Nine Star Hegemon Body Art -C961-965


Chapter 961: Anger Raging

Seeing Lu Minghan’s cold face, Long Chen understood what was going on. ,

"What is it? Was he being pushed too far? If you can’t use the soft, then use the hard? Pretending to be Sect Master to trick me to come here, you want to use torture to force a confession? " Long Chen said coldly.

Lu Minghan coldly said, "Long Chen, you are a disciple of the Xuan Dao Sect. The Xuan Dao Sect has nurtured you, so you should know how to repay kindness. Otherwise, how are you different from a beast?"

Long Chen sneered, “Don’t even mention it, you just want to obtain more spirit essence stones from me and then go back to collect your contribution points.”

I’ll tell you the truth, I don’t have any spirit essence stones at all.

“Do you think I’m so easy to fool?” Lu Minghan coldly snorted.

"Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with me. Furthermore, the thing is mine, what does it matter to you?

Don’t kidnap me in the name of morality. Even if I owe the Celestial Sect of Wonders, I owe Ling Yunzi, Shui Wuhen, and Ouyang Qiuyu a favor.

You guys came over this time to provide support, and you still want to get some benefits back so that you can get rich? Your calculations are not bad. " Long Chen disdainfully said.

"Long Chen, let me tell you again. We are not greedy for your item. We are only doing this for your sake."

“Hand over your spirit essence stones and the sect will take care of it for you. This way, you won’t be watched. We’re just concerned about you!” Lu Minghan said angrily.

"Thank you for your concern. However, your worry is unnecessary. I do not have any treasures on me, so you do not need to worry about my safety." Long Chen said indifferently.

“Little bastard, you’re courting death!”

Seeing that Long Chen was unwilling to budge, Lu Minghan cursed angrily.

“You’re courting death, you old bastard!” Long Chen could already tell that this fellow was nothing good, so he scolded him back.

Long Chen absolutely could not reveal that he had any extra spirit essence stones now. This was no longer a matter of spirit essence stones; this involved too much.

The Transcending Mortality Liquid, Myriad Spirit Blood, and spirit essence stones were all treasures that could shake the world. Long Chen believed that with the performance of the Dragon Blood Warriors, it would be difficult to hide these things from the knowledgeable and knowledgeable old fox.

There were hundreds of millions of spirit essence stones in the Draconic Dust Chaos Dimension. What a joke! All of the aboriginals on the road gave their spirit essence stones to Long Chen, forming a huge mountain.

However, Long Chen didn’t do so because spirit essence stones were just a way out. Once Long Chen handed over his spirit essence stones, he would be done for.

They would go along with this breakthrough and make Long Chen hand over the top-grade Transcendence Elixir, Myriad Spirit Blood, and even involve the Heavenly Dao Fruit. Therefore, Long Chen could not hand over the fruit even if he died.

He had already expressed his stance towards Ouyang Qiuyu, saying that he would not hand over anything to them. He believed that Ouyang Qiuyu would definitely keep his secret for him.

As for Shui Wuhen, there was no need to mention the fact that he would not divulge even the slightest bit of information about Long Chen.

"Little bastard!"

Lu Minghan gave a low shout, and with a slap of his big hand, Long Chen punched out. At the same time, he summoned the Azure Dragon Battle Physique. Facing a King, he had to go all out.

“Hmph, overestimating yourself.” The corner of Lu Minghan’s mouth curved into a sneer.


Long Chen’s fist landed on Lu Minghan’s palm. He had thought that with the strength of the two of them, the hall would definitely collapse, attracting the attention of the entire Xuan Dao Sect. That way, he would be safe.

However, Long Chen was shocked to discover that his fist had only made a muffled sound as if it had hit cotton. His strength had actually disappeared without a trace, and at the same time, his large hand had been caught.

A terrifying wave of energy instantly tied him up, as if billions of steel bars were tightly binding him, rendering him unable to move.

"In front of a true King, you are nothing but an ant. You want to fight? Dream on, since you don’t know how to appreciate favors, then I’ll personally look through my memories!

Lu Minghan tapped the center of Long Chen’s forehead with a finger, and a terrifying soul force surged into Long Chen’s sea of consciousness.

Long Chen was shocked and angry at the same time. He wanted nothing more than to bite this Lu Minghan to death, this bastard actually wanted to check his memories, then the Nine Star Tyrant Body Technique, Chaos Pearl, Eastern Desolate Bell, all these secrets would be lost.

“Hm? Your soul force isn’t bad, but it’s a pity that it’s a mantis trying to block a chariot. Drive it for me!” Lu Minghan coldly snorted, a terrifying soul force ruthlessly rushing into Long Chen’s sea of consciousness.


Long Chen’s sea of consciousness tremored greatly, and blood flowed from his seven orifices. Lu Minghan’s violent soul force was too vast. The soul force of a King was not something Long Chen could resist.

"Lu Minghan, what are you trying to do?"

Just when Long Chen was unable to resist and his memories were about to be flipped over, the door was smashed open with a single palm. Li Changfeng walked in and shouted angrily.

“Senior brother, this Long Chen doesn’t know how to appreciate favors. I’m going to force him to reveal his secret!” Lu Minghan didn’t care about Li Changfeng, his soul force was still madly surging out, about to break through Long Chen’s last barrier.

“Lu Minghan, if you don’t stop, don’t blame me for being heartless!” Li Changfeng’s face was ashen. His hand was already gripping the long sword behind his back, and a sharp aura locked onto Lu Minghan.

"Senior Brother, you …" Lu Minghan was shocked.


As the long sword was unsheathed, Li Changfeng’s expression was resolute.

Lu Minghan’s face was filled with unwillingness, but he was very afraid of Li Changfeng, so he finally let go of Long Chen.


Lu Minghan had just released Long Chen, and Long Chen’s large hand viciously slapped Lu Minghan’s face. Lu Minghan never thought that Long Chen would dare to take the initiative and attack. As a result, half of his face was smashed, and a mouthful of yellow teeth scattered on the ground.

"Lu Minghan, I, Cao Nima"

Long Chen was about to go mad. He had just released his grip and sent Lu Minghan flying with a slap. At the same time, a bloody drink flashed in his hand and a saber fell down.

"Sky-Opening, third move!"

Everything happened too fast. Even Li Changfeng didn’t expect that Long Chen would suddenly hurt someone. Furthermore, it was such a fierce and decisive attack.

Lu Minghan was sent flying by Long Chen’s slap, half of his face was smashed. Although he was a king, his physical strength was not strong. With the support of the Azure Dragon Battle Body, he couldn’t withstand this slap and almost had his head smashed into pieces.

