Nine Star Hegemon Body Art -C976-980


976 - The Three Mouths

“Senior brother Long Chen, what orders do you have?” Wang Mang was in the middle of commanding everyone when he heard Long Chen’s summons, and hurried over…

"Let me ask you, if this goes on, how much will you get in three days?" Long Chen asked.

"About this, it’s really not accurate. However, when senior brought us over, the inner cores that everyone received were exchanged for Dao Sect points. It was extremely generous.

Outer court disciples like us would probably have to work hard for five years before we could receive such a large salary, so … "Sigh …" Wang Mang sighed.

"You guys need a lot of that to get this job, right?" Long Chen made a gesture with his hand, indicating that it was money. Long Chen had seen this sort of thing many times before.

"Well, I can get this job, or. It was the people from the Enforcement Hall helping him out, so… "Senior brother Long Chen, I am truly sorry …" Wang Mang said somewhat helplessly.

“I’ve already said it. Don’t bring up the past anymore. I, Long Chen, don’t know the rules and I don’t want to touch them. Don’t use the rules to bully me either.”

Therefore, as long as you don’t become my enemy, I won’t make things difficult for you. If you want to follow me, Long Chen, then I will absolutely not treat you unfairly. "Long Chen said very straightforwardly.

He could tell that Wang Mang actually had a lot of misgivings in his heart. He was afraid that once Long Chen arrived in the Central Region, he would be able to achieve great heights and he would have to wear these little shoes.

Long Chen’s attitude was clear now. If someone uses you, I can forgive you. If you want to follow me, I’m not that petty. Everyone will open their hearts to speak.

“Senior brother Long Chen’s magnanimity really impressed me. If I were to swap positions with him, I wouldn’t have Senior brother Long Chen’s bearing!” Wang Mang said with admiration in his heart.

The longer he spent time with Long Chen, the more he could feel the aura of a king on him. Long Chen never put on airs or shouted at his subordinates. Instead, he laughed and cursed at the Dragonblood Warriors, occasionally shouting vulgarities.

However, the more it was like this, the more magnanimous and magnanimous it was. This was different from all the other powerhouses Wang Mang had met. There was a special charm about Long Chen that made people admire and admire him from the bottom of their hearts.

“Let’s not talk about these things. Speaking of proper business, the inner core of that Rank 7 Demonic Beast is definitely more precious than that of a Rank 6. Why don’t you bring more high class Demonic Beast?” Long Chen said with a serious expression.

“It’s not that we don’t want to lure them, it’s just that we can’t lure them. Most of these demon beasts have their own fixed range of operations, so if they can’t smell the scent of blood, they won’t come over. So, how much they get depends on luck.” Wang Mang said.

"Is that so? "Then let me ask you, what would happen if a rank 8 or even a terrifying rank 9 beast was lured here?" Long Chen asked.

"How is that possible? "Rank 8 beasts are hard to find. Those rank 9 beasts are on the same level as king level beasts …" Wang Mang was shocked.

“Your voice is soft. I’m just asking, what would happen if something like this were to happen?” Long Chen asked.

“We can deal with Class 8 Magical Beasts, but when Class 9 Magical Beasts appear, Elder Sha will obviously not stand idly by and take action. He can’t just watch us get eaten by them!” Wang Mang said.

“Then who’s going to be the one to obtain the Beast Pill?” Long Chen asked in a small voice. This was what they meant by ‘heavy’.

"Based on the rules, the spoils from the hunt should all belong to the disciples. Even if the elders were to take action, they would not be able to share them. Senior brother Long Chen, you …" Wang Mang said in shock.

“Enough, there’s nothing for you to do. Just make a fortune at ease, don’t talk too much!”

After Long Chen dismissed Wang Mang, he immersed himself in the chaotic space. Soon enough, Long Chen found a dozen or so medicinal plants and turned them into powder. He secretly took a portion of the demonic beast’s blood essence and made the Earth Fire refine a pill in the chaotic space.

This pill had no grade and was created by Long Chen himself. It didn’t have any practical value, but it could completely activate the active ingredients in the blood essence. Once it fused with the blood essence of the demon beasts in the sea, the smell of the blood essence would spread out.

