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The matter regarding Zheng Wenlong had been settled. The pill formulas that Long Chen had provided were all Rank 7 and 8, as well as some of the Classic Rank 6 pill formulas. ,

Each pill was thirty to forty percent stronger than the ones sold in the Pill Valley. If these pills were to flow into the market, it would be a huge blow to the Valley.

In any case, the Hua Yun Sect was at odds with the Pill Valley and was not afraid of their revenge. Long Chen needed to borrow the Pill Valley’s power to concoct pills, so they could win the battle together.

Long Chen’s ability to refine pills was limited. If he had to refine pills himself, then he wouldn’t have any time to cultivate. Therefore, teaming up was very important.

After sending off Zheng Wenlong, Long Chen felt reassured. This was because he had given a portion of the pills that the Dragon Blood Warriors needed to Zheng Wenlong to refine. This way, he wouldn’t have to work so hard.

After quietly returning to the cave, Long Chen didn’t dare to directly enter. Instead, he crept closer. Only when he heard the sound of laughter coming from not too far away did he dare to come forward. However, when he heard the voice, he immediately turned around and ran.

“You guys didn’t know that Long Chen was so bad that he actually peed in front of him. Eh, Long Chen, you came at the right time. Little sister Xiao Yue might not believe it, but did you personally say that you had done it?” With her sharp eyes, Tang Wan’er saw Long Chen sneakily trying to slip away.

The three girls were originally chatting with each other, but the topic was all about Long Chen. It was unknown who spoke first, but as Tang Wan’er talked about Long Chen’s embarrassing situation, she immediately recalled the first time she saw him.

When Long Chen saw the three of them looking at him at the same time, he couldn’t help but want to buy tofu to smash himself to death. Even though Long Chen’s skin was thick, it was still as hot as a wall.

“Nonsense, that’s clearly the Dampened Seven Army!” Long Chen said angrily.

When they had first entered the Mysterious Sky Courtyard, Long Chen had crossed a suspension bridge. Some people disliked Long Chen and wanted to kick him away, but Long Chen had thrown him into the river.

Long Chen was angry, so he flooded the seven armies. As he was showing off his might, Tang Wan’er, who was flying through the air, saw him scolding Long Chen and his rascal. This was the first time they met, and now that they were at each other’s throats, it was extremely awkward.

"Cluck, cluck, cluck …"

Seeing Long Chen’s flushed face and thick neck, the three girls burst out laughing at the same time. This kind of expression from Long Chen was really too rare.

Laughter and laugh, sooner or later a little, let you grab the railing, tear the sheets. Long Chen hatefully thought to himself, but just thinking about it made his heart tremble.

Currently, Yue Xiaoqian wasn’t wearing a veil. The three beauties were all peerless beauties, but now that they had gathered together and bloomed side by side, they had different styles of beauty. Some were gentle, some were charming, and some were pure and some were extremely beautiful. This made Long Chen’s heart itch.

“Hey, hey, there’s no point in smiling like this. Let’s play a game!” Long Chen chuckled.

"What game?"

"Pearl Stealth!" Long Chen chuckled, his eyes shining brightly.

"Pearl Steal? Hearing the name is quite interesting, how do I play? " Tang Wan’er didn’t notice at all that Meng Qi had already shut her mouth and asked.

“Hehe, I was the one who put a bead into your shirt collar. After that, I’ll cover my eyes. You can’t move it and see if you can quickly touch the bead’s location from your body.” Long Chen chuckled.

“What’s so fun about that?” “Aiya, you pervert!” Only now did Tang Wan’er realize that Long Chen had been tricked by her. Long Chen’s eyes wandered around her body, as if he was looking for a way to attack her.

“Alright, Long Chen, stop messing around. Come and sit for a while. It’s rare for you to be so free. Let’s chat!” Meng Qi said.

To Long Chen’s relief, Tang Wan’er did not express any dissatisfaction with Yue Xiaoqian. Instead, they chatted happily.

Long Chen could not help but look at Meng Qi with a grateful gaze. Meng Qi even gave Long Chen a warm smile, making Long Chen’s heart skip a beat. Suddenly, he remembered the time he had bathed with Meng Qi in the Spiritual Realm.

Every inch of Meng Qi’s skin was as white as jade, like a work of god. The free feeling of touch and Meng Qi’s bashful eyes made Long Chen’s heart unconsciously beat faster.

Seeing Long Chen’s burning gaze, Meng Qi’s pretty face turned red. She understood Long Chen too well. She knew what he was thinking and lowered her head, not daring to look at him.

“Long Chen, can you tell us a story?” Tang Wan’er suddenly asked.

“I won’t!” Long Chen snappily replied.

“Bastard, are you looking for a beating?” Tang Wan’er raised her small fist and threatened.

Long Chen helplessly said in a weak voice, "Alright, then tell me a story. There used to be a eunuch …"

At this point, Long Chen suddenly stopped talking. Tang Wan’er didn’t know that this was a trap, so she quickly asked, “What happened next?”

Long Chen sighed, a look of sorrow appeared on his face, and he said in a low voice: "Below … "Gone."

Tang Wan’er was furious. What kind of story was this? Wasn’t this just fawning on him?

Meng Qi’s pretty face turned red as she cursed, “You hoodlum!”

Yue Yue Xiaoqian was enlightened by Meng Qi’s reminder and spat, “Pervert!”

Only Tang Wan’er was stunned for a long time before she understood the meaning behind Long Chen’s words. Her fists rained down on Long Chen.

After the commotion, everyone was no longer restrained. When Yue Xiaoqian asked about the pill, Long Chen told her about it, allowing her to finally relax.

In the following days, Long Chen also began his cultivation. He condensed his divine talismans, and in a single breath, he condensed twenty-seven divine talismans.

In other words, he had condensed all of the runes from the first three forms, but when he condensed the rune from the fourth style, Long Chen’s acupoint was in extreme pain and was unable to condense any more divine runes.

No wonder Feng Xinglie told Long Chen not to easily try the fourth move of the Sky-Opening Stage. Unless he reached the Forging Stage, his life would be in danger.

But even so, Long Chen still condensed twenty-seven divine runes. The first step was only the first step, and the second was the ‘nourishing’ divine talisman.

As a pill cultivator, Long Chen had a special way of nourishing the divine talismans. He could make the talismans absorb a large amount of energy through the pills and absorb spiritual energy to nourish himself.

However, this was still a very time-consuming process. Fortunately, Long Chen wasn’t that busy now, and he just happened to have a lot of time to cultivate.

During this period of time, the Dragon Bloodline Warriors, supported by the ancient lamp, had their Qi Sea extended to the extreme. Each of them had achieved a Qi Sea of 10,000 miles in diameter.

