Nine Star Hegemon Body Art -C956-960


Chapter 956 The Nature of Greed

“Long Chen, pay attention to your words and don’t lose etiquette!” Ouyang Qiuyu shouted. ,

But Ouyang Qiuyu was groaning in her heart. Just what was this little ancestor thinking? Even if you refused, you could just say that you didn’t get anything and that would do.

Was there a need to humiliate others in such a manner? Was this a joke? He was a king level expert after all. What was the difference between this and slapping them in the face? Ouyang Qiuyu was about to go crazy.

"Courtesies are told to reasonable people, and to hypocrites who use the sword of nectar. They will suffer a great deal.

These three fellows, in the name of avenging the dead, are actually doing it for the secret on my body.

If it wasn’t for the arrival of the Sect Leader and Third Uncle, I don’t know where I would have been captured by them and subjected to their torture.

What kind of etiquette am I going to use to deal with such a person? “Their intentions are vicious, but it’s a pity that my current cultivation is not high enough. Otherwise, I would have personally wrenched off their heads.” Long Chen said indifferently.

Long Chen’s words caused the expressions of the Pill Valley King and the other two kings to turn extremely ugly. Their anger was rising because Long Chen’s words had triggered the most hidden part of their hearts. They had indeed come for the secret on Long Chen’s body.

Not only did they want to find out the clues about the Eastwatch Bell, they also wanted to obtain a large amount of spirit essence stones, because spirit stones were too precious in the Sky Martial Continent.

Apart from the Eastern Desolate Bell and spirit essence stones, what they had set their eyes on the most was the secret that Long Chen could turn ordinary people into Skywalkers. This was a temptation that no power could resist.

“Good boy, you have guts. You can’t call me Third Uncle for nothing. Boy, just nod your head. Third Uncle can help you chop off the heads of those three.” Feng Xinglie laughed out loud and patted the broadsword behind him.

Feng Xing Lie’s words startled everyone. If someone else had said it, they would have thought it was just a threat.

However, as long as the Heaven Battling Sect was eliminated, everyone would know that this group of people never knew what a threat was. They would do as they said, since there was nothing they didn’t dare to do.

The expressions of the three people greatly changed. However, Long Chen shook his head and said, "Thank you for your good will, Third Uncle. Long Chen is also a man that stands at the top of the world. He needs to personally take revenge."

Hearing Long Chen reject Feng Xinglie made Li Changfeng heave a sigh of relief. He was truly worried. One was young and vigorous, while the other was rampant and unrestrained. No one could guarantee what the two would do next.

“Long Chen, don’t even think about slandering me. I, Lu Tianhua, am also someone with a reputation in the Pill Valley. Why would I do such a thing?” The Pill Valley King Realm expert, Lu Tianhua, roared.

At the same time, the other two people also coldly looked at Long Chen. They were clearly very angry. It wasn’t just Long Chen, even Ouyang Qiuyu was looking down on him.

Earlier, when Feng Xing Lie had been holding the sword hilt, they had been so frightened that their faces had even turned green. Now that Long Chen had rejected Feng Xing Lie’s offer, they had all been showing their anger after feeling wronged. This was too shameless.

"Lu family?"

A hint of understanding suddenly appeared in Long Chen’s eyes. He had stayed in the Pill Tower for quite some time, and along with Chai Huo and Fang Chang, he had learned quite a few secrets of the Pill Tower.

One must know that the major matters of the Eastern Wastelands Pill Pagoda had to be reported to Elder Lu of the Pill Valley. They had the right to speak to the Pill Valley directly.

Thinking of this, a sneer appeared on Long Chen’s face, “Lu Tianhua, right? You’re quite bold, not following the rules of the Pill Valley and meddling in worldly affairs. Very good, very good. I think highly of you.”

"Impudent, what nonsense are you spouting?" Lu Tianhua suddenly felt uneasy. He blurted out his name in anger and regret.

Because he noticed that when Long Chen heard his name, his eyes lit up as if he knew something. He felt slightly uneasy.

"Lu Tianhua, you should be clear on whether or not I’m spouting nonsense. The Heavenly Netherworld Sect has to pass the Pill Tower to seek help from the Pill Valley.

Furthermore, the Eastern Wasteland Pill Pagoda is under your jurisdiction, Lu Tianhua. After you received the news, you did not report it to the Pill Valley and instead acted privately. " Long Chen said coldly.

Being stared at by Long Chen, Lu Tianhua was astonished. He did not expect Long Chen to know this much.

Even Li Changfeng and the rest were shocked. Even they did not know about Lu Tianhua’s background, but Long Chen did.

"Who said I was acting on my own? I… I came here to mediate under the orders of the upper echelons. I had good intentions in mind… "

Long Chen waved his hand to interrupt Lu Tianhua, saying, “Stop bullshitting. It’s meaningless. You should know what’s going on right now.”

Pray that this matter will not blow up, that your opponent will not find out, that the higher echelons of the Pill Valley will not find out, or else your Lu Tianhua’s good days will come to an end!

Hearing Long Chen’s words, although Lu Tianhua concealed it extremely well, everyone here, with the exception of Feng Xinglie, was a sly old fox who had seen through some clues.

Li Changfeng’s mouth curved into a smile as he looked at Long Chen. A hint of admiration appeared in his eyes. He didn’t expect that Long Chen, at such a young age, would know so much that it stunned the Pill Valley King.

"Long Chen, don’t speak nonsense. Senior brother Lu Tianhua did receive orders from the higher ups to come and mediate.

"No matter what, peace is the most important thing. Otherwise, if it will not benefit everyone, why not make it small and make it small so that everyone will be happy?" Li Changfeng tried to smooth things over.

Li Changfeng’s words had already hinted to the three of them not to go overboard. After all, Long Chen was in the right, and the Xuan Dao Sect had made it clear that they wanted to protect Long Chen.

If your attitude is better, we still have room for discussion. If your attitude is not good, then don’t blame us.

If you make things difficult for us, then I’m sorry, but let’s not get along.

Li Changfeng’s meaning was extremely clear. No one should make things difficult for anyone. They calmly discussed a solution and this matter could be considered as over.

One had to say, Long Chen’s counterattack this time was extremely vicious. Originally, Li Changfeng was most afraid of Lu Tianhua, but now that Long Chen had a handle on Lu Tianhua and he didn’t dare to say a word, then everything would be easy.

In addition, Long Chen’s guess was correct. In a great power, the fish and the dragons were all mixed together. Who didn’t have a rival?