Hehe, Long Chen looked at Elder Sha, who was standing with his hands behind his back, completely indifferent to everything. A smirk appeared in his eyes. With the resources he had, he should make rational use of them.

He quietly threw the pill into the sea. No one noticed this action. The pill quickly melted and an invisible ripple spread out. The ripple merged with the demonic beast’s blood and quickly spread out.

After doing all of this, Long Chen walked to the front of the flying boat as if nothing had happened. That was Elder Sha’s place alone. No one dared to approach it, but Long Chen just walked past.

"Elder Sha, I have something that I need your help with. Do you know what this is?" Long Chen handed a purple jade pendant to Elder Sha after he finished speaking.

When Elder Sha received the jade token, his pupils couldn’t help but constrict. “The Nine-Striped Soul Suppressing Jade, and the most precious purple jade at that. There’s a formation array inside the purple jade, this is …”

A faint light screen appeared on Elder Sha’s shriveled hand, shining on the purple jade pendant. Long Chen discovered that there were countless spots on the pendant.

There were countless spots that could not be seen with the naked eye. Although Long Chen didn’t know what they were, he knew that they were an extremely complex array.

“Senior, did you recognize the origin of this item?” Long Chen hurriedly asked. His heart couldn’t help but beat faster because this matter was related to his life.

Elder Sha shook his head, "This formation is too complicated. I have never seen it before, so I can’t say for sure. However, this jade pendant is not something that a normal family or power has the right to own.

The nine lines symbolized one’s status and position, and the material used to make this purple jade, I’m afraid … “This kind of power will surpass one’s imagination!”

Elder Sha looked at Long Chen as if he wanted to say something. In the end, he held himself back and returned the Soul Suppressing Jade to Long Chen, returning his uninterested expression to that of his.

Long Chen sighed in his heart. It seemed that Elder Sha’s knowledge was limited, but Long Chen did not come up empty-handed.

"Elder Sha, can you give me a few directions to use as a reference?" Long Chen probed.

“The world is too big. You need to use your own feet to measure it. What’s the point of answering or not answering?” Elder Sha said plainly.

Long Chen smiled bitterly. However, Elder Sha’s words made sense. It didn’t seem any different knowing or not.

Once they reached that height, they would naturally know. If they didn’t reach that height, what was the use of knowing? It was obvious that Elder Sha was hinting to Long Chen that he didn’t have the qualifications to know so much.

However, Elder Sha had always been a man of his words and did not like to get involved in trouble. Even though he had his doubts, he still refrained from asking them.

However, this was also the reason why Long Chen dared to ask Elder Sha about it. Elder Sha’s mouth was really tight, which was why he felt safe.

Initially, Long Chen had wanted to get close to Elder Sha and see if he could find out the structure of the entire Sky Martial Continent, as well as the distribution of power. However, Elder Sha’s tone was clearly unpleasant and asking about it was a waste of time.

"Thank you elder." Long Chen still bowed slightly to express his gratitude. Just as Long Chen was about to turn around and leave, Elder Sha opened his mouth.

“Forget about the entire Tianwu Continent, even with just the Celestial Sect of Wonders, it would be difficult for you to make your stand on your own. If you want to contend for the position of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, you should first stabilize your position in the Celestial Sect of Wonders.” A complicated expression surfaced in Elder Sha’s eyes. In the end, he could not help but remind her.

Long Chen’s heart trembled. Although Elder Sha didn’t like to talk, Long Chen could feel that this Elder Sha was an expert that hid his strength.

Elder Sha had never displayed his cultivation. He always looked like he had experienced the vicissitudes of life and was indifferent to everything. However, Long Chen’s intuition told him that Elder Sha was terrifyingly powerful.

"Senior, please tell me …" Long Chen humbly said.

“There is nothing to be proud about. Once we arrive at the Xuan Dao Sect, you will understand. Perhaps you can compete in the Fourth Territory, but you do not have any advantage when facing the Heaven’s Pride of the Central Region. In short, you will be on guard against arrogance and impatience, avoiding danger.”

