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The entire audience was deathly silent. Even the crowd of king level experts were stunned. What was going on? Was this kid insane?

[I am just mocking you. You are just going to kill me in front of my master and apologize?]

Ouyang Qiuyu was so scared by Long Chen that her soul nearly flew out of her body. She was simply going crazy! Just what did Long Chen want to do?

The Dragonblood Warriors watched as Long Chen beheaded an expert from the Pill Valley as if he had just killed a chicken. They didn’t even blink as if they were looking at death with the heroic spirit of someone who didn’t care for it at all, making their blood boil. This was their boss, so arrogant and tyrannical. ,

Guo Ran was clenching his fists tightly as his eyes were filled with admiration and adoration. This was what a true ‘awesome’ man was. Slaughtering another one wouldn’t be enough. He still wanted everyone to get to know the new.

In actuality, Guo Ran had spoken frankly to the crowd of kings before and had even cursed at one of them. To Guo Ran, this was already the highest realm he could reach.

However, when compared to Long Chen’s skill, he was like a drizzle. Long Chen was the one who was truly awesome. He was just putting on airs.

Even Ling Yunzi gently rubbed his forehead. He felt a headache coming on. Not only had Long Chen’s personality not changed, it had even become worse. The current him was even more domineering than before.

Only Feng Xinglie’s eyes were filled with admiration. Just now, he had almost applauded and applauded. Long Chen’s knife caused him to feel very comfortable. In his eyes, this was what a pure man should be like.

However, the expressions of Li Changfeng and Lu Minghan changed. This Long Chen didn’t know how to appreciate kindness, so how could he do something so outrageous?

Everything had already been settled. With just a little bit of operation, everything could have passed peacefully. However, Long Chen had actually managed to come up with such a plan.

“You — what —?” The eyes of the Pill Valley’s king level expert almost spewed fire. The remaining flame energy around him began to circulate, causing a large area of space to collapse. The entire world seemed like it was about to ignite.

The king level expert from the Pill Valley was truly infuriated. No, more specifically, he was on the verge of going berserk. His words came out one by one from the gaps between his teeth.

“I’m sorry.” Long Chen said apologetically.

“You can just apologize?” Killing intent swirled in the eyes of the Pill Valley’s king level expert.

"Ah… “It’s about time. Apologize! I’ve already said that the matter is over. Isn’t it just a dead person? Don’t be so stingy. You have to be so calm. Hah, you’re already so old. Do you need to blow your beard and glare at something small?” Long Chen advised sincerely.

"Bullsh * t! You killed my disciples! Today, you will pay for the deaths of my two disciples!" The King of the Pill Valley furiously roared.

"Pay with your life?" "Why?" Long Chen stared blankly.

"Killing for life, why do you ask? Are you an idiot? "

“No, no, it’s not right to pay with your life. Although you’ve been wronged and lost two of your disciples, we’re both on the right path. You should be magnanimous and magnanimous. You need to be magnanimous to be able to accomplish anything important.” Long Chen advised.

Long Chen’s words caused everyone to look at the Pill Valley’s king level expert with a strange expression. That was because these were the words that he had persuaded Long Chen to say earlier, and now Long Chen had returned them back to him.

Only now did the crowd understand that Long Chen had actually killed someone on purpose. He had purposely used his life to gag the experts from the Pill Valley. Wasn’t he being too daring?

"When I first entered the Mysterious Sky Courtyard, my Sect Leader told me this: When others don’t understand anything, he advised you to be magnanimous. You must stay away from him, because when he is cut down, your entire body will be covered in blood.

At that time, he was still young and didn’t understand why. Now that he thought back, it was really too philosophical. The Sect Leader’s wisdom was indeed as vast as the sea. "Long Chen looked at Ling Yunzi, and then at those Pill Valley experts covered in blood.

When did I say that? Ling Yunzi blanked for a moment, but then he understood that Long Chen was deliberately pulling him into the water because he was being naughty.

“Bro, your words are really classic. You can tell from one look that you are a knowledgeable person. I’m impressed!” Feng Xinglie faced Ling Yunzi, and gave a thumbs up with a face full of admiration.

Ling Yunzi bitterly smiled in his heart. He wasn’t the one who said that, but he couldn’t explain it either. He could only bear the blame for Long Chen.

"Long Chen …." Are you doing this on purpose? " The old face of the Pill Valley King was filled with killing intent. He hated Long Chen to the bones.

“No, no, this is something that I absolutely cannot admit. It’s all still in the past now, as we are all righteous people, we should be magnanimous and magnanimous. Only by allowing others to do so can we achieve great things.”

This way, we can build a harmonious path together and work together to push the prosperity of the righteous path to a new height.

As an expert of the Pill Valley and with your high status, you should have a higher level of awareness. You’ve already advised me to be magnanimous, aren’t you magnanimous yourself?

If even you can’t be magnanimous, how can I magnanimous? You need to set an example. " Long Chen chuckled.

"You … The king level expert from the Pill Valley was actually trembling with anger at Long Chen’s words.

For the first time, many people felt a trace of sympathy for this old man. Seeing the veins on his forehead bulging and his white hair falling to the bottom, they wondered if he would die from anger.

The young disciples of the Pill Valley were killed two by Long Chen in a row. They all became well-behaved and hid far away, not daring to speak again.

"I’m forcing logic? Nonsense? Then what were you before? Bullshit? You f * cking wanted me to pay with my life for the murder of your own disciple.

‘My comrade fell due to Ji Changkong’s scheme, yet you’re f * cking asking me to be magnanimous. Are you f * cking stuffing your head with sh * t.’

What right do you have to make me forget the hatred in my heart and let the culprit get away with it?

What right do you have to stand up for me and not allow me to take revenge? Is it because you are the king of the gods? Just because you are stronger than me? Just because your status is higher than mine, you can rule over everyone else?

F * ck you, old man, let me tell you, I have seen many idiots like you.

As I said before, you are idiots who want to be both a b * tch and a memorial archway. Even though your goals are filthy, you still pretend to be upright. Just looking at you makes me feel disgusted.

“Since I, Long Chen, dared to come here, I didn’t expect anyone to save me. I’m not even afraid of death, why would I be afraid of an idiot like you?”

As Long Chen finished speaking, his voice grew louder and louder until it was like the roar of a god, shaking the void and making it buzz. As he thought of how Little Snow had fallen, Long Chen’s killing intent surged without restraint.

"Long Chen, calm down. We all know about your grievances. Speak, what do you want?" Li Changfeng said helplessly.

