Nine Star Hegemon Body Art -C971-975


Chapter 971 - Forcing a Confession

"Long Chen, let me do it. I know what to do!"

Meng Qi’s cherry lips slightly opened as she walked up the stage. She was dressed in a white dress, with long legs and a slim waist, her black hair hanging down naturally without a speck of dust. She looked like a person walking out of a painting. .

Seeing that Meng Qi had really gone up onto the stage, Wang Mang’s heart trembled, and a bad premonition arose in his heart.

He had already observed all the Eastern Wasteland disciples. Meng Qi didn’t have any Heavenly Dao fluctuations and looked harmless. Furthermore, she was a Soul Cultivator, so he thought that Meng Qi was the weak one among the Dragon Blood Legion.

But when Meng Qi ascended the stage, her voice was filled with calmness and indifference, causing Wang Mang to feel an intense unease in his heart.

"Wang Mang, you shouldn’t have angered Long Chen with me. From the depths of your eyes, I can see your greed, and I can even guess your motives.

It’s only official business that you’ve gone out of your way to provoke Long Chen. You have your own ulterior motives … " Meng Qi looked at Wang Mang and said.

“Enough, the old disciple will teach the new disciple a lesson. This is a tradition left behind by the Xuan Dao Sect. No one can change this. Don’t talk so much nonsense!” Wang Mang shouted angrily.

However, everyone with a discerning eye could see that Wang Mang was a bit harsh on the face. A hint of panic appeared in his eyes, as if Meng Qi’s words had hit on his heart.

“I’m just warning you out of good intentions. Since you won’t appreciate my kindness, then forget about it. You have to be careful. A single Ghost Demon Armor doesn’t give you too much of a sense of security.” Meng Qi shook her head.

"Ghost Demon Armor!"

All the Forging Stage powerhouses couldn’t help but be shocked. The disciples of the Eastern Wastelands didn’t know what the Ghost Demon Armor was, but they did.

The Ghost Beast was a beast only the size of a Yellow Ox. Its body was similar to Pangolin, but its scales were extremely fine and smooth, almost transparent.

The Ghost Beast was an extremely rare type of soul power attacking magical beast. Their leather armor, when used as a soul tool, could nullify most soul attacks. This was because the Ghost Beast’s soul power was stored in every scale and had an amazing absorption ability.

However, ghost beasts were extremely rare, and also extremely cunning. They had a keen sense of danger, so their leather armor was extremely rare. Who would have thought that Wang Mang would actually have such a soul tool on him?

What was even more frightening was that Meng Qi didn’t even make a move and had already seen through his trump card. This was the most terrifying thing.

"So what if you know about the Ghost Demon Armor? “You still can’t do anything to me. Watch this move!” Wang Mang was frightened and angry, but now it was too late to back down. He shouted loudly and rushed towards Meng Qi.

As he roared, the three colored symbols around him surged, forming a sea of runes. His hands formed a seal, and a giant lance of runic symbols formed in the air, rushing towards Meng Qi.

“You’re courting death!”

The group of Dragon Blood Warriors could not help but feel a surge of killing intent. This bastard had used his full strength right from the start. Using such a terrifying move against a Soul Cultivator was simply too much.


Suddenly, a loud roar could be heard as an enormous claw appeared out of nowhere and smashed apart the hundred zhang long spear symbol.

An enormous Earth Dragon appeared out of nowhere. As soon as this dragon appeared, it opened its mouth and spewed out golden flames that engulfed Wang Mang in an instant.

"You are a beast trainer?"

Wang Mang was startled. The fire source of this rank 8 Earth Dragon attacked him, so he hurriedly formed a shield of runes, enveloping himself within.


Wang Mang had just propped up his shield against the raging flames of the Earth Dragon when a bird cry sounded. A crimson blood phoenix appeared. Above its head, a holy feather stood tall, and its eyes were blood-red.


Suddenly, countless runes began to circulate on the holy feather. A red pillar of light flew out like a meteor. The sky rumbled as it headed straight for Wang Mang.


The scarlet eyed Holy Blood Phoenix’s attack directly shattered Wang Mang’s shield. Moreover, its remaining strength did not weaken as it ruthlessly charged towards Wang Mang.

Wang Mang was shocked. This was not a soul attack, and his Ghost Demon Armor was simply useless. But this strike would take his life.

It had to be known that the Scarlet Eye Sacred Blood Phoenix, under Meng Qi’s nurturing, had already reached the eighth step. Moreover, Meng Qi could guide the Scarlet Eye Sacred Blood Phoenix and use its innate ability.

A magical beast was not scary, but if there was an intelligent magical beast, then it would be scary, especially a magical beast that had been taught by a beast master, then it would be even more frightening. A magical beast could use martial arts, and no one could stop it.

Although magical beasts possessed low intelligence, their innate abilities were innate. They were extremely proficient in this technique, reaching the peak of perfection.

"Mysterious Scale Shield!"

In this life or death situation, Wang Mang could not afford to care any further. He directly erupted with the aura of a Forging Stage powerhouse. Like a volcano erupting, he placed a huge rune shield in front of his body to block this attack.

Wang Mang had no choice but to unleash his full strength. If he were still at the Sea Opening Realm, he would have had no time to set up his defenses. Only the power of a Forging Stage cultivator could instantly trigger a spell.


With an explosive sound, Wang Mang’s golden shield was struck by the red light and instantly shattered in front of everyone’s shocked eyes.

The Golden Light Shield shattered, but the Crimson Eyed Holy Blood Phoenix’s attack was blocked. However, before Wang Mang could catch his breath, a small mountain like tail silently lashed out.


That was the Earth Dragon’s tail. Under Meng Qi’s control, the rhythm was perfect. By the time Wang Mang realized it, he had already been hit.

Wang Mang was splattered with fresh blood. His body felt like it was about to shatter, and he was sent flying backward.


Meng Qi gave a low shout and a tower appeared. This was her Soul Suppressing Pagoda. The tower descended and smashed into Wang Mang’s body.


When the Soul Suppressing Pagoda lifted up again, everyone was horrified to discover that Wang Mang had instantly turned into a picture. His entire body was flattened like a fly, and the area he covered became infinitely large.

However, he did not die, his body had flattened, but his head was still intact, this was the result of Meng Qi showing mercy, otherwise he would have died countless times over, but the Spirit Demon Armor that was almost transparent on his skin had already shattered and become useless.

For a moment, there was complete silence, even the Dragon Blood Warriors were shocked. They had never seen Meng Qi use such a tyrannical move before.