Moreover, their cultivation had also increased rapidly, dozens of times faster than when they used pills to cultivate.

Most importantly, with the assistance of the ancient lamp, they did not need to train arduously. Every day, they would enter a miraculous state, as if they were sleeping.

In this sort of situation, their cultivation base had risen sharply and their foundation was incomparably solid. Moreover, this cultivation method constantly increased their spiritual realm. It was as if they were in a dream; they had comprehended many things that they had never thought of before.

While the Dragon Blood Warriors were happily cultivating, the Mysterious Heaven Sect was changing every day. Millions of experts were working day and night, building after building. Their speed was so fast that others couldn’t even catch up to them.

Time passed day by day. In a flash, five months had passed. On this day, Long Chen and the others all came out of seclusion.

Because they had to go through with it. With millions of experts working day and night to complete the Xuan Dao Sect, it was completed.

The current Mysterious Heaven Sect was more than ten times more luxurious than it used to be. The Mysterious Sky Mansion was a grand and magnificent place.

The statue of Patriarch Darkheaven looked as good as new as well. The Mysterious Sky Plaza was filled with the toughest materials and was supported by a formation. It was smooth like a mirror, wide and bright.

The current Mysterious Heaven Sect had already been refreshed and was brimming with vitality. Today was the day of the grand completion, and the celebratory feast was about to take place.

The entire Mysterious Sky Plaza had already been filled with tables and delicacies prepared. When Long Chen and the others arrived, the entire plaza let out a cry of surprise.

They discovered that after five months, all of the Dragon Bloodline Warriors had gone from the initial stage to the middle stage of the Sea Opening Realm. Even Gu Yang, Guo Ran, and other military leaders had all entered the seventh level of the Sea Opening Realm and shockingly entered the late stage.

It had only been five months, but this cultivation speed was way too terrifying. Seeing the soldiers of the Dragon Blood Legion enter the field, everyone couldn’t help but feel deep veneration for them. Even a Forging Stage powerhouse couldn’t help but sigh.

Long Chen finally understood why Eternal Light Lantern was an extremely precious existence even in the ancient times. Its ability to assist in cultivation was truly heaven-defying.

Everyone’s cultivation base rose rapidly. In the first month, everyone stepped into the Third Sky of Ocean Splitting, and their cultivation speed began to slow down.

However, the so-called slowness was in comparison to the speed of cultivation of the experts from the outside world. However, compared to the speed of cultivation of the experts from the outside world, the speed of cultivation was still astounding.

In addition, Long Chen also understood some of the rules of the ancient lamp. It could help people quickly build their foundation, allowing them to have an incomparably solid foundation.

But as a person’s cultivation level rises, the auxiliary effect becomes smaller. In fact, the ancient lamp is deliberately restrained.

At first, Long Chen didn’t understand what was going on. But later on, he thought things through. The Eternal Light Lantern was different from ordinary treasures. It had its own rules.

After reaching a higher realm, it withdrew part of its blessings and let cultivators comprehend some of it on their own, not allowing others to rely on it.

If they became dependent on it, then it wouldn’t just be a matter of support, but rather of nurturing it through growth, bringing about devastating damage to the cultivators. This was also the reason why Eternal Light Lantern was a rare treasure in ancient times.

Its use lay in the initial stages of the realm. In the intermediate stages, the blessing would be reduced and in the later stages, it would basically have no effect.

That was why when Long Chen appeared, he had shocked everyone present. Even Ouyang Qiuyu and Shui Wuhen were shocked.

At the completion ceremony, Long Chen saw Feng Zhaoyin and the others fighting side by side. That day, everyone laughed and drank until the sky went dark.

The completion ceremony lasted seven days and seven nights. From then on, the Xuan Dao Sect was the most powerful in the Eastern Wasteland, and there was nothing they could do to stop it.

After the completion of the ceremony, all the sects slowly dispersed. After the reconstruction, they felt completely at ease because the attitude of the Xuan Dao Sect had put them at ease.

After all the guests had left, the Xuan Dao Sect continued celebrating for another three days. Right now, the sect had reached an unprecedented level of unity, cohesiveness, and strength of heart.

A few days later, at dusk, a huge flying boat slowly descended on the Xuan Dao Sect.

Chapter 967: Departure, target Central State

When the flying boat arrived at the Celestial Sect of Wonders, Ouyang Qiuyu hastily came out to greet it. This was because there was a huge flag on top of the flying boat, indicating its identity — the Celestial Sect of Wonders. ,

This Dao Sect was not a branch sect of the Eastern Wasteland, but rather the Central Region Sect of the Xuan Dao Sect. Every ten years, the Xuan Dao Sect would head to various branch sects to welcome their disciples to the main sect.

However, these disciples needed to reach the Sea Opening stage, and they also needed to reach at least fifty people, no more than fifty years of age, before the Main Sect would send someone to pick them up.

"Ouyang Qiuyu leads the disciples of the East Desolate Division to respectfully welcome the Senior of the Total Faction!" Ouyang Qiuyu bowed as she spoke.

Long Chen and the others had no choice but to bow, but Long Chen did bend his waist slightly to show that he was alright.

In truth, Long Chen couldn’t stand this sort of behavior. The arrival of the flying boat took a whole incense stick of time, and the people on the ship didn’t show up at all. They purposely waited for the disciples of the Xuan Dao Sect to gather before saluting him.

"Crack crack crack."

A flight of stairs descended from the flying boat. A group of people descended from the steps. Their auras surged like the sea and they were incomparably sharp, reaching their limits.

The leader was a middle-aged man with a stern expression. His long hair was tied behind his head and his long eyebrows were raised, giving off an extremely stern feeling.

"Is everything ready!?" The middle-aged man glanced at Ouyang Qiuyu before suddenly speaking.

"Reporting to senior, the preparations have been made. In this Eastern Wasteland Branch Sect, there are a total of 417 people who have the qualifications to enter the Central Region for the examination." Ouyang Qiuyu replied.

In truth, out of these 417 people, there weren’t many other than the Dragonblood Legion. Amongst these people, there were also some disciples from other sects.

They were entrusted by the sect to join the Xuan Dao Sect because their sect didn’t have the ability to nurture them. After they were sent to the Xuan Dao Sect, they could then head to the Central Region.

These sects felt that rather than delaying the disciples’ cultivation, they might as well help them deliver them to the Mysterious Heaven Sect, this huge ship. If these disciples could stand in the Central Region and have some potential, then they could easily raise their sect’s status.