This was because he had seen all sorts of people in his life, except for Long Chen. He was simply a madman, and the most frightening thing was that he was an intelligent madman, the person with the most destructive power.

He believed that if he forced Long Chen into a corner, this guy would do whatever he wanted. Without the confidence to kill Long Chen, it would be best not to provoke him.

The moment he stopped talking, the other two king level entities sensed that something was amiss. The Ancient Clan experts could only open their mouths and say,

"No matter who was right or wrong, our Ancient Clan suffered great losses in the end. Brother Zhang Feng, should you give us an explanation?"

He didn’t want to talk to Long Chen because he had completely experienced Long Chen’s eloquence. A single word from him could choke him to death, so he spoke to Li Changfeng.

No matter what, he was representing the Ancient Clan. Even if it was the Ancient Clan’s fault, if so many people died, it meant slapping the entire Ancient Clan’s face. They needed to save some face, or else the Ancient Clan’s prestige would be completely gone.

The arrival of the experts from the ancient clans and the ancient families had been approved by the upper echelons. This was a serious negotiation, otherwise, if they were to suffer a loss and didn’t dare to fart, they would become a laughingstock in the cultivation world.

Li Changfeng nodded his head and said, "Indeed. Regardless of the process, just based on the result, Long Chen really went a bit too far with this matter."

Long Chen was about to speak, but Ouyang Qiuyu grabbed him by the neck and held him tightly with her lily-white hands, preventing him from saying a single word. She was afraid of Long Chen.

Li Changfeng pretended not to see Ouyang Qiuyu’s actions and continued, “But Long Chen is still young and only in his early twenties, so his ability to distinguish between right and wrong isn’t that strong. To be honest, we can’t blame children. We can only blame the old guys on our side for not showing enough concern for our children.”

Long Chen, it doesn’t matter whether you’re here or not. After all, you’ve killed so many people. This is wrong.

Therefore, in order to share the glory of peace and harmony, distribute the spirit essence stones you received to the three of you as an apology.

Don’t feel wronged, we are all people with good reputations, we don’t care about anything else, but we need to preserve our face, when you grow up, you will understand and be obedient! "

Li Changfeng’s words were like coaxing a child. There was no other way around it. Long Chen was someone who wouldn’t take a beating if he were to try to force him. If he did, he would be done for.

Only then did Ouyang Qiuyu let go of Long Chen, allowing him to speak. Long Chen looked at Ouyang Qiuyu’s pleading expression, and finally sighed.

“Alright, I can’t control my strength much. A good man can’t handle a pack of wolves. For the sake of elder sister Sect Head, I’ll just give you all my belongings.” Long Chen said with a pained expression.

The three people couldn’t help but be overjoyed. Long Chen was related to the aboriginals. The aboriginals would definitely give him a lot of spirit essence stones.

It could be seen from the mountain protection array that Long Chen definitely had a lot of spirit essence stones. Now that they heard Long Chen was going to take out all of their wealth, the three couldn’t help but be elated.

“Nephew is indeed sensible. Sigh, actually, this is only the orders from the higher-ups. We can’t do anything about it either. Otherwise, we won’t throw away our face and make things difficult for a child like you,” said the Ancient Era’s Family’s Alliance’s King somewhat embarrassedly.

“Yeah, we were forced to do that. After all, we are people with a lot of reputation. If we weren’t forced to do it …” Sigh, I won’t say anymore. " However, the excitement in his eyes betrayed him.

"Child, you are sensible and we will not let you suffer any losses. If you suffer any losses in the future, you can just send a letter to Dan Gu. I, Lu Tianhua, will definitely support you …" Lu Tianhua said.

When Long Chen said he would give up all his possessions, Lu Minghan’s expression changed. He was about to speak, but was stopped by a glance from Li Changfeng.

“Here, I’ll give you all of my belongings. From now on, the road towards the sky, everyone walk to the other side.” Long Chen extended his hand and ignored the three people’s nonsense as he spoke with a pained expression.

When the three of them clearly understood what was in Long Chen’s hands, the praises abruptly stopped, and their expressions turned extremely ugly:

"Are you f * cking messing with us?" The three of them roared at the same time.

Chapter 957 - Playing the Dead

The spirit essence stones in Long Chen’s hand sparkled brilliantly and his source spirit energy rushed out. However, there were only three in Long Chen’s hand. ,

Three, yes, only three. Looking at the three spirit essence stones in Long Chen’s hands, the three king level entities couldn’t help but have their faces warp in expression, their eyes seemingly on the verge of spitting fire.

Thinking about Long Chen’s pained expression and the elation they had shown earlier, Long Chen’s three spirit essence stones were like a resounding slap on their faces.

"Who has the time to play with you? All of laozi’s belongings have been used to set up the great protective formation, and the three pieces in my hands are things I need to keep. " Long Chen said angrily.

The three of them did not believe Long Chen’s words at all. Long Chen was clearly an iron rooster, but there was nothing they could do about it.

“Hand over your spatial ring. Let us inspect it once. If there really is nothing else, we’ll turn around and leave.” The king level expert from the Ancient Era’s Family stared at the spatial ring on Long Chen’s finger and said.

Long Chen’s expression “changed” and he shouted harshly: "Bullshit, your father’s space ring, on what basis are you inspecting it? That is laozi’s privacy. "

Long Chen’s expression immediately made the three of them realize something. Long Chen definitely had a lot of spirit essence stones. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so nervous.

“Hmph, if you don’t have any ulterior motives, then hand over your spatial ring. The three of us will keep our word. If you really don’t have one, then we will leave immediately.” The Ancient Clan’s king level expert also spoke.

"You all … "Lu Tianhua, what do you say to that?" Long Chen directly said.

Lu Tianhua was put in a difficult position. Although he coveted Long Chen’s spirit essence stones, he felt that offending this lunatic Long Chen was not wise enough, and it was very likely that he would lose out.

However, he was standing with the other two and couldn’t pretend to be mute. He could only bite the bullet and say, “Long Chen, stop messing around. We are all people with good reputations. You messing with us like this is really dishonorable …”

Hearing Lu Tianhua’s words, Ouyang Qiuyu sighed in her heart. Long Chen was probably the only person in this world who could force a king level expert to such a state and speak the word “virtuous” out of his mouth.

Lu Tianhua continued, “We won’t bully you. You killed two of my beloved disciples, exterminated countless disciples of the ancient and ancient families, and divided the spirit essence stones in your space ring into half. How about that?”