Because before Meng Qi, even if they killed someone, the enemy would be like a man in a coma. Never had they been so bloody before.

"You challenged me to anger Long Chen. I really don’t understand why all of you are so stupid as to continuously challenge Long Chen’s bottom line.

You all still have to step on his unbearable shoulder. Since you all are so stupid, then I also do not mind, your hands are covered in blood, and you will become a bloodthirsty devil. " Meng Qi looked at the terrified Wang Mang in the pool of blood and said indifferently.

Meng Qi had always been a calm and natural person who didn’t like to fight, but after following Long Chen for so long, especially after seeing Little Snow die, Long Chen cried out in grief. He was so helpless and heartbroken back then.

That scene deeply stung Meng Qi’s heart. From that day on, she swore to never be a charitable woman again. She would bear Long Chen’s burden, even if she had to become a blood-stained devil.

In the cultivation world, the right and wrong didn’t exist. She didn’t care about right and wrong anymore. She couldn’t be bothered to determine right and wrong anymore. What she wanted to do was protect Long Chen.

Long Chen had given too much for them. Long Chen was simply too tired. Meng Qi wanted to share as much as she could.

Seeing Meng Qi’s jade-like face, her voice still echoed in Long Chen’s mind. It was like a warm current flowing into his heart. Such a intimate relationship moved Long Chen’s heart, but it also made his heart ache.

"Speak, why are you targeting us?" Looking at the "meat patties" on the ground, Meng Qi did not have a shred of pity.

"I… I’m following the rules, you. “Argh!” Wang Mang still wanted to quibble. Suddenly, his soul felt a sharp pain, as if ten thousand needles were stabbing back and forth, causing his head to feel as if it was about to explode.

"Elder Sha … "Help …" Wang Mang mournfully screamed.

Elder Sha did not budge as he replied indifferently, "This is not in accordance with the rules. As a challenger, if you lose the battle, you have to bear the consequences."

"I’m going to die… I’m going to die. She was going to kill … I, you. Instead of saving him when he’s about to die… " Meng Qi’s spirit needle forced Wang Mang to scream in pain. He wanted to roll away in pain, but his body was like a meat patty, unable to move.

“According to the rules, after you die, I’ll revoke her qualification to join the Xuan Dao Sect.” Elder Sha said faintly, as if nothing could arouse his interest. He had an indifferent look on his face.

"Let me go… Let me go. I said … It’s a senior from the Enforcement Hall, instructing me… “I have to take care of your …” Wang Mang finally gave in.

"Law Enforcement Hall?"

Long Chen and the others immediately understood. It should be Lu Minghan’s doing, but that’s not right. Lu Minghan should be aware of Long Chen’s strength, so why would he send someone to die?

However, just by letting go of his imagination, Long Chen understood. Lu Minghan’s matter had definitely had an impact in the Mysterious Sky Sect. After all, Lu Minghan had been escorted back by Li Changfeng.

He reckoned that once the Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples found out about this, they would want to curry favor with Lu Minghan, and get Wang Mang to take care of Long Chen and the others. Without a doubt, Wang Mang must have received benefits from the others, or perhaps obtained some sort of promise.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been so reckless in offending Long Chen. Even after seeing how powerful the Dragon Blood Legion was, they still challenged Meng Qi and enraged Long Chen.

As long as Long Chen was shamed and suffered a little humiliation, he would be able to go back and pay. After all, it was not good to just collect money and not work, but the price for doing this work was too high. Wang Mang regretted it to death.

Long Chen let out a cold snort as he swept his gaze over the Forging Stage disciples. All of the Forging Stage disciples felt their hairs stand on end.

“It has nothing to do with us! We don’t know anything!” Those disciples all screamed in fear as they tried to explain.

The matter had come to an end. Elder Sha turned around and was about to leave when Long Chen suddenly said,

"Elder Sha, I have something to ask of you." Elder Sha, I have something to ask of you.

Chapter 972 - The Unimaginable Central State

Seeing that Elder Sha was about to leave, Long Chen hurriedly said. He had a lot of things he wanted to ask this elder, but he never had the chance. ,

Elder Sha frowned slightly and asked, "What is it?"

“There are some things related to the Central Plains’ Xuan Dao Sect …” Long Chen said.

"According to the rules, elders do have the duty to answer the questions related to disciples." Elder Sha did not reject Long Chen, which surprised everyone.

Especially the Forging Stage disciples, all of them had puzzled expressions. Elder Sha was so cold that he had only spoken a few sentences to the crowd along the way. To think that he would be so easy to talk to.

Long Chen, on the other hand, had thoroughly understood Elder Sha’s personality through a few conversations. Although Elder Sha’s cultivation was terrifying, he was a wooden person. He did not like to talk and did not like to talk, so Long Chen had misunderstood him.

At this moment, a Forging Stage disciple ‘tore’ Wang Mang off the stage and fed him a medicinal pill. At the same time, he started circulating the Heaven’s Path Divine Art’s rune to heal his wounds as his body slowly recovered.

However, Meng Qi’s final strike was too ruthless. If he wanted to completely recover, he would need some time. After all, Meng Qi was also a Skywalker, and her attacks contained Heavenly Energy.

Seeing that Elder Sha was actually willing to answer the questions, the crowd hurriedly surrounded him. They stood respectfully together, and even a group of Forging Stage disciples surrounded him.

“If you have any questions, ask them first. If they can’t answer, I will naturally answer.” Elder Sha told the Forging Stage disciples. It was obvious that he did not like wasting his breath.

"Senior brother Long Chen, if you have any instructions, please do not hesitate to tell us. We will definitely tell you everything we know and we will definitely tell you everything we know," One of the Forging Stage disciples hurriedly said when he saw that Long Chen was looking at him.

No matter how foolish they were, they could tell that Long Chen was the most terrifying existence among them all. Although he didn’t make a move, they could tell that Long Chen was confident from the fact that he dared to issue a life and death battle against Wang Mang.

In the end, Wang Mang had already violated the rules, exploding forth with the strength of a Forging Stage powerhouse. Yet, he was still smashed into meat paste. They no longer dared to underestimate him, and their attitude took a huge turn.

Hearing that the Forging Stage disciple actually called Long Chen his Senior Brother, the crowd couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It seemed that they were the real Senior Brother.

Elder Sha, on the other hand, was very indifferent towards this title and did not show any signs of emotion. It was as if he had already known that this would happen.