This was a sign of kinship, and if played well, the returns would be very high. Normally, these disciples who were sent here, their couples and families, would all be happy in the sect. In reality, this was a kite string.

“According to the rules, we will depart three days from now and give this disciple some time to say goodbye to his family. Give us some time to rest.” The man spoke. Although his voice wasn’t loud, his tone carried an unquestionable authority.

“Yes, Senior’s residence has long been prepared.” Just as Ouyang Qiuyu finished speaking, an expert from the headquarter had already arrived, leading the crowd to their residence to rest.

There were a total of thirty-seven people on the flying boat, only the middle-aged man. His aura was restrained, making it impossible to see his cultivation level, but he gave off an endless pressure. He was undoubtedly a terrifying king.

As for the remaining disciples, they were all extremely young. Their cultivations were all at the Forging Stage, but their auras were condensed to the extreme. Their expressions were cold and their gazes were intimidating, similarly giving off an endless pressure.

After the middle-aged man and the experts left, Guo Ran said, a little speechless, “They can really act so arrogantly and wait for us to come out to greet them, but they don’t even look us in the eye!”

Long Chen also nodded his head. Ouyang Qiuyu, Shui Wuhen and the other higher-ups had already left to accompany them, leaving the crowd at a loss as to what to do.


Long Chen waved his hand and told the disciples to go back to their own homes to look for their mothers. Actually, everyone that came out was just to give them a shoe.

“Long Chen, I’m going back.” After returning to her residence, Yue Xiaoqian spoke with reluctance.

“Sister Yue Xiaoqian, aren’t you coming with us?” Tang Wan’er pulled Yue Xiaoqian and said in shock.

“En, Aunt Yu said that I am not allowed to follow Long Chen to the Central Region.” Yue Xiaoqian’s beautiful eyes were slightly red.

"Why is that? “Long Chen, go beg Aunt Yu. Let Yue Xiaoqian follow us!” Tang Wan’er said to Long Chen.

After all this time, Tang Wan’er had become attached to Yue Xiaoqian. Because Yue Xiaoqian was younger than Tang Wan’er, and because Yue Xiaoqian was innocent and naive, Tang Wan’er treated her like a little sister.

When she was with Meng Qi, she always felt that she wasn’t sensible or mature enough, but with Yue Xiaoqian, it was different. She felt like she had a partner, and the two of them would have endless words to say to each other.

" Yue Xiaoqian is indeed not suitable to come with us to the Central Region." Long Chen shook his head.

After Long Chen said this, Yue Xiaoqian’s tears began to fall. This made Tang Wan’er extremely angry. She said angrily, “You bastard, what are you talking about?”

“Sister Wan’Er, please don’t make things difficult for Long Chen. In the Central Region, there are hidden dragons and crouching tigers. The strongest people are all in the Central Region. I really can’t follow you guys!” Yue Xiaoqian pulled on Tang Wan’Er and advised.

Long Chen felt helpless, there was nothing he could do about this. There were countless experts in the Central Region, and according to Aunty Yu, there were even existences close to the gods.

“But you don’t have to worry. Once we stabilize ourselves in the Central Region, I will establish a new stronghold in the Central Region. At that time, we will be together …” Long Chen held Yue Xiaoqian’s hand as he consoled her.

"I know. “I just don’t want to part with you guys …” Yue Xiaoqian said as tears once again rolled down her cheeks.

"Don’t be afraid. It won’t be long before we meet. On the Eastern Wasteland side, there are a lot of things that need you to take care of.

“I’ve already told Zheng Wenlong that there will be a large amount of pills sent to the stronghold. You’ll have to put in a bit more effort during this period of time.”

Currently, Zheng Wenlong was already in operation. He gathered a large number of alchemists and had already adapted to the new pill formula. Furthermore, the pill had undergone repeated tests to confirm that there were no problems and was already being refined on a large scale.

It was still the same as the Bone Sacrifice Pellets from before. The new pellets were first supplied to Long Chen before they could be sold to make a profit. Long Chen was now racing against time.

The matter of the pills had been resolved for the time being. In the past five months, a large amount of pills had poured into the first demons, giving their disciples the resources to cultivate. Those who were stuck in bottlenecks had made breakthroughs one after the other, causing the entire demons to be in ecstasy.

Under the reluctant gaze of the crowd, Yue Xiaoqian left. However, this separation was still temporary. The Eastern Wastelands was at an unprecedented level of tranquility. It was extremely safe.

The evil ways, the ancient clans, and the ancient families had all been suppressed. Although the evil ways of the East had been completely wiped out this time, there was still a way out.

Therefore, the evil way did not dare to defy the heavens, and sent experts to massacre the righteous path of the Eastern Wasteland, maybe in the eyes of the higher ups of the evil and righteous realms, this was just a game, a temporary loss and victory, did not matter too much.

However, the evil path currently hated Long Chen to the bones. Long Chen had caused the evil path to lose face, so it could be said that Long Chen’s slap was too ruthless. Each slap was louder than the last.

The ancient clans and the ancient families had received compensation on the surface to save some face, but they believed that Long Chen would not be at peace once he entered the Central Region.

As for the Blood Slaughter Hall that Long Chen had been guarding against, he heard that the head that Ling Yunzi had cut off was sent to the Profound Heaven Main Sect. The main sect issued a warning to the Blood Slaughter Hall.

In short, Long Chen was in the Eastern Wastelands and everything was safe. However, it was not certain that he would enter the Central Region. Moreover, there were too many heaven’s pride experts in the Central Region, so Long Chen was not highly regarded.

Time flew by quickly. In the blink of an eye, the third day had arrived. Under Ouyang Qiuyu and Shui Wuhen’s reluctant gazes, Long Chen followed the rest of the group onto the flying boat.

The flying boat flashed with light and instantly disappeared before the eyes of the crowd of disciples of the Xuan Dao Sect.

“This troublemaker has finally left …” Seeing the flying boat disappear into the horizon, Ouyang Qiuyu didn’t feel relieved in the slightest. Instead, she felt a sense of desolation.

“That’s right. This time, he’s going to harm someone else. We can be considered to have been released completely.” Shui Wuhen smiled, but the tears in his eyes trickled down his cheeks.

Ever since she had met Long Chen, this mischievous little fellow had never treated her as the headmaster. Furthermore, she had never considered Long Chen as a disciple either. Like a brother and sister, she had always been worried for him.

But now that Long Chen had left, with Long Chen’s temperament, he wouldn’t be able to return even if there were hidden dragons and crouching tigers in the Central Region. As he smiled, he couldn’t help feeling choked up.

She didn’t know what sort of feeling she had towards Long Chen. Normally, she would keep a straight face towards him and wouldn’t dare to smile for fear of him going up to the sky.

