Nine Star Hegemon Body Art -C1106-1110


Chapter 1106: Ghost Fang Eel

Mount Vast Expanse was vast and endless. A peak of fury pierced through the sky, and a great river slashed open the mountains. It snaked through the air, and occasionally, the roars of magical beasts could be heard, causing countless birds to fly into the air. Please search for the most complete one! Fastest novel updates

On top of a tall mountain stood a man and a woman. They were Meng Qi and Long Chen.

Long Chen looked at the map in his hand and compared it with the scenery around him. "Once we cross the river in front of us, we’ll enter a densely packed area filled with magical beasts. The academy master said that there’s a special mine in this area, which allows this area to form a special magnetic field.

It could be said that this large area was the magical beasts’ natural spirit gathering array. As a result, the strong magical beasts all approached here. Although there were endless battles and countless casualties, the magical beasts still refused to leave.

Not only that, there are also many magical beasts in the vicinity who are rushing towards this area with all their might, wanting to occupy a spot here. "

“This is similar to us, aren’t we the same? We are also trying our best to charge towards Central State, hoping to gain a foothold.” Meng Qi laughed.

"This analogy is very appropriate. In truth, the strong preys on the weak. The battles between human cultivators are even more brutal than the battles between demon beasts.

Although the battles between magical beasts were bloody and violent, the danger was on the surface. There was still a chance to escape.

And the competition between human cultivators was completely silent. In fact, even when many people died, they didn’t know how they died.

The competition between magical beasts was fair and square. Moreover, a group of magical beasts would never betray each other. But humans, hehe, betrayal is nothing out of the ordinary." Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh.

“Alright, let’s go!”

As they flew over a wide river, Meng Qi couldn’t help but laugh, “The last time we went to the Spirit Realm, you took me with you to hide in the belly of a fish in order to escape danger. I don’t know if this time will be any more miserable than last time.”

Remembering their previous experiences in the Spiritual World, both of them couldn’t help but feel warm in their hearts. Sometimes, memories were the most precious thing to a person.

“It was an accident last time. I definitely won’t do it this time.” Long Chen patted his chest and guaranteed.


Just as Long Chen finished speaking, waves suddenly rose from the river below them as a giant mouth came biting toward the two of them.

It was a huge fish over three thousand feet long, and its body was thin and long like a fish. Its mouth was filled with sharp teeth, and from the looks of it, it was a magical beast of the mid-Eighth Order.


Long Chen flicked his finger and a bolt of lightning pierced through the head of the strange fish, instantly killing it.

"How about I treat you to grilled fish?" Long Chen said with a smile.

"No, this Ghost Tooth Eel is a scavenging magical beast. It eats rotten flesh and it stinks of its own flesh." Meng Qi quickly shook her head.

"Ah, forget it. Disgusting!"

Long Chen directly threw the strange fish into the chaotic space, allowing the black soil to devour it, turning it into nourishment for the spruce tree.

Because the Primal Chaos Dimension had expanded to a million miles, the Long Chen had filled the entire Primal Chaos Dimension with the seeds of the spruce, iron oak, and the sapling had grown to a height of ten zhang.

But now, the Primal Chaos Dimension had expanded once again. The spruce and iron oaks hadn’t grown yet, and now with so many seedlings appearing, they grew even slower, but there was nothing they could do about it.

In order to make all of the Spruce Iron Oaks grow, they would need a huge amount of magical beast corpses. Furthermore, they had to be of high level magical beast corpses. Any magical beast below Class 7 was of no use to Long Chen, and would have no effect at all.

"This is really weird, why would this idiot fish eat the two of us? “With its body, the two of us can’t even be considered sesame seeds, can we?” Long Chen said, somewhat puzzled.

"No, the magical beasts all have their own domain. As long as there are outsiders invading, as long as they think that they are threatened, they will think that they are here to steal territory, so they will attack. They will not be hungry, they want to eat us." Meng Qi said.


Just as Long Chen and Meng Qi flew over the river and entered the forest, a giant fire wolf suddenly pounced on the two of them.


Long Chen kicked the level eight fire wolf away. The fire wolf’s huge body continued to roll, knocking down a large part of the forest. It probably thought that Long Chen was too scary and didn’t dare to attack anymore.