Right now, Long Chen was not an ordinary disciple. Ling Yunzi and Feng Xinglie had made it clear that no matter what Long Chen had done, he had to protect Long Chen.

Furthermore, the battle prowess of these two individuals was too terrifying. If they were to fight, they would be finished. Although neither of them said anything, if the experts from the Pill Valley were to attack, they would immediately be killed.

Perhaps he did not understand Ling Yunzi, but he was well aware of the terror of these lunatics. They were never unreasonable.

After living for so many years, he had never seen a disciple like Long Chen before. He was simply unable to suppress his emotions and could only follow along.

“I don’t have a high requirement. Anyone who comes here to help with the fist strike and wants to kill me, just kill them all!” Long Chen’s words caused everyone to suck in a breath of cold air. He wanted to kill everyone on the righteous path.

“Long Chen, they have a lot of innocent people here. They’ve been lured over by the Ethereal Opening Sect,” Li Changfeng said in a deep voice. He felt that Long Chen had gone too far.

"Innocent? Haha, do you know how many people there are here? You clearly know that I, Long Chen, was wrongly accused.

Do you know how many of them do not care if I am wronged or not? Their goal is to obtain a favor from the Heavenly Netherworld Sect?

Do you know, if I, Long Chen, were to be killed today, would they not think of the word “innocent” when they tried to kill my Xuan Dao Sect’s disciples? " Long Chen sneered.

“This …” Li Changfeng was stumped. He was a high ranking member of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. He couldn’t just speak up for the Heavenly Secrets Gang.

But now that the Heavenly Secrets Gang was being disbanded, if they killed so many righteous experts, their reputation would be tarnished in the Heavenly Mystery Sect. It would appear that the Heavenly Mystery Sect was not magnanimous enough.

“Let me tell you this. They won’t. They will try their best to behead my brother. At that time, they will ask for credit from the Heavenly Netherworld Gang and show off their loyalty. They will be highly valued.”

Therefore, there were no innocent people in this world. There were only greedy and foolish people. Even though those greedy people knew the truth, they still pretended not to know.

Foolish people would not know the truth and would also brandish their butcher knives along with everyone else. They did not need to know the truth, they only wanted a result, a result that could please the Ethereal Opening Sect.

Stupid people are not worth pity. What do you do with a head? You can kill people without knowing what’s right and what’s wrong, and you can get away with it?

A foolish person could disregard the life and death of others? A foolish person can cause pain to others as he pleases? Is stupidity an innocent reason? "

Long Chen’s voice echoed in the air, causing the expressions of the countless experts to change drastically. Long Chen’s words had hit their hearts. They had all come for the Heavenly Netherworld Sect, so they didn’t care whether Long Chen was wronged or not. That had nothing to do with them.

“Since they can slaughter my brothers, why shouldn’t I kill them?”

Long Chen’s voice echoed in the air. At the same time, his entire body shook and he soared into the air. With a wave of his hand, two huge dragons flew out. The terrifying dragon cry resounded through the surrounding ten thousand miles.

The Thunder Dragon and Fire Dragon revealed their true forms. Endless power of thunder and fire caused the void to tremble. Long Chen’s eyes were filled with ice-cold killing intent, as if an Asura had descended from the heavens, looking down on all living beings.

All of the experts that were invited by the Heavenly Netherworld Faction had a drastic change in their expressions. Their eyes shined with endless fear as a terrifying dark cloud of death rose in their hearts.

Author’s Note: The previous one contained an error. Xue You’s trusted aides were killed, not Xue You. When the word “trusted aides” was posted, it mysteriously disappeared. Please correct it here.

Chapter 952 Put down the Baggage

"Long Chen, you dare!"

The King of Pill Valley and Lu Minghan shouted at the same time. Long Chen was too arrogant, to ignore the decisions of these king level entities. He was determined to kill everyone…

Even Li Changfeng was a bit embarrassed. This Long Chen was too stubborn, he didn’t even give face to a king level expert. He was too brave.

Looking at the murderous Long Chen in the sky, Ling Yunzi couldn’t help but sigh. There seemed to be nothing in this world that Long Chen didn’t dare to do!

“Hmph, in this world, there is nothing that I, Long Chen, don’t dare to do. You have the ability to kill me, but you don’t have the ability to change me. Not even the heavens can do that. Who do you think you are?” Long Chen shouted coldly.

The twin dragons circled around Long Chen’s body as they roared nonstop. The Long Chen gradually increased its aura, as an invisible aura enveloped everyone present.

“Long Chen, let us go. We really don’t know that you’ve been wronged. Please spare us!”

For a moment, many people felt a terrifying killing intent. They were afraid, afraid. They knew that with the support of two king level entities supporting Long Chen, no one could subdue him anymore.

If Long Chen wanted to kill them, they would undoubtedly die. Originally, they were all people with a head full of pride. However, when faced with the threat of death, they finally yielded to him and began to beg for forgiveness.

“Let me ask you two, if two seniors hadn’t come to my aid, when I, Long Chen, was killed, when a hundred thousand disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sect kneeled down and begged for mercy, would you have let them go?” Long Chen shouted coldly.


The two dragons gathered as their roars shook the skies. A terrifying pressure rose up, radiating through the nine heavens and ten earth. That terrifying pressure was so great that even the king level entities were moved by it.

They had never thought that Long Chen would be able to unleash such a terrifying attack even though he didn’t have a Royal Armament in hand. Once that attack was released, other than those half-step King level experts, no one else would be able to survive.

"Long Chen, if you kill so many people, you will be hunted down by the entire righteous path. Do you want to become enemies with the entire righteous path?" Li Changfeng shouted.

Although Long Chen was a bit arrogant, Li Changfeng truly cherished his talent. A seedling like Long Chen would shine even in the Central Region. He couldn’t bear to offend Long Chen.

It didn’t matter if Long Chen had just killed the culprit, but if he had killed so many people, especially since they were all righteous people, even the Xuan Dao Sect would not be able to protect him. They would even clean up their own clans.

Ling Yunzi only watched him indifferently. He didn’t speak, didn’t block him, and didn’t express any of his thoughts. He simply watched quietly.

He was the only one who was clear about Long Chen. The strange things in the world were never normal, so it wasn’t strange for him to do something that was out of the ordinary.

He really liked Long Chen’s unbending character. His large hand was already slowly grasping the hilt of his sword, and he had already decided that after Long Chen killed everyone, he would take him back to the Heaven Opening Sect no matter what.