By the time he reacted, Long Chen’s saber energy came slashing over. It was already too late for him to form a seal. He hastily used his spirit energy to create a shield in front of him.

That was a defense set up by a king. It could counter all powers, but in the face of Long Chen’s blade, it was torn apart.


Long Chen’s blade tore apart the light barrier and landed right in front of Lu Minghan. Blood sprayed out from Lu Minghan’s body as he was sent flying backwards, smashing into the stone pillars of the great hall, and causing the entire great hall to collapse.


Smoke and dust flew everywhere, and the entire Mysterious Heaven Sect was shaken. All of the disciples flew out without knowing what was going on, only to see the Profound Heaven Great Hall crumble.

“Heavens, isn’t that Lord King Lu Minghan?”

The great hall collapsed as a human figure was sent flying backward in a sorry state. There was a deep wound in front of him that almost split him into two halves. Everyone was overwhelmed with shock; just what kind of person was so terrifying that he could heavily injure a king level expert?

"Lu Minghan, you son of a b * tch, go to hell!"

Suddenly, the main hall collapsed. What shocked everyone was that Long Chen had gritted his teeth and rushed out. Obviously, it was Long Chen who was fighting against Lu Minghan.

"Kill Lu Minghan!"

"Dry/Dead Lu Minghan!"

As Long Chen rushed out, the originally confused Dragonblood Warriors didn’t know what was going on, but upon seeing Long Chen’s expression, they all rushed towards Lu Minghan.

Ouyang Qiuyu and Shui Wuhen had also come out, but they had blank expressions on their faces because Lu Minghan had informed them that they had something to tell him.

They had been waiting for Lu Minghan in the secret chamber the entire time. Even after an hour, he was still nowhere to be seen, so they could only wait.

However, when the Mysterious Heaven Great Hall was destroyed by the Long Chen, the two of them finally realized that something was wrong and hastily rushed out. When they saw what was happening outside, they both jumped in fright.

All of the Dragon Blood Warriors rushed towards Lu Minghan. The first one who rushed over was Wildie, who immediately summoned the thirty meter long Berserker Blood Copper Body. The muscles on his body bulged and the bone club was thicker than a pillar.


Lu Minghan was caught off guard and actually suffered a wound from Long Chen’s saber. He couldn’t help but be enraged. He knew that Long Chen’s saber strike was strange, and that it was the third move from Sky-Opening, infused with a special energy. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to break his defense.

Seeing Wildie rushing over and punching her with her fist, and the clash of fists, Wildie’s palm split open and she spat out blood. The King’s strength was too terrifying.

However, Wildie’s power was also extremely strong. Under Wildie’s recoil, Lu Minghan’s newly healed wound instantly burst open, blood gushing out.


At this moment, the attacks of Tang Wan’er, Guo Ran, Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, and Li Qi had arrived. As long as Lu Minghan became the enemy, they would fight to the death.

"You bunch of ants, go to hell …." Lu Minghan roared, his body glowing.

"Soul Devouring Kill of the Yellow Springs!"

Just as Lu Minghan was about to counterattack, a giant soul blade cut down, causing the void to tremble. Lu Minghan felt as if countless needles had ruthlessly pierced into his soul.


With an explosive sound, the attacks of Gu Yang and the rest fiercely smashed into Lu Minghan’s body. However, what shocked them was that their attacks were unable to break through his protective divine light.


However, at this moment, a long, blood-red blade flew over and ruthlessly chopped at his neck. Blood splattered as a head flew into the sky.

All of the disciples of the Xuan Dao Sect were dumbfounded. They didn’t know what was going on. Long Chen had actually beheaded the King with a single saber strike.

As the saber chopped down on Lu Minghan’s head, Long Chen extended his hand and a long spear made of thunder flew towards Lu Minghan’s head. He wanted to completely kill him and destroy his soul.

"Mysterious Heaven and Earth Seal!"

Suddenly, Li Changfeng let out a cold shout and finally made his move. Countless divine chains of order revolved around the world, filling the sky with radiance. As the auspicious clouds gushed out, everyone was trapped by the chains, including Lu Minghan’s headless body.

Lu Minghan’s head flew into the air, being pulled by some sort of force. It landed on his neck and instantly healed.

“Li Changfeng, let me go, I’m going to kill these damn little bastards!” Lu Minghan shouted in a stern voice, not even calling him senior brother anymore, directly calling him by his name.

Chapter 962 - Suppression

Lu Minghan had only just reattached his head, when he began to roar furiously. At this moment, he was like an angry lion, his entire body brimming with killing intent. .

For a king level expert to be injured by a group of sea realm rookies and beheaded, it was simply an unbearable humiliation.

"Lu Minghan, calm down …" Li Changfeng shouted.

“Bullshit! How can I be calm? I’m going to kill that little bastard Long Chen. Break open for me!” Lu Minghan roared furiously. Suddenly, a majestic energy surged from within his body, causing the entire world to shake, causing the entire world to shake.

"Lu Minghan, are you crazy? You want to destroy the entire Xuan Dao Sect? " Li Changfeng shouted, because at this moment, Lu Minghan was actually channeling the source energy of a king level expert. This move would destroy the entire Xuan Dao Sect.

“Shut up! Hurry up and remove the chains around this old man’s neck. Otherwise, this old man will do anything!” Lu Minghan roared.

Lu Minghan and Li Changfeng both came from the Heavenly Mystery Sect Branch Sect, but they belonged to two different departments. Li Changfeng came from the Elder’s Courtyard, and Lu Minghan came from the Enforcement Hall.

According to the norm, Li Changfeng’s position was a head above Lu Minghan, but the Law Enforcement Hall that Lu Minghan was in had a very special position.

This was because the elders and disciples who had made mistakes for a long time, as well as the elders of the Hall of Enforcement, all carried a kind of hostility that they had cultivated for a long time.

Therefore, the Law Enforcement Hall’s elders didn’t have a harmonious relationship with the other Dao Sect’s elders. However, because the Law Enforcement Hall represented the prestige of the Xuan Dao Sect, they were patient with them and developed their arrogant and domineering attitude.

Although this operation was led by Li Changfeng, Lu Minghan did not respect Li Changfeng very much. Under his current rage, he did not even call him senior, and even started calling himself ‘Laozi’.

Even if Li Changfeng’s temper was good, he wouldn’t be able to take it anymore. Not to mention, he didn’t like people from the Law Enforcement Hall to begin with. Now that he was in front of a group of juniors, he was put in a difficult position.


Li Changfeng shouted in a low voice, his face gloomy. His hands formed a seal, and the chains that were originally binding Long Chen and the others, gave up on Long Chen and the others, instantly trapping Lu Minghan.

