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Hey guys, readers of this awesome novel. I feel that i should address something that is important for this community.
I myself I’m also a reader (basically i didn’t even reached the raws yet) It takes a lot of time reading/editing what’s bad on the tool translation and there are lots of nonsense. You guys have it easy since the beginning i started posting
But the situation started to change, babel implemented a new brick system (was a failure in my opinion) and now the translator tool is shut down “temporarily” so like you guys I can only wait for them to reopen the tool and continue to translate/read/edit this awesome novel.

Ok now that i finished saying this, I have to think of a way to keep you engaged in reading, maybe in discussion on forum or on discord which means that i will have to think of a way to release the chapters smartly not like i usually did (40 at once, or even 70 in the good days).
At some point i was thinking of asking money but than thought that isn’t right(there’s a guy actually putting effort in translating this novel), I didn’t even put in the effort, most of the work is done by the tool and myself doing the edits, making it more easy to read.
So yeah, you can tell me here if u’re ok with the changes i was thinking (70 chapters a week or 80)


The more the merrier
I think 40 chapters after 2 day is better
Or 100 in week


personally i want as many as possible but i also dont want u to spend all time on editing this, so im happy if i can read 10 chapters a day. It would surmount to 70 a week :slight_smile:


70 a week? Not that tough tho. Editing takes too much time since you need to fix almost every other name, locations and attack names. So Most likely we’ll post the chapters in discord on regular basis since forum is somewhat bloated out and already have scattered translations.


Like Greed’s namesake, I am Greedy for more chapters. The more the better, but that is a given when it comes to these kinds of novels. =)


Dude , Just wanna say that you are doing an Amazing work , Keep it Up. Giving us 40+ Chapter a week is Already very astonishing compared to Wuxia Sites in which we only get about 15 Chapters (Maximum!!) a week. So yeah Just don’t stop. I’m even ready to beg you for doing it.:joy::joy:


I haven’t even started reading NSHBA yet but I like the idea and around 10 chapters a day sounds reasonable due to all the editing! :+1:


I wanted to ask when the problem for bricks is solved and the translator tool is restarted from which chapter will you continue posting 1201+ or other


If they make a section specially for NSHBA on forum or let me post on Novel i will post them but for now i post them on discord

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Uncertain if the translator is ever coming back…


can you provide new discord link because old one is expire, and set new link to never expire.


Greed… I just want to say you are doing great. Thanks for all the work. The invite to your discord account seems to be invalid or expired, Could you repost it?

Stay safe everyone & read indoors #covid19


did you find something?..I think this page might be dead


hey man. invite link has expired. Can you refresh the link?