“Aren’t you two going to advise him?” Li Changfeng looked at Ling Yunzi and said. He was too lazy to talk to Feng Xinglie, and he knew that there was no point in communicating with him.

Ling Yunzi shook his head indifferently, "No one can change Long Chen’s decision. Just like he said, you can kill him, but you can’t change him.

In short, no matter how big of a disaster Long Chen has caused, I will still help him carry it, even if … if he loses his life because of it! "

Li Changfeng could not help but sigh. He did not try to persuade them anymore and had already done everything he could do. He had no other choice but to feel regret as he looked at such a talented person being destroyed just like that.

Long Chen looked at the terrified faces on the ground. However, when Long Chen thought of the scene of Little Snow’s death, he felt as if his heart was being pierced by needles.

At that time, just like now, Ji Changkong summoned a large group of idiotic fellows. They did not care whether Long Chen was wronged or not, and only wanted to rely on Ji Changkong.

Although Little Snow didn’t die in their hands, they still couldn’t get rid of their relationship. They were the accomplices.

"If there is a next life, I will follow you!" This was the soul message that Little Snow had left for Long Chen.

Although it was just a sentence, the emotion and endless yearning contained within it made Long Chen’s heart feel as if it had been cut by knives. He would never forget that pain.


Long Chen’s eyes suddenly turned bloodshot. He was about to use the Twin Dragon Breaks the Heavens to kill all those who had helped Tian You.

"Long Chen, give up! That’s not you! "

Suddenly, an elegant figure flew in front of Long Chen. Her white clothes fluttered, and her long hair fluttered in the wind. She stood silently in front of Long Chen like an immortal descending to the mortal world.

"Meng Qi, you …" Shocked, Long Chen hastily withdrew his attack.

"Long Chen, let go of the hatred in your heart. It wasn’t you, you were blinded by it.

If you did kill them, you wouldn’t be any better off. You’d be more miserable.

Actually, you know everything. If they really are heinous, you wouldn’t hesitate for such a long time. You would not hesitate to kill them.

The reason why you were so slow was because of the kindness in your heart. Right now, you wanted to completely wipe it out, but you couldn’t do it.

You’re still kind to the bone, and now you’re using Xiaoxue’s hatred to force yourself to stop being kind and turn yourself into a cold-blooded and heartless person.

But it’s useless, your good will is deep into your soul, even if you kill them, you won’t erase your kindness.

On the contrary, because of this massacre, you are even more confused, because the yoke in your heart is broken, and you cannot find the benchmark for your life. "

Meng Qi’s words reached Long Chen’s ears, causing him to clench his fists. Meng Qi understood him the best.

A trace of pain appeared in Meng Qi’s beautiful eyes. Her jade-like hand gently caressed Long Chen. With a sharp and clear angle, along with an unswerving determination, she softly said:

"We know the pain in your heart, so we don’t want you to suffer any more. Killing is very simple, but that doesn’t erase the pain that Little Snow’s departure brings you.

Let them go, not for pity, not for anyone, but for us brothers and sisters.

Everyone here can unhesitantly fight to their deaths for you. They are not afraid in the slightest, but every single one of them does not wish for you to suffer.

The path of cultivation is long and long, and we still have a lot to do.

If you keep carrying the burden for yourself, sooner or later you will be exhausted. Letting them go is also letting go of a burden in your heart! "

“Boss, let’s just treat them like fart and forget about them. They are just a bunch of trash, we can only settle our scores with the main culprit.”

“Boss, you’re someone who does important things, there’s no need to compete with a group of small shrimps. I’m sure Little Snow doesn’t want you to …” Guo Ran also advised.

“Boss, tell them to scram. Be happy. We’re still waiting for you to lead us forward.” The Dragonblood Warriors called out loudly as well.

Long Chen looked at Meng Qi’s beautiful face. His clear eyes were filled with tenderness, causing Long Chen’s heart to warm up.


Long Chen dispersed the twin dragons and relaxed like a tight bowstring in this world.

Those experts of the righteous path, who were in great fear, sat down on the ground. Only then did they realize that their clothes were already soaked with sweat.

In their hearts, they were overjoyed because they heard Long Chen’s tone. It could be said that they had taken back their lives.

"Thank you."

Long Chen extended his arms and tightly hugged Meng Qi, burying his face in her hair. Smelling the fragrance of Meng Qi’s hair, Long Chen felt safe and happy.

In this period of time, what Meng Qi said was right. He had become a little obsessed. After Little Snow’s death, Long Chen’s heart was filled with pain.

On the road of history, the experts were massacred, but the anger in their hearts did not decrease at all. When they returned to Sky Martial Continent, the first thing they did was destroy hundreds of thousands of evil experts.

After that, he used the Eastern Wasteland Bell and killed all of the Ancient Clan elites. Logically speaking, after killing so many people, the hatred in Long Chen’s heart should have been slightly alleviated.

However, not only did he not feel relieved, but he also felt more and more hatred. Today’s words from Meng Qi had awakened Long Chen, and his mindset was already in a bad state. If he continued to kill, his bottom line would be broken.

Long Chen would likely sink down and become a bloodthirsty and brutal killing demon king. Killing people wouldn’t bring about any happiness.

Long Chen couldn’t be happy. The people around him couldn’t be happy. Long Chen’s pain would also become everyone’s pain.

Today’s words from Meng Qi had lifted the knot in Long Chen’s heart. For the sake of his beauties, he had to let go of the burden in his heart. After all, the road in the future was too long.

Meng Qi also hugged Long Chen tightly. Her beautiful eyes became misty. Long Chen was too bitter, but he had always kept it in his heart and had never wanted to talk about it.

Because Long Chen was the soul of the entire Dragon Blood Legion, he had too much courage on his shoulders. If it was someone else, they would have already been crushed. However, Long Chen had been carrying this heavy burden without any complaints.

Long Chen was also human, and there were times when he was sorrowful and helpless. There was also times when he was helpless, but Long Chen kept leading the crowd forward. They couldn’t help Long Chen at all, and Meng Qi sometimes hated that she was useless and couldn’t help Long Chen.

Seeing that Long Chen had given up attacking, Li Changfeng could not help but heave a sigh of relief. A relieved smile appeared on his face.

Ling Yunzi’s expression was still indifferent, as if everything that happened had nothing to do with him. As his comprehension of the way of the sword deepened, Ling Yunzi became more and more detached from the world, no longer caring about anything else.