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

Chains followed one after another, causing the heaven and earth to rumble. They rapidly rotated, trapping Lu Minghan firmly. Very quickly, he was wrapped like a dumpling.

“Li Changfeng, you’re courting death. You dare to suppress me, I …”

Lu Minghan was wrapped in endless chains, suppressing all the strength in his body. He only had the power of his sacred art, and was unable to execute it. He could not help but roar in anger.

However, after roaring out halfway, the chain spun faster and faster, wrapping around Lu Minghan’s head as well. In the end, his entire body was wrapped into a giant cocoon and completely suppressed.

Li Changfeng’s face was ashen. This Lu Minghan was simply unreasonable. He spoke to him in such a good manner, yet he actually spoke such malicious words. With a wave of his hand, Lu Minghan disappeared into thin air, and Li Changfeng kept him.

"Long Chen, come with me!"

Before Long Chen could react, Li Changfeng extended his hand, and before Long Chen could resist, he disappeared from the crowd.

Long Chen was horrified. As a king level expert, Li Changfeng was much stronger than Lu Minghan. Long Chen didn’t even have the slightest chance of resisting. He finally understood how big the gap was between him and a king level expert.


When they reappeared, they were already on top of a mountain range. This place was over a hundred thousand miles away from the Xuan Dao Sect. It was unknown what method Li Changfeng used to bring Long Chen here.

"This trip to the Eastern Wasteland has been a mess, aiya!" Li Changfeng took a deep breath and could not help but sigh.

“Elder…” Long Chen didn’t know what to do.

Li Changfeng waved his hand and said, “This matter can’t be blamed on you, but of course it can’t be blamed on me. Let him be. I’m going back to report this.”

However, there are a few words that I must take care of you. Long Chen, your personality is too stubborn.

It doesn’t matter if you treat me as an elder or an old senior. You are a disciple of my Dao Sect after all.

“Although you have the help of a noble person this time, luck is the most unreliable thing in the world. It’s best if you don’t keep counting on something like this …”

Li Changfeng tried his best to persuade her. He pitied Long Chen’s talent, but he really did have a headache from Long Chen’s temper.

Long Chen bitterly smiled. He also knew that Li Changfeng had good intentions, but what could he do? Whether it was being low-key or arrogant, Long Chen was destined to have a rough life.

Since the results were all the same, why couldn’t he just accept kindness and hate? Why did he have to compromise? Of course, if he could beg for everything, then that would be fine. After all, he was doing it for his family.

However, being willing to compromise would only make things worse. There would be even more people who would think that you were being bullied and wanted to trample you to death without any scruples. Then, why would they feel wronged?

“Long Chen will remember Senior’s wise words.” Long Chen slightly bowed. Long Chen wasn’t a person who didn’t know how to appreciate favors. He knew who was being good to him.

"As for the secrets on your body, I am not interested, nor is Dao Sect interested. However, you must remember that the five fingers are not connected to one another. With so many people in the Xuan Dao Sect, there is bound to be evil intentions.

“So you have to be careful of your safety in the future. Be careful of everything and don’t let your blood boil. If you do that, you will suffer a great loss.” Li Changfeng warned.

"Yes." Long Chen could only nod his head, but his heart was still filled with gratitude towards Li Changfeng.

Currently, Long Chen’s Nine Star Tyrant Body Technique had already broken through to the 4th Star. Its perception was growing stronger and stronger, especially regarding the evil thoughts within his mind. It was extremely sensitive, and no one could fool him.

Therefore, Long Chen knew from the start that this Lu Minghan wasn’t a good person. Long Chen could see the greed in his heart with a single glance, so he wasn’t the least bit courteous towards him.

"Looking at the time, there is still half a year before the selection conference for the elite disciples of the four sects. The disciples that pass this time will be able to enter the Mysterious Sky Main Sect to cultivate.

The Central Region is where the heaven’s pride experts cultivate. The Eastern Wasteland is but a small place, you will understand it in the future.

“Alright, there’s so much talk. I’m going back to the main sect to report. If there’s anything you don’t understand, go ask your sect master!”

After Li Changfeng finished speaking, his figure flashed and he disappeared from Long Chen’s sight. Long Chen didn’t even know how he left.

"Central State?"

Long Chen was a bit nervous and excited. He had long heard that the Central Region was a true holy land for cultivation. Geniuses filled the ground, and there were many heaven’s pride experts. No matter how talented a person was, they would be drowned by countless geniuses in the Central Region.

But Long Chen knew that the Sky Wood Divine Palace was in Central State, which meant that he would only be able to see Chu Yao when he reached Central State.

Thinking of Chu Yao and the charming scene back in the Phoenix Cry Empire, Long Chen’s heart was filled with fire and a wave of bitterness.

Chu Yao was a quiet girl. She didn’t like fighting, so using a simple phrase, she was like a little rich person that was easy to satisfy.

However, in order to protect Long Chen, she had left the Eastern Wasteland and entered the distant Central Region. All of this was for Long Chen.

However, Long Chen was also a bit uneasy. The mystery of his past had been bothering him for a long time, but as his cultivation increased, he felt that this world was simply too big.

One should not explore one’s background without standing at the peak of martial dao. These were the words left behind by the unknown servant before he transformed into a Dao.

Long Chen originally thought that the person was a Xian Tian warrior and didn’t know what Daomization was back then. But now, Long Chen knew that only Skywalker was qualified to reach the Dao Transformation stage, and at least at the fourth stage.

To transform one’s body into a Dao required the help of spirit blood. One had to turn themselves into nothingness and sever all karma. It was impossible to predict what would happen next. This was all to protect Long Chen.

Shaking his head, he suppressed the unease in his heart. No matter how strong or terrifying the enemy was, since he was determined to investigate, there was no need to worry too much.

Moreover, in Central State, Long Chen was not alone. With Chu Yao around, he had also felt Ye Zhiqiu’s aura on the road. He believed that Ye Zhiqiu would also go to Central State and might even have passed.

In addition, in Long Chen’s mind, there appeared a guy with a bit of baby fat who laughed all day long and liked to act cool everywhere — — Mo Nian.

Old Mo had said that it was definitely extraordinary for Mo Nian to awaken Skywalker. He wanted to return to the Central State Ancestral Land to receive the inheritance. At that time, Mo Nian said that he would soar into the sky and look down on Tianwu.

Thinking of them, Long Chen felt a wave of warmth in his heart. He, Long Chen, was not the enemy of the entire world. He still had someone he could rely on, someone he could rely on.

However, to Long Chen’s surprise, a person who should have appeared was yet to appear. It was Leng Yueyan.

The first time she attacked the nest of the evil sects, Leng Yueyan did not appear. The second time she sneaked up on the Xuan Dao Sect, she sent out all the evil experts, but Leng Yueyan still did not appear.