“Senior brother Long Chen, you don’t know this, but in the Xuan Dao Sect, other than those with high status, as long as they have high battle prowess, they would respectfully address them as senior brothers. This has nothing to do with cultivation or age.”

“With senior brother Long Chen’s battle power, even an old man a few hundred years old would call you senior brother, or even senior!” The Forging Stage disciple explained.

The disciples of the Eastern Wastelands had clearly not heard of this rule and could not help but feel a sense of novelty. The Central Region was truly a mysterious place.

Long Chen didn’t have the time to ask about these trivial matters. He went straight to the point, “How many days do we need to reach Central State?”

"This will probably take around three months …" The Forging Stage disciple laughed bitterly.

“Three months?” Everyone was shocked. With the flying boat’s terrifying speed, it actually took three months.

"Yes, and without any accidents at that. We will be able to pass through the Heaven realm, reach the Central State realm, and then go through nine super transmissions before we reach the Mysterious Heaven Sect." The Forging Stage disciple said.

Everyone couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. Flying continuously for three months and even going through nine super transmission arrays was just too terrifying.

No wonder why it was said that the Eastern Wastelands, Western Desert, Southern Sea and Northern Yuan Continent were all borderlands. Adding all of them together, they were only a fifth of the entire Sky Martial Continent.

“What is the Heaven Martial Ring Sea?” Tang Wan’er couldn’t help but to ask curiously.

“Heaven’s Martial Arts World …” The disciple looked at Elder Sha as he spoke.

“Speak, the legend is like that. No one knows if it’s true or not.” Elder Sha said.

After Elder Sha spoke, the Forging Stage disciple said with relief, "Legend has it that the Sky Martial Continent had undergone a terrifying demonic battle during the Immortal Ancient Era. The entire continent was destroyed.

This Ring-shaped Sea was formed at that time. It is said that when a bracelet smashed onto the continent, the original shape of the continent completely changed. "

“Bracelet?” How was this possible? What bracelet was this big? Isn’t that nonsense? " Guo Ran couldn’t help but cry out; this was simply unbelievable.

“Cough cough, that’s what legends are like. No one knows the details, and there are no records of them in the literature. They are all legends passed down by the older generation, and should not be trusted.” The Forging Stage disciple said somewhat embarrassedly, because when they heard of this legend, they also scoffed at it and didn’t believe it.

"Things that you haven’t seen before don’t necessarily mean they don’t exist. Legends say that although they are illusory, they aren’t necessarily everything. We can’t believe it because we haven’t reached that realm yet. Long Chen shook his head as he remembered the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

The Eastern Wastelands Bell that was incomplete was almost half dead. However, before it, the king artifacts were like dust. They were instantly destroyed. That time, Long Chen was completely shocked.

Elder Sha nodded slightly as he looked at Long Chen. Long Chen’s way of thinking made him admire him a little. It was rare to see someone of such extraordinary experience at such a young age.

"Senior brother Long Chen is right. No one in the Sky Martial Continent has ever seen the five great Divine Weapons, but who dares to say that they don’t exist?

Originally, in the Tianwu Continent, the difference between the five plates was not that great. However, after the appearance of the Tianwu ring sea, the entire landscape changed.

The Eastern Wastelands, Western Desert, Southern Sea, and Northern Yuan had become extremely small, while the Central Region had expanded infinitely. Gradually, the other four regions had become borderlands that no one cared about.

As for the Central Continent, it had become the true cultivation ground of the entire Sky Martial Continent. The number of cultivators, such as the Sand of the Ganges, was simply incalculable.

Originally, the Fourth Territory had their own dao, but the Rings of the Rings Sea had trapped them in the Central Region. As for the rest of the forces outside, they were only at the edges. “It’s fine if you don’t want to say it.” The disciple said somewhat embarrassedly.

At this point, everyone understood that when the mysterious bracelet smashed down onto Sky Martial Continent, it had turned the entire continent into a ring-shaped sea, with the majority of the land being surrounded.

"There are hundreds of millions of sects in the Central Region, but our Mysterious Heaven Sect is also an illustrious existence in the Central Region. We stand side by side with the Sky-Opening Sect and the Heaven Suppressing Sect, and we are also known as the Three Great Sects." The Forging Stage disciple said with a face full of pride. Obviously, being able to wear the attire of a disciple of the Xuan Dao Sect was a type of supreme honor.

"Can the Three Great Sects sweep across the Central Region?" Guo Ran asked.

"This… “Definitely not!” That Forging Stage disciple almost gasped for breath. This sentence was simply too suffocating.
“Brother, the size of the Central Region is not something you can imagine. I have been in the Xuan Dao Sect for ten years and have read countless books. Even my understanding of the Central Region’s sects is only half a scale!” The Forging Stage disciple said with a wry smile.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have any intentions of bickering with you. I just think that as long as you put on the sect’s disciple uniform, you’ll be able to bully the market and commit all sorts of crimes.” Guo Ran smiled with some embarrassment.

Guo Ran’s words made all of the Forging Stage disciples feel much more at ease. These guys were too vicious before, but now that they had exchanged a few words, they were actually quite easy to talk with.

"It can only be said that our Mysterious Heaven Sect is one of the best sects in the entire Central Region. Almost everyone knows about it in the cultivation world."

“When you guys get to the Xuan Dao Sect, I can guarantee that you guys will be scared silly by the sect’s boldness. It’s just that …” The Forging Stage disciple wanted to say something but hesitated.

"But what?" Guo Ran asked.

"However… The number of disciples in the Eastern Wastelands has always been pitifully few. In fact, I remember that in the previous competition, there were less than twenty thousand disciples. The Forging Stage disciple asked with a puzzled expression.

In the past, although the Heavenly Secrets Gang was powerful and challenged the Xuan Dao Sect, they could not control the freedom of those sects. The sect’s once-a-decade recruitment had become the greatest prosperity of the Eastern Wastelands.

However, the Mysterious Sky Main Sect’s recruitment didn’t have much to do with the sub-school. The sub-school was only a stronghold, and even the disciples who didn’t want to deal with the sub-school could participate.

This was the confidence of the Mysterious Heaven Sect. They weren’t afraid of evil intentions, but they were afraid that you wouldn’t have the qualifications to come. They believed that once they reached the Central Region, these disciples would definitely change and wouldn’t care about their original intentions.

In the eyes of the Mysterious Sky Sect, these small grudges were nothing to show off. They were not worth a laugh, just like children playing house.

"Actually, I also find it strange." Elder Sha also spoke.