Li Changfeng could not help but secretly nod his head. Lu Tianhua had already given in. Li Changfeng reckoned that Long Chen could use the Mountain Protection Formation to take out over a thousand spirit essence stones. He had at least eight thousand spirit essence stones.

Split in half. Although it was a bit painful, when Long Chen came out of the Eternal Road this time, he had caused too much trouble. It was so big that even their hearts were jumping out of their chests.

"Alright, this is what you said, here!"

Long Chen let out a cold snort. He withdrew his interspatial ring and threw it to Lu Tianhua. Lu Tianhua took the ring and scanned it with his Spiritual Sense. Instantly, his face turned extremely ugly.

A spatial ring was a treasure. The space within it was dozens of miles in diameter. Within it, there were dozens of treasures, and all sorts of pills, armors, and materials were contained within.

He did have spirit essence stones in his spatial ring, but there was only one. Lying in a corner alone, there was a light flashing around him, as if he was laughing silently.

"Hmph, what you said is only split into half. I originally only had four spirit essence stones left, but now give me another one. That way, I can have two spirit essence stones." Long Chen sneered.

In reality, Long Chen had already expected this result. All of his valuable treasures were in the Chaotic Space. This spatial ring was only used to trick people.

Furthermore, the treasures in the Draconic Dust Chaos Dimension could be connected to the interspatial ring. As long as Long Chen had a thought, the treasures between the two could be exchanged.

In order to make the spatial ring a bit more realistic, Long Chen purposefully put in a few treasures. However, they were all garbage, and were basically all broken.

This was reasonable and reasonable. After all, Long Chen had obtained quite a few spoils of war on the ancient road. If he didn’t have a single treasure, then it would be too fake.

As for the treasures he had obtained on the battlefield, they had all been handed over to Ouyang Qiuyu. As for the experts of the ancient clans, the king level treasures, they had all been destroyed, and even the treasure itself had been left to Ouyang Qiuyu. He hoped that Ouyang Qiuyu would have a rich family background that she could rely on to rise to prominence in the future.

“I don’t believe you, the spirit essence stones must be on your trusted aides!” Lu Tianhua passed the storage ring over to the other two, the Ancient King Stage expert said angrily.

"Idiot, spirit essence stones are a spiritual object of heaven and earth. Don’t you see that their spatial rings are all ordinary? “Only my treasure grade spatial ring can barely hold a spirit essence stone.” Long Chen mocked.

When the person heard this, he realized that was indeed the case. Did Long Chen really only have so many spirit stones? Then they would return empty-handed.

When they thought about how Long Chen had pretended that he was not afraid of them searching for him, and how Long Chen had intentionally pretended that his face had changed, they knew that they had been tricked by Long Chen. Now that he had spoken such big words, if they wanted to go back on their words in front of them, they would not be able to save face and would be stuck in a dilemma for a while.

"Who said that…"

Long Chen was about to say something, but Li Changfeng, who had taken the ring and glanced at him, said, “Long Chen, you don’t have anything else to do here. Bring two esteemed guests and come to the Xuan Dao Sect to enjoy the scenery. Don’t neglect our esteemed guests.”

Li Changfeng also knew that regardless of whether Long Chen had spirit essence stones or not, no one would be able to dig them out. He would just pretend that Long Chen didn’t have any spirit essence stones with him.

Long Chen was basically useless now. This child who didn’t know the rules should just let him leave as soon as possible. If he left, it would be easier to communicate with him.

"Alright, then this disciple will take his leave." Long Chen slightly bowed towards Li Changfeng. After all, Long Chen had a good impression of Li Changfeng and was a person worthy of respect.

Ling Yunzi and Feng Xinglie clearly did not approve of this kind of negotiation. Especially Feng Xinglie, ridicule was on his face the entire time, and he was not used to this sort of negotiation.

The three of them walked out of the main hall. Ling Yunzi said, “Long Chen, take a walk around with Senior Feng. I came to see you first, and I want to see Zifeng. I’ll go look for him first.”

After Ling Yunzi left, Feng Xinglie patted Long Chen’s shoulder and said, “Brat, you do have a good taste. It suits me, Third Uncle.”

Feng Xinglie was extremely appreciative of Long Chen. He had always thought that only the Sky-Opening Sect could produce a hero who feared nothing in the world.

However, Long Chen, this stupid kid from the wild, was simply too rare. The more Feng Xinglie saw, the happier he got.

"Third Uncle, this time when you came … …" Long Chen probed.

“Come, let’s find a place with no people. Let’s talk while we walk…”

Long Chen didn’t expect Feng Xinglie to be talking about a place with no one. He brought him out of the Xuan Dao Sect and found a secluded valley.

On the way back, Long Chen learned that Feng Xinglie had been assigned to this mission. At that time, he was still in closed-door training, and had been kicked out of his room.

Because of this, Feng Xing Lie was extremely dissatisfied. At that time, he had fought with that elder, but in the end, he had not beaten him, so he could only come over with his tail between his legs.

“Hehe, I was originally full of anger, but right now, I’m feeling very happy. I didn’t expect you to be so promising!” Feng Xinglie laughed and said.

“Third Uncle, for the sake of this kid, you have been travelling …” Long Chen was moved. He hadn’t thought that the Heavenly Battle Sect would actually care about him.

“Don’t talk about that useless stuff. The matter of the Nine Li Secret Realm is already over. Although we, the Battle Split Sect, have to protect someone, we still have to protect someone.”

The basic quality of the disciples of the Sky-Opening Sect is backbone. One of them has no backbone, is greedy for other people’s property, and has even joined hands with others to kill them for their money. We, the Sky-Opening Sect, do not have such disciples.

Killing him is also a good thing. Otherwise, who knows how many people this bastard would have lost to the Sky-Opening Sect.

Last time, there was a little fellow who passed you the Sky-Opening Second Style. At the same time, he also gathered some information about you and brought it back to the sect.

The higher-ups are extremely interested in you, especially knowing that you’re a loyal person who has a blood personality. That’s why they decided not to take back your Heaven Opening Battle Skill.

And you, little boy, are indeed someone who has lived up to expectations. In this period of time, you have consecutively defeated all sorts of masters, and this has left a deep impression in the upper echelons.

To be honest, we, the Sky-Opening Sect, need a lawless talent like you. No one has the ability to cause trouble like that, not even the Old Ancestor. Even though you did not officially join the Heaven Opening Sect, you are still considered a disciple. " Feng Xing said fiercely.

Long Chen hadn’t thought that the Sky-Opening Sect would be so magnanimous. Not only did they not care about killing the Sky-Opening Sect disciples, they treated him as their disciple.

