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Only You Deserve My Tenderness

Evelyn woke and found she was in a stranger’s bed.
Was it a one-night stand thing? The man was pretty gorgeous… Then, alright.
However, Evelyn never expected that she just got out of the man’s bed, then met him on the blind date.
What? The man she slept with was the youngest tycoon in the construction field, Leon Rodriguez.
If they got married, he could help Evelyn’s family to solve their financial problem.
“Sorry, sir. I’m not interested in being your wife.” Evelyn refused without hesitation.
“I promise, you will be interested soon,” Leon said confidently.
“What happened?” Evelyn asked curiously.
Leon handed a gossip newspaper to her, saying smugly, “Everybody knows we spent a night together in my villa. Now you have to marry me, Mrs. Rodriguez.”

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