At this moment, when he thought of Long Chen’s heartless and wicked smile, he felt such a warm and amiable feeling. However, that smile had already disappeared.

“Little sister, the sea is vast, the fishes leap in the sea and the birds fly in the sky. A dragon must soar into the clouds after all. Don’t be too sad!” Ouyang Qiuyu lightly patted Shui Wuhen as she spoke.

"Elder sister, do you think Long Chen will return?" Shui Wuhen said with a tinge of sadness.

She understood Long Chen’s temperament the most. This time, when they left the Central Region, they would either cause a huge ruckus or die somewhere else. The latter possibility was too high.

"This is not something that we can control. What we can do is to not create trouble for Long Chen. Then … “Pray for him!” Ouyang Qiuyu looked into the distance and couldn’t help but sigh. Long Chen’s departure was indeed worrisome.

… ….

Long Chen and the others boarded the flying boat and discovered that the flying boat actually carried its own space, much larger than its appearance.

Furthermore, looking out from the inside of the flying boat, there was no blind spot at all. It was as if the entire flying boat had turned transparent and could see everything outside.

The speed of the flying boat was surprisingly fast. The moment it was activated, the Xuan Dao Sect disappeared without a trace. This made everyone feel a little sad.

People all had feelings. Leaving a familiar environment to go to a strange place was a kind of excited and nervous state of mind that was hard for outsiders to understand.

Even Long Chen had some contradictions. He wanted to stay behind and live a peaceful life, but he also wanted to go to the Central Region to find clues about his background.

Although Long Chen hadn’t deliberately investigated his background, he knew that his parents must have an extraordinary background. The current him didn’t have the qualifications to investigate. If he made a move too early, it might bring about his death.

In addition to the mystery of his birth, Long Chen’s blood was also boiling. He also wanted to fight against these peerless talents. He wanted to jump onto a bigger stage and see the wider sky.

"You are Long Chen?" "Come out!"

Long Chen and the others were sitting in the cabin when someone in front shouted.

Chapter 968: Forcing Prestige? Killing stick?

This person was impressively a Forging Stage powerhouse. Long Chen already knew before he boarded the flying boat that they were the previous disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sect. ,

Every ten years, they would already be considered a Forging Stage powerhouse. To be a Forging Stage powerhouse in their early thirties, they were truly terrifying.

In addition, Long Chen discovered that they were all second level and above Skywalkers, including third level Skywalkers. This kind of genius expert was far stronger than the ordinary Forging Stage experts in the outside world.

In the outside world, their cultivation was already at the level of a sect head. They could even establish their own sects in the Eastern Wastelands, but in the Central Region, they could only be ordinary disciples.

The person who yelled at Long Chen was a man with long, scattered hair. He seemed to have a bit of status, and everyone else seemed to listen to him.

Although this person appeared to be indifferent on the surface and didn’t look at everyone, his peripheral vision kept sweeping over to Meng Qi and Tang Wan’er. He couldn’t hide anything from Long Chen, and seeing his arrogant appearance, Long Chen knew what he was about to fart.

“I’m not free.” Long Chen didn’t even look at him as he coldly replied.

Long Chen’s voice caused the faces of the disciples of the Main Sect to change, especially the leader. His face became even gloomier as a cold light shot out in all directions from his eyes, and his aura began to slowly circulate.

“Long Chen, you don’t want to stay in the Main Sect anymore?” That person could not help but shout out coldly.

“You’re Patriarch Darkheaven?” Long Chen could not help but sneer:

"It doesn’t seem like it. If you weren’t Grandmaster Darkheaven, your words would’ve been too much of an exaggeration.

Why? “If you really had some status in the Xuan Dao Sect, then you wouldn’t have to run errands like this. We villagers have long given up on trying to act cool.”

“Long Chen, I, Wang Mang, challenge you!” The person coldly snorted. He took out a plate from his hand. He didn’t know what material that plate was made of, but it was neither gold nor wood.

“I’m not free.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Hehe, I’m afraid it’s not up to you. According to the rules of the Xuan Dao Sect, disciples are allowed to spar. Either accept it or scram out of the sect.” A Forging Stage disciple sneered.

"Oh? Is there such a thing? " Long Chen frowned.

"What is it? Scared? "Coward!" A Forging Stage disciple mocked.

Guo Ran, who had been silent for a long time, could not help but laugh coldly as he stood up, "Idiot, if it weren’t for your skin, you would already be a dead man by now.

How dare you provoke my boss? You really haven’t died. If the boss doesn’t pay attention to you, you guys will actually be making a fool of yourselves? "

"What are you arguing about?"

Suddenly, a cold rebuke could be heard. It was the voice of that king level expert. However, he did not appear. Instead, he had coldly shouted to stop the crowd.

"Reporting to Elder Sha, disciple has followed the rules and has not gone over the line!" Wang Mang hastily spoke.

Elder Sha’s emotionless voice rang out, "The Heavenly Mystery Sect does have a rule that allows disciples to challenge each other, but only on the same level.

The disciples of the Eastern Wasteland, listen carefully. The Celestial Sect of Wonders has its own rules that everyone must follow. Although there are some rules that make one’s balls hurt, there are only two options available.

If you don’t want to leave, and also don’t want to be bound by the rules, it’s simple.

I think that if you had the ability, you would have long established your sect. There’s no need for you to join the Xuan Dao Sect.

These outer sect disciples were greatly suppressed by their peers back then, so they put all the resentment in their hearts onto you.

This was a tradition that made people’s balls hurt, but it could not be changed. It was a tradition that thwarted the spirit of the new disciples and made it easier for people to manage them.

Actually, it’s all bullshit. Rules are rules. It doesn’t matter if you’re willing to argue or not. You have to do what others do, otherwise you will suffer.

You guys aren’t children anymore. When you cultivate all the way, you should know that the strong are always strong. If you don’t step on others, then others will step on you. If you don’t kill others, then others will kill you.

I don’t want to hear any unfair complaints. If anyone dares to say so, I’ll throw him out immediately. "

Elder Sha’s words caused everyone’s hearts to tremble. The rules of the Mysterious Sky Sect were even more cruel and bare.

They suddenly understood that this group of fellows in front of them must have been bullied by the previous disciples. Now, they were holding chicken feathers as tokens, preparing to beat them up.

What was this? A show of force? Killing stick? Before he could eat the sweet dates, he would give them a slap? Those disciples who had just joined the Xuan Dao Sect could not help but be shocked and angry.

The majority of the disciples that joined the Celestial Sect of Wonders were only at the second rank. Chosen like Fang Gongyin had yet to arrive.