Could it be that she was no longer in the Eastern Wasteland? Or was she in seclusion? Forget it, I don’t care about her anymore. Her target is me anyway, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

As for the Eastern Wastelands Bell, I don’t know where it went. If there’s a chance, I can just let it owe me another favor. Only then can it truly run rampant.

Long Chen’s mind was in a mess at that moment. He was thinking too much, excited and a little nervous. The Central Region was the bigger stage.

Long Chen suddenly thought of the time when he was undergoing his tribulation on the Eternal Road. The four idiots that had been sent in were perhaps in the Central Region. Perhaps they could meet.

"The heck! There are so many idiots here, you want me to keep a low profile? How can I keep a low profile? Do you want them to step on me everyday?"

Long Chen ruthlessly spat a mouthful of saliva. Such idiots should fiercely slap their faces when they met. Only by slapping their faces until they were the size of their buttocks would they be able to remember.

Although Li Changfeng had good intentions, Long Chen could only accept it from the bottom of his heart. He decided to follow his own style and bite whoever dared to bite me to death.

Long Chen returned to the Xuan Dao Sect and took a breather with Ouyang Qiuyu about Li Changfeng leaving. This old man was furious and did not want to see Ouyang Qiuyu again. Although he could not blame Lu Minghan for the matter, he still felt that it was too embarrassing.

"Elder sister, I have a very serious question to ask you." Long Chen suddenly remembered something and asked very seriously.

Chapter 963 A note to the latest update

"Why?" Ouyang Qiuyu asked in surprise. ,

"Three old ghosts, how did you send them off?" Long Chen asked.

Long Chen knew that since these three old ghosts didn’t get any benefits from Long Chen, they definitely wouldn’t let it go. But Long Chen wanted to know how Li Changfeng had sent them off.

“This matter is over, let’s not talk about it anymore. As long as you can be safe, it’s good enough. Spend money to prevent disasters.” Ouyang Qiuyu was somewhat afraid to look into Long Chen’s eyes.

“Damn, I knew it. You would definitely be ruthlessly slaughtered. How many times did you get killed?” Long Chen was speechless. Looking at Ouyang Qiuyu’s expression, he immediately guessed the result.

"This… This… Almost … “All of them,” Ouyang Qiuyu stuttered. Even her face was a bit unnatural. She didn’t dare to look at Long Chen.

"All… Department? "What does that mean?" Long Chen said with his eyes wide open.

Ouyang Qiuyu was ready to throw caution to the wind and said, "They will pay for everything in our warehouse as well as the spirit essence stones you set up the formation …"

“Cut grass in his nest!” Long Chen’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. Wasn’t this way too ruthless?

“Long Chen, you can earn more money if you don’t have any. Do you know how big of a disaster you’ve caused this time? It’s already good enough that we can use money to buy our lives …” Ouyang Qiuyu said with satisfaction.

No matter how strong Ouyang Qiuyu was, she was still a woman. In terms of resisting pressure, she couldn’t compare to Long Chen. In her opinion, as long as she could save Long Chen, she didn’t care if she went bankrupt.

Moreover, this matter wasn’t something that she could decide. Li Changfeng was the one who had to contend with him. However, from Ouyang Qiuyu’s point of view, she was already very satisfied with this result.

"If I had known earlier, I would have let Guo Ran completely cripple their disciples!" Long Chen said hatefully.

It had to be known that in order to enrich the storage rooms of the Xuan Dao Sect, the spoils of two great wars had been handed over to Ouyang Qiuyu, yet they were all confiscated by the three old men.

Long Chen’s heart was bleeding. Although Long Chen was not stingy, his spoils of war could be thrown away to rot. However, he absolutely could not hand them over to others, especially to his enemies. This was what Long Chen was most angry about.

“Alright, this time elder sister is so poor that your pockets are cleaner than your face. No wonder the courtyard is so damaged, you don’t even plan to rebuild it?” Long Chen said speechlessly.

“You’re still saying, you little bastard. Originally, big sister didn’t even have any money, yet you still tore down big sister’s Profound Heaven Great Hall. Do you want big sister to sleep on the streets?” The poorer they were, the worse the situation would be. Even a landmark like the Profound Heaven Great Hall had been demolished. She wanted to die from the heartache.

"Rest assured, I will create a new one for you. It will be a bigger one, one that will be even more glorious and imposing than before. It will allow the Mysterious Heaven Sect to become ten times more grand than before." Long Chen said with a smile.

Long Chen said these words with absolute confidence because the treasures in his hands were about to form a mountain. In particular, some weapons, pills, secret scriptures, armors, etc. would all become trash. He was just worried that he wouldn’t have a place to deal with them.

“Bullsh * t. The reconstruction of the Celestial Sect of Wonders will require a massive amount of manpower and resources. I’ve already submitted my application, and I don’t know how long it will take before the first funding comes. I estimate that the Celestial Sect of Wonders will be in ruins in a few years!”

After all, he had lived in the Xuan Dao Sect for too long. This was Ouyang Qiuyu’s home, a home that was almost destroyed. Anyone would feel displeased, not to mention the fact that women were sentimental animals.

Elder sister, now that your spirit blood has been replenished, you should be a Tier 3 Skywalker soon to become a king level expert. When that time comes, you should be able to enter the Main Sect. Long Chen said.

Ouyang Qiuyu shook her head and said, "You don’t understand. I’ve lived here for too long, my heart belongs to this place.

And I. I am already too old. I don’t have the vigor of youth like you youngsters and I don’t have the will to go forward. I still like the Xuan Dao Sect.

“How could that be? Big sister still looks young and beautiful, have you forgotten that I treated you as my little sister the first time we met? I almost tried to seduce you …” Long Chen saw a trace of sadness on Ouyang Qiuyu’s face and couldn’t help but laugh.

"What is it? You’re even interested in this old monster? " Ouyang Qiuyu smiled as she looked at Long Chen.

“Elder sister is not old. Her cultivation is without time. Whether she’s old or not depends on her mentality!” Long Chen said.

"You want me to go with Wu Hen to the main sect? Don’t even think about it. We don’t want to worry about it anymore.

We’ve already agreed that we can stay in the Xuan Dao Sect peacefully, so that the two of us can be together? Forget it, we still have two more years to live. Please spare us. " Ouyang Qiuyu shook her head.


Ouyang Qiuyu interrupted Long Chen and said, "Long Chen, we all know about you, and we know that you’re doing this for our own good.

But you have a fatal flaw, and that is that you value friendship too much. We don’t want to be a burden to you, and we are safe here.