Long Chen was taken aback. “You didn’t ask Sect Master Ouyang Qiu Yu?”

“That’s not in accordance with the rules. It’s not within my responsibility to interfere.” Elder Sha spoke.

Long Chen was almost amused. It was true that they were keeping to the rules. He would rather hold back his doubts and ask them with a straight face. Elder Sha was a strange person.

"Senior brother Long Chen, why are there so few disciples of the Eastern Wasteland?" The Forging Stage disciple asked curiously.

"This… "This…" Long Chen felt his balls ache. This question was really hard to answer.

The other Dragon Blood Warriors also had an awkward look on their faces. They all looked at each other in dismay. Just what was going on?

"What is there to be embarrassed about? Weren’t they just killed by us? “It’s not like it’s a shameful matter. Why be so secretive?” Guo Ran said in an extremely unconcerned tone.


All of the Forging Stage disciples were dumbfounded. They simply couldn’t believe their own ears, but Guo Ran had already brought them to the Eastern Wasteland and told them their heroic deeds, giving them a vivid picture.

"No wonder they sent me over this time. I come from the sect protecting pavilion, I should not have stepped in for this kind of thing." When Elder Sha heard that Li Changfeng had taken Lu Minghan away, a look of understanding appeared on his face.

"Wang Mang, you should have heard of this matter right? Speak of it!" Long Chen coldly looked at Wang Mang who was currently healing himself.

Chapter 973 - Not Forgotten First Intentions

After being called out by Long Chen, Wang Mang’s body trembled. He finally understood how tragic it was for him to provoke such a fiend like Long Chen. ,

Earlier, Guo Ran had already told him why there were so few disciples of the Eastern Wasteland. He finally understood what kind of person Long Chen was.

"This… “It’s not my fault. Actually, I …” Wang Mang stuttered.

“What I’m asking is, what is the disagreement between the Elder Hall and the Law Enforcement Hall?” Long Chen corrected him. He was not interested in what benefits Wang Mang had received.

“There doesn’t seem to be any conflict between the two. However, I am not clear about the specifics …” Wang Mang said in a somewhat aggrieved manner. As a mere disciple, he had no right to know about the matters between the upper echelons.

“The interior of the Xuan Dao Sect is extremely complicated. Understanding this now is of no benefit to you. All you need to do is to remember, do not violate the rules. You are safe. Other people’s struggle is their business.” Elder Sha warned.

"No wonder you keep to the rules," Long Chen said with a smile.

Long Chen’s words caused everyone’s hearts to tremble. Although he was smiling as he said it, there was a sense of ridicule in his words.

To everyone’s surprise, Elder Sha was not angry. He was looking into the distance, and only after a long time did he open his mouth and say,

"I used to be the same as all of you, young, full of energy, full of vigor, full of yearning for the future, hehe …"

Long Chen continued, "Hehe, it’s a pity that everything is not as you wish. There are always all kinds of obstacles, all kinds of obstacles, just like a large net. Day after day, year after year, people have already lost their way.

Some people are fighting for fame and gain and have long forgotten their original intentions. Some people are just like senior, only knowing how to follow the rules and become puppets. Just thinking about it is really sad! "

"Long Chen …"

Meng Qi gently pulled Long Chen’s hand, hinting him to be careful with what she said. Since she had no enmity with Elder Sha, why would she offend him?

Even the group of Forging Stage disciples were trembling in fear. This Long Chen was simply too audacious. He didn’t dare to say anything.

However, what was strange was that Elder Sha, who had an indifferent expression, did not become angry nor did he reprimand Long Chen. Instead, he silently looked outside.

The flying vessel continued to move forward at high speed. The mountains below quickly passed by, and the flying vessel was completely silent.

"These are the rules." After a long while, Elder Sha spat out these words indifferently.

"Hehe, but that is not the case. Disciple thinks that the rules are set by the strong for the weak.

The strong could touch the rules. The stronger one could ignore a part of the rules. The strongest could set the rules, and the person who set the rules had the right to change the rules at any time.

In the Phoenix Cry Empire, I must abide by the rules of the Phoenix Cry Empire. When I arrive at the Mysterious Sky Courtyard, I must abide by the rules of the Mysterious Sky Courtyard.

But I didn’t follow it, because if I followed this rule, I, Long Chen, would have died a long time ago.

“Therefore, when I reach the Central Region, I will abide by the rules that are beneficial to me. As for the rules that suppress me, I’m afraid that disciple will find it hard to follow them.” Long Chen said.

"If that happens, you will be mercilessly killed." Elder Sha said.

“Let’s just kill them all. None of us in the Dragonblood Legion is afraid of death. We all have our own dreams and ambitions.”

I am not afraid of their death. I am worried that they, like the seniors, will become lost in the endless rules and become zombies. " Long Chen sighed.

The hearts of the group of Dragonblood Warriors quivered. They understood Long Chen’s intention. He was using Elder Sha as an example to warn them.

Elder Sha was a powerful king level expert, but under the rules of the Xuan Dao Sect, he had become a machine that only knew how to follow the rules. It wouldn’t be much better for them if they went.

Rules and regulations could invisibly kill people, erase their will, and swallow their ambitions. The scariest thing was that this was a type of frog boiled in warm water. When no one was aware of the danger, they would completely erase their ambitions.

Especially thinking about the entire journey with Long Chen, from the 108th Courtyard, to the 36th Branch, and then to the Xuan Dao Sect, didn’t those headquarter elders and elders all fall victim under the framework of the rules?

They had also been young before, and they had once been hot-blooded, but their hot-bloodedness and youth had all been obliterated by the rules. In the end, they had become idle and idle, or else they would be full of schemes and schemes, playing games under the rules, and they had already forgotten their original intentions.

The 108th Courtyard, the thirty-six branches, and the Eastern Wasteland sub-school. These were all vats of dye, each bigger than the last, each one more turbid than the last.

According to this theory, the Central State Mysterious Sky Sect would be an unprecedented powerhouse. Even a king level expert wouldn’t be able to do anything and could only accept their fate.

Thinking of Elder Sha, who was clearly a terrifying king level expert yet was acting like a puppet, everyone felt their scalps go numb as they saw their own future.

If Elder Sha’s present state was their future, they would rather die gloriously than live like puppets. Without a goal, what was the point of cultivating.

“Boss, we will never forget the heart. No matter what realm we cultivate to in the future, no matter what identity we wear, we will always be that foolish youth from back then. If there’s a disagreement, we’ll fight with our lives on the line.” The Dragonblood Warriors all called out.