In the end, he chose to stay in the sect. He wanted to come as well, but their Old head’s lifespan was coming to an end and their sect’s grace was reaching its end.

However, they discovered that the members of the Dragon Blood Legion all had indifferent expressions. Even the ordinary warriors didn’t show the slightest bit of emotion, as if they didn’t care at all.

"Did you hear that? You don’t have the right to refuse. Are you going to obediently come over and let us beat you up? Or should we take the initiative to come up and beat you up?

However, rest assured, we will be gentle to female disciples. Hehe, after all, we will not be willing to lay our hands on a beauty like her. Hahaha … " A Forging Stage disciple looked at Meng Qi, Tang Wan’er, and the other girls. He couldn’t help but chuckle with a wretched expression on his face.

"Elder Sha, can you kill people during the sparring?" Long Chen asked.

“No!” Elder Sha’s voice responded.

"Then what if I accidentally kill him?" Long Chen continued to ask.

"Exit the Xuan Dao Sect without any reason!" Elder Sha said.

"Injured and crippled, what should we do?" Long Chen continued to probe.

“As long as you don’t die!”

"Oh, then this disciple understands." Long Chen nodded. He had a general idea of what was going on.

At this moment, Long Chen had an indifferent expression on his face. However, those who were familiar with Long Chen would know that Long Chen was angry and that some people were going to have bad luck.

“Humph, a bunch of cowards. Don’t worry, no one will take your little life. As seniors, we will teach you how to conduct yourselves and know the meaning of respect.”

This is good for you guys, reduce the number of times you come across a wall after you enter the sect, so you all still need to thank us. " A Forging Stage disciple bellowed with glee, as though he was looking at a group of lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

However, they soon discovered that there was only a small portion of them. Their eyes were filled with unease and fear, and most of them were looking at them as if they were idiots.

This greatly infuriated them. Wang Mang shot a look at the person beside him, who immediately stood up, pointed at Long Chen and the others and sneered, "Which one of you dares to come out and fight?"

As soon as the man appeared, he unleashed his intense pressure. His Cultivation base was actually suppressed, and he was only able to unleash the aura of the peak of the sea.

As he released his aura, the entire flying boat shook slightly. Suddenly, the space expanded rapidly, and an arena with a radius of several hundred miles formed in the middle of the hall.

That person flew up onto the stage and coldly looked down at Long Chen and the others with a trace of ridicule on his face.

"Brother Long, let me go!" Wildie looked at that guy and got ineffably angry, wanting to go up on stage.

“No, we can’t kill him. He won’t even be able to receive a single hit from your staff. He’ll be smashed to death.” Long Chen shook his head. Wildie’s actions were neither light nor heavy, and he was worried.

"Let me go!" Yue Zifeng spoke.

“This won’t do. Your Sword Truth has already been formed. Once it is activated, it will be a relentless strike. If there is no intent to kill, then your dao heart will be covered in dust!” Long Chen still shook his head.

Right now, Yue Zifeng’s Heaven’s Path Runes had been absorbed by Ling Yun as he focused on comprehending the way of the sword. With the help of the eternal lamp, he had already seen the path that he had to walk, and had figured out the elementary form of his own way of the sword.

In this kind of situation, if he couldn’t attack as he liked, which would affect Yue Zifeng, then the loss wouldn’t be worth it.

Long Chen consecutively refused two people on the stage. Everyone clearly heard that the disciple on the stage was so angry that his nose was crooked. This was clearly a naked humiliation.

“Bastard, hurry up and come up! I’m going to beat you into a meat patty!” The disciple bellowed.

“It seems like I’m the most suitable person to go up.” Gu Yang smiled, rubbed his shiny bald head, and slowly walked out.

"Mn, be careful. Safety first!" Long Chen nodded and warned.

"Hahaha, number one in terms of safety? “Today, I will beat you, you damned baldy, into a dog’s head!” The Forging Stage disciple coldly shouted. Suddenly, he moved his feet and threw a punch towards Gu Yang.

The moment the disciple who was at the Forging Stage unleashed his fist, wind billowed and swirls swirled in the air. In the enclosed space, a thunderous roar could be heard, causing one’s scalp to go numb.

The disciples who had just joined the Xuan Dao Sect all had ashen faces. They simply had no way to defend against such a terrifying force, even if the other party was only at the Sea Opening Realm.


However, to everyone’s shock, that powerful punch from Wu Zhu was suddenly grabbed by a large hand. The owner of that large hand was precisely Gu Yang.

“Idiot, you can’t even understand the words I’m about to say. My boss means it’s safer than you. Don’t accidentally kill you!” After he finished speaking, the veins on Gu Yang’s arm bulged and a violent force rose.


Under everyone’s panic-stricken gaze, although the Forging Stage disciple used all his strength to resist, it was completely useless in front of Gu Yang’s violent strength. He was flung to the ground like a toad.

There was an explosive sound, along with the sound of bones breaking, which caused everyone’s scalps to go numb. The power of Gu Yang’s attack was too terrifying.

When Gu Yang lifted that person up, that Forging Stage disciple had turned from a long piece to a thin piece. His entire body had been flattened, and all the bones in his body had been shattered. He had actually fainted and died.

Once it was settled, aside from the Dragonblood Warriors who had mentally prepared themselves, the others were all stunned. The entire arena was completely silent.

Chapter 969 - Unsurpassed


A meat patty flew into the air like a human-shaped flying carpet, flying in front of the group of Mysterious Heaven Sect Forging Stage disciples. ,

“Who else wants to destroy our rookie’s prestige and demoralize our rookie? Just come up,” Gu Yang said coldly.

Gu Yang’s bald head was dazzling, and his face was full of fierceness. He didn’t look like a good person, and his stature was extremely tall and fierce.

Especially after that strike just now, he had smashed a Forging Stage expert into a pulp. Now that he spoke, his words were exceptionally imposing.

“Humph, this brat is too arrogant, I’ll test you!”

A Forging Stage disciple flew out. As soon as he stepped on the stage, the symbols on his body surged and his aura surged. He threw out a punch.

This person had learned from his previous experiences and immediately used a magical technique to attack. They could tell that this group of rookies were no pushovers, and he did not want to follow in his footsteps.

Therefore, when he attacked, he used the magical technique he was most proficient in. Although they had suppressed their cultivation bases to the Sea Opening Realm, they were at the peak of the sea.

Moreover, they were all Forging Stage powerhouses and had a deep comprehension of the arts. As they raised their hands, runes surged and the spell was activated. The guiding time was very short and it was almost impossible to seize the opportunity to counterattack.

