u read this far, congrats, ur an attentive reader, one cookie for u. <3


I’m really confused by Mars taking so long … Doesn’t he have an assistant to write and he talks enough to the assistant … Very disappointing.


More than a week has passed, not updating the chapter, I think valentin and Chinese new year are just reasons for a very long vacation.