“Tsk, why did a woman stop me? Brat, you’re so unreliable!” Feng Xinglie muttered with some dissatisfaction, and then slowly let go of his big hand that was holding the sword handle.

On the other hand, disappointment flashed across the eyes of the Pill Valley and the other two king level experts. They wished that Long Chen would blow the matter up.

"Everyone else can leave, but all of the members of the Ethereal Opening Sect will stay behind. Of course, there are also traitors of the Celestial Sect of Wonders."

For a moment, the faces of Ancestor Tianyou, Ji Changkong, Ji Hongling, and the others all turned ashen.

Chapter 953 - Consecutive Conspiracy

The expressions of all the members of the Heavenly Netherworld Sect changed. Thankfully, Li Changfeng was only able to capture the core members of the conspiracy, including Grandmaster Ethereal Opening and Ji Zhangkong. ,

As for the disciples of the Mysterious Heaven Sect, they were wailing loudly and Zhao Wuji was even more delusional. Unfortunately, he did not succeed and he and Yue Qianshan were about to face the Mysterious Heaven Sect’s number one torture.

When they thought about how the number one torture method of the Mysterious Heaven Sect — Lotus of the Five Heart, two of them immediately fainted, they had completely lost all hope.

As for the other disciples, although they would not be punished by the first torture, betraying their sects was still a taboo, and they would definitely die. However, for Yue Qianshan and Zhao Wuji, this was a happiness that they would never be able to achieve in their entire lives.

After everyone had been escorted away, Long Chen stood in front of Ji Changkong and asked, "Is there anything else you want to say?"

"Long Chen, you bastard! Kill me if you dare! You …!" Ji Changkong arrogantly sneered.


Guo Ran slapped him hard across the face. However, Guo Ran didn’t use his armor as support and didn’t use much strength. Instead, he shook his palms painfully.

"You want to enrage me and then let me kill you? Your plan is quite good. You’re still scheming at this point. There’s really no saving you. "Long Chen said faintly.

"This is bad!"

Suddenly, Ouyang Qiuyu cried out in alarm. Her expression changed because a jade token at her waist suddenly flashed rapidly.

"Someone is ambushing the Celestial Sect of Wonders!" Ouyang Qiuyu exclaimed in shock.

"Hahaha, Long Chen, in the end, you’re only missing one move. So what if you kill me? The current Mysterious Heaven Sect had already been razed to the ground by Xue You and his men.

I can’t kill you, but I have more than enough power to kill some of the watchdogs of your Xuan Dao Sect. " Ji Changkong laughed maniacally.

Lu Minghan’s face couldn’t help but darken as he shouted in a stern voice, “You actually colluded with the evil ways and deliberately framed the Xuan Dao Sect?”

“Old fool, I don’t blame Long Chen for calling you an idiot. I have long colluded with the evil ways, why would I miss this one?”

Before you arrived, there was still a large group of people that remained in the Xuan Dao Sect.

Originally, according to our plan, if you all came here, we would attack you in groups, and the foundations of the Xuan Dao Sect would be completely uprooted.

Unfortunately, our plan couldn’t keep up with the changes. We lost, but so what? Your Xuan Dao Sect’s hundreds of thousands of disciples will accompany us in death, everything is worth it! Ji Changkong laughed coldly.

“You’re courting death!”

Lu Minghan extended his hand in an attempt to smack Ji Changfeng to death, but he was stopped by Li Changfeng. Now that he had smacked Ji Zhangkong to death, he was at a disadvantage.

“Since it’s already happened, anger won’t solve the problem. Let’s return to the sect immediately!”

Li Changfeng suddenly waved his hand and a huge flying boat that was several hundred feet long appeared. Everyone hurriedly jumped onto the flying boat.

What Li Changfeng did not expect was that not only did Ling Yunzi and Feng Xinglie come up, even that person from the Pill Valley along with the other two kings also got on the flying boat.

However, the flying boat couldn’t hold all of them. In the end, it only managed to bring a few of the strongest fighters, including the Dragon Bloodline Warrior and Ji Changkong, along with it.


What Long Chen and the others didn’t expect was that it wasn’t that the flying boat wasn’t flying, but that the symbols around it were emitting light. The space was actually split open, and the surrounding space was constantly distorting.

"Spatial teleportation?"

Long Chen couldn’t help but be surprised. This flying boat actually had such a function. In reality, Li Changfeng’s flying boat had recorded the coordinates of the Xuan Dao Sect. As long as the distance was the correct, it could be sent over.

This kind of speed was much faster than flying. However, with such a huge flying boat carrying so many people, it would take at least an incense stick’s time to get back to the Xuan Dao Sect.

Considering how weak the defense of the Xuan Dao Sect was, it was likely that they wouldn’t be able to hold on for more than a few breaths of time. The amount of time needed to burn an incense stick was simply too long.

"Hahaha, I really want to see what kind of expression you guys would have when you see the floor covered in corpses and the floor filled with their lairs, hahaha …" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Ji Changkong laughed out loud. However, his nose was broken by Long Chen with a single punch. At the same time, Long Chen also broke his jaw and even his tongue.

With a groan of pain, Ji Zhangkong could no longer laugh. He could no longer speak. He slapped his hands together and a surge of spiritual energy rushed into his body. He immediately felt his body become more acute.


He didn’t know why Long Chen was doing this. Suddenly, he kicked Ji Changkong’s crotch, causing an indescribable pain to spread throughout his body.

In an instant, Ji Changkong’s entire body trembled. His body bent like a shrimp and then like a statue, he fell stiffly onto the ground.

After falling to the ground, Ji Changkong’s entire body spasmed as the blood vessels on his forehead bulged, as if they were about to burst. At the same time, his eyes were bulging out of his eye sockets.

“I didn’t expect that you, Ji Changkong, would have such a rich expression. Hehe, what a talent!”

Long Chen stared coldly at Ji Changkong. He placed one foot on Ji Changkong’s chin, gently crushing his jaw and causing his hair to stand on end. The sound of bones breaking could be heard.

Crunch, crunch …

The sound of bones rubbing against each other could be heard. Even the crowd of king level experts found it difficult to endure. This kind of torture was too cruel.

They could all see that Long Chen had used a secret technique to activate Ji Changkong’s senses, causing his spiritual sense to be ten times sharper than normal.

Under such circumstances, even if one were to be pierced by an ordinary needle, it would be extremely painful. If he were to execute such a move, the pain would cause one’s scalp to tingle.