They knew that Long Chen was trying to warn them so that they wouldn’t forget their initial intentions and that they would always be hot-blooded and passionate.

"Is he treating me as a bad example?" However, there was a bitterness in his voice.

"Apologies, this disciple is rude." Long Chen slightly bowed and said apologetically.

There was nothing he could do. From Elder Sha’s words, Long Chen could tell that the Xuan Dao Sect was definitely a pool of better water.

The Central Region was the stage for peerless powerhouses, but this magnificent stage was paved with the bones of countless heaven’s pride experts. Who knew how many ruthless slaughters and dirty truths were hidden within.

Long Chen didn’t want the Dragon Blood Warriors to be bewitched by this appearance. They would be unable to extricate themselves from this enchantment and end up in a miserable state.

If they wanted the integrity of the Dragon Blood Legion, Long Chen would have to lead this team as always. He would not give in to anyone, including some unreasonable rules.

However, they had to have the courage to risk their lives and reveal their fangs. Only then would they be able to gain a foothold in the Central Region, or else the endless heaven’s pride level experts would swallow them up.

Elder Sha sighed and said, “A young person’s abilities should be respected. Perhaps this kind of spirit is good …”

After Elder Sha said this, he turned and left. His back was a little lonely, but it was obvious that he didn’t think much of Long Chen’s actions. Perhaps it was because he had experienced too much and seen too many things, so he was a little tired.

Looking at Elder Sha’s departing figure, the determination of the Dragonblood Warriors grew even stronger. They even felt that Elder Sha was a pitiful victim under the ravages of the laws.

At the same time, he was also impressed by Long Chen’s foresight. As the leader of the Dragon Blood Legion, Long Chen not only had invincible battle prowess, but also superhuman intelligence.

As for the Forging Stage disciples, they were shocked. As they looked at the Dragonblood Warriors, their eyes were filled with fervor. In fact, they were even infected by them.

"Last year, how many fourth region disciples were there?" Long Chen asked.

"Reporting to Senior, the last disciple from the fourth realm had a total of 370,000 points!" The Forging Stage disciple hastily replied.

“How much?” Long Chen simply couldn’t believe his ears.

"370,000 points!" The Forging Stage disciple repeated.

More than 370,000? Furthermore, they were all at the Forging Stage. Even though Long Chen had prepared himself mentally, he was still shocked by this number.

No wonder it was said that the Eastern Wastelands was one of the weakest places among the four. It was known as the Savage Land. Only twenty thousand people out of a population of three hundred and seventy thousand came from the Eastern Wastelands.

"You guys must have had quite a few prodigies, right?" Long Chen asked.

"There are indeed a lot of them. All sorts of freaks and monsters are simply inhumane. We can only look up at them with admiration." The Forging Stage disciple bitterly smiled. It was obvious that he had suffered a great blow.

Although they weren’t at the bottom of the 370,000 disciples, they were still a group that was struggling at the edge of elimination. They couldn’t even be considered an elite, much less compare with those heaven’s pride level experts.

What angered them the most was that the rules of the Mysterious Heaven Sect were numerous. The previous disciples often found excuses to bully them, but they could only bear with it.

This time, he was sent to ‘welcome’. He thought that he could ease his resentment for a while, but in the end, it caused his heart to feel cold.

After this conversation, everyone was familiar with each other. The group of Forging Stage disciples no longer dared to be arrogant. Instead, they tried to curry favor with the Dragon Blood Warriors by conversing with them.

This was because they had discovered that every single Dragon Blood Warrior possessed spirit blood and it was extremely rich. Such a person would definitely be able to pass the test without a problem. They would all be considered inner disciples when they entered the Mysterious Sky Courtyard.

Moreover, they were only outer court disciples. It was impossible for them to enter the inner court for the rest of their lives. Thus, pleasing the Dragon Blood Warriors would only bring them more benefits in the future.

Even Wang Mang came over to apologize to Long Chen. He cursed himself for being befuddled and receiving benefits from the dragon clan. Even the word ‘guilty of ten thousand deaths’ had come out.

Long Chen was too lazy to bother with him. Killing people was just a piece of cake. Since he had already said so, Long Chen wouldn’t pursue this matter anymore.

After everyone had gotten familiar with each other, the Dragonblood Warrior once more offered to spar. However, this time was not the previous sparring contest; it was a true friendly spar.

Both sides unleashed their full strength, and the Dragonblood Warriors’ spirit blood was activated. As for those Forging Stage disciples, they no longer suppressed their cultivation. The two sides continued to fight intensely.

What shocked those Forging Stage disciples was that the aura of blood of the Dragon Blood Warrior was simply too terrifying, especially during a fierce battle. The killing intent it emitted didn’t even seem like a spar; it was more like it could kill at any time.

However, after these Forging Stage disciples let go of the burden in their hearts, they displayed their true strength. To be honest, this kind of sparring was indeed inferior to the Dragon Blood Warriors.

On the seventh day, the scene in front of everyone’s eyes changed. The tall mountains and wide rivers disappeared, and a surging sea appeared in front of them.

Chapter 974 - Sea Demons

Below the flying boat was a vast and endless sea. The ocean was blue in color, and the waves were as wild and violent as a mountain…

The disciples of the Eastern Wastelands had never seen the sea before. This was the first time they had ever seen such terrifying waves. In front of the sea, everyone felt that they were insignificant.

“Is the Heaven realm circle sea very dangerous?” Guo Ran couldn’t help but ask when he saw the nervous expressions on the Forging Stage disciples’ faces.

“It’s very dangerous. In truth, the Heaven Martial Circle Sea is one of the seven great fiendish lands of the Sky Martial Continent. Although it is ring-shaped, it is wide enough for us to fly at full speed for seven days and seven nights.”

“Furthermore, sea demons are rampant within the Heaven’s Martial Ring Sea. They are abnormally vicious and we do not dare to fly at full speed. We can only silently pass through, lest we alert the powerful sea demons.” The Forging Stage disciple said nervously.

"Seven Great Fiends?" Everyone was shocked.

"Central State is too big. We only know that the Heaven Martial Rings Sea is one of the Seven Great Fiends. However, because it is too big, the dangers have been dispersed, so it is not very famous."

However, it was indeed one of the seven great fiends. Every time it crossed the surrounding seas of the Heaven realm, it was always on tenterhooks.

If it was an ordinary small flying boat, it would be better. It wouldn’t cause too much noise, but our flying boat is a giant flying boat, it’s easier to be discovered by powerful Siren.