“Come on, don’t just stand there. Use your second move, Sky Splitting Fist, and chop me with all your might!” Feng Xinglie’s eyes shone brightly as he spoke.

"Full strength?" Long Chen was shocked.

"What is it? Afraid of hacking your Third Uncle to death? Stop talking nonsense and hurry up. The stronger the attack, the better! If your battle power is enough to satisfy me, I will give you a surprise. " Feng Xing Lie said in a bad mood.

Long Chen couldn’t help but laugh. He was overthinking things. Feng Xinglie was a king level expert of his generation, and a mere Sea Opening Realm like him was not even able to threaten him.

“If that’s the case, third uncle, be careful!” Long Chen took a deep breath and slowly took out his blood drinkering Saber. A peerless momentum shot into the sky.

“Come, don’t disappoint me.” As he looked at Long Chen’s gathering power, Feng Xinglie’s eyes began to shine brightly.


The divine ring on Long Chen’s back surged as four stars floated in his eyes. At the same time, his body was covered with azure scales. A sharp aura shot into the sky, causing the air to rumble.

"Good boy, well done." Along with the roaring sound of the heaven and earth, Feng Xing Lie screamed excitedly.

The reason why he was so excited was not because of how strong Long Chen’s aura was, but because of the terrifying will that erupted from the depths of his soul, able to shake all worlds and make the four seas submit. It was a kind of will that could collapse the heavens, matching perfectly with the will to open the heavens.

"Sky-Opening Second Move!"

The blood-red, dragon-like long blade pointed towards the sky, and the starry river vibrated for all eternity. The long blade then fiercely hacked down towards Feng Xing Lie.

Chapter 958 - The Secret to Opening the Heavens, Heaven Opening Talisman

Long Chen had not only summoned his Four-Star Battle Body, but he had also stimulated his Green Dragon Battle Body. He had also revolved his strength to the limit. .


As Long Chen’s blade descended, Feng Xinglie punched out. He was actually able to fight against Long Chen’s blood drinker with his bare hands. Under the waves of air currents, Long Chen was actually sent flying.

Long Chen even felt pain in his arms, as if they were going to break at any moment. He was shocked to find that cracks had actually appeared in his bones.

"Is this the power of a king?"

Long Chen’s heart trembled violently. Although he had been overestimating the power of a king level expert, he had never imagined that the distance between him and a king level expert would be so far.

Feng Xing Lie did not even use his weapon. He had only used a single fist strike to injure Long Chen. The difference in strength between the two of them was simply like the sky and the earth.

Back then, Long Chen had thought that after consuming the Dragon and Tiger Sky Blast Pellet, he would be able to fight against a king level expert. However, that confidence had been shattered by Feng Xinglie’s punch.

“You didn’t break your arm?” “Hahaha, this body of his is truly powerful,” Feng Xinglie’s eyes shone with a bright light as he praised Long Chen.

“Third Uncle’s godly prowess is unrivaled. Long Chen admires it,” Long Chen said sincerely. Feng Xing Lie was too powerful.

"Hehe, boy, you don’t need to be discouraged. In truth, my punch just now was to test out the strength of your body, and to use your king level cultivation.

Your fist is covered with Spatial Force, and you are able to keep your arms crossed without spitting out any blood.

“Don’t blame your third uncle for being ruthless. If you find out your true strength, I won’t dare to teach you the fourth movement of the Sky-Opening Stage.” Feng Xinglie spoke.

"The fourth move?"

Long Chen was overjoyed. As his cultivation had deepened, the second style of the Sky-Opening was no longer able to keep up with his strength. Now that he heard the fourth style, he couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

"With your ability, you should be able to learn the third move without any problems. However, it’s still not enough to practice the fourth move.

One must know that right now, I can only barely use the fourth style of the Sky-Opening, but seeing one won’t be easy. Since your body is like that, maybe in less than two to three years, you can start practicing it. " Feng Xing laughed fiercely.

"Thank you, Third Uncle!" Long Chen said excitedly.

Feng Xinglie grinned and said, "Actually, the ‘Opening Heavens’ that you trained in is just a piece of cake. I estimate that the ‘Opening Heaven First Style’ that you acquired was hand-drawn by a traitor of the Heaven Opening War Sect.

There were many disciples that were able to touch the first style of the Sky-Opening, but only those who had cultivated to the third style would know.

One had to know that the Sky-Opening is the sect’s most precious treasure for our sect, how could it be so easy to cultivate?

"Although you have obtained the Circulatory Cycle Revolution, which can speed up the use of the Sky-Opening technique, you have yet to grasp the Sky-Opening Essence!"

Feng Xinglie said with a look of admiration on his face, "However, Long Chen, you are a peerless genius. You actually know how to use eighteen acupuncture points to activate the second spell, and your willpower fits perfectly with the concept of opening the sky.

Even without the Divine Marrow, the second style of the Sky-Opening was still able to display such power in your hands, which indeed gave me a fright.

“Although its power is great, it is incomparable to the true ‘Opening Heavens’. Today, I will show you the true usage of ‘Opening Heavens’!”


Suddenly, Feng Xing’s large hand was pulled out. The broadsword behind his back was pulled out. Both of his hands were holding the broadsword. Both of his feet were slightly apart. An invisible stream of air slowly flowed and wrapped around Feng Xinglie.

"Look, how is my spirit essence circulating?"

The Fierce Zephyr Soul Essence slowly rose up, allowing Long Chen to clearly sense it. Long Chen realized that although the two of them were moving the same route, it was still the same path.

However, after the spirit essence had entered the acupuncture points, a rune began to faintly light up in Feng Xinglie’s acupuncture points.

When that rune lit up, the spirit essence left within the vortex erupted like a volcano. The spirit essence seemed to be ignited, emitting explosive energy.

"This …" Long Chen was shocked.

“This is opening the divine imprint. These divine imprints are nourishing and nourishing in your acupoints. It’s like they’re raising an expert within your body. When you revolve and open the sky, they will assist you with all of their strength. Be careful!”

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Feng Xinglie let out a loud shout, and his body continuously let out loud popping noises eighteen times in a row. His spirit essence had already passed through eighteen acupuncture points.

"Sky-Opening Second Move!"

Suddenly, Feng Xinglie pointed his broadsword towards the sky. A terrifyingly great power spread out and chopped towards Long Haochen.


Long Chen let out a furious roar, and his entire body’s strength exploded. He also slashed out with the second style of the Sky-Opening, and both of them used the same move.