"Ji Changkong, with my beautiful wife’s guidance, I have already become magnanimous. I only need you to bear the punishment of the Five Heart Lotus Seeds, and the enmity between us will be over.

But your mouth is so cheap, and you want to anger me so much that I can kill you.

“Since you want to play so much, I’ll play with you. I have plenty of time to play with you!” The corner of Long Chen’s mouth curled into a cruel sneer.

Hearing the words “beautiful wife”, Meng Qi’s pretty face turned red, and she wanted to punch Long Chen twice. This guy would always speak with no shame. Even if it wasn’t for the occasion, how could she, a girl, endure such words?

However, this was Long Chen’s temperament. It meant that Long Chen had regained his confidence and returned to his original self. He had walked out from the painful shadow of Little Snow’s death, causing her to let out a sigh of relief.

Long Chen continued, "You think I can’t see through your layout? I will let you see that the Xuan Dao Sect is still there. Every Dao Sect disciple is completely unharmed.

But I hate what you say, so I decided not to listen to you. Just sing along the way. 'Humming like this is fine, even if it’s unpleasant, it’s better than speaking … ’

The crowd couldn’t help but cast a sympathetic look at Ji Changkong. Who are you trying to offend? You want to provoke Long Chen? Isn’t that just asking for trouble?

"Creak …"

"Humph… humph…"

The sound of bones rubbing against each other and Ji Changkong’s painful groans slowly rang out in everyone’s ears. The warriors of the Dragon Blood Legion had long since gotten used to this. Long Chen had never gone down the normal route before.

The crowd of king level entities and the head courtyard could no longer bear it, especially the sound of the shattered bones rubbing against each other. It was as if fingernails had slashed across the lid of a wok, the indescribable sound causing goosebumps to rise all over their bodies.

"Guo Ran, come over and give it a try. This is quite the skill, my legs are a bit sore!" Long Chen called out to Guo Ran.

Guo Ran was overjoyed. He hastily imitated Long Chen and stepped on Ji Changkong’s chin, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

"Idiot, your strength is too great. Lighten it a little, use the front end of your feet, uniformly rush over, rub it back and forth…"

Under Long Chen’s careful guidance, Guo Ran quickly grasped the ‘quintessence’ and the maddening voice rang out again.

The king level experts of the Pill Valley found it difficult to take it anymore. They wanted to open their mouths a few times to stop the commotion, but this noise would drive them insane.

He was afraid that Long Chen would scold him again. Long Chen was like a stone in a pit of excrement. He was stinky and tough, yet he even dared to scold the senior executives of his sect, let alone him.

Therefore, he chose to shut his mouth in the end. The king level experts of the ancient clans and the experts of the ancient families did not say a word and pretended not to see.

They even suspected that with Long Chen’s ruthlessness, even if Ji Changkong was already dead, he might not be able to whip his corpse.

Long Chen had opened their eyes today. They had cultivated for so many years and had seen too many people, but they had never seen such a tyrannical young man before.

He was so domineering that he seemed to have no ends to it. A mere early stage Sea Opening cultivator like him did not even put their king in his eyes. He was so arrogant that he had never seen one before in his life.


All of a sudden, the world brightened up and flew out from the distorted space. The surrounding scenery changed and they impressively arrived at the periphery of the Xuan Dao Sect.

As soon as they appeared, they saw hundreds of evil path Forging Stage powerhouses surrounding the Xuan Dao Sect, and five half-step beast kings guarding the periphery. Two old men in the sky were holding weapons, and runes covered the sky as they crazily attacked the grand protective formation of the Xuan Dao Sect.

The moment Li Changfeng and the others appeared, they couldn’t help but be stunned. Originally, they had already made preparations that they would not be able to protect the Xuan Dao Sect. They could only hope to catch up to their enemies and give them a more ruthless counterattack.

But now, he saw two king level entities furiously smashing into the grand protective formation of the Mysterious Heaven Sect with their trump cards. The grand formation was constantly shaking, but it did not shatter. However, the two king level entities were sweating profusely; it was obvious that they had been attacking for quite some time.

"The great protective formation of the Xuan Dao Sect is this terrifying?" The King of the Pill Valley could not help but be shocked as he hurriedly used his soul force to probe the formation.

"Spirit essence stones, so many spirit essence stones!" The expert from the Pill Valley could not help but bulge out his eyeballs.

He saw Shui Wuhen in the Xuan Dao Sect with thousands of sparkling and translucent stones scattered on the ground according to certain specifications. These were spirit essence stones.

The ground was the center of the protective array, but with the support of spirit essence stones, the protective array was actually a hundred times stronger. Even a king wouldn’t be able to break through it in such a short time.

Looking at the spirit essence stones on the ground, the king level experts were unable to keep their calm. These were spirit essence stones, an extremely valuable existence on the mainland.

The two king level entities were unable to attack for a long time, but suddenly, a huge flying boat appeared out of nowhere. When the group of king level entities saw the group of king level entities, their expressions couldn’t help but change.


Slaughtering the Blood Underworld

When the two evil king level experts saw Li Changfeng and his group appear, their expressions immediately changed, and they wanted to escape without a second thought. .


An enormous broadsword with earth-shattering power was pressuring the space as it slashed down towards the two people. It was Feng Xinglie who had made his move.

One strike caused the sky to collapse, causing space to collapse. A terrifying pressure wreaked havoc, as if the entire world had been enveloped by his sword and it was impossible to escape.

The moment Feng Xing’s violent attack was released, all the king level experts were overwhelmed with shock, especially the kings of the Pill Valley, the ancient clans, and the ancient families. They couldn’t help but feel a lingering fear on their faces.

Although they were both kings, in terms of combat power, almost no one dared to challenge the experts from the Heaven Splitting War Sect. The soldiers of the sect were the strongest.

"Sky-Opening, third move!"

Feng Xing Lie growled out while swinging the broadsword in his hand mercilessly. Following his move, a fierce gust of wind swooshed across the air.


With a single sword strike, the two evil beings were sucked into it. The two were shocked and hurriedly used their king artifacts to block it.

With an explosive sound, space exploded. Endless amounts of energy surged through the world. To everyone’s horror, the King Armaments in the hands of those two individuals were actually shattered with a single strike.

That king level expert from the Ancient Clan involuntarily gulped. He secretly rejoiced that he did not provoke Feng Xinglie, or else he would truly be dead.

The two evil realm experts’ king artifacts exploded as they coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. Suddenly, a yellow talisman appeared in one of their hands and was crushed.

“Crap, it’s the Heaven Escape Talisman!”