"This disciple understands. Thank you, Elder Sha, for your guidance." Long Chen bowed and said.

Although Elder Sha had always kept to his ways and was kind to many people, his heart was not bad and he deliberately tried to awaken the dragon.

Although his words were cryptic, the meaning was clear. Perhaps Long Chen could compete with the heaven’s pride experts in the Eastern Wasteland, Western Desert, Southern Sea, and Northern Lands.

However, compared to the geniuses of the Central State area, they had a much lower foundation. They had already lost at the starting line.

In fact, the Mysterious Heaven Sect had arranged a division in the fourth region and didn’t have much hope in the fourth region. In order to train disciples, one had to focus on the central region, after all, their foundation was here. To put it bluntly, the disciples of the fourth region were used as cannon fodder, or rather, fireflies to reflect the brilliance of the sun and moon.

It was because he had lived for too long, seeing wave after wave of disciples rushing into the Central Region with endless passion and passion, but they were all pierced by reality and wounded all over. He had already become somewhat numb to the sight of countless heaven’s pride level experts dying one after another.

It was precisely because he was numb to many things that he was indifferent to them. He only did his job and did everything according to the rules. He did not seek for meritorious service, but he never failed.

"However, disciple is stubborn. I am me. No one can change me, even the heavens cannot.

Maybe other people would think I was stupid, but I’m not a fish. “I want to become a Kun Peng that can leap upwards in order to break through the Nine Heavens Binding Formation. Even if I fail, it doesn’t matter, but if I don’t even have the courage to do so, there is no meaning in living on.”

But no matter what, Long Chen understood Elder Sha’s kindness. If there was an opportunity, this disciple would return the favor. "Long Chen said.

Everyone could say a few words of truth, and every truth sounded right. However, this truth might not necessarily be suitable for you.

As an expert, one needed to believe in their own faith. This was a truth that they firmly believed in. It was something that would last for all eternity. Life and death would never change.

Long Chen firmly believed that his life was a fight to the death. Ever since the day he started cultivating the Nine Star Tyrant Body Technique, he was already destined to never take the ordinary route. Since his path was different from others, why would he listen to others?

Seeing that Long Chen still did not waver in his conviction even after he had said so much, Elder Sha shook his head slightly and no longer spoke.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

“Oh my god, there’s so many rank 7 Sea Demons!”

Suddenly, there was a cry of alarm from the deck. Countless powerful auras were rapidly approaching the flying boat.

“I’m finally here to seduce you!”

A smile appeared on Long Chen’s face as he returned to the deck to stand with the others. At this moment, the sea was filled with endless waves.

979 – Rank 9 Demonic Beast


The blade shadow streaked through the air. The crab sea monster, whose entire body was covered in a thick armor, was cut into two halves. Even a treasure wouldn’t be able to leave a mark on it.


Everyone cheered. It was Long Chen. He had beheaded a terrifying late-Eighth Order Siren in one strike.

The Siren’s defense was simply too terrifying, with almost no weaknesses. It had charged into the army and severely damaged the formation. Even Gu Yang was sent flying with a pincer. This showed just how powerful it was.

“Why would he use the secret technique of the Sky-Opening Sect?” Elder Sha instantly saw through the origins of this move and couldn’t help but be puzzled.

“It’s about time. Meng Qi, finish this!” Long Chen looked at the battlefield as he spoke.

Meng Qi nodded. She stretched out her snow-covered hand and quickly formed a seal in front of her chest. Her pretty face was covered with a precious mask as she gently opened her cherry lips.

"Soul Devouring Life Technique!"

A terrifying soul undulation spread out and instantly covered a circumference of ten thousand kilometers. When the soul technique was used, the entire world seemed to have become still.

Meng Qi had used the Soul Devouring Life Art when she was on the Eternal Road. However, she was facing people of the same kind. She couldn’t use it with all her might.

But this time was different. She was facing a cold-blooded and ruthless Siren. She didn’t need to have any scruples and directly used more than half of her soul force in her sea of consciousness to cast this terrifying area of effect.