This was an absolute advantage. Even if they were at the same level of cultivation, with their proficiency in arcane arts, they could completely crush any newcomer.

Strength was not just a matter of one’s cultivation level. This was also the reason why every new disciple would be bullied by the old disciples.

Even if they were at the same level of cultivation, given that the previous disciple had ten years of arduous cultivation experience, the distance between them was extremely large.

That Forging Stage disciple was also a person with extremely powerful combat prowess. With a single glance, he could tell that Gu Yang was a terrifying power-type expert. Such a person definitely couldn’t fight against him in close combat.


With an explosive sound, Gu Yang’s fist shot out and ruthlessly smashed into the huge fist shadow formed by the magical symbols. The fist shadow was actually shattered by Gu Yang’s fist.


All of the Forging Stage disciples were extremely shocked. However, when they saw the endless bloody qi surrounding Gu Yang and his terrifying aura overflowing, their expressions couldn’t help but change.

"Spirit blood strengthening?"

At this time, Gu Yang had impressively activated the power of his spirit blood. After refining the blood, Gu Yang formed his own source talisman. His spirit blood attribute was the power of his spirit blood.

This was the terror of the Myriad Spirit Blood. A person that did not have spirit blood could stimulate the energy they were most adept at and condense the source runes they wanted.

For example, some disciples possessed two or even three attributes at the same time. However, because their energies were too uniform, they became out of place. Each of their attributes were extremely trashy, fated to be mediocre for life.

However, after refining the Myriad Spirit Blood, he could activate all of his attributes, and then choose to condense one of them into a Destiny Symbol. Once the Destiny Symbol was formed, under the assistance of the Myriad Spirit Blood, his spirit blood would only have one attribute, thus his talent would be concentrated and form a terrifying combat ability.

On the Ancient Road, Lord Heaven’s Eyes had given Long Chen over a thousand drops of Myriad Spirit Blood. Apart from that for the Dragon Blood Legion, Long Chen had left a small portion. The remaining five hundred drops were all given to Yue Xiaoqian.

It wasn’t just the Myriad Spirit Blood, Long Chen gave all of them to Yue Xiaoqian besides the Tier 4 Heavenly Dao Fruit. Those were the tens of thousands of Heavenly Dao Fruits. Even Yue Xiaoqian was stunned at that moment.

Apart from these two items, Long Chen had basically given everything he had in his space to Yue Xiaoqian. He was going to do his utmost to arm his allies and find a backer for himself.

In Long Chen’s heart, in this world, there were no good or bad people, only enemies and friends.

Even if it was the Primal Demons, they were unforgivable. As long as they truly wanted to help Long Chen, Long Chen wouldn’t mind dancing with the devils.

However, deep in Long Chen’s bones, he had a feeling that the demons weren’t bad people. Back in the frescoes on the Road of Eternity, Long Chen had seen how humans worshipped the demons.

Furthermore, when Eastern Wasteland Bell heard that the first demons had fallen to the point of being chased down by the entire world, he once swore out of anger. This all pointed to a few problems.

However, even if that was the case, he still believed in Yue Xiaoqian. Since he believed in her, Long Chen would not hesitate to trust her.

All these years, almost all of Long Chen’s accumulated wealth had been left to Yue Xiaoqian. Long Chen understood Yue Xiaoqian’s intentions, and was reluctant to let her leave.

Logic told them that they couldn’t be together in broad daylight for the time being. Long Chen had purposefully given Yue Xiaoqian a bunch of terrible things to do so that she would have something to do and not be tormented by longing every day.

Therefore, Long Chen only had a fourth rank Heaven’s Path Fruit left in his possession. In the current Dragonblood Legion, even the head of the army would be a fourth rank Heaven Ranker.

However, there were only a few Tier 4 Heavenly Dao Fruits left. If they didn’t have enough people to split up, they might as well temporarily become Tier 3 Skywalker. This way, they wouldn’t be too flamboyant.

Gu Yang was not only a fourth level Skywalker, he also possessed extremely pure spirit blood. Once the spirit blood was activated, the combat power would be terrifying beyond compare.


The Forging Stage disciple’s technique was shattered by Gu Yang’s fist and his expression changed drastically. Just as he was about to change his move, Gu Yang’s blazing bald head became increasingly bright and dazzling.


Gu Yang’s bald head slammed into the nose of the Forging Stage disciple, causing the sound of bone shattering to ring out.

The Forging Stage disciple’s face caved in as if it had been smashed by a sledgehammer. He screamed miserably as he was sent flying backwards.

Long Chen was speechless. What was wrong with the current Dragon Blood Legion? None of them were upright.

"Boss, can I use this move?" Gu Yang laughed. This clean and tidy strike was not bad at all.

“Why don’t you wipe off the snot on your head? Let’s talk about it later!” Long Chen looked at the snot and blood on his bald head. He was speechless.

"Aiya, I forgot!"

Only then did Gu Yang react, he touched his bald head, as expected, it was sticky, looking at the red blood with green mucus, he felt nauseous.

Gu Yang wasn’t in the mood to call out a challenge. He ran down the stage and quickly found someone to wash his hair. Although he wasn’t a germaphobe, this thing was still very lethal when it came to disgusting people.

Guo Ran pointed to Gu Yang and said, "Did you see that? This is the result of pretending to be strong and not understanding. If you pretend to be strong, then you have to be good at acting. It depends on the lighting, angle, size, vigor and so on.

As Dragonblood Warriors, our every move and gesture is related to Boss Long Chen’s face. Our slogan is: Be resolute and don’t pretend to be confident and don’t act like you don’t have the slightest bit of skill. "

Hearing Guo Ran shouting, Meng Qi and Tang Wan’er turned their heads away. They did not look at this brat. Even with these words, they still felt that he was unbearably vulgar.

However, there was no helping it. Long Chen was not an elegant person. He was always carefree and often swore. They were already used to this.

"If you want to be pretentious, you have to match your boss. Your boss has been an expert at posturing for twenty years and has never been surpassed.

Listen up, our boss is a pretentious guy. You can act tough, but you better not act tough in front of him.

Because our boss has a famous saying: “A pretentious person should be beaten up, but not used to it. So if you don’t want to be beaten up, then behave yourself.” Guo Ran shouted.

Long Chen didn’t say anything as he looked askance at Guo Ran. This kid was getting better and better at bullshitting. Even Long Chen dared to tease him and was spouting nonsense at the same time.

I’m only 21 this year, and you’re saying that I’ve been acting like a professional for 20 years? Don’t tell me that after I can speak, the first skill I’ll learn is to act like an expert?

Although he was a bit unhappy, Long Chen still enjoyed this feeling. Normally, everyone would be laughing and joking around, casually teasing everyone. Only then did they appear close to each other.

