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Hello everyone as most of the people are facing problem. So i make a topic where your question are answered by babelchain moderate so feel free to ask here.
Please check if question is already asked or answered before and this is not for chat so just ask question. No blabbing thanks for your time.
Q:-1 Not showing Mark it option why?
Q:- 2 how to share babelchain so babelchain now i share it.
Q:-3 when will translation tool open again.
Your question will be answered by mod im not a mod by the way.


when will translation tool open again.

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Sorry for your bad experience.Please wait patiently, the translation tool will recover soon.Thank you for your support said by @ekko


I would like to ask, how do you request a novel to be TLed? Do I just make a new post? I’m reluctant to create new post since most post that I see are translation-related posts

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Message a mod or try talking in Discord