"Is it because of Little Snow?" Meng Qi looked at the fire wolf and said in a low voice.

“Mm, I can’t do it when I see wolf-type magical beasts.” Long Chen looked at the baring fangs and brandishing claws of the fire wolf and sighed.

Meng Qi held Long Chen’s hand and asked worriedly, “Can Snowy really revive?”

Little Snow, Meng Qi, and Long Chen all had deep feelings for each other. To them, Little Snow was not a magical beast, but a relative.

After all, Meng Qi had seen Little Snow die in front of her after being cursed by the King of Hell’s blood curse.

“Don’t worry. Little Snow can definitely revive. Merely, the soul is its soul, but the body is not its body.” Long Chen said.

“Why don’t we recruit a wolf-shaped Class 9 Magical Beast to wipe out its soul and bring Snowy back to life?” Meng Qi said.

Long Chen shook his head, "No, a Class 9 Magical Beast is too low class. Even a Class 10 Magical Beast wouldn’t do.

Snowy can only revive once. If it is only the ninth step, it will fall into a cycle. It won’t be able to keep up with my footsteps, so even if it revives, it won’t be happy.

Little Snow’s personality was gentle, but he was extremely stubborn. He had his own pride, and he longed to fight alongside me.

“So the body I’m going to find for Snowy must be strong, strong enough to grow to the peak of martial arts with me!”

It was enough to suffer once, so Long Chen couldn’t revive Little Snow right now. He had to find a strong body for him.

"Do you want me to keep this Fire Wolf?" Meng Qi probed.

"What is it? Should I replenish the emptiness in my heart? " Long Chen laughed. “Little Snow has always been by our side. There’s no need to do this. Besides, this Fire Wolf is too bad. Forget it!”

Meng Qi giggled as the two of them continued to move forward. As the two of them moved forward, they discovered that the magical beasts here were extremely ferocious. As soon as they saw the two of them, they would immediately launch a fierce attack.

However, along the way, all the Class 8 Magical Beasts were killed by Long Chen, who sent them into the chaotic space to be used as nourishment.

“Oh my god, the territory is too dense. There’s no buffer zone!” Long Chen discovered that right after leaving the territory of one of the magical beasts, he was immediately attacked by another magical beast.

The territory of a Class 8 Magical Beast was only a few hundred kilometers, but compared to the thousands of kilometers outside, this place was far too crowded.

boom rumble rumble *

The two of them climbed over a tall mountain. With a loud explosion, a huge black scorpion that was as large as a mountain charged straight at them.

"Good heavens! A Class 9 Magical Beast!"

Long Chen was overjoyed. When he saw the giant black scorpion charging towards him, he also went to meet it. The giant black scorpion viciously smashed its huge pincers towards Long Chen.


Long Chen threw out a punch, and it hit the giant crab’s pincers, producing a loud bang. Long Chen felt his wrist shake, and he was sent flying backwards. Long Chen’s punch also knocked the giant black scorpion over, heavily smashing its huge body on the ground.

"Among magical beasts of the same rank, the crustacean type is the most powerful. This strength is absolutely formidable." Long Chen could not help but praise as he shook his wrist, which had gone numb from the shock.

"Rumble …"

The giant crab rolled over its body and once again charged towards Long Chen. This time, two large pincers were placed in front of it, like a giant car that was about to smash Long Chen into pieces.

“Let’s see who has the most power then!”

Long Chen took a deep breath, and the 108,000 ancient runes in his body began to faintly surge. His strength was like a tide as it rushed towards Long Chen. He swung his fists and smashed at the giant black scorpion.


The ground exploded and sand flew everywhere. A huge crater appeared on the ground. In terms of power, Long Chen and the giant black scorpion were evenly matched.

“Good heavens! A Class 9 Magical Beast is much stronger than a Class 9 Magical Beast from the abyss of hell!” Long Chen’s arms were trembling in pain, and he couldn’t help but feel shocked.


Suddenly, an attack came from the sky and shot towards Long Chen. Long Chen used both of his arms to send himself flying backwards.


