Shocking Info about ATG and Yun Che


So I was reading the info from this site and it mentions that Yun Che already had a another Creation God inheritance even before he received the Heretic Gods inheritance. It’s just that that this “inheritance” was not “activated” at that time. There is also more info that makes me believe that Yun Che is actually a reincarnation of one of the known/unknown Creation God.

There is also a statement that mentions that power of the Heretic god is not the reason why the divine power of different true gods can co-exist in him or even why light and darkness elements can exist in his body together as even evil god was afraid of light element.

Of course it might have to do with mirror of samsara but why did it activate it’s power for Yun Che when it did not react to anyone else that possessed it before. There is also a mystery of Xiao Lingxi’s “fragmented will” and why she can predict Yun Che’s future. All the precognition she has seen are all about Yun Che which makes me believe that there is a mysterious connection. Now our Dark Che has become Mysterious Che.

What do you think?


It is not overly unbelievable as there are hints in the story only that the readers forget them easily. As it can be seen from his extremely high comprehensiveness and also while comprehending the ‘Law of nothingness’ he constantly akeeps telling himself that why he possess this much affinity with it. This may relate to him possessing some sort of power or inheritance which makes him compatible with this.


isn’t it Li Suo’s? I’m quite sure it was.


Li sou’s inheritance was the ability to use the light element and great medicinal knowledge


i am start suspect that since he and shin-shi complete the miracle of life art >
However he may be on the level more higher than the creations

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the point that he has some thing special “Golden Crow Spirit,” told Jasmine about it when he gave him his power and didn’t delete phoenix but this didn’t repeated
as he told here that giving his power not only as he had heretic-inheritance


For me, he is the reencarnation from BIG BOSS creator of everything


Interesting discussion…
YC was crippled at the beginning of the story. He was practicing medicinal arts. He had the half the book miracle of life.
The clan Yun has the true god inheritance is the handle. Plus he received knowledge from those mysterious 2 of 3 stones that only xiao lingxi can read. The creation laws are broken hence creation god law of reverse is amplified hence he can utilized light arts from completing the full miracle of life and taking the yin energy from dragon goddess ( she is a desentend from the true Gods) plus dark energy from creation god. Law of nothingness he comprehended because of those mysterious stones left behind by the ansister gods. We don’t what YC inherited during his other life through mirror of Sumatra. The strongest person alive is Xiao Lingxi. She maybe a descendant of the Ansister Gods. She can power up with out cultivation thanks to those mysterious stones that has triggered her sleeping power to wake up. So YC has a backup power source. Now he needs to find her where she is hidden with the blue pole star inside XQ.


Well, the problem is i’ve been following ATG for 4 years! First, there was slow Alyschu trasnlation then mars being part timer for the past year. It’s seriously dragging too long so i all i want is to move the story toward climax and hardly care about the plot. Mars gravity has a tendency to mix amoeba with hidden dragon story as seen in his previous novels so not surprising even if Yun che is a god going through samsara again and again.

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What if Yun Che is someone born from “nothingness” just like the Ancestral God?