A wave of light that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye instantly spread out. Although it was directed downwards, the people behind Meng Qi still felt their souls tremble, and Wang Mang and the rest felt their hair stand on end, as if their souls were being grabbed by a terrifying hand. With just a thought, their souls would be crushed.

Wang Mang finally understood Meng Qi’s terror. Such a terrifying soul power was beyond his imagination. Even if his Ghost Demon Armor was intact, it still wouldn’t be able to block such a terrifying attack. Thinking of this, his back was drenched in sweat.

After the endless soul power fluctuations, those berserk Sea Demons’ bodies instantly stiffened and momentarily lost consciousness.

Meng Qi’s soul technique was terrifying, but its range was too wide. She couldn’t completely kill the powerful Class 8 Magical Beasts, but all magical beasts below Class 7 were instantly killed.

"Moon and Wind Swallowing the Heavens!"

Tang Wan’er coldly rebuked as countless runes swirled around her body. Hundreds of millions of palm-sized crescent wind blades burst out, forming a gigantic sea of wind blades.

Endless wind blades spun rapidly in the air, piercing the eardrums with ear-piercing sonic booms. It was as if trillions of needles were stabbing them in the ears. Besides the members of the Dragon Blood Legion, everyone else had a drastic change in expression.

They had never seen such terrifying wind blades. Every wind blade rapidly rotated, tearing space apart. The boundless sea of wind blades surged towards the army of Monstrous Beasts like a tide.

"Puff puff puff puff … …"

Like a sharp blade slicing through tofu, the Rank 8 Demonic Beast’s strong defense was nothing in front of the rapidly spinning wind blades and was instantly killed.

Hundreds of terrifying Level 8 demon beasts, with the cooperation of Meng Qi and Tang Wan’er, were all killed. Countless corpses piled up to form a mountain that slowly sank into the sea.

The entire world was deathly silent. After a single breath, Wang Mang cried out in alarm as he hurriedly commanded everyone to collect the corpses. After all, those were all money.

Meng Qi’s attack was too terrifying. All of the demonic beasts within 10,000 miles were killed, so everyone could go closer to the sea and collect the corpses without fear of being attacked.

"Hurry up. We should leave." Elder Sha spoke at this moment.

Everyone hastily cleaned up the battlefield, but it was simply too big. A group of Forging Stage disciples, following the idea of returning back to their original positions, also cleaned up the corpses of the rank 7 beasts, not even sparing a rank 6 beast.

Elder Sha couldn’t help but frown. However, there were so many corpses of the demon beasts. It would be a pity to throw them away, so he could only wait.

"Long Chen, what are you laughing about? You’re smiling so badly? " Tang Wan’er looked at Long Chen’s smile and said softly.

"Do I?" Long Chen shook his head.

“You can deceive others, but you cannot deceive me. Say, are you holding back some tricks again?” Tang Wan’er stared at Long Chen with her beautiful eyes. She raised her little fist, looking like she wasn’t going to speak the truth.

“You’re thinking too much. Where did all those evil thoughts come from? The battlefield is almost cleaned up. We should head back now. Don’t you see that Elder Sha’s face is already darkening? Stop scolding him!” Long Chen pulled Meng Qi and Tang Wan’er back to the flying boat.

Tang Wan’er understood Long Chen very well. When she saw the smile on his face, she knew that he must have been up to something. But since Long Chen was unwilling to say, she couldn’t do anything about it.

With so many people around, she was too embarrassed to use any violence. She reached out her hand to pinch Long Chen’s waist, but she discovered that she couldn’t pinch Long Chen’s flesh at all. It was obvious that this guy had already prepared long ago, causing her to tense up.

"Is everyone here?" Elder Sha asked.

"Reporting to the elders, everyone is here!"

At this moment, when they returned to the flying boat, Wang Mang and the rest still felt as though they were dreaming. The harvest this time was truly too terrifying, they were afraid that this was all just a dream.

This time’s harvest, if everyone divided it evenly, Wang Mang estimated that they would need to stay in the Xuan Dao Sect as outer sect disciples for 200 years, but they might not even be able to obtain this much wealth.