A huge scorpion tail was viciously inserted into the ground. That spot was where Long Chen had just been standing.

“Meng Qi, this magical beast is very strong. Do you want it?” Long Chen’s body quickly retreated, avoiding the attack of the giant black scorpion as he shouted out.

“But it’s black and ugly …” Meng Qi was a little hesitant, but her face revealed a trace of awkwardness.

Long Chen thought about it and felt that it made sense. Meng Qi was a girl who had descended from the heavens like an immortal. Her mount was a black and ugly scorpion. It was indeed a bit inappropriate.

"Alright, Heaven Fire Prison!"

Long Chen gave a loud shout and countless fire runes condensed to form a huge fire prison, tightly covering the giant black scorpion.

The current Long Chen had only used the Skyfire Prison for a short period of time. He could use it almost instantaneously. A Class 9 Magical Beast without intelligence was unavoidable.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The giant black scorpion struggled crazily in the fire prison. The fire prison continuously swayed under its struggles, but it did not show any signs of collapsing.

Long Chen slowly raised his right hand and pointed his index and middle fingers at the giant black scorpion, aiming at its head.

Suddenly, a flame formed between his forefinger and middle finger. After the flame condensed, it actually formed a blinding light.

"Murderous Spear!"

After Long Chen let out a low shout, a ray of light shot towards the head of the giant black scorpion. Just as it left Long Chen’s finger, it arrived in front of the giant black scorpion’s head.


The light of fire directly pierced through the terrifying shell of the giant black scorpion, piercing through its brain. It then flew out from the other side, piercing a hole that was several feet wide in the head.

The gigantic black scorpion’s head was penetrated, but it still struggled for half an incense stick of time before dying completely. This was the terrifying aspect of the crustacean beast.

“That fish doesn’t taste good, but these scorpions are delicious. Hehe, let me make you a roasted scorpion.” Long Chen smiled at Meng Qi.

Chapter 1107 Phantom Gale Leopard

"It smells so good!"

Meng Qi looked at the scorpion pincer meat on Long Chen’s plate. It was so fragrant that it made people salivate. Meng Qi didn’t know what Long Chen had added. .

The meat within the scorpion pincer was as white as snow and smooth. As it entered her mouth, it unexpectedly melted and the taste of it overflowed through her nose, causing her to feel extremely comfortable.

“This is the best meat I’ve ever had!” Meng Qi exclaimed.

“Heh heh, I’m an alchemist after all. Compared to alchemy, it’s so simple. Eat more!” Long Chen laughed. If the roasted meat of an alchemist wasn’t good enough, then he would be dead.


Meng Qi sweetly smiled at Long Chen. She didn’t know what seasonings were put into the grilled scorpion meat, but the taste was unstoppable.

“If only Wan’er was here!” Meng Qi couldn’t help sighing.

“You two really are good sisters. You even miss her when you’re eating. No wonder she treats you so well?” Long Chen smiled.

“Because whatever good thing Wan’er is doing, she’s thinking about me too!” Meng Qi laughed. Her long and narrow eyes were like crescent moons, extremely charming.

Long Chen and Meng Qi were eating and chatting with ease. They didn’t take this dangerous place seriously at all.

The two of them ate until their stomachs could no longer hold their food. To those huge pincers, their appetite was less than one in ten thousand.

Long Chen took off the two giant pincers and kept it for next time. As for the giant stinger, it was also kept by Long Chen.

Inside the hook was a poison sac that was bigger than a house. Long Chen tested the poison in it. If this poison was injected into a fist-sized bag, it could easily kill a Class 9 Magical Beast. This was a treasure.

As for the body of the scorpion, it was immediately thrown into the chaotic space. The terrifying black armor did not have any defensive capabilities in the black soil. It was quickly melted and endless life was released.

Within the chaotic space, the spruce tree that was only ten feet tall was growing rapidly. Within the span of a few breaths, it had shot up to five thousand feet high. The entire chaotic space suddenly became lush and verdant.

"Good heavens! The difference between a Class 9 Magical Beast and a Demon Beast is that huge?" Long Chen was shocked. The effects of this magical beast of the ninth step were far beyond his expectations.