Li Changfeng was shocked. He was experienced and knowledgeable. When he saw the talisman, he immediately recognized that it was the extremely precious Heaven Escape Talisman.

These talismans were passed down from ancient times, and right now, no one could draw these talismans. Every single one of them were incomparably precious.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there was no hope of escaping, that evil king would definitely not have the heart to waste such a treasure.


Feng Xinglie did not believe it. He slashed down with his blade again. However, something unbelievable happened. Feng Xinglie’s blade actually passed through them.

They seemed to have turned into a shadow. Feng Xinglie’s blade was unable to attack them, and one of the evil realm king level experts said coldly:

“Xuan Dao Sect, just you wait. We’ll be back!”

After that Heaven Smiting Talisman was shattered, strange runes began to wrap around their bodies and the space around them started to distort. Feng Xinglie’s attack was unable to harm them. Seeing that they were about to be teleported out, the sound of swords being unsheathed sounded like the roar of dragons.


A dazzling beam of light streaked through the air, tearing the void apart. The two evil path kings that were wrapped in runes were sliced to pieces by that sword.


The sound of his long sword slowly returning to its scabbard echoed in everyone’s ears. Everyone looked at Ling Yunzi in shock. The sword strike just now was executed by him.

They did not dare to believe that Ling Yunzi’s sword strike would ignore the separation of the sky and destroy the laws of the Heaven Escape Glyph, instantly killing two evil realm experts. This was too terrifying.

Although sword cultivators were known to be the strongest in terms of attack, Ling Yunzi’s sword had already reached an even higher level. At that level, even the kings present would not be able to touch it.

“Everyone, don’t be surprised. This little brother’s Sword Truth is a bit special. It has a certain restraining effect on this kind of spatial energy,” Ling Yunzi lightly explained.

However, Ling Yunzi’s indifference made the hearts of all the kings throb. This sword attack was too terrifying. It was filled with the will to destroy, and no one could stop it.

Although the might of Feng Xinglie’s slash was extremely terrifying, the power of that slash was still within the comprehension of the crowd. However, Ling Yunzi’s slash had allowed them to see something of a higher level.

"You still want to escape? "Xue You, do you take me for a fake?"

With the deaths of the two evil realm kings, the evil realm experts were thrown into chaos as they tried to escape. However, that was simply unrealistic. Long Chen ignored everyone and directly flew to Xue You, blocking his path.

The evil path’s half-step king had already been killed by Lu Minghan with a wave of his hand, but after killing the evil path’s half-step king, Lu Minghan stopped. He could not make a move against an evil path’s Forging Platform Realm expert.

However, he could not take action. Guo Ran and the rest had long since lost their patience. They had originally rushed over to the Heavenly Secrets Gang with great vigor, but had already made their preparations for battle.

However, after going through so many twists and turns, they did not even have the chance to make a move.

"Long Chen …"

Xue You looked at Long Chen with fear in his eyes. Long Chen had already killed him.

"Twin Dragon Sky Break!"

Long Chen didn’t waste any time and directly attacked with his strongest attack. Xue You was shaken to the point of spitting out blood even after using all of his strength to resist.


A giant hand covered in scales did not give Xue You a chance. It slapped Xue You’s chest ruthlessly, directly shattering his body and destroying his soul at the same time.

Long Chen knew too much about Xue You’s methods. However, Xue You’s heart was filled with fear.

Originally, even if Long Chen were to attack with his full strength, he would still need several moves to defeat Xue You. However, Xue You was afraid in his heart and was unable to display his combat strength. He was actually killed in an instant.

After killing Xue You in a single strike, Long Chen was somewhat surprised and unable to accept this result. He stood in the air, looking into the distance and couldn’t help but sigh.

Originally, when Long Chen killed Xue You, he would feel very comfortable. Now that Little Snow had finally avenged him, he could finally let go of the burden in his heart.

But after Meng Qi’s explanation, he had already let go of the burden in his heart. Now that he had killed Xue You, he couldn’t tell what was so good about his heart.

The culprit had died, but Little Snow could not live. Meng Qi was right, the reason I killed was not only to release my anger, but also to alleviate the pain in my heart and my guilt toward Little Snow.

Although Little Snow had fallen, she still had a chance to revive. Although her body was no longer Little Snow’s body, that soul and that memory were still there. Little Snow was still the same Little Snow.

Long Chen felt that he was too tired. He needed to ease this tempo, otherwise, with this kind of mentality, he wouldn’t be able to face more challenges in the future. He needed to find that optimistic and positive Long Chen.


Suddenly, a bellow rang out, bringing Long Chen’s thoughts back to reality. He happened to see Wildie summon out the Barbarian Blood Copper Body and smash an evil path Cast Platform expert to death with a staff.

Meng Qi, Tang Wan’er, Gu Yang, Guo Ran, Yue Zifeng, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan also fought with everything they had.

Looking at the Dragon Blood Warriors, each of them had overwhelming combat power, and challenging those who were higher level than them was as easy as eating, Li Changfeng couldn’t help but feel overjoyed.

He had never thought that the Eastern Wasteland branch of the Xuan Dao Sect would be able to raise such a powerful group of disciples.

Especially when they saw Meng Qi, Gu Yang, and the rest killing a Forging Stage powerhouse, they were all shocked. The disciples of the Eastern Wasteland sub-school were comparable to the elite disciples of the Main Sect.

Ling Yunzi stood with his hands behind his back, his eyes radiating light. His gaze never left Yue Zifeng, at this moment, Yue Zifeng’s sword danced, he had already killed more than ten Forging Stage powerhouses in a row.

It was on the battlefield. Apart from Wildie, the person who had killed the most Forging Stage powerhouses had fully displayed the terrifying offensive power of a sword cultivator.

In less than two hours, all of the more than two hundred Forging Stage powerhouses of the evil path had been killed. As for the Dragonblood Warriors, not a single one had perished. Such terrifying combat prowess caused everyone to be stunned.

Seeing that the enemies had all been killed, Li Changfeng opened his mouth and said, "Everyone, come and take a look at our Xuan Dao Sect."

“In that case, I will be troubling you.” The Pill Valley’s king level expert was the first to speak.

Feng Xinglie and Ling Yunzi also did not deny; they followed the crowd and entered the Xuan Dao Sect. The disciples of the sect saw that their sect master had returned, and even brought back a group of people. They didn’t know what had happened.

"Elder sister, thank you for your hard work!"

Shui Wuhen withdrew the formation as Long Chen said with a smile.