However, Long Chen was shocked when he discovered that his blade shadow had instantly shattered upon colliding with Feng Xinglie’s sword shadow.


Long Chen was sent flying like a meteor, crashing through the tall mountain behind him and almost spitting out a mouthful of blood. This attack was too terrifying.

"This strike of mine was launched with the cultivation of an early Sea Opening Realm. Now you should know why Kai Tian is able to become the guardian treasure of the Heaven Splitting War Sect, right?" Feng Xing Lie said.

Long Chen wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth with a fanatical expression on his face. The Sky-Opening was too powerful. The stronger he became, the more excited he became.

"Third uncle, teach me!" Long Chen shouted. He could barely contain his excitement.

"Mm. But before I teach you, there are a few things you need to remember. After learning to open the sky, you are not allowed to pass it down to anyone without permission."

“Hehe, but that’s a bit too much to worry about. Without a body like yours, and without the unique mental cultivation method of the Heavenly Battle Faction, others training in the Heavenly Battle Skill would just be courting death.” Feng Xinglie originally had a serious look on his face, but as he spoke, he laughed out loud.

"Come to think of it, this old man does not allow me to inquire about your secrets, so no matter what mental cultivation method you use to open the sky, our sect will not interfere.

In addition, although you have yet to enter the Heaven Opening Sect, you are still a disciple of it. The disciples of the Heaven Opening Sect must unite like brothers.

“I believe in your character, but when your temper comes out, I’m worried that you won’t be able to control it, so I’ll remind you. If you see any displeasing disciples, just casually beat them up, but not kill them.” Feng Xing Lie said solemnly.

“Don’t worry, Third Uncle. Long Chen has done a great favor for the Heaven Opening Sect. Long Chen definitely wouldn’t do something so ungrateful as this.” Long Chen nodded. He believed that the Heaven Opening Sect was a small place and would definitely be easier to deal with than the Mysterious Heaven Sect.

Besides, since Long Chen was in the Xuan Dao Sect, how could he have the opportunity to deal with the disciples of the Heaven Split Sect?

"Also… “Forget it, I won’t bother with those bullsh * t words anymore. It’s fine as long as I trust you. Open up your soul, I’ll pass on the method to condense and nurture God’s Mark to you first …”

Six hours later, even with Long Chen’s powerful soul power, he still felt dizzy after being taught the Sky-Opening Art.

Because this time was too important, Feng Xinglie did not dare to be careless. Not only did he imbue Long Chen with theoretical knowledge, he also imparted to him countless experiences and some taboos.

"Thank you for your kindness, Third Uncle …" Long Chen said with a grateful expression.

"Don’t learn from those idiots and play with those useless things. Let’s not talk about this in the Heaven Split Sect. We just need to remember some things in our hearts, saying them out loud will be meaningless.

You will first learn to warm up and nurture the divine talismans, but this is a very slow process and cannot be rushed. Only when the divine talismans become more and more powerful can the true might of the Heaven Splitting Battle Skill be displayed.

Now that I have passed on the third and fourth forms of the Sky-Opening, you must remember, even if the fourth form is your flesh, do not use it unless you have reached the Forging Stage. Otherwise, your body will explode and you will die. Feng Xing Lie said with a serious face.

The requirements for one’s power and physical body were extremely high, but the requirements for one’s realm were very low. When Feng Xinglie transmitted the technique to Long Chen, he had carefully felt Long Chen’s body and meridians.

He discovered that the strength of Long Chen’s body was even more terrifying than he had imagined. His blood energy soared to the skies, as if there was a savage dragon hibernating within his body.

He was afraid that Long Chen would be too young and would dare to use the fourth move of the Sky-Opening Stage. If he failed to successfully activate it, then Long Chen would definitely die if he failed to break through to the Forging Stage.

“Alright, I’ve finished what I need to do. It’s time for me to go back,” Feng Xing Lie said.

"Third uncle!"

Although Feng Xinglie was quite carefree, his personality was genuine and his work was hot-blooded. He was like an elder taking care of Long Chen, which made Long Chen very touched.

“Don’t be so silly. Take out the courage you showed the other day when you were fighting against a king level expert. That’s what true men are like.”

Even though this old man forbade me from farting, I still couldn’t help but say a few words. The Xuan Dao Sect is a group of righteous people, so I looked down on them.

So if one day you get bullied, remember to send a message to the Central State Heaven Opening Sect. We will stick our heads out for you. Alright, I’m leaving! "

Feng Xing Lie laughed out loud, then moved his feet and disappeared from Long Chen’s sight.

He had come out of nowhere and gone in a hurry, but Feng Xinglie’s candid and unscheming laughter made Long Chen unable to forget it for a long time.

Looking at the direction that Feng Xinglie had left in, Long Chen even felt as if he were in a dream. The Heaven Opening Battlefield Sect actually treated him like this, which made him feel somewhat flattered.

“I’ve remembered this kindness. If there’s a chance in the future, I will definitely repay it. Aiya, I forgot to give third uncle some spirit essence stones.” Long Chen suddenly said with a face full of vexation.

One had to know that the spirit essence stones contained the primal chaos energy of the heavens and earth. The spirit energy contained within them was extremely beneficial to king level experts.

Sea Opening and Forging Realm cultivators needed such treasures the most. They could speed up the cultivation of experts, so the rarity of spirit essence stones was maddening.

After Feng Xinglie left, Long Chen gathered his emotions and returned to the Mysterious Heaven Sect. When he returned to the Mysterious Heaven Plaza, he heard a faint roar that sounded very familiar.

Long Chen hastily dashed over and saw that all the disciples in the Mysterious Sky Plaza were gathered together. They pushed their way through the crowd and entered the central area.

Guo Ran and the rest, along with the Dragon Blood Warriors, were being scolded by a group of people. Those people were none other than Li Changfeng and his men. The one who was scolding was none other than the Pill Valley King level expert, Lu Tianhua.

Long Chen frowned. When he looked at the ground, he immediately understood. He couldn’t help but have a strange expression on his face.

hapter 959 Punishment: Guo Ran

"Long Chen, did you do that on purpose?"

Just as Long Chen squeezed through the crowd, he was spotted by the crowd as a Pill Valley King Stage powerhouse, Lu Tianhua, roared angrily…

The young experts from the Pill Valley were all lying on the ground. Their faces and noses were bruised and swollen, with even one of their legs missing.