"If it were an ordinary Sea Demon, we wouldn’t be afraid. Even if it’s a king level Sea Demon, it’s still a Class 9 Magical Beast, so we wouldn’t care. They all looked a little nervous, because every year, there would be countless flying boats disappearing into the Heaven Martial Ring’s sea. No one could guarantee that they would be safe.

“Sea demons? Are they the sea beasts?” Guo Ran didn’t understand.

“You can understand it that way, but they are different from ordinary magical beasts. They don’t have crystal cores, but they do have inner cores. These cores are even more precious than crystal cores.”

“However, these demonic beasts are much stronger and more tyrannical than the demonic beasts. Who knows how many terrifying Siren hidden in the Heaven’s Martial Ring Sea …”


All of a sudden, the flying boat shook violently. Everyone staggered, and the flying boat suddenly tilted slightly. Everyone was shocked.

“Don’t worry, we’ve already entered the storm area, it’s just a bit bumpy. In this area, there are streams of air from the continent and the ocean, so there are countless tornadoes in space. In fact, the storm area is the safest place in the entire Tianwu Sea.” The disciple explained.

"Why is that?" Everyone was puzzled.

"Because there are no more Siren wreaking havoc in this area, the Siren does not like this environment. Therefore, this is the safest area."

The storm area was not too big. After flying for an hour, the storm disappeared. The wind and the sun were gentle in front of them without any clouds. Microwave waves rippled across the sea, creating a peaceful scene.

However, at this point, the Forging Stage disciples became even more nervous, and the flying boat also began to slow down. The sound of it breaking through the air became much softer.


Without any warning, a ripple suddenly appeared on the surface of the sea. A head as thick as a mountain appeared out of the water. A column of water hundreds of feet thick ferociously smashed into the flying boat.

Although the flying boat was huge, it was still knocked into the air by the huge water pillar. Everyone inside the boat felt uncomfortable all over. The sudden change in direction made them feel somewhat uncomfortable.

"What is this?" Guo Ran asked.

"Those are Scaled Frogs. They are extremely annoying, and they really like to attack things that are flying on the surface of the sea.

If a few small flying boats were to be targeted by them, the water jets that they shot out would even be able to shatter the flying boat.

However, due to their small size and poor eyesight, there was a low chance that they would be able to find them. Thus, the advantages of a small flying boat were still very great.

However, the giant flying boat they were riding was different. They didn’t know that there were so few people in the Xuan Dao Sect yet they still used the giant flying boat.

Flying on the surface of the sea was as eye-catching as flying on a mountain.

"Why don’t you allow the flying vessel to fly high in the sky? Isn’t that equivalent to avoiding the attack of the Siren? " someone asked.

The Forging Stage disciple shook his head, “This won’t work. The Tianwu Corridor is very strange. In the sky, there are strange laws. The higher a flying boat goes, the greater the resistance is. The louder the roar, the more unsafe it is.”

Everyone could not help but feel strange. The Tianwu ring was truly too strange. They were both nervous and excited at the same time.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

The flying boat continued to vibrate non-stop as it flew forward slowly. From time to time, water pillars would fly up and hit the flying boat, causing it to roll over non-stop. Everyone was dizzy and dizzy inside, making them feel extremely uncomfortable.

"F * ck, are you done yet? Do you take us for toys? " Guo Ran couldn’t help but curse in anger. He felt that he was starting to feel nauseous. This was too unbearable, it was really irritating.

"Endure it, once we pass this area, everything will be fine. When we came, it would be like this!" A Forging Stage disciple consoled.

In reality, everyone was having a hard time. Everyone felt like they were in the same ball. The Siren was like playing a ball game and was having a lot of fun. However, everyone was having a hard time.

Meng Qi worked the hardest. Tang Wan’er supported her, but they couldn’t do anything inside the flying boat.

Meng Qi was a Soul Cultivator, so she was weak. Her pale face made Long Chen’s heart ache. Long Chen finally couldn’t bear it and stood up.

“Elder Sha, remove your defenses. I’ll get them to scram!” Long Chen said.

“You have a way?” In fact, he wasn’t feeling well either, but there was nothing he could do about it.

"Yes." Long Chen nodded.

Elder Sha hesitated for a moment before saying, "This area is not peaceful. You cannot kill them or the bloody aura could attract powerful Sea Demons."

Elder Sha had never attacked them because he was afraid that killing them would cause more trouble, so he had endured it.

“Don’t worry, disciple understands.” Long Chen said.

"Alright then!"

Elder Sha clapped his hands and the transparent light screen on the flying boat slowly dissipated. The Long Chen had already reached the edge of the board.

Everyone tightly held onto the flying boat’s handle. This time, the protection had been removed, and if they were sent flying again without any protection, they would have to fly out.


Long Chen extended his hand and a ball of thunder formed in his palm. Endless runes of thunder swirled within the ball, emitting an ear-piercing sonic boom.

The appearance of the lightning ball overwhelmed the crowd of Forging Stage disciples. Even Elder Sha was shocked, his eyes filled with disbelief.

"Heavenly Tribulation Lightning? He can actually control the Nine Heavens Calamity Lightning? "


Long Chen tossed the ball of lightning into the sea and it disappeared. Soon after, his body, which was as large as a mountain, slowly surfaced.

“He’s been knocked out!”

It was only then that everyone had the chance to clearly see these Scaled Frogs. They were huge in size and their entire bodies were covered in heavy carapaces. They looked like large prawns.

However, their bodies were enormous. They were several thousand feet long, and on their heads, there was a huge hole. In reality, that was where they attacked.

They had accumulated water within their bodies. After compressed and released the water jets, their power was extremely terrifying. In the sea, they could be said to be extremely terrifying existences.

However, it was obvious that they were extremely afraid of the power of thunder. Long Chen originally only wanted to disperse them, but he didn’t expect that all of them would faint from the electric shock from a single lightning ball.

"I will open up an empty space and collect the Scaled Frogs into the flying boat. The two of you will shock them to death within the flying boat. Remember, do not let them bleed.

“The inner pellets of these Scaled Frogs contain pure water essence and their value is extremely high. When you return to the Mysterious Heaven Sect, you can exchange for the resources you want!” Elder Sha looked down at the hundreds of Scaled Frogs below and finally couldn’t help but break the rules.

At this moment, it was better to have less troubles than to let them go. It was unknown whether it was because of Long Chen or because they felt that losing the Scaled Frogs was too much of a waste. They directly launched their flying boats, radiating light down from them like giant invisible hands, throwing the Scaled Frogs into the cabin one by one.