Elder Sha nodded and slowly started the flying boat. The light barrier on top of the flying boat slowly rose, covering the entire flying boat. Before flying, one needed to activate the protective barrier.

At this moment, Long Chen slowly stretched out his arms and wrapped them around Meng Qi and Tang Wan’er’s slender waist. Meng Qi and Tang Wan’er’s faces immediately turned red. They hadn’t thought that Long Chen would suddenly make such a bold move.

“Bastard, let go, there are so many people here …” Tang Wan’er whispered.

"Be careful!"

Suddenly, Elder Sha’s face changed as he shouted loudly.


Suddenly, the flying boat exploded, and the entire flying boat shook violently. A terrifying force instantly knocked away the flying boat. The people inside the flying boat fiercely crashed into the protective shield, causing some of them to spurt out blood.

"What… Situation "

Wang Mang and the others were also stunned from the impact. Their chests were aching in pain and their hearts were filled with fear.

Only Long Chen was prepared. His feet were nailed to the ground like nails, and even Meng Qi and Tang Wan’er weren’t hurt.

"Long Chen, you …" Meng Qi had a sudden realization.

“I don’t know anything. What happened?” Long Chen had a “stupefied” look on his face.

“Everyone be careful, it’s a rank 9 beast!” Elder Sha shouted.


Elder Sha had just finished reminding the flying boat when the flying boat shook violently once again. A thousand feet long tentacle once again mercilessly hit the flying boat like a whip. The flying boat was sent flying.

However, this time it was better than last time. Everyone was prepared and released their spirit energy to protect their bodies. At the same time, they grabbed the flying boat to stabilize themselves.

“What a fellow. He’s even fiercer than I thought.” Long Chen couldn’t help but exclaim as he looked at the enormous tentacle.

Tang Wan’er, who had been carried by Long Chen, had suffered most of the backlash. She and Meng Qi weren’t too unwell either, and now she finally understood that this was Long Chen’s doing. He probably already knew that he would attract a ninth level demon beast.


Long Chen made a silent gesture, secretly pointing at Elder Sha, who was fully in control of the flying boat.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan’er couldn’t help but be speechless. This Long Chen was too evil, and he purposely tricked Elder Sha. This Elder Sha was really unlucky, how did he end up meeting that bad kid Long Chen?

Everyone looked at the huge tentacle in horror. At this moment, the tentacle suddenly rolled up and directly rolled up the flying boat. They couldn’t move and everyone felt their bodies falling rapidly.

"Crap, it wants to pull us into the sea!" Someone screamed in fear.

The hearts of Wang Mang and the rest were filled with fear. They had not seen what a Class 9 demonic beast looked like. Just seeing a gigantic tentacle was enough to cause them to feel their hearts leap up in their throats.

"Evil creature, do you look down on this old man?"

Elder Sha was finally angry. Suddenly, countless runes lit up on the flying boat as flying swords shot out and mercilessly hacked at the huge tentacles.


The tentacles were chopped into pieces by countless sharp runes and swords. The flying boat broke free from the tentacles and rapidly flew forward. Elder Sha wanted to fly the flying boat to escape this place.


All of a sudden, the surface of the sea started to rise rapidly. A huge creature soared into the sky, covering the sky and blocking the sun. It blocked the path of the flying boat.

“Heavens, what kind of demon is this? Why is it so huge?” Everyone could not help but be alarmed. That Sea Demon’s body was like a tall mountain. The thousand feet long flying boat was like a toy in front of it.

However, Long Chen could clearly see its face. This sea monster seemed to be an octopus, but it didn’t have eight claws. It had hundreds of tentacles covered in black mucus that blocked the flying boat’s path.

"Is this the rank 9 beast?" "What a terrifying aura!" Guo Ran exclaimed in shock. Even though they had the protection of a formation on the flying boat, the aura emitted by a rank 9 beast still made them tremble with fear. In front of a rank 9 beast, they were as insignificant as ants.

"Such a big one, we can eat for a long time!"