“When you reach the peak of martial arts, if you remember the two of us, then come pick us up. We’ll gladly ask for your help and enjoy the feeling of being superior to others, but now is not the time.”

Looking at Ouyang Qiuyu’s clear eyes, Long Chen understood that Ouyang Qiuyu and Shui Wuhen’s choice was the wisest one. Although there was reluctance in their hearts, Long Chen still accepted this suggestion.

As Long Chen was speaking to Ouyang Qiuyu, someone came to report that someone had come looking for Long Chen.

"Brother Wen Long, haha, long time no see."

Long Chen saw Zheng Wenlong, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, in his private room and gave him a fierce hug.

“Haha, Long Chen, oh Long Chen, I thought you’d have doubts if I hadn’t come for so long. It seems that I was overthinking it!” Zheng Wenlong laughed.

Originally, after Long Chen had returned to the Xuan Dao Sect, he had sent someone to inform Zheng Wenlong to come over to discuss some matters. However, Zheng Wenlong had yet to arrive.

Since I’ve chosen to believe in you, I will continue to believe in you. Sit down, let’s have a drink of tea. Long Chen said with a smile.

After the two of them sat down, Zheng Wenlong opened his mouth first and said with a bit of excitement in his voice, “Long Chen, where do you think I’ve been these past few days?”

Long Chen was stunned. "Go … Could it be … “Wow, you didn’t get promoted did you?”

"Haha, Long Chen, I can’t hide anything from you. I just went to the Central Region to participate in the Central Region performance evaluation.

I used a few years of my own achievements and my own hard work to defeat a disciple from another realm and become the vice president of the Central State Hua Yun Merchant Guild.

Although there are eight vice presidents in total, but for a young vice president like me, I am still the first ever. "

Zheng Wenlong’s words were filled with excitement and even a hint of complacency. It was obvious that the vice president’s words held a lot of weight.

"Haha, Brother Wen Long is so brilliant. You actually entered the Central Region first. Brother will hold a celebration feast for you. Come, let us brothers drink a little." Long Chen took out a jar of wine after he finished speaking.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t. Disciples of our Hua Yun Sect are forbidden from drinking alcohol. You have to keep your head clear and do not drink alcohol.” Zheng Wenlong was taken aback. He hurriedly tried to stop Zhang Xuan.

Long Chen didn’t try to force it. He gave Zheng Wenlong a cup of tea and said, “You’ve been promoted. This is a great thing for me. I just happen to have a deal to discuss with you.”

Zheng Wenlong laughed and said, "Hehe, I know. After I came back, there were people who organized the recent events into information. I understand everything."

Long Chen, I have to say, you’re too ruthless. You’re even more ruthless than last time when you were in the Nine Li Secret Realm.

Speak, do you need to use some evil weapons or something like that? Since this brother will help you deal with it, do you need short-term benefits or do you need a long line? "

What Zheng Wenlong meant was that if there was an urgent need for money, then Zheng Wenlong could immediately sell these items.

However, because of the lack of time and the concentration of goods, the profits were bound to be affected. However, the results were quick, although the profits were low.

If it was the long line, then it would be these goods. They would be sold out in batches over several months or even several years. The long lines would bring more benefits, but it would also take a long period of time.

“I don’t have time for this. If you’re interested, just give me a bag price. You can slowly sell the items you’re hoarding.” After Long Chen finished speaking, he tossed Zheng Wenlong a bunch of rings.

Although he was prepared in his heart, he was still shocked by the treasure in Long Chen’s spatial ring.

There were several hundred treasures, and they were all very good treasures as well. There were also countless pills, secret manuals, and spiritual objects. Just counting the value would probably take several days.

“Brother Long Chen, you’re really my lucky star. I’ve only just been promoted to vice president and you’ve already given me such a great achievement!” Zheng Wenlong said excitedly.

"This is only a part of it. I want to exchange some money to rebuild the Xuan Dao Sect. Also, I have some treasures that I want you to help me estimate the value of the palm and eye.

“I’m not going to do anything about these things, but I need to know the market price and help me keep an eye out for some rare treasures.”

After Long Chen finished speaking, he took out a drop of the top-grade Transcending Mortality Liquid, a drop of Myriad Spirit Blood, and a spirit essence stone.

When Zheng Wenlong saw these three items, his eyes nearly bulged out of his head. These three items were practically priceless treasures, and each one was enough to cause a sensation. To think that Long Chen would actually use all three items!

"Thank you." Zheng Wenlong looked at Long Chen with a grateful expression.

The fact Long Chen could give him these three items showed his absolute trust in him. If news of these three items were to spread, it would bring about Long Chen’s death. However, Long Chen didn’t hesitate to give it to him.

"These three things are all top-grade treasures. They have a price but are unable to be bought. Thus, I am truly unable to estimate their actual value at the moment.

Since you’re not in a hurry to make a move, I’ll take it back and do some investigation.

After I go back, I will quickly organize the recent auction information in my hands. If you have anything you’re interested in, just a word from me and I’ll find someone to help you buy it.

“As for the money you’re in urgent need of, I have the right to apply for a large amount of Spirit Stones now. Even if you want to expand the Xuan Dao Sect by ten times, it’ll be more than enough,” Zheng Wenlong patted his chest as he guaranteed.

Since Zheng Wenlong was now the vice president of the Hua Yun Sect, his boldness became even more shocking.

The two had been working together for a long time. Many things could be settled with just a few words. Zheng Wenlong excitedly left, but Long Chen felt as if a burden had been lifted from his heart.

Chapter 964 The Divine Congealing Talisman

It had to be said that Zheng Wenlong’s efficiency was too fast. On the second day, he delivered thirty million high-grade spirit stones. This was equivalent to three billion mid-grade spirit stones…

From this, it fully demonstrated Zheng Wenlong’s courage and determination. Only Greater Skywalker experts and above could absorb the high-grade spirit stones.

Although it could not compare to spirit essence stones, it was already an extremely rare existence in the Sky Martial Continent. It was the hardest currency in the Sky Martial Continent.

With this sum of money, Ouyang Qiuyu’s pretty face finally broke into a smile. She wiped away the haze that had hung over her past, praising her for her ability.

Although he knew that the word "capable" was just an ordinary word of praise, when Ouyang Qiuyu said it, Long Chen still reacted evilly.

The thirty million high-grade spirit stones instantly made Ouyang Qiuyu look rich. She immediately gathered people and greeted the Celestial Sect of Wonders, which had fought in the Great War of the Righteous Evil Realm together with the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

Without saying a word, the large sects began to put in their effort to rebuild the Xuan Dao Sect. They needed a large amount of resources and a large amount of labor.

Zheng Wenlong first sent over thirty million high-grade spirit stones, and then he brought over a large amount of materials.