"Wu Hen, let me introduce you. These two are seniors of our Mysterious Sky Main Sect!" Ouyang Qiuyu said.

"This disciple greets senior!" Shui Wuhen greeted hastily.

“Forget it. Everyone has worked hard. Let’s go and rest first. Qiu Yu, come over with Long Chen. Let’s have a meeting,” Li Changfeng said.

Just like this, the Pill Valley, the Ancient Family, and the Ancient Family’s king level experts, as well as Ling Yunzi and Feng Xinglie, were invited to enter the inner hall of the Xuan Dao Sect.

Everyone took their seats. Normally, there would never be a seat for Long Chen in this kind of occasion. Not to mention Long Chen, even Ouyang Qiuyu didn’t have the right to sit at the table.

However, Li Changfeng could be considered to have thoroughly grasped Long Chen’s temperament. He didn’t dare to let Long Chen stand on his feet, or else who knew what kind of tricks he would play in the future.

In contrast to Ouyang Qiuyu’s trembling, trembling manner, Long Chen wasn’t polite at all. He sat down on a chair, knowing that the good show was about to begin.

Li Changfeng opened his mouth and said, "About the matter regarding Long Chen, the few of you have come all the way here and have put in a lot of effort. I, Li Changfeng, express my gratitude on behalf of the Mysterious Heaven Sect!"

The experts of the Pill Valley, the Ancient Race, and the Ancient Aristocrat Clan all said a few words of courtesy. However, Feng Xinglie did not care about it and impatiently said:

“Everyone’s pretty busy. If you have anything to say, just say it. After you’re done, I’m going to talk to Long Chen about something. I still need to rush back.”

His words were very crude, but Li Changfeng was not angry because he knew that the people from the Sky-Opening Sect spoke in such a manner. Even when they spoke to their elders, their tone was still very aggressive.

“That’s good. In order to save everyone’s precious time, I would like to ask the Senior Brothers from the Pill Valley, the Ancient Clan, and the Ancient Clan if there is anything they need to correct for me to deal with Long Chen.” Li Changfeng said.

Only now did Li Changfeng’s words hit the nail on the head. The King of the Pill Valley glanced at the other two and the three exchanged a look.

The Ancient King Stage expert replied, "Our Ancient Race has always stuck to peaceful development and doesn’t get involved with the righteous path. For the past tens of thousands of years, everyone has been safe and sound.

However, Long Chen has gone too far this time. Even if he had some conflict with the Ancient Clan disciples, it can be said that everyone will deal with it, not just mercilessly kill them, but also kill so many people in one go … "


As Long Chen heard the Ancient Clan’s expert speak to this point, he sneered, his face full of disdain.

Chapter 955 - Laozi Doesn’t Do This

"Can you say it? Everyone settled it? Who should he tell it to? Who were they? Your Ancient Clan has always been powerful and rampant on the Ancient Road. In order to compete for resources, you guys have to clear the territory on the spot, expel others, and kill anyone who tries to resist…

You don’t even know what the conduct of your Ancient Clan disciples is? Although the ancient clan claimed to be neutral, how many heinous things had they done? “What the f * ck are you pretending to be a big tailed wolf for!” Long Chen sneered.

"Long Chen …"

Ouyang Qiuyu gently pushed Long Chen with her hand, meaning to tell him to take it easy and not be so aggressive with his words.

The face of the Ancient Clan expert darkened as he said angrily, “Even if the Ancient Clan disciples are at fault, you can’t kill them all right?”

"Was there a way to kill them all? Didn’t I give you quite a bit of it? " “Long Chen sneered.”

“Not a few my ass! Tens of thousands of people went in and thousands came out. Moreover, not a single supreme expert is left!” When the Ancient Clan’s experts spoke of this matter, they became extremely angry.

"Who cares about me? “The victor is the king and the loser is the thief. If I, Long Chen, were to lose, I believe that no one by my side would survive. I didn’t kill them because I’m already giving your Ancient Clan some leeway.” Long Chen said faintly.

“You’re shameless. It’s not that you didn’t kill them at all, but that you didn’t get the chance. With your ruthlessness, if you get the chance, none of them will survive!” The expert from the Ancient Clan said angrily.

"You’re not me, how do you know? The righteous experts, didn’t I still let them go in the end? Can’t you see that I, Long Chen, am trying to reprimand you for your actions? " Long Chen said.

"You … "I …"

“Stop being so adult. You’re still stuttering. Also, don’t point your finger at me. Your parents didn’t tell you. Is it very rude to behave like this?” Long Chen looked at the trembling Ancient Clan expert and said.

The Ancient Clan’s experts were about to go crazy with anger. In terms of true strength, even ten Long Chen wouldn’t be his match. But in terms of eloquence, ten of them would still be played to death by Long Chen.

The Ancient Clan’s expert took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. He said, “Let me ask you, when the Ancient Clan’s expert came to the Xuan Dao Sect to judge, why did you want to kill them?”

“Rationale?” Are you sure your brain isn’t full of shit? Your family’s judges would directly destroy the sect?

Your idiots from the Ancient Clan are all overbearing just to find an excuse to destroy my Xuan Dao Sect. If we don’t kill them, why should we treat them to a meal?

To ask such a question, what the hell is wrong with your head? Oh right, you said just now that if there was anything, you could say it out loud.

Why don’t you have something to talk about when the Ancient Clan comes to kill us? When trying to persuade others, can you think about what kind of person you are? " Long Chen sneered.

The expert from the Ancient Clan was enraged. He clenched his fists tightly as he discovered a cruel reality. In terms of eloquence, he was on a completely different level from Long Chen.

If this continued, he would lose more and more face and would no longer bother with this topic. He coldly said, "Then let me ask you, what method did you use to kill them?"

When this question was asked, everyone pricked up their ears because when Long Chen had activated the Eastern Desolate Bell, that scene was recorded by someone using Mirage Jade.

However, the images recorded by the Mirage Jade could not be seen clearly. All they could see was a sky full of multicolored light, and as soon as the light passed, the Emperor Armament would collapse and the powerhouses would be killed. Its power was terrifying to the extreme.

The Mirage Jade had spread throughout the entire Eastern Wasteland. Almost everyone had seen it, and all the king level entities present were no exception. They had always had many suspicions regarding that terrifying weapon.

Now that the Ancient warrior had spoken, everyone pricked up their ears and listened carefully.

“That’s just a fart.” Long Chen said.

“Impossible, you’re lying!” The Ancient Clan’s expert did not believe him.