Wildie looked at such a huge demon beast. Her eyes lit up and she could not help but swallow her saliva. She had never seen such a big food before.

Wang Mang and the rest almost vomited blood. At this time, do you still want to eat? We’re all going to be eaten.

“Long Chen, aren’t you playing a little too hard?” Meng Qi said worriedly.

“It’s fine. With Elder Sha here, this Rank 9 Demonic Beast should be a piece of cake.” Long Chen shook his head. From start to finish, he had a relaxed expression and was confident in Elder Sha.


Elder Sha was about to launch his flying boat to retreat, but the huge tentacles of the rank 9 demon beast interweaved together to form a huge net, tightly wrapping around the flying boat.

Although this strange octopus-like demon beast was enormous, its speed was incomparably fast. Its tentacles instantly trapped the flying boat and pulled it forward.

“Heavens! What a terrifying mouth!” Tang Wan’er screamed.

The Class 9 beast opened its mouth like a huge cave. Its dense teeth shone with a sharp light that would make one’s heart jump.

“We’re going to be eaten!” Wang Mang couldn’t help but feel despair.

"Evil beast seeking death!"

Elder Sha snorted coldly, and did something unknown. The flying boat suddenly shook, and the front part of the flying boat opened, revealing a huge cannon.


Elder Sha gave a cold shout and the flying boat began to shake violently. A huge beam of light shot straight toward the Class 9 Monster Mountain like a huge mouth.

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The pillar of light pierced through the huge mouth of the rank 9 beast, its terrifying radiance engulfing the entire sky, causing the void to tremble incessantly, as though it was going to explode at any moment…

In this attack, Elder Sha had used the killing move of the flying boat. If he dared to cross the Sky Martial Sea and carry tens of thousands of disciples, how could he not have some tricks up his sleeve?

Long Chen had only refined that pill because he had taken a fancy to this item. He didn’t expect Long Chen’s luck to be so good that he had actually attracted a Rank 9 Demonic Beast.

The light emitted by the flying boat pierced through the head of the rank 9 beast, but it was useless for the rank 9 beast to survive.


After killing the rank 9 beast in one strike, Elder Sha drove the flying boat and retrieved the beast’s corpse back to the flying boat.

"Haha, handsome! A Stage Nine beast core is in my hands!" Long Chen laughed out loud.

The rank 9 beast’s body was too huge, akin to a mountain, towering in front of everyone. Although it was just a corpse, the pressure it exuded still made it hard for people to breathe.


As soon as the Class 9 beast corpse was thrown in, Wang Mang and the rest impatiently followed its wounds and quickly drilled their way out.

“Senior brother Long Chen, give … give me a Rank 9 beast core. This is a supreme treasure!” Wang Mang didn’t bother to wipe away the blood on his body as he handed Long Chen a pearl the size of a baby’s fist.

Multicolored light circulated around the bead. There were actually countless symbols moving about within it, as if they were living creatures. Waves of oppressive might surged outwards, making it difficult to breathe.

This was the essence of the rank 9 beast’s life. This beast core contained boundless energy.

Long Chen took the beast core and Meng Qi exclaimed, “What a terrifying water type energy wave. It’s extremely pure. Coincidentally, there are a few water type warriors in the Dragon Blood Legion.”

After having undergone the transformation from the Myriad Spirit Blood, there were seven people that had awakened a rare water attribute rune. A powerhouse that had water attribute energy would have extremely formidable battle prowess.

“I’ll keep this Stage Nine beast core. Coincidentally, I have a few brothers that need it, so I, Long Chen, won’t let anyone else suffer a loss.”

"The beast core belongs to me. As compensation, everyone in the Dragon Blood Legion give them their beast core slots." Long Chen said.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Long Chen, you absolutely can’t do this. You really can’t kill us. Without you, it would have been impossible for us to get more than ten Rank 6 beast cores.”

"You can have the Stage Nine Demonic Core as much as you want. Our harvest now is enough for us to cultivate for a hundred years without any worries. Truly, we are satisfied." Wang Mang hurriedly said.