Guo Ran’s clamor caused the opposing Forging Stage disciples’ faces to turn ugly. This was too embarrassing.


All of a sudden, a Forging Stage disciple jumped onto the stage and glared at Guo Ran. After a moment of hesitation, he pointed at an ordinary Dragonblood Warrior and shouted,

"You, come up!"

He originally wanted to challenge Guo Ran because Guo Ran’s aura was too weak, but just as he was about to speak, he suddenly changed his mind.

There must be something wrong with this situation. Guo Ran dared to stand out and use his vicious bald head as a negative example. Even if he wasn’t stronger than the baldy, he shouldn’t be weaker than him, so in the end he chose someone else.

As soon as the Dragonblood Warrior ascended the stage, the Forging Realm disciple let out a cold shout and launched an attack. A wall of runes ruthlessly charged towards the Dragonblood Warrior.

However, what shocked everyone was that without saying anything, the Dragon Blood Warrior let out a loud shout and shattered the rune wall with a single punch. It grabbed that person’s hair and violently pressed him down, at the same time raising its knee.

bang bang bang *

With three consecutive explosions, the poor Forging Stage disciple’s nose was beaten flat and his ears were shaken. His head was almost turned upside down as he sprawled on the ground.

"What?" Yet another person with spirit blood, and this person is a Tier 3 Skywalker? "

This caused all of the Forging Stage disciples to be greatly shocked. Unlike Gu Yang, that disciple did not have such a strong combat strength. In order to instantly kill his opponent, he had used the power of the Heavenly Dao Runes and the power of his spirit blood.

“I don’t believe this! All of you have the spirit blood strengthening you!” A Forging Stage disciple jumped onto the arena and glared at the group of Dragonblood Warriors.

Tier 3 Skywalker was something that would suppress a Tier 2 Skywalker. However, the effects were obvious only when one was at the same level as him. It didn’t have much of an impact on them, as they were afraid of the boost in their spiritual blood.

Hehe, this boy is smart, and he immediately saw through our weakness. There are indeed people here who do not have spirit blood, and do not even have the power of the Heavenly Dao. Guo Ran chuckled.

All of the Dragon Blood Warriors were overjoyed. In the entire army, there were only two people who were not Skywalker. One was Long Chen, and the other was Yue Zifeng. Yue Zifeng was a terrifying sword cultivator, and Long Chen … Forget it, thinking about the consequences is exciting.

In the end, that Forging Stage disciple wasn’t so lucky as to pick a sergeant major. In the end, he quickly found something to say.

In that instant, the Forging Stage disciples’ faces darkened. Four of them went on stage, and four of them were knocked to the ground. Furthermore, there was no room for retaliation at all.

“Come out, your father wants to challenge you!” After the head sergeant knocked him down, he didn’t feel satisfied yet, so he stretched out a finger towards one of the Forging Realm disciples and said.

"I refuse. You have spirit blood that can stimulate limitless power, yet I want to suppress your cultivation. This is unfair!" The Forging Stage disciple coldly yelled.


Just as the disciple finished speaking, he suddenly disappeared.

Chapter 970 Stupid

"Such fast speed!"

Everyone was shocked. This speed was too fast, to the point where they couldn’t even see how he disappeared. Even Long Chen couldn’t help but be on guard. This action was too strange. ,

"Oh god, he flew out!"

Suddenly, someone cried out in alarm. He saw that outside of the flying boat, a person’s figure rapidly shrank before disappearing just like that. Although it only lasted for a moment, they could see that the Forging Stage disciple’s face was filled with fear and despair.

“I’ve said it before. Whoever dares to mention the word ‘unfair’ in front of me, don’t blame me for throwing him out. Do you think my words are insignificant?”

At this moment, a cold Elder Sha appeared in front of the crowd. The crowd couldn’t help but shiver inwardly.

At the same time, they also felt unlucky for that disciple. Just because of that word, he was thrown away. The Eastern Wastelands was so big, and they didn’t know if he would be able to return.

"Hmph, just consider him lucky that he hasn’t left the Eastern Wasteland. With his cultivation level, he has a high chance of finding a cultivation city alive. He still has a chance to return to the Xuan Dao Sect.

After a while, he will enter the Sky Martial Realm, and will die without a burial ground. This old man doesn’t care if you are new or old disciples, remember, rules are rules, if you don’t have the ability to break them, then be obedient. " Elder Sha said with a cold snort.

For the first time, Long Chen felt that Elder Sha was not so hateful anymore. Although he had the aura of an old man and made people feel displeased, after observing him a few times, Long Chen realized that he was probably a stubborn old man who did everything according to the rules.

Although these sort of people would not be liked by others, they would not be too annoying either. After one understood their character, it would become much easier to deal with them.

“Did you hear? Elder Sha has spoken. It’s fine as long as you don’t break the rules. Who would want to go up and enjoy themselves? After this village, this shop will be gone.”

As they walked past, they were not to be missed. This was a rare opportunity. They had to seize it and abuse the disciples of their previous batch. Such an opportunity wasn’t something that could be missed at any time.

Furthermore, if you abuse them, they won’t dare to use their true strength. They can only use their Sea Opening Stage strength to fight with you, whether it’s training their strength or testing the strength of the experts in the Central Region. This is a good opportunity, brothers, what are you waiting for? " Long Chen called out.

They had been bullied when they came to the Central Region. Now that they finally had a chance, they finally had to teach these idiots a lesson and let them have a taste of their previous depression. But now, they were treated as lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

"Let me!"

A Dragon Blood Warrior flew out and jumped onto the stage. He pointed at a Forging Stage disciple and challenged him directly.

With Elder Sha present, the Forging Stage disciple didn’t dare to hesitate at all, directly jumping onto the stage and engaged in a fierce battle with that Dragonblood Warrior.

What no one expected was that the Dragonblood Warrior actually didn’t activate his spirit blood to fight fiercely against him with just his true strength.

“Why didn’t you activate the spirit blood?” Do you despise me? " He felt like he was being looked down upon. He would rather be defeated than to be humiliated like this.

"Since you do not have any hidden trump cards, then I will not hold back. Furthermore, I am a third grade Skywalker and you are a second grade Skywalker, so I already have an advantage.

Let me see, what exactly is the strength of a Central State expert? Even if I fail, I will not activate the power of my spirit blood. " The Dragonblood Warrior gave a cold shout, and the winds from his fists rippled. Symbols filled the sky as he began to fight back with all his might.

Elder Sha’s expression was still cold, but there was a trace of approval in the depths of his eyes. It was rare to see such a strong disciple.