Long Chen admired Zheng Wenlong from the bottom of his heart. Not only had he brought over the materials, but even the skilled craftsmen were able to find them. They were all top craftsmen in the Eastern Wasteland.

Seeing that Long Chen was so rich and overbearing, Ouyang Qiuyu did not hold back. In any case, the trouble was caused by Long Chen. Long Chen had once said that he would build a sect ten times more luxurious than the original Mysterious Heaven Sect.

Ouyang Qiuyu and Shui Wuhen had designed a plan overnight. After handing it to the craftsmen, they quickly came to a conclusion.

On the second day, the construction began. However, on the day of construction, there was an accident and countless experts of the righteous path swarmed over.

Long Chen did not understand at first, but later he found out that these people were all experts of the righteous path of the Eastern Wastelands. Today, the Nether Clan had failed, and the Celestial Sect of Wonders was the only power in the Eastern Wastelands.

Now that the Xuan Dao Sect had been rebuilt, it was the best time to flatter them. It seemed like all the large and small sects in the Eastern Wasteland were coming over to help.

Although his intentions were very clear, Ouyang Qiuyu didn’t refuse. This way, the reconstruction would be much easier with millions of righteous experts working as laborers.

There was money, there was materials, there were craftsmen, there were coolies. Ouyang Qiuyu and Shui Wuhen looked excitedly at the blueprints all day long, directing from the side non-stop. The two of them seemed to have returned to their girlhood and were building their own homes. Their laughter never stopped.

Seeing the two of them working so hard, Long Chen didn’t want to worry about them anymore. He brought the soldiers to a nearby mountain peak, dug a cave, and started cultivating in seclusion.

The Dragonblood Warriors had just broken through to the Sea Opening stage, and after the successive battles, their auras had already settled down. Their realms had been consolidated.

Long Chen immediately used his spirit essence stones to set up a formation array. He took out the Eternal Light Lamp, and before he left, the Eastern Wasteland Bell taught Long Chen how to use the Eternal Light Lamp.

The Eternal Light Lamp was not an offensive weapon, but a treasure that assisted cultivation. It contained the blessings of an ancient almighty, and the light inside it could stir the heavens and illuminate the hearts of people. It would allow one’s mind to be clear and one’s mind would be one with the heavens.

Normally, when a person cultivated, they would first have to eliminate all distracting thoughts and enter a meditative state. After entering a meditative state, they would focus on the state of silence, allow the spirit to return to the void, help the spirit, and use a single thought to guide and communicate with the heavenly dao.

This was a kind of ‘delusion’, or a kind of self-hypnosis. Everything was guided by the will, and as for the effect, everyone was basically different.

Thus, in the Sea Opening Realm, the difference in cultivation speed was the greatest. This realm had already started to come into contact with a sliver of the laws of the world, so the Sea Opening Realm was a very important foundation realm. It was not as simple as just opening up one’s Qi Sea.

With the ancient lamp, the warm light radiated outwards, causing one’s body to feel warm and completely relaxed, just like a baby sleeping in its mother’s womb. The spirit essence automatically circulated, and the Qi Sea slowly revolved, so there was no need for everyone to intentionally train, as long as they followed the guidance of the ancient lamp, they could enter that indescribable magical realm.

What Long Chen couldn’t believe was that the Qi Sea of the crowd was slowly expanding at a slow speed.

“He actually didn’t even need a Sea Opening Pill, but he was able to use it a second time?” Long Chen was both surprised and happy. No wonder the Eastern Wasteland Bell said that this Eternal Light Lamp was a pretty good treasure.

However, Long Chen discovered that the Eternal Light Lamp was ineffective against Wildie. He could only stare with wide eyes at the sleeping crowd with a baby-like smile on their faces. He had no idea what had happened.

“Wildie, why don’t you go out and play? Remember your coordinates and don’t lose it.” Long Chen said as he looked at Wildie. He was too bored.

After Wildie’s continuous battles, the “tidbits” in his hands was almost over. He might as well just let him go out and look for food.

Through the Sense Talisman, Long Chen could roughly sense his direction. Although it wasn’t a specific location, the effective distance was very far, and as long as the direction was not bad, it would be easy to find him.

After sending Wildie away, Long Chen gave the others some protectors and started to study the secret regarding the Sky-Opening that Feng Xinglie had taught Long Chen.

Although Long Chen could use the third move of the Sky-Opening Stage, the effect wouldn’t be too obvious if he didn’t have the support of the divine talisman.

Back then, even though Long Chen had executed the third move of the Sky-Opening, he had been carelessly cut by Lu Minghan. That was because Long Chen had yet to nurture a divine talisman.

If Feng Xinglie had used the third move of the Sky-Opening, even if Lu Minghan was on full alert, he would still have been killed with a single sword strike. This was the disparity between them.

"What a profound logic. Every symbol has a mysterious connection between them that complements each other. Is this really something that a human can deduce?"

Long Chen sighed in his heart. He had only just started studying the first nine symbols, but he was immediately attracted by the profound logic within and was unable to extricate himself.

Every Divine Talisman represented a different type of law. There were nine of them in a group, and each of them represented a different kind of law.

Feng Xinglie directly told Long Chen about the specific meaning of this. Don’t ask him about this sort of thing, because he didn’t know either. In any case, he could just practice whatever the old man wanted him to.

But as Long Chen looked at these divine runes, his mind was filled with countless thoughts. He seemed to have understood a principle and comprehended something, but when he thought about it more carefully, there was nothing at all.

"Beating the tiger with a stick, eating the chicken with the tiger, eating the worm with the chicken, eating the worm with the stick? Complementary, paradoxical, and mutually exclusive? But it doesn’t make sense. "

Long Chen looked at it for a long time, but still couldn’t figure out the true relationship between the two. He simply didn’t want to waste his time thinking about it.

Long Chen calmed his heart and calmed his Qi. He first used his spirit energy to open the nine acupoints required for the first move of the sky, and then left a whirlpool of spirit energy in each acupoint.

He left a part of his soul within each swirl. The energy of each soul was different, and each soul contained a different energy.

Originally, it was extremely difficult for the disciples of the Heaven Opening Sect to reach this stage. This was like sowing seeds in nine acupoints. The cyclone was a fertilizer and divine sense was the seed of the soul.

Moreover, inside each seed was the elementary form of a divine talisman that he had condensed in his mind beforehand. The process of hatching each seed was a bit similar to that of hatching a small chicken.

It was only the disciples of the Heaven Opening Battlefield Faction that had cultivated this cultivation method, causing their soul force to be extremely ordinary. Thus, to them, this sort of control over their soul force was simply heaven-defying.