Under Long Chen’s lead, they obtained close to a thousand Class 8 Monster Cores. Class 7 Monster Cores were over thirteen thousand, and Class 6 Monster Cores were not a small number. It was a conservative estimate of over a hundred thousand.

On average, the beast cores each person received could be exchanged for resources, allowing them to not lack cultivation resources for the next hundred years. They were indeed satisfied.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Long Chen, please save us some face. Without you two, we won’t be able to obtain anything. We have already benefited greatly, we can’t be greedy anymore.” The other experts also tried to persuade him.

Without the Dragonblood Warriors, they would have long been scared away by the terrifying demon beasts. How could they dare to fight against so many demon beasts? This was all thanks to the contribution of the Dragonblood Legion.

Long Chen didn’t put on airs when he saw everyone’s sincere expressions. He cupped his hands and said, “In that case, many thanks everyone!”

Long Chen threw the Stage Nine beast core to the water attributed dragon blood warriors. They could absorb the water attributed essence within the beast core and increase their attribute power once again.

However, the energy inside the beast’s core was too violent. It would take a long time to absorb the energy inside, but the others were already overjoyed.

"This big fish belongs to me. It can be eaten for a long time!" Wildie directly put away the huge corpse of the rank 9 beast. He was even more excited than those guys who had obtained the Orb.


With another explosive sound, the entire sky suddenly darkened. Endless storms mixed with water vapor instantly filled the entire sky.

“What the heck, it seems like I’ve gone too far!”

Long Chen hastily looked out and saw four colossal monsters covered the sky. They were four Class 9 Sea Demons that were charging over to surround the flying boat.

Wang Mang and the rest were so frightened that their faces turned pale. Four ninth level demonic beasts appeared at the same time. That terrifying aura they exuded caused the hearts of the crowd to tremble.

"Xuantian Ripple!"

Surrounded by four rank 9 beasts at the same time, the only thing that made everyone feel at ease was that Elder Sha was still as calm as ever, not showing any signs of panic. With a low shout, countless runes swirled around the flying boat, forming a giant ripple that quickly spread out.

boom boom boom boom *

With four explosive sounds, terrifying ripples directly sent the four mountain-like Siren flying thousands of miles away. Everyone could not help but cheer.

“This is great, boss. When we have enough money, we’ll also get one!” Guo Ran’s eyes shone as he looked at Elder Sha calmly controlling the flying boat, his eyes full of envy.

“Come on, with our current wealth, we can’t afford to use this huge flying boat!” Long Chen knew his own limits. The cost of building this type of flying boat that combined attack and defense was almost enough to scare people to death.

Furthermore, even if he could afford it, he might not necessarily be able to use it. This was because Long Chen had secretly probed and found that there was a sealed off space in the lower level of the flying boat’s storage room.

Although he couldn’t see what was going on inside, Long Chen could feel the endless spiritual energy inside the room. The interior was filled with spirit stones, and they were all high-grade spirit stones.

No matter if it was attack or defense, this kind of flying boat would consume a huge amount of high-grade spirit stones. No matter how wasteful Long Chen was, he didn’t want to blabber on like this and make Guo Ran give up on this idea as soon as possible.

"Weng …"

Elder Sha had just sent the four demon beasts flying and hastily started the flying boat in an attempt to escape. However, the flying boat’s starting speed was not fast, and it needed more time to accelerate. In the end, the four Stage Nine demon beasts quickly returned.


With an explosive sound, even though the flying boat had activated its defenses, it was still sent flying far away. Everyone also felt a massive tremor shaking their bodies, almost causing them to spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Damned devils, someone help me control the flying boat. I’ll go kill them!” Elder Sha actually flew out of the flying boat and charged towards the ninth level beast alone.

Everyone could not help but be stunned. Wang Mang stammered, "Let’s … Our place. “It seems like no one is going to control the flying boat right?”


The crowd cried out in alarm. The flying boat was attacked again, and some of the disciples couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood. Although there was a protective barrier around them, some of the attacks from the rank 9 beasts still penetrated through.

The crowd was astonished. The level eight demonic beast and the level nine demonic beast were far too different. Even Gu Yang and the others felt that they would be unable to withstand this terrifying attack and would likely be killed in an instant.