Long Chen tidied up and continued walking with Meng Qi. Long Chen asked, "Meng Qi, what type of pet do you like?"

“One must have one flying beast. As for the rest, it’s best if it’s furry. I like furry feeling. I think furry ones are more adorable.” Meng Qi’s pretty face had a trace of mischievousness on it.

"Ya, what a coincidence. Immediately, there will be a furry guy!" Long Chen suddenly shouted loudly because he had discovered a furry big fellow.

“Scoundrel, that’s not what I want!”

Meng Qi cried out in alarm. It was a giant spider, also a Class 9 Magical Beast. Its body was covered in fur, and it was indeed furry, but it wasn’t cute at all. It was sinister and terrifying, giving people goosebumps.


The giant spider leaped high into the air and a huge spider web covered Long Chen and Meng Li. The spider was huge, but its movements were extremely agile and its speed was extremely fast. Even Long Chen didn’t have time to dodge.

"Fire barrier!"

Long Chen formed a seal with his hands, and a gigantic flame shield appeared in front of him. When the spider web touched the flame shield, it was instantly ignited, releasing plumes of white smoke.

"Crap, this white smoke has poison in it!"

Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed, and he pushed Meng Qi out of the range of the smoke. Meng Qi’s body was weak, so she couldn’t defend against the poison mist.


Meng Qi had just flown out of the area. As she formed a seal with her hand, a soul net landed on the spider’s head. The spider’s body trembled and it was unable to move.

When Long Chen saw this, he raised his hand and a spear of fire pierced through the giant spider’s head, killing it.

After throwing the giant spider’s head into the chaotic space, Long Chen’s face couldn’t help but turn pale, and his stomach turned upside down.

"Long Chen, are you alright?" Meng Qi held Long Chen and asked with some worry.

"This spider is so disgusting!" Long Chen took a deep breath and felt better. There was a nauseating smell in the poisonous mist that was very difficult to resist. Long Chen almost vomited.

“Let’s go, we’ll continue!”

Long Chen and Meng Qi became more cautious this time. After walking for half an hour, a giant cheetah appeared in front of them, its body covered with leopard stripes. When they spotted them from afar, the leopard stripes on their bodies suddenly flashed and turned into a shadow, appearing in front of Long Chen and Meng Hao in the blink of an eye.

"Such fast speed!"

Long Chen was taken aback. When he noticed the cheetah, it was still hundreds of miles away. In the blink of an eye, it was right in front of him. A claw struck down at Long Chen.

“Long Chen, this is the Phantom Gale Leopard. You block it for me. I’ll form the slave seal!” Meng Qi shouted. She had already flown into the sky. Her jade-like hands slowly formed a seal as a rune condensed.

Long Chen knew that if Meng Qi wanted to create a slave imprint that could enslave a Class 9 Magical Beast, it would take some time.


Long Chen threw out a punch, and with a loud bang, the hillside beneath his feet shattered. The Phantom Storm Leopard was pushed back by Long Chen’s punch. In terms of strength, it was not Long Chen’s match.

Hu hu hu hu ….

Suddenly, the Shadow Storm Leopard opened its mouth and a wind blade came slicing through the air. The wind blade was several tens of feet long. It was like a sharp blade as it chopped down at Long Chen.

Long Chen’s heart trembled, and he stomped his feet. Thunder rumbled around his body, and he had already flown to the side, the wind blades sticking close to Long Chen’s body.

"Rumble …"

Wind blades swept across the ground. On a line, countless trees and rocks were all smashed into powder, extending for over a thousand miles. A deep and straight furrow was plowed into the ground.

What shocked Long Chen was that the Shadow Storm Leopard’s wind blades never dispersed. From start to finish, the thousand-mile deep ravine was the same width.

Normally speaking, this sort of wind attribute attack would scatter after hitting the target. Once the wind energy left the body, it would be out of control.

However, the Shadow Storm Leopard’s attack was indeed perfectly straight. Long Chen couldn’t help but click his tongue. If he were to be hit by it, he would suffer greatly.


Seeing that the Shadow Storm Leopard was about to open its mouth again, Long Chen had already dashed in front of it and kicked it in the chin.