But to Long Chen, this was an easy task. After the nine divine runes were completed, he would use his soul force to activate them.

However, this process was a bit cumbersome as it wasn’t completed one at a time, but nine divine runes. Long Chen’s soul force had to be divided into nine parts to hatch these runes.

Moreover, he also had to evenly balance the strength of his soul and allow the nine divine symbols to grow at the same time. He couldn’t let the larger ones and the smaller ones grow at the same time.

It was a good thing that his soul force was strong, and his control over it was also extremely strong. Soon, the nine elementary Divine Imprints formed in his acupoints, gradually growing larger. They became clearer and clearer.

Until the nine divine talismans completely appeared, Long Chen’s face suddenly became serious as he softly chanted:

"Heaven opens a thread to shine upon the universe, the power of all spirits condenses the divine imprint." Opening the Celestial talisman … "Open!"

This was the first time Long Chen had ever read this kind of chant, but he always felt that it was nonsense, like a swindler.


However, Long Chen suddenly discovered that after he finished reciting the incantation, Long Chen immediately felt as if a mysterious power had surged into the world.

The energy was formless, but Long Chen could feel the nine acupoints within Long Chen’s body light up. The nine Divine Symbols seemed to come alive as they began to slowly circulate.

Not only that, but every single Divine Seal seemed to have its own life and consciousness. They were connected to Long Chen’s soul, just like nine newborn babies, swimming about vigorously.

“Could it be that there really is a God of Heaven’s Blessing in this world?” Long Chen’s heart thumped wildly as he watched the nine Divine Symbols move about.

That was because this sort of power was not something that belonged to Long Chen at all. It was merely a mysterious power that helped Long Chen complete the spirit awakening process after he recited those songs. This was truly too shocking.

Back then, when Feng Xinglie spoke about Spirit Enlightenment, he was also unclear about why he couldn’t say anything. In the end, he would tell Long Chen and he would know after trying.

Now, Long Chen finally understood that this sort of thing could not be explained with words. This was a type of power that Long Chen was currently unable to explain.

His success in condensing the Divine Talisman this time gave Long Chen great confidence. To him, this was nothing at all. It was extremely easy.

Long Chen was about to continue condensing the second form of the Heaven Opening Technique when suddenly, a disciple came to report to him.

Chapter 965 Aunt Yu

" Yue Xiaoqian!"

This person had a graceful figure and a picturesque appearance. Her entire body exuded a spotless aura. Although her face was covered by a white veil, a pair of limpid autumn water was enough to hook a person’s soul away. Who else could possess such soul-stirring beauty other than Yue Xiaoqian?

Long Chen was both surprised and happy that Yue Xiaoqian had finally come…

"Long Chen, let me introduce you. This is Aunt Yu." When Yue Xiaoqian saw Long Chen, she too was overjoyed. However, she still courteously introduced the woman beside her.

The woman in front of him looked to be about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. She was tall, had a bun tied around her head, and was wearing a long robe. She gave off an indescribably dignified aura.

“Greetings, Aunt Yu.” Long Chen hurriedly saluted. It seemed this person was Yue Xiaoqian’s parents. He had to be careful.

"You are Long Chen?" "He is indeed a genius. No wonder he could seduce our Holy Maiden to such a state …" Unexpectedly, she did not put on any airs at all. Looking at Long Chen, it was obvious that she was very satisfied with him.

"Aunt Yu, you …" Yue Xiaoqian obviously did not expect Aunty Yu to be so direct. She could not help but blush.

"Hehe, Aunt Yu, you flatter me. "I dare not say I deserve it!" Long Chen was overjoyed and almost brought out the word "little brother". That would be embarrassing to an adult.

Aunt Yu said: "Alright, you are already so old, there is nothing to be shy about. I will not interfere in the matters of you youngsters.

Long Chen, you have no idea that Yue Xiaoqian has praised you so highly within the clan. Aren’t I being sent out to help Yue Xiaoqian make a decision? "

“Aunt Yu, if you continue to be so flippant, I’ll ignore you!” Yue Xiaoqian said angrily. She was a girl after all, and her skin was thin. She couldn’t compare to someone like Long Chen.

“Okay, okay, then let’s get down to business.” Aunt Yu saw that Yue Xiaoqian was getting impatient and stopped teasing her. She extended her hand and Long Chen felt the world warp around her as an indescribable force isolated the world.

Long Chen was astonished. Just what level of expert was this Aunt Yu? Why was it so terrifying? Just what kind of power was this?

It was not teleportation right now. It was as if they were in chaotic space and could not see anything around them. There were only three people standing in this strange space.

"Long Chen, I express the most sincere of thanks to you on behalf of the Ancestral Demon race …"

After Aunt Yu finished speaking, she actually bowed. Long Chen hastily returned the greeting, “Aunt Yu, what are you doing? This little one can’t take it.”

“We can afford it. Our starting demons owe you far too much. To be honest, the starting demons of today have been forced to the brink of death. If we don’t change now, I’m afraid they will really go extinct.” Aunt Yu sighed.

Long Chen shook his head. “Aunt Yu, your words are too serious. Actually, Long Chen’s actions are all done for his own good. Our cooperation is mutually beneficial. It can’t be said that we owe him.”

Auntie Yu smiled. With a hint of admiration in her eyes, she said, "Yue Xiaoqian has already told me about your problem. I came here to see if you need any help. If there are any problems that you cannot solve, I can help you."

Long Chen’s heart skipped a beat. He knew that Aunt Yu meant that she would be able to help if there was an opponent she could not defeat.

"Not for the time being, but there will definitely be in the future. Because I, as a person, am extremely confident in my ability to stir up trouble." Long Chen patted his chest in assurance. He was fully confident on this point.

"Did you bring the list?" Long Chen asked.

"Yes, but. "There are a lot of things …" Yue Xiaoqian said in embarrassment.

Because of the lack of resources in the Heavenly Ream Realm, there were far too many things missing. Although these were all things that were most urgently needed, there were still hundreds of them. This caused Yue Xiaoqian to feel uneasy.

Long Chen looked at the list and saw that most of them were pills. He couldn’t help but ask, “Do we of the Insect don’t have any pills?”

“Yes, that’s why pills are the most lacking, because many people are stuck at bottlenecks and are unable to break through. There are also some people who have problems during their promotion and have flaws in their foundation. If these flaws are not fixed, then it will seriously affect their future progress.” Yue Xiaoqian was somewhat worried. This matter was of the utmost importance to the initial demons.

This was because medicinal pills were too important to cultivators. Otherwise, the Pill Valley wouldn’t have such a terrifying status, as the entire cultivation world relied on them.