"It’s real. When the depressed aura has been stored in the body for a long time, it will ferment into another form of energy.

"When sunlight, wind, humidity, and pressure reach a comfortable level of release, coupled with the effects of external forces, it will release a shocking amount of energy, capable of destroying mountains and destroying mountains!" Long Chen said very seriously.

“Bullsh * t!” The Ancient Clan’s expert roared.

“That’s right. I admit it. I fart. A single fart killed all the experts of your Ancient Clan.” Long Chen nodded. How could he say something about the Eastern Wasteland Bell? He was purposely angering the bastard to death.

Eastluck Bell had warned him more than once to keep it a secret, or else it would bring endless karma.

Even though Long Chen still didn’t know what karma was, he could feel the kindness from the Eastern Wasteland Bell. He chose to believe in it, so he would absolutely not tell anyone about it.

Long Chen was clearly acting like a swindler right now. He was so angry that the Ancient Clan’s experts’ lungs were about to explode, but they didn’t dare to do anything to Long Chen.

“You’re not going to speak the truth, right?” The Ancient Clan expert gritted his teeth and said.

“What I said was the truth. If you don’t believe me, I can’t do anything about it!” Long Chen crossed his legs. With Ling Yunzi and Feng Xinglie here, Long Chen was not afraid of either of them.

Ling Yunzi supported him with 100% of his strength, and Long Chen was pleasantly surprised to discover that Ling Yunzi was the expert amongst experts. Ling Yunzi was known as the number one swordsman in attacks, and had such a strong backing.

In fact, the main purpose of the investigation was to investigate the mysterious weapon in Long Chen’s hand. No one didn’t want to have such a terrifying weapon.

Not only the ancient clan, the Pill Valley and the king level experts of the ancient families had also come for this matter. Of course, this was only one of their goals.

Seeing that Long Chen was unwilling to speak the truth, the Ancient Clan’s experts did not dare to force him. For a moment, the scene became extremely awkward. Li Changfeng said,

“Since Long Chen is unwilling to say, then forget about it. After all, this is Long Chen’s personal secret and does not threaten any sect. He can keep this secret.”

Furthermore, after that item was taken out, it immediately left. With everyone’s experience, they were able to determine that Long Chen was merely at the early stage of the sea realm. He would not be able to use such a terrifying weapon. "

The Pill Valley King said, "We also know. However, such a dangerous item shouldn’t be left in the hands of a child.

“Young people are full of rage. They might not be able to control themselves as soon as their tempers rise, so we’re doing this for the sake of Long Chen!”

F * ck, isn’t this too shameless? You guys clearly wanted to know the location of the Eastern Wasteland Bell, so you wanted to obtain some clues and let the experts take back the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Long Chen was about to retort back, but Ouyang Qiuyu was already prepared. She pinched Long Chen viciously in the dark and glared at him, telling him to calm down for a while.

Although Ouyang Qiuyu was also a half-step King and had seen many storms in her thousand year of cultivation, Long Chen’s performance today had scared her out of her wits. Her heart was in her throat and her nerves were taut.

Long Chen’s actions today had challenged the limits of her imagination. The things that she had never dared to think about in her entire life had all been demonstrated by him.

Seeing that the Pill Valley expert’s words had indicated that there was room for manoeuvre, she wished that she could stop Long Chen from speaking.

Right now, she was praying that time would hurry up. The king level experts who had pressured her to the point where she couldn’t even breath, quickly scram. Every time the king’s wrath occurred, it would cause her to tremble in fear, fearing that Long Chen would be killed with a single slap.

“Thank you for your kind intentions senior brother. Long Chen is still young, so we elders didn’t teach him well. We’ve troubled you quite a bit.” Li Changfeng chuckled.

Long Chen was speechless as he listened. Seeing Ling Yunzi’s indifference, it was obvious that he was used to this sort of thing. Meanwhile, Feng Xinglie curled his lips in ridicule.

“Is there anything else?” “If there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving first. I’ve been busy lately, so my back and waist are aching. I’m very tired and want to go back to sleep.” Long Chen stood up, stretched his waist, and yawned.

Long Chen was indeed very tired, but the mental pressure was too great. Ever since Meng Qi had untied the knot in his heart, Long Chen’s entire body relaxed. He then felt a little tired and wanted to go back to sleep.

At this time, Lu Minghan’s face sank. Just as he was about to berate, he was stopped by a glance from Li Changfeng. He didn’t want to see Long Chen scolding Lu Minghan in front of everyone, and he also didn’t want the hatred between the two to deepen.

He had already figured out Long Chen’s temperament. This brat absolutely could not be treated in a normal manner. He was an oddity.

When Long Chen stood up, Li Changfeng smiled faintly but did not say anything. On the other hand, the three king level experts from the Pill Valley, Ancient Clan, and Ancient Family were at a loss.

The three of them looked at each other. In the end, it was still the king level expert of the Pill Valley who bit the bullet and said, "Long Chen, you must have gained quite a bit from this journey of Eternal Rest, right?"

Long Chen sneered in his heart. The fox would reveal its tail eventually. The appearance of Long Chen from the Ancient Road, and all of the Dragon Blood Legion becoming Skywalkers … such an action was absolutely astounding.

Long Chen had long since expected them to ask such a question. He stretched out his hand to flick the dust off his sleeves and said indifferently, "The harvest is not bad, right? Just barely get rid of the warmth …"

"I wonder how many spirit essence stones do you have left?" A Pill Valley King said shamelessly.

"What are you doing?" Long Chen looked at the Pill Valley King and said.

“Cough cough. I mean, if you have any, I’ll purchase some from you on behalf of the Pill Valley!” The King of the Pill Valley spoke.

"Purchase? I’m afraid it’s not that simple. If I take out spirit essence stones, you will definitely want me to compensate you.

I cut down two of your disciples, killed so many Ancient Clan experts, killed so many Ancient Family disciples, and now you want to buy from me? You think I’m an idiot like you?

You want to trick me into saying this, then you can discuss the specific compensation in front of the two elders. Since everyone is dead, you have no way to investigate.

[To be shameless to such an extent, I am convinced. You guys have trained for so many years to such an extent?]

I might as well tell you all this, what I have on me is something I have exchanged with my life, do you want to lie to me? Blind your dog eyes.

The so-called losses you guys have are all your own. It has nothing to do with laozi, don’t play with laozi, laozi won’t do this. " Long Chen sneered.

Long Chen’s words caused the faces of Pill Valley Kings and the others to darken.

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