Guo Ran and the others felt a bit embarrassed when they saw Long Chen arrive. Guo Ran said, "Boss, they were the ones who first provoked us. They said a lot of things that insulted you …"

“Nonsense, we didn’t say anything …”

When the disciples of the Pill Valley saw that Long Chen was looking at them, they were so frightened that their hair stood on end and their faces were as pale as paper.

Although their Master, Lu Tianhua, was standing right next to them, he couldn’t give them too much security. The two guys who were killed by Long Chen in front of Lu Tianhua was the best example.

“Why didn’t you say that the Dragon Blood Legion is just a motley crowd, a country bumpkin, and a bunch of uncivilized barbarians?”

"Boss is the biggest leader of our Dragon Blood Legion. If you insult the entire army, what else can you do other than insult our boss?" Guo Ran confidently said.

Hearing Guo Ran’s words and looking at the disciples of the Pill Tower, Long Chen could roughly guess what was going on.

Guo Ran had never been a peaceful person. He’d never put on airs for more than a month, and these disciples of the Pill Tower all had high expectations for him. They all used their noses to look at him and must have a conflict with him and the others.

As for whether it was the disciples of Pill Tower who started this conflict or Guo Ran who intentionally lured them into it, that was hard to say.

However, that brat Guo Ran had too many bad ideas. Since he dared to beat up the other party like this, he definitely wouldn’t leave any evidence for him.

“Long Chen, if you don’t give this old man an explanation today, this old man will never end with you!” Lu Tianhua was so angry that his face turned green.

After coming to the Eastern Wasteland and getting killed by Long Chen, he couldn’t take revenge on them. But now that his disciples had been beaten up in public, he had lost all his face and was so angry that his lungs were about to burst.

“Don’t point your finger at me!” Long Chen frowned and said coldly.

"You …"

Lu Tianhua was infuriated, but thinking of Long Chen’s temper, he retracted his hand in the end. He said angrily, “Long Chen, you have to give me an explanation!”

Lu Tianhua was making life difficult for Long Chen, so Li Changfeng couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. This Long Chen was really too inconsiderate. It took so much effort for the negotiations to come to an end, and everything was over.

Just as he was about to send the three of them away, Lu Tianhua’s disciple was beaten into such a state, causing Li Chang to become famous.

However, he also knew that Lu Tianhua did not dare to do anything to Long Chen. At most, he would make Long Chen lower his head in apology to save some face, so he simply remained silent.

Ouyang Qiuyu was gnashing her teeth in anger. She had just taken care of one, but now another came at once. She wished she could catch Long Chen and give him a good beating.

“What’s going on?” Long Chen didn’t even bother to pay attention to Lu Tianhua as he asked the Pill Valley disciple lying on the ground.

“They are the ones who speak rudely, but we ignored them. Boss, didn’t you say that if people don’t offend me, I won’t offend them. If they do, let them off easy. If they do offend me again, then cut the grass off from its roots.”

So when they pretend to be cool, we just watch them quietly and learn from them.

Later on, when they felt they couldn’t get enough of it and wanted to spar with us, Gu Yang told them that we weren’t good at bullshit, only at killing people, and our boss wouldn’t let us just kill people.

And then their faces grew as long as donkeys, and said we insulted them, and then this guy jumped out. "

Guo Ran pointed at the guy with only his upper body remaining and said, "I have to admit, the people of the city really know how to play. Cough cough, it’s not feces, don’t misunderstand.

I haven’t read much, and I don’t know how to describe it. In any case, it’s a myriad of changes. His flames can change anything and it’s very beautiful.

Boss, you also know that we’re all rural people who have never seen much of the world. Since we saw the other party perform so brilliantly, we naturally had to clap. Otherwise, they would look down on us.

As for me, I have quite a bit of face. I felt in my pocket for a few tens of gold coins, then threw them on the ground.

Even though we are poor, we still understand the rules. Since they are putting in so much effort, we can’t be stingy.

Then, this guy suddenly rushed over to beat me up. He said that my actions were an insult to him, and Wildie couldn’t stand it anymore, so she gave him a rod. After that, they became anxious and wanted to hit us, then … “That’s it.” Guo Ran said, feeling wronged.

When the crowd heard this, they couldn’t help but have a strange expression. Li Changfeng looked at the tLi Qious Guo Ran and then at Long Chen. He couldn’t help but secretly shake his head.

This Guo Ran was typically full of bad intentions. With Long Chen as their boss, the people below him were all lawless characters.

However, what caused them to be shocked was the terrifying combat prowess of Guo Ran and the rest. Those Pill Valley disciples were all Rank 4 Skywalker and all of them were in the mid to late stage of the sea realm.

In actuality, they didn’t know that the disciples of the Pill Valley were used to living in luxury and had always been flattered by others. Their levels of cultivation and strength weren’t even on the same level.

Furthermore, the members of the Dragon Blood Legion all followed Long Chen and fought their way out from the pile of corpses. Normally, they wouldn’t feel much, but during a battle, they would be scared witless by the killing intent of the crowd. To Guo Ran and the others, the disciples of the Pill Valley were nothing more than a bunch of fat, well-built sheep.

"Then… “You shouldn’t be so vicious!” Lu Tianhua continued to argue.

Long Chen’s face suddenly darkened as he yelled at Guo Ran, “Nonsense!”

Long Chen’s actions caused Guo Ran and the others to jump in fright. They didn’t know why Long Chen suddenly became so angry. Could they have done something wrong?

Long Chen said angrily, "How do I usually educate you? Our Celestial Sect of Wonders is the most righteous path in the Eastern Wasteland. We should give an example to the righteous path in the Eastern Wasteland.

See what you’ve done? Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves? Do you think that you can ignore all that I have taught you? "

With Long Chen’s scolding, Guo Ran and the others caused Lu Tianhua’s expression to turn slightly better. After all, Long Chen had changed his attitude towards the Pill Valley. After all, it was common for young disciples to take advantage of each other in sparring, so it didn’t affect their reputation.

The reason why Lu Tianhua was so angry at this moment was because he had been holding back his anger all this time. No matter if Long Chen really did not have any spirit essence stones, they would not be able to reap any benefits.

Although Li Changfeng acted on behalf of Long Chen to apologize to everyone and also gave them a certain amount of compensation to make them look better on their faces, they still felt somewhat vexed.

The lamb was not eaten well, and instead two of his beloved disciples were hacked to death. This person was simply too shameful, but he could do nothing about it. He held back his anger, but was unable to release it.

When he came out and saw his own disciples being beaten into dogs again, no one would be able to take it anymore. Seeing Long Chen reprimand Guo Ran and the others made him feel slightly better.