“Long Chen, although it’s a bit difficult, I …” Yue Xiaoqian held onto Long Chen’s hand, her voice choked with sobs. She only found out some secrets now.

This was because there were many people in the original demons. Without the assistance of medicine pills, they had problems in their cultivation and suffered torments all year round. There were even some that became devils and were locked up.

In the past, she did not know about this, but this time, Yue Xiaoqian brought back a lot of pills. The Ancestral Demon race was overjoyed, and it was only when they were recuperating that Yue Xiaoqian found out that the Ancestral Demon race had this kind of unknown pain.

"Relax, leave it to me. Basically, none of the pills are important." When Long Chen heard the whole story, he patted his chest and said.

“Thank you, Long Chen!” Yue Xiaoqian could not help but be pleasantly surprised. Hearing Long Chen’s promise, she was completely at ease because she understood Long Chen very well. Long Chen would never say something that he wasn’t confident in.

"However, the number is too great. I need some time!" Long Chen said.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. We’ll just wait a bit,” Yue Xiaoqian said hastily.

Long Chen thought about it for a moment and said, "How about this, there’s a need to prioritize matters. We should be the first to rush in.

Our Mysterious Heaven Sect and the Pill Valley have fallen out. Buying pills from them is as difficult as ascending to the heavens, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll go through other channels then! "

Yue Yue Xiaoqian and Aunt Yu’s expressions changed slightly when they heard that she had fallen out with the Pill Valley. From what they knew, only the Pill Valley had pills.

"What channel?" Yue Xiaoqian asked hurriedly.

"How about this, I will take a batch of pills from the Hua Yun Sect and buy some from the other sects. I will give some to those with Qigong deviation, giving priority to those with Qigong Qigong Qigong Qigong Qigong Qigong Qigong Qigong Qigong Qigong Qigong.

After that, I will work with the Hua Yun Sect. I will provide them with a formula and concoct a large amount of healing pills. After the crisis is over, I will then concoct the supporting pills.

Aunty Yu, right now, the Eastern Wastelands Mysterious Heaven Sect is the only sect in the entire sect. Even the Ancient Clan wouldn’t dare to move since they have suffered severe injuries.

On the surface, you just need to do some business and hide things from others. I will ask the Heavenly Mystery Sect and the Hua Yun Sect to open the back door for you. There are two forces backing you and no one will dare to provoke you.

“Try to manage some unpopular things, so that the fewer customers there are, the better. It’s best if they don’t open their doors for more than ten years. Do you understand what I mean?” Long Chen said.


Before they came, Aunt Yu and Yue Xiaoqian were somewhat apprehensive. After all, this matter was related to the future of the entire initial Demon race.

Now that they saw Long Chen and his analysis, the problems that had been weighing down on their hearts like mountains could be easily solved by him.

This made the two of them happy, especially when Long Chen opened his mouth to speak to them. He shut his mouth and our clan was like family.

“There’s no time to lose, let’s split up now. I’ll notify the Hua Yun Sect right now and use the sect head’s name to try and get the pills.”

"Auntie Yu, please look around for a suitable city and buy a place to set up your stronghold. At the same time, inform the clan to send some clever fellows to take care of it. If Aunt Yu has nothing else, please take care of it for now, just in case." Long Chen said.

Seeing Long Chen at such a young age, acting in a manner that left no room for worry, Aunt Yu could not help but admire him in her heart. With Long Chen around, she did not have to worry about anything.

“I’ll stay here to accompany Long Chen. Aunt Yu, please do your work first.” Yue Xiaoqian spoke. However, when she saw that Aunt Yu’s smile was not a smile, her voice immediately grew softer.

“I’m here to be Long Chen’s assistant …” Yue Xiaoqian tried to defend herself.

Aunt Yu left, but the blush on Yue Xiaoqian’s pretty face did not fade. Long Chen took a deep breath and pulled Yue Xiaoqian into the cave. They had to face what was to come.

“This must be little sister Yue Xiaoqian. Long Chen has been talking about you.” When they returned to the cave, Meng Qi and Tang Wan’er had awoken and were guarding the cave entrance. Meng Qi was the first to speak.

"I… I… Yue Xiaoqian greets her two elder sisters! "Yue Yue Xiaoqian was a little nervous. A trace of unease flashed across her eyes as she hurriedly bowed to Meng Qi and Tang Wan’er.

“Good little sister, sit down and talk. Long Chen, it’s none of your business. You can scram now. Don’t eavesdrop on us sisters talking!” Tang Wan’er glared fiercely at Long Chen.

Long Chen’s heart, which had originally been hanging in the air, was finally relieved after Tang Wan’er glared at him. She was filled with gratitude towards Meng Qi. She was really worthy of being the original Madam. Her methods were too cool.

From Tang Wan’er’s expression, one could tell that Meng Qi had already greeted them. Tang Wan’er was clearly a bit jealous, but as long as she didn’t act up, everything was going smoothly. Meng Qi is in my hands, and I have … Oh god, Qi Qi, I really love you to death.

"Wipe your saliva, hurry up and leave. We sisters need to be considerate!" Meng Qi said snappily. She understood Long Chen too well. She extended her hand to push Long Chen away.

Long Chen was extremely excited, and the burden in his heart was finally lifted. He felt his entire body was filled with strength, and using Ouyang Qiuyu’s banner, he gathered all the Sect Leaders to give them a list of all the pills he needed.

Seeing Long Chen deal with them, all the Sect Leaders were overjoyed and sent their disciples back. All the pills on the list were brought over.

The enthusiasm of these Sect Leaders caused Long Chen to be shocked. Their speed was so fast that it left him speechless. On the second day, countless pills flew in front of Long Chen.

Long Chen directly gave them three times the price of the pills from the Pill Valley. Although many people said that they didn’t want them, Long Chen still gave them the spirit stones. Long Chen didn’t owe anyone anything.

After half a day, Aunt Yu came. Aunt Yu was very efficient. The foothold was ready, so she sent someone to set it up.

When Long Chen handed a large pile of medicinal pills to Aunt Yu, she was so excited that she immediately bade farewell to Long Chen and returned to the Heavenly Rebirth Realm.

After sending Aunt Yu off, Long Chen met with Zheng Wenlong again. When it came to cooperation in alchemy, Zheng Wenlong was ecstatic. One had to know that the profits from refining pills were the greatest in the world.

Long Chen gave Zheng Wenlong a dozen or so pill formulas in one breath, all of which were not available in the outside world.

The last time he cooperated with Long Chen on pills, he had already made a huge profit. Even now, he still had an extremely objective income.

Now that Zheng Wenlong had obtained these pill formulas, he promised to use his hands and feet properly this time and slap the Pill Valley’s face once and for all.