The inside of the flying boat was like a spatial ring, leaving behind a space for everyone. Long Chen and the others didn’t know what was going on, but the Forging Stage disciples couldn’t help but rejoice.

As soon as the Scaled Frog flew in, it was immediately killed by Chu Feng’s soul power. They told Long Chen that in the Profound Heaven School’s Pavilion, other than the salary and benefits for disciples, obtaining resources for themselves was the greatest source of income.

As outer sect disciples, the resources they could obtain were limited, so they needed to work hard and earn some extra money before returning to the sect to exchange for resources.

As for this trip out, it was actually also a fat job. Other than completing Ma Wei’s mission, in the safe zone, he could hunt some demon beasts and go back to exchange for the resources he wanted.

Right now, they had yet to reach the designated hunting grounds, yet there were already so many Scaled Frogs in their hands. They were extremely excited because according to the rules, the resources they received on the way belonged to everyone.

This was a typical slap to the face. Giving a sweet jujube would first allow the Forging Stage disciples to beat them up, and then, fearing that they would be depressed, it would thoroughly ease their spirit. Then, the Forging Stage disciples would hunt the demon beasts and share it with them.

Under the psychological attacks of Slap and Sweet jujube, the arrogance of the rookie retreated and new hope could be seen. This was a f * cking routine.

However, things were different this time. It was not that the new disciples were borrowing the glory from the old disciples, but they had taken a huge advantage of Long Chen and the others.

As they continued forward, every time the Scaled Frog appeared, Long Chen would shoot a lightning ball over. The Scaled Frog would stiffen and faint. In front of the power of thunder, it was completely restrained, its combat strength almost at zero.

The flying boat moved steadily forward. The group could no longer endure the impact and reaped a large number of Scaled Frogs. They could not help but feel overjoyed.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s an inner core, but don’t throw away the meat. Leave it for Wildie!” Long Chen shouted.

Long Chen had discovered that the Forging Stage disciples were only responsible for killing the Scaled Blue monster and collecting its neidan. However, the corpse was thrown to the side like trash. The corpse of the Scaled Blue monster was what Long Chen wanted the most, both he and Wildie needed it.

As they continued onward, another two hours passed. The flying boat left the Scaled Frog’s territory, and no longer had any monster attacking it. However, the crowd of Forging Stage disciples were already overjoyed by the collection of inner cores.

Chapter 975 - Hunting Area

“Senior brother Long Chen, we’ve struck it rich this time!” Wang Mang said excitedly. Currently, they had already harvested more than three thousand inner pellets. On average, each person would receive six pellets. This was simply a huge amount of wealth. .

The current Wang Mang had long recognized the situation. He apologized to Long Chen and Meng Qi, showing great respect to everyone. As the saying went, one should not hit someone who was smiling, and everyone would stop bickering with him.

At this point, everyone was already familiar with one another and had forgotten about the previous conflict. After receiving so many inner cores, everyone’s spirits were lifted.

These Scaled Frogs were massive in size, but in reality, they were only at the seventh step. But in the sea, they were their home ground, and their combat strength was comparable to a Class 8 Magical Beast.

This short period of income was equivalent to half a year’s salary they had earned in the Xuan Dao Sect. While they were excited, they were also more respectful towards Long Chen.

However, Long Chen didn’t feel too much about it. Although he didn’t know the value of the Scaled Frog’s inner core, as a pill cultivator, he wasn’t really short on money.

Besides, Long Chen had been cultivating and battling fiercely. There was a famous saying: War is the best way to get rich.

Although he had left a portion of Long Chen’s harvest to the Xuan Dao Sect and Yue Xiaoqian in the Eastern Wastelands, he still did not lack money.

The spirit essence stones, the top-grade Transcending Mortality Essence, and the Myriad Spirit Blood in his hands; which of them were not valuable treasures? He didn’t even have this much, and he also had a powerful pill refining technique to sell rare pills, so the money came in handy.

Besides, Long Chen was currently working with Zheng Wenlong. As long as he didn’t end up losing too much money, he wouldn’t need to worry about money in the future.

After passing through this area, Elder Sha raised the ship’s screen of light and continued to fly forward. Although there were occasionally sea monsters attacking the flying boat, their power was not great and their numbers were not many. It was almost negligible.

After flying for a full day and night, the flying vessel suddenly began to slow down. In the end, it actually came to a halt.

"We have reached the hunting zone!" Wang Mang and the rest could not help but rejoice. Clearly, they were extremely eager.

After exploring for countless years, they realized that this generation did not have any powerful Sea Demons. Thus, this area had become a flying boat of the Xuan Dao Sect. The hunting area on the way back to the Central Region could also be considered as a benefit to the disciples of the Eastern Wasteland.

Different flying boats had different safe routes. Due to their small size, they wouldn’t easily attract the attention of powerful Siren. Therefore, their flying paths went forward almost in a straight line. In fact, the speed of small flying boats was much faster than giant flying boats.

As for the giant flying boat, because it’s size was too large, its route was very tortuous. One had to avoid the powerful Sea Demon territory to be able to safely sail on it.

Therefore, the Xuan Dao Sect had been exploring this route for countless years. They had a certain understanding of the distribution of the various sea neo-demons. This was a peaceful place, and there were no powerful Sea Demons here.

Therefore, they could temporarily hunt and kill a group of Sea Demons. Without alerting the other terrifying Sea Demons, they could quickly leave.

Usually, they would hunt for three days. As they couldn’t hunt when they came here, they didn’t want any trouble when they came back, so they had to make the best use of their time.

Just like that, the flying boat stopped on the surface of the sea. Wang Mang and the others had already made their preparations. Some people had even begun to throw things into the sea.

Wang Mang explained that these were bait. It was the same principle as fishing, it could attract sea monsters with a radius of thousands of miles.

“Brothers and sisters, when the Sea Demons appear, everyone, attack with all your might. This is the Sect’s benefit for us. No matter how much rewards we receive, we will split them equally.”

This is a rare opportunity, so everyone should cherish it and work together to try to kill as many Sea Demons as possible. We only have three days. " Wang Mang shouted to the crowd.

Normally, they would only use the tone of an order, but now, he didn’t dare order them around. However, for the sake of everyone’s benefits, he had to make it clear.

“Killing Sea Demons like this is a bit too much. After all, they didn’t provoke us …” Meng Qi hesitated. She didn’t have the heart to kill Sea Demons on such a large scale. Moreover, she was a Beast Master.