Lu Tianhua was also an old fox, he knew how to stop when he saw better. He was just about to ask Li Changfeng to execute the punishment and caning Guo Ran and the rest, but Long Chen’s next words almost made him faint.

"Guo Ran, you have such a big head! Don’t you know to remember something useful? You have the ability now, but the wings are hard, aren’t they?

Have you forgotten the day when we worked so hard for those points in the 108th Courtyard?

My god, he started with dozens of gold coins. He’s so generous, don’t you know how hard it is to earn money?

I have told you before that thrift is the only way to maintain a family, and money is always the most important resource for a power to rise.

Guo Ran, although you’re my best brother, you’ve committed an unforgivable mistake. Don’t blame me for not thinking about my old friendship! "Long Chen said with gritted teeth.

“No …” “Boss, I beg of you, give me a chance!” Guo Ran’s face was suddenly filled with shock as he knelt down in front of Long Chen and grabbed his thigh, begging in agony.

The crowd was shocked. What was Long Chen planning to do to actually make Guo Ran so afraid? Could it be that he wanted to kill him? Or should I expel him from the Dragonblood Legion?

The others didn’t understand, but the people from the Dragon Blood Legion were well aware that this was a game to be played again. Meng Qi let out a long sigh and couldn’t help but shake her head.

“I’ve decided…” Long Chen said ruthlessly.

“Boss, please don’t! Please don’t! Since I’ve been working so hard for you for so many years, I’m very loyal! Even if I didn’t do anything, I still have some hard work to do. Don’t punish me!”

I will take back all of this money and hand it all over to you. Please boss, just treat me like a piece of shit and let it go. " Guo Ran retrieved the gold coin that he had thrown on the ground and held it in both hands as he looked pitifully at Long Chen.

At this moment, Guo Ran’s eyes were filled with tears and his expression was extremely mournful. His eyes were filled with boundless nostalgia, causing those who looked at him to be unable to help from feeling sad.

When Long Chen saw Guo Ran’s expression, he was so angry that he almost kicked Guo Ran flying. Fuck, this is just a play, why do you have to be so emotional? He almost made Long Chen vomit.

Long Chen didn’t dare look at Guo Ran. This bastard’s expression was simply too lethal. He was afraid that he would laugh out loud. Looking into the distance, he shook his head, “Rules are rules, no one can change them, including me, so I want …”

As Long Chen spoke to here, everyone held their breath, waiting for the next part.

Long Chen grabbed Guo Ran’s neck and bellowed, "I want to deduct a year’s salary from you, aren’t you a little pretentious? Aren’t you fond of making money? 'Don’t even think about getting a single copper coin from me this year! ’

As soon as Long Chen finished speaking, everyone was instantly petrified.

One by one, they departed

“Boss, don’t do that. I have eighty mothers and babies waiting to be fed. I’m counting on this salary to support my family …” Guo Ran cried until his nose was snot red. .


The Pill Valley King Stage powerhouse Lu Tianhua was so angry that his hair stood on end. He was clearly toying with them. Previously, they had really thought that Long Chen was giving them face and giving them a way out. Now, their faces had turned purple from anger.

Lu Tianhua had no choice but to stop this kind of nonsense.

“Long Chen, it’s not that I want to haggle over dozens of gold coins with you!” Lu Tianhua said angrily.

“No?” “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Long Chen let out a sigh of relief after he finished speaking and said to Guo Ran, “Alright, since the other party doesn’t want to pursue the matter anymore, then let’s just let this matter pass. I won’t charge your salary!”

"Many thanks boss!"

Guo Ran couldn’t help but rejoice. His mournful face from before disappeared as if he had changed his face. In an instant, he had changed back to his original appearance. The speed at which he changed his appearance was breathtaking.

“Long Chen, don’t try to avoid the crucial point. I’m talking about my disciple being beaten up!”

“This matter?” “There’s nothing wrong with it!” Long Chen righteously said.

"You …"

“I’ve already said it a hundred times, don’t point your finger at me, are you crazy?” Long Chen said angrily.

"What’s the problem with young people sparring when they have nothing better to do? Besides, everything was picked up by your people, and you still have the nerve to shout?

What? Laughing at the win, shouting at the loser, only allowing you to take advantage of me, so others will be at a disadvantage? What kind of f * cking theory was this?

“Since you have the guts to act like a big tail wolf, you should be prepared to be whipped. Even if you don’t have the ability, you should just ride a horse and — What about your father?”


Long Chen’s last sentence made countless people burst out in laughter. This sentence was really too profound. It was concise and direct, going straight to the heart.

"Alright, alright. The older generation should not have interfered in the battle between the younger generation. As youngsters, there should be vitality and vitality.

There is an old saying that being at a disadvantage should be done early, and it will be beneficial to the child’s future. Brother Tian Hua, let’s just let this matter pass like this. Li Changfeng said.

Whether it was strength, eloquence, or the ability to stir up trouble, he was the best in the world. Seeing that Lu Tianhua was about to go crazy from anger, he had no choice but to speak up to persuade him.

Originally, according to the usual practice, he should save some face for the guests and teach his child a lesson first. However, Li Changfeng did not want to find trouble with Long Chen’s temper, so he advised Lu Tianhua to forget about it.

You are a king level expert, how can you compete with a child for face? It would be fine if he could win it, but the crux of the issue was that he couldn’t win it, and he even had to embarrass himself further.

Even without Li Changfeng supporting Long Chen and Feng Xinglie and Ling Yunzi, Lu Tianhua would not dare to do anything to Long Chen. Therefore, in Li Changfeng’s eyes, it was foolish for Lu Tianhua to go against Long Chen.

“Alright, Long Chen, let’s wait and see!”

Obviously, even though Lu Tianhua was also a King Stage powerhouse, he was too used to being proud of being in Pill Valley. He was too narrow-minded, and his anger was written all over his face, so even if he left, he still wanted to express it.

At this time, a person squeezed through the crowd. It was Yue Zifeng. He turned to Long Chen and said, "Boss, Sect Leader Ling Yun left. He told me to give this to you as a warning."

Originally, Lu Tianhua was prepared to leave, but when he saw the item in Yue Zifeng’s hand, he couldn’t help but be astonished.

"King of the Blood Slaughter Temple!"

It was a human head with a hideous mask on its head. Although one could not see its face, the head of that person was emitting a terrifying pressure that caused the disciples of the Mysterious Heaven School to tremble in fear. It was the head of a king.

