Seriously dude no chaps again?


This is realy reach of limits, unforgivable!!!
U should change ur name from mars gravity to venus sithole!!!


Just go find another novel instead of going ape in here. Since you used that name, try Ancient Strengthening Technique novel. Big harem and many xxx scenes too, and not bad plots. Enjoy your reading you filthy pirate. Lmao…

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Ok thanks i will check. If bad i will cursed u. Hypocrit pirate.


Like I care if a filthy 3rd country’s peasant throwing a tantrum. Suit yourself. LOL


Like i care? If u dont care, why u still replied this? LoL
I think this humble peasant 3rd country still have intelligence more than u. :joy::joy::joy:


Oh really… do you even know how to read mr intelligent? LOL… “Like I care if a filthy 3rd country’s peasant THROWING A TANTRUM(about what you wanting to curse me)” :joy: … not about me replying to this thread. So called intelligence… 乁(ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ)ㄏ


When you pay for the series then you have kinda the right to bitch about the series being late, but since your using this site I think it’s easy to assume your not paying for shit?

So quit your bitching about it, or just stop reading the series, either way if you read or don’t it won’t matter because you don’t pay for shit.


is there any info when Mars will upload another chapter… I like this novel, hope it will not happen like TDG…

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TDG is like what it is now because Madsnail is lazy plus the conflict with his publisher while Mars is totally different. Mars had informed us in his wechat(china’s messenger app i think) that he will in hiatus for a month because of his newborn baby. Yet, as I recalled he didn’t state of what date he will start or end his 1 month hiatus. So i guess now this is it. No wonder the previous chapters are quite disappointing because he has familial commitment to focus to. Let us wish Mars and his newborn the best so that he will make his comeback.

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Congrats to Mars for having a baby

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thanks grains for the info… congrats to Mars…