After hearing what he said, the people who had acted before immediately regretted it. They had gone out of their way to act cool. That was the right decision. They wanted to see what level the Central State experts were at.

"What kind of eyes are those? Oh! When you guys were acting cool and mighty, now you’re putting the blame on me? " Everyone looked at Guo Ran. Guo Ran was in a bad mood and he opened his mouth to retaliate.

The few of them remained silent as they watched the intense battle. The Dragonblood Warrior’s cultivation base was at the Fifth Sky of the Sea Opening stage, and his battle prowess was extremely powerful. The three colored runes around his body surged, and he was extremely valiant.

The Forging Stage disciple had suppressed his cultivation to the peak of the sea, and with a wave of his hand, the runes on his hands surged.

The group of Dragonblood Warriors’ faces gradually turned serious. This was because the Dragonblood Warrior had already been forced into a disadvantageous position. Now, they were finally showing how powerful these Forging Stage disciples were.

Although their cultivation had been suppressed, they were able to manipulate their techniques with ease, appearing one after another. Furthermore, during the exchange of moves, there were almost no flaws left for their opponents to exploit, making them untraceable.

The Dragonblood Warrior had tried over a hundred moves with all his might, but was still unable to escape his disadvantage. Suddenly, he shouted in a cold voice:

"Be careful!"


Suddenly, a longblade appeared in the hands of the Dragonblood Warrior, and an incomparably sharp aura rose as a violent killing intent radiated out, causing chills to run down one’s spine.

"Chi chi chi!"

The Dragon Blood Warrior slashed three times in succession, each time shattering the opponent’s attack. The third strike shattered the rune shield that the opponent had placed down. It was only an inch or so away from the opponent’s head before it stopped.

Drip. Drip.

A drop of sweat dripped down the head of the Forging Stage disciple and landed on the ground, producing a light sound. However, it was as if a large hammer had smashed into the hearts of the Forging Stage disciples.

This was because in the instant that the Dragonblood Warrior held the long saber, his entire body seemed to transform into a bloodthirsty demon. He carried an endless killing intent that terrified the hearts of the onlookers.

Seeing this, Long Chen couldn’t help but shake his head. He was once again a flower in a greenhouse, unable to display his combat prowess.

It had to be said that the experts of the Central Region were strong, but in terms of strength of will, they were far inferior to the Dragon Blood Warriors.

“You lost. How boring. You didn’t lose to me, but to the fear in your heart.” The Dragonblood Warrior shook his head and returned to his position.

Leaving behind that Forging Stage disciple, it took him quite a while before he finally understood the true meaning of these words. He could not help but blush deeply from embarrassment.

The instant that Dragon Blood Warrior erupted, he was enveloped by the will of death. In that instant, he thought of escaping, but then he immediately remembered that the Dragon Blood Warrior shouldn’t have dared to kill him.

At that moment his mind was in a state of confusion, which made him ashamed and self-reproachful, and he felt that he was neither a monk nor a man.

Elder Sha didn’t say a word. He stood there like a statue and didn’t leave either. He just silently watched.

After that Forging Stage disciple was defeated, more Dragon Blood Warriors went up to challenge him. There were even some who told him that they wouldn’t be killed and gave him the audacity to attack them.

As a result, when the Dragon Blood Warrior erupted, its thick murderous intent and blood-red eyes made it impossible for others to believe what it had said before. It was enveloped in a terrifying killing intent.

As more than a dozen Forging Stage disciples were defeated in a row, the enthusiasm of the Dragonblood Warriors grew less and less.

Long Chen had told them long ago to try their best not to engage in a meaningless battle. The reason for their challenge was to see the true strength of the experts of the Central Region.

However, this group of Forging Stage disciples were too afraid of death. They thought that under the threat of death, they would be able to arouse their strongest energy. They thought that they were adding fuel to the fire, but in the end, they just poured water on the fire and put it out.

The Dragonblood Warriors no longer had the desire to challenge others. In the end, the other experts began to be eager, but they also didn’t dare to do so.

“You don’t even dare to lose, what qualifications do you have to win?” The words of a Dragonblood Warrior had finally given them a great deal of encouragement.

Some people immediately went up to challenge them, but they were easily killed off. Fortunately, they were defeated, so they didn’t suffer any humiliation.

In the past, new disciples would always be bullied by the previous year’s disciples to completely extinguish the spirit in their hearts. This way, once they reached the Central Region, they would look up to the heavens and refuse to be in charge.

However, this year was different. Those Forging Stage disciples didn’t dare to go overboard. They were afraid of enraging the Dragon Blood Warriors, so they were immediately beaten up.

Ordinary disciples were simply not a match for those Forging Stage disciples. As for the Dragon Blood Warriors, they didn’t want to waste any more energy on these Forging Stage disciples. For a time, the atmosphere became a bit awkward.

"That little girl, do you dare to not stimulate the strength of your spirit blood to fight me?" Suddenly, Wang Mang, who had been silent all this time, jumped onto the stage and said to Meng Qi.

“You’re courting death!”

Wang Mang’s actions immediately angered all of the Dragon Blood Warriors. Meng Qi was a calm and natural person, like an otherworldly immortal. Wang Mang’s way of addressing her was clearly because her brain was squeezed shut.

Moreover, the fluctuations coming from Meng Qi already showed that she was a Soul Cultivator. And this Wang Mang, since he dared to challenge a Soul Cultivator, he must have a Soul Tool protecting him. On the stage, his location was limited and he had the advantage.

"Wang Mang, I don’t know if you are really stupid, or if you are being asked to do this, but your actions have successfully infuriated me.

How about this, Wang Mang, I’ll give you a chance. I, Long Chen, don’t have any spirit blood, nor am I a Skywalker.

“You can use your full strength. If you don’t have to suppress it, how about we have a death match?” Long Chen looked at Wang Mang and coldly said.

Long Chen could laugh off the provocations, contempt, and humiliation of others, but he could not accept anyone touching his reverse scale.

Long Chen’s words caused everyone to jump in fright, especially the Forging Stage disciples. They looked at Long Chen with shocked expressions. He actually wanted to challenge the Forging Stage Wang Mang, and this was a battle of life and death? Was he crazy?

Only the soldiers of the Dragon Blood Legion were filled with excitement. They really looked forward to Long Chen taking action. Every time he took action, it would make their blood boil.

Wang Mang’s expression changed, because at that moment, a terrifying opportunity for death quietly rose up in his heart. A sense of unease welled up within him, as if he was being watched by death, a feeling that was impossible to describe.

"This is against the rules, no!" Elder Sha spoke, his voice still cold and emotionless.