Li Changfeng, Huang Tianhua, and the rest were all astonished. This was not an ordinary king level expert, but a terrifying assassin.

His mask was a symbol of his status. This was a symbol unique to the Blood Slaughter Hall, a king level killer. Thinking of this, the crowd of king level powerhouses trembled with fear.

In this world, an assassin was the most terrifying profession. Perhaps his combat strength was not as good as yours, but he had a thousand ways to easily kill you.

Assassination at the same level of cultivation was a common occurrence for assassins of the Blood Slaughter Hall. This was also the reason why all of the king level experts had such a change in expression.

"Why would an Emperor level powerhouse from the Blood Slaughter Hall come here?"

Everyone couldn’t help but feel fearful as they simultaneously turned to look at Long Chen. The only reason he was here was because of Long Chen.

Within the ancient path, regardless of whether it was the evil, righteous, or ancient clans, although there were heavy casualties, the only ones truly defeated were the Blood Slaughter Temple.

Because they were all too concentrated, not a single expert from the Blood Slaughter Hall below the Yellow Monarch Mo managed to make it out alive.

"Could it be that the Blood Slaughter Temple no longer cares about its own rules? You actually sent a king level expert to assassinate Long Chen? " Li Changfeng’s face was gloomy.

The Hall of Blood had always been hated by people because they were a group of people who could kill anyone for the sake of money, even their own parents.

They were a group of assassins without any morals. However, everyone knew that the Hall of Blood had a rule: the target was assassinated. The bottom line was always within the same rank.

But now, a king level expert of the Blood Slaughter Hall had secretly made his way into the sect. If he were to say that he was merely here for a tour, no one would believe him.

“Hehe, I’ve been targeted by the Hall of Blood. Long Chen, congratulations. I hope you can live a healthy and long life!” Lu Tianhua said with a face full of schadenfreude. He then took out his flying boat and left with his injured disciple.

The experts of the Gu and ancient families also left one after the other. Similarly, in their eyes, there were emotions similar to Lu Tianhua’s. However, in their joy at Lu Tianhua’s misfortune, there was shock and fear that could not be hidden.

That king level killer, his target was Long Chen, yet he was found and killed by Ling Yunzi. This kind of strength, it was simply terrifying. Sword cultivation was simply too terrifying.

It was said that the Blood Slaughter Hall never issued any missions to assassinate sword cultivators. This was because the spiritual sense of a sword cultivator was extremely terrifying. It was very difficult for the assassins of the Blood Slaughter Hall to get close to them.

Now, from this person, they were able to confirm that a sword cultivator was the bane of assassins. With such a terrifying figure around, they didn’t dare to have any thoughts about Long Chen.

Although Ling Yunzi had left, it was obvious that he had sent someone to send him a head.

Long Chen was indeed somewhat shocked by this king level assassin. However, it was within his expectations. He knew that the Blood Slaughter Temple would not let this matter rest.

However, the Hall of Blood had actually slapped his own face and broken the rules he had set. This was something he did not expect.

However, the shock was only temporary. With the perfection of the 4th Star, Long Chen’s spiritual sense had greatly improved, and now that Feng Xinglie had passed the Heaven Opening Rune to Long Chen, Long Chen was not afraid of anyone once the Heaven Opening Rune was formed.

"Senior Ling Yunzi left? Why are you in such a hurry? " Long Chen couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m not sure. Senior didn’t say anything, so I didn’t say anything!” Yue Zifeng shook his head. Ling Yunzi had given him a head, but he left just like that.

"Zifeng, you … Your Heavenly Energy… " Long Chen suddenly looked at Yue Zifeng because he noticed that the Heavenly Energy undulations from Yue Zifeng’s body had disappeared.

"Senior has erased my Heavenly Energy and said that it is now my help. In the future, it will become an obstacle for me, and the gains will not make up for the losses. Sword cultivators only need a sword." Yue Zifeng nodded and said.

Li Changfeng and Lu Minghan couldn’t help but feel a violent shock in their hearts. What kind of method did Ling Yunzi use to erase a person’s Heavenly Energy and turn Skywalker into a mortal without suffering any injuries? This was simply too astonishing, and it was impossible for them to do so.

What Ling Yunzi had done was right. The path that the sword cultivators took was different from that of ordinary people. He had almost harmed Yue Zifeng, but luckily, Ling Yun Zi had corrected him, otherwise Yue Zifeng would probably have fallen into the wrong path.

Ling Yunzi and Feng Xinglie had both left. Long Chen felt a little lost. He had never relied on himself to travel all the way out of the Phoenix Cry Empire.

However, this time, it was all too big. The arrival of Ling Yunzi and Feng Xinglie had made him feel the warmth of being cared for for for the first time in many years. He was deeply touched.

After everyone had dispersed, Long Chen was called over by Ouyang Qiuyu alone. Inside the secret room, Ouyang Qiuyu hesitated for a moment before asking, "Long Chen, do you really not have any spirit essence stones left?"

“There is, but I won’t give it to anyone.” Long Chen spoke directly. He knew that Li Changfeng and Lu Minghan were the ones who had put pressure on Ouyang Qiuyu. If not, Ouyang Qiuyu would never have asked such a question.

"Long Chen, have you ever thought that if you give us a portion of your spirit essence stone, you will receive even more benefits, such as after entering the Mysterious Sky Central Sect …" Ouyang Qiuyu advised.

"Forget it, our Xuan Dao Sect is a rotten empire with rotten bones. From our Eastern Wasteland sub-school, it is not hard to deduce the situation of our Main Sect."

If I contribute spirit essence stones, I won’t be able to get what I want at all. Instead, I will be the credit of some people.

Therefore, it’s better to leave the items in my own hands. If I find something good, I will have to exchange it with someone else, but after handing it over, the items will go into the pockets of others.

So no matter what they say to you, I won’t give them my spirit essence stones. Elder sister, just tell them, no, nothing, not even a hair on my head. Dream on.

When I was helpless, when I needed help, what did they help me with? Now that I’ve obtained something, you want to come over and take my word for it? Do you take me for a fool? " Long Chen sneered.

If it was Ouyang Qiuyu who needed it, Long Chen wouldn’t even furrow his brows. There was as much as he wanted, but it was impossible for Long Chen to give it to someone else.

Ouyang Qiuyu also knew Long Chen’s temper, so she didn’t try to persuade him anymore. Just like that, a day passed, and Long Chen received a message, telling him to go see Ouyang Qiuyu.

But the moment Long Chen entered the main hall, Lu Minghan was already standing in front of Long Chen, coldly looking at him.

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