"Senior, you are wrong. They are not innocent. They are a scourge to the entire Profound Sky Continent." A disciple opened his mouth and said:

“You’re in the Eastern Wastelands, but you must have heard of the beast tide, right?”

"En!" Meng Qi nodded. The beast tide was indeed terrifying.

Because there were too many magical beasts, once they expanded their territory, they would charge towards the human settlements. Countless magical beasts would charge into the human cities, creating a terrifying scene.

"Compared to the outbreak of the Siren, the Eastern Wastelands beast tide is far worse. The surrounding seas are filled with heavenly martial arts, and the Siren tide is limitless.

Every few years, they would come ashore and attack the defenses of the cultivators of the continent. Once there was a place that they could not defend, there would be countless civilians mercilessly killed. That scene … "Sigh …" "When I was young, I barely managed to escape with my life from the huge mouth of the Siren. However, my family members all died at the mouth of the Siren," the disciple said somewhat sorrowfully, as he recalled his childhood memories.

The disciple continued, "There are simply too many Sea Demons. Only by constantly killing them and reducing their reproduction rate can they slow down their attacks on the continent.

This is why all the great powers in Central State encourage us to kill Sea Demons, and even the great sects have targets to hunt every year. Therefore, this senior sister does not need to worry, she is different from the beasts on the land, Sea Demons are cold-blooded and more ruthless. "

"Strange, strange, why is the Siren only attacking the Central Plains and not the Fourth Region?" Guo Ran asked curiously.

"It’s because of the storm area. The storm area only exists near the edge of the wasteland and there is no storm area near the Central Region due to the influence of the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Actually, the reason why the Eastern Wasteland, Western Desert, Southern Sea, and Northern Origin Region could continue was all because of the Storm Region.

This is because the Central Continent can’t take care of itself and it is unable to support the other four territories. The current Central Region is only the four villages of the Central Region. " The disciple replied.


Suddenly, there was an explosive sound. The surface of the sea surged. A huge figure charged into the sky and charged toward the flying boat.

Everyone saw that it was a giant fish with a mouth. It was a hundred feet long, but with a giant mouth that took up almost half of its body. From the looks of it, it was a Class 6 Magical Beast.


With a wave of Wang Mang’s hand, a streak of golden light pierced through the head of the strange fish, directly destroying it in a single strike.

The strange fish had just been killed. A Forging Stage disciple slashed out, tearing open the fish’s body and taking out a huge inner core.

When he first took out the inner core, it was about the size of a house. However, once it was exposed to the air, it rapidly shrunk until it was only the size of a fist.

“Senior brother Long Chen, you can take care of all the internal cores, including the one before …” Wang Mang passed the internal cores to Long Chen and also handed over a spatial ring. Before, he was the one in charge of dissecting all the Scaled Frogs, but the internal cores were all in his hands. Although the items were divided evenly, he wanted to show that he didn’t have any intentions of seizing the limelight.

“Just take it. Forget about your previous unhappiness. Everyone trusts you, so you’ll be in charge. After all, you have experience!” Long Chen shook his head. He was too lazy to waste that effort.

The first monster fish was killed, and its body was thrown away. The fresh blood melted into the sea, and this was the intention of Wang Mang and the others. They wanted to use the smell of blood to attract more sea demons.

Elder Sha stood at the front of the flying boat, calmly looking at everyone without making a sound, as if he was an outsider. Nothing could pique his interest.


After a while, the surface of the sea began to churn violently as a large number of Sea Demons rushed over. Their shapes and sizes were bizarre and far beyond the imagination of humans. The experts of the Eastern Wastelands had never seen such a strange creature before.

Some of the Sea Demons looked like fish, but they had legs. Some had spikes all over their bodies, and some were even more bizarre. They were like toads on land, yet they had a single eye. All of them looked extremely strange.

However, they all had a common trait, which was brutality and bloodlust. When the Siren rushed over, it first devoured the minced meat of the strange fish and then began to attack the people on the flying boat.

Wang Mang shouted loudly, and his hands began to form a seal. Symbols erupted from his entire body, and endless arrows flew out to behead those Sea Demons.

At this moment, the strength of a Forging Stage powerhouse could be seen. Their attacks were extremely accurate. A single arrow could even pierce through a Sea Demon’s body to retrieve their core. This required extremely meticulous control over their power.

The first thing the Forging Stage disciples did was to set an example for everyone. They were going to teach everyone how to effectively kill the Sea Demons and take out their Inner Cores.

Because of different Sea Demons, the Inner Core was located in different locations. If the Sea Demon was killed and the corpse sank to the sea, it would be a waste if the Inner Core could not be retrieved.

At this time, the disciples of the Eastern Wastelands also made their moves. However, they were only at the Sea Realm and their control over their spells was extremely rough. Several Sea Demons had been killed and their corpses had sunk into the sea. This was a waste.

Wang Mang’s face was somewhat gloomy. If it was any other time, he would have already cursed out loud. But now, he could only endure this pain. That was simply money!

It took a lot of thought and effort for them to complete this task, and they had even gone all out in order to make up for it. If they did not take advantage of this time to make a profit, their losses would be too great, so when they saw these Eastern Wasteland disciples being so clumsy, they could not help but be angry and anxious, their eyes turning red.

“The Dragonblood Warriors should make their move as well. The Forging Stage seniors don’t need to hunt or kill any magical beasts. They only need to be at ease while collecting the cores. Everyone, go back to your duties.” Long Chen finally opened his mouth and said. These Eastern Wasteland disciples were indeed not stupid. When he saw that Wang Mang was so angry that his nose was crooked, he had no choice but to open his mouth.

Under Long Chen’s command, the Dragon Blood Warriors all took out their treasures. As rays of cold light shot out, the Sea Demons were all killed.

Most of these Sea Demons were Class 6 Magical Beasts. There weren’t many Class 7 Magical Beasts, so killing them would be an easy task.

When he saw the Dragon Blood Warrior take action, Wang Mang’s complexion finally improved, turning from anger to joy. This was because when the Dragon Blood Warriors attacked, they were different from the other Eastern Wasteland disciples.

After two hours, everyone had collected more than three hundred inner pellets. Basically, all of them were Rank 6 inner pellets, and only a few were Rank 7.

Long Chen couldn’t help but furrow his brows. What nonsense was this? How much could something like this be worth?

"Wang Mang, come over here for a moment. I have something to ask you." Long Chen suddenly called Wang Mang over.