Well, i’ve been reading ATG since it had 200 ± chapters, it was a hell of a ride, one of my favourite novels.

but, hell… just a feeling of dissapointment, the plot is declining, the chapters from 10 a week come to 1 a week, no words, total silence in the authors part.
(to all the mars fanboys)i know mars this mars that, but in the same way that we showered him with love and thanks,we can also say the contrary. (fuck u mars)
Me as a reader( MAJOR part of anovel (without us, he would be making novels to clean up is ass) am fucking tired of trying to find a chapter once a week, knowing he’s making other novels and abandoning the one that took him up high).

for those looking for other novels, i liked this ones.
tales of demons and gods(1 chapter a month now, so dont go read it)
Coiling dragon, I Shall Seal The heavens, Stellar transformations, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, Swallowed Star, Martial GoD asusa, Martial World, True Martial World.
have a nice readding all, Good bye BabelNovel. Peace


Just face it guys, we may badmouth this novel but most of us are gonna finish it reading at any point of our lives.

So chill and don’t have any hopes or new chapter. If it is released, it is fine, read it. If not, go elsewhere. That’s it.

At this stage we all know where plot is going on and all so just enjoy the ride. Be cool!

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Kindly ignore the grammatical mistakes in above comment, Google autocorrect did a hell of a job there!


wait until after the new year to see if Mars will publish more chapters; otherwise, we can only wait.


I won’t say nothing on your opinion, but saying that Mars is writing another novel and abandoning it, is one of the dumbest things i’ve heard. (Mars did begin a new novel 2 years ago, but it hasn’t been updated beyond chap 3)
Although i don’t like this schedule either, i am not going to voice any negative opinion as it is equally as effective as screaming into a void.


Mars gravity is Mad snails blood brother. Of course Mad is the big brother. Mars got Pregnant LOL, got fired, started a new job and screwed up ATG. Anyways comeback after like 6 month or 1 year then you might find 8-10 chapters


All of our fellow daoist here no matter which openion they have,… negative or positive… One thing is true that they all are frustrated… Even i m… Because if you are not you won’t use your time to comment on this page… And about mars i don’t think these comments will ever reach him…


It’s not all about reaching him…we know he doesn’t give a shit of us free readers…and God bless those paid readers that he does give some shit to them… nevertheless we are still deligent readers… checking everyday with a hopeful expectation to get a good 1 page read of this amazing novel…only to find out…there is no chapter…and this continues the next day and the next…and recently the wait goes on for more or less a week…so obviously we get frustrated and put in some complaints to help take some of the frustration off…and when we’re lucky we get 2 chapters a week and we push the little heart symbol to show we’re grateful…so my point is it’s more to do with the like/complain cycle and less to do with reaching the author…and my ultimate point is that all this shit is because we all fucking love this novel…

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Man, even a prayer is not guaranteed to reach a higher being so what is our Mars?

The thing relevant here is sharing of our views. Time is a relative and abstract concept. Even if Mars does not ever read this comment, it is very likely some other person would have spoken this to him in China.


Bye bye i hope we never see you again


Well corona virus can reach him