"Let me!"

Guo Ran leaped onto the control panel and scanned the countless lines on the screen. He was trying to figure out how this thing would operate.

"He… Do you understand? " Wang Mang felt slightly doubtful.

“Don’t worry, I can promise with my personality that he won’t understand.” Gu Yang patted his chest.

When he heard the first half of the sentence, Wang Mang finally calmed down. However, when he heard the last two words, he nearly vomited out a mouthful of blood. “Big Brother, what time is it? Don’t joke with me!”

“Life or death, what’s the use of being afraid. It will only make things worse. In my panic, I can’t make the right decision and even lost my chance of survival.” Gu Yang lightly said.

Wang Mang was stunned. He discovered that although the Dragon Blood Warriors had surprised expressions on their faces, there wasn’t a single trace of fear or anxiety on them, nor was there even a hint of despair.

"Haha, this should be… "Clank!" Guo Ran suddenly shouted loudly, his voice brimming with excitement as he reached out his hand to push a button.

"Huff …"

At this moment, a rank 9 beast rushed over, Guo Ran slapped the button and a huge tail appeared at the back of the flying boat. At this moment, a rank 9 beast rushed over, Guo Ran hit the button, and a huge tail appeared at the back of the flying boat, like a dragon’s tail formed from countless runes.


Guo Ran was overjoyed. This feeling was too great!

"Huhuhu …"

However, the Class 9 demonic beast was suddenly sent flying. However, the flying boat didn’t stop. Instead, it began to rapidly spin on the spot. Its terrifying speed had even created a huge vortex in space.

"Stop, I can’t do it anymore… “Ugh …” Someone shouted out. With such a terrifying rotation, the human brain was like a giant yolk that was rapidly spinning. Even a Forging Stage powerhouse would not be able to withstand it.

"I… Guo Ran hugged a chair and spun rapidly along with it, losing control of the entire flying boat.


Guo Ran didn’t know why, but he was kicked to the side before the flying boat slowly stopped spinning.

"So the upper part is activated, the lower part is closed!" Guo Ran exclaimed. He finally understood the operation of the control panel.

Long Chen held on to Meng Qi and Tang Wan’er. Although both of them weren’t injured, they were left feeling dizzy and sad. Meng Qi’s face was even paler. It was obvious that as a Soul Cultivator, she couldn’t withstand this kind of torture.

“Guo Ran, are you f * cking going to make it or not?!” Long Chen saw how miserable Meng Qi was and couldn’t help but feel a pang in his heart as he scolded Guo Ran.

“Boss, don’t worry. I’ll definitely be able to do it this time.” Guo Ran studied the runes on the control panel. Although he didn’t know much about Immortal ancient languages, he could still guess a few basics based on the runes.

"Be careful, another big fellow is coming!" Someone cried out in alarm. At this moment, another ninth level demonic beast was charging from behind.

"Watch me!"

The tail of the flying boat was opened, revealing a mirror. Countless lines appeared on the mirror, and on the back of the mirror, there were thousands of spirit stones, and each of them was shining with a high grade spirit stone.

In the center of the area, there was a colorful Spirit Stone. It was an extremely rare top grade Spirit Stone.


Countless symbols lit up in front of the mirror. Divine sound rumbled, and auspicious multicolored waves surged. A huge arrow appeared, shooting straight towards the rank 9 beast.

At that moment, all the spirit stones attached to the surface of the mirror instantly dimmed, then quietly cracked open and became useless.

"It really is something to burn money!" Long Chen and Guo Ran could see clearly that this was something the tycoons were playing with.


The arrow was about three thousand feet long, and that demonic beast was also unlucky. It actually managed to get its head close to the back of the flying boat, and the flying arrow directly pierced through the rank nine demonic beast’s head, smashing its head into pieces.


Before the crowd could cheer for Guo Ran, a figure suddenly entered the flying boat and pushed Guo Ran aside, speedily activating the flying boat.

“This is big trouble, let’s run!”

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What happened to 977 and 978?


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