The Shadow Storm Leopard was sent flying by Long Chen’s kick. Long Chen grabbed onto its tail. Just its tail alone was several times thicker than a house. It took Long Chen a lot of effort to carry it.

Long Chen shot out the thunder chain with both hands and tied up the huge tail. He hugged the tail and roared as he viciously threw it towards the ground.


The earth shook violently, and a huge crater was formed by the Shadow Wind Leopard. However, the Shadow Wind Leopard’s skin and flesh were thick, and it was not actually injured.

Long Chen wanted to use the fire dragon to deal with it, but it was Meng Qi’s pet. If it burned until it had skin and hair, Meng Qi would be unhappy.

Seeing that the Shadow Storm Leopard was about to attack again, Long Chen coldly snorted. The 108 ancient runes in his body started to surge, wanting to give him a ruthless blow.


Suddenly, the Shadow Storm Leopard let out a furious roar and fell to the ground. It frantically struggled, as if it was enduring some kind of pain.

Only now did Long Chen notice that there was a flashing rune on the head of the Shadow Storm Leopard.

Hu hu hu hu ….

The Shadow Storm Leopard frantically clawed at the ground with its huge claws. Dust flew into the air as it created a huge crater in the ground. The Shadow Storm Leopard continuously rolled about.

At this time, Meng Qi made a seal with her hand and a rune appeared on her forehead. That rune was exactly the same as the rune on the Shadow Storm Leopard’s head.

Long Chen knew that Meng Qi was trying to plant a slave imprint on the Shadow Leopard. However, Meng Qi was only in the Casting Stage. Logically speaking, she could only subdue a Class 8 Magical Beast.

But now, they had to subdue a Class 9 Magical Beast. Although Meng Qi was already a Tier 6 Skywalker and her strength had skyrocketed once again, subjugating a Class 9 Magical Beast was still not an easy task.


The Shadow Storm Leopard suddenly jumped up and charged at Meng Qi. However, it was kicked away by Long Chen. The Shadow Storm Leopard, which had been sent flying, was once again stuck in a struggle.

Long Chen finally understood that while Meng Qi was using her soul force to suppress the Shadow Storm Leopard, she was also distracted by the runes on her forehead. She had to maintain a soul frequency with the runes on the top of the Shadow Storm Leopard’s head in order to successfully brand a slave seal.

However, the Shadow Storm Leopard was not willing to be hit by a slave imprint. Moreover, it was too strong. If Meng Qi relaxed a little, it would take the opportunity to counterattack.

“You’re so stupid. How could you forget about this?” Long Chen suddenly smacked his head. Blood energy erupted from his body and a violent pressure was released.

Long Chen had activated his own spirit blood, which was actually only dragon blood. The instant the blood pressure was released, the Shadow Storm Leopard immediately didn’t dare to move. Its entire body trembled as Meng Qi’s slave seal was instantly branded onto it.

“Long Chen is great! Success!” Meng Qi couldn’t help but rejoice.

"I’m sorry, I was too stupid. I forgot, I have the blood of a True Dragon in my body, once it is activated, they will not dare to resist.

“How about this, when we meet a Class 9 Magical Beast, you plant your slave seal first, and then I will release my pressure so they won’t run away.” Long Chen said.

Meng Qi agreed. Then she walked up to the Shadow Gale Leopard and jumped onto its back. The Shadow Gale Leopard struggled for a moment before allowing Meng Qi to sit on its body.

“Long Chen, you come up as well. We’ll use it to seduce the other Class 9 Magical Beasts. That’ll be even more efficient!”

Long Chen also mounted the Shadow Storm Leopard. Meng Qi commanded the Shadow Storm Leopard to rush forward. The Shadow Storm Leopard was too fast, causing Meng Qi to be overjoyed.

In the end, with the help of Long Chen and the Shadow Leopard, Meng Qi quickly obtained another Class 9 Magical Beast, the Blood-Eyed White Tiger. This way, Meng Qi would have two Class 9 Magical Beasts.

Meng Qi told Long Chen that with her current soul power, she could create eighty-one powerful soul spaces. This meant that Meng Qi could control eighty-nine Class 9 Magical Beasts, which made Long Chen very happy.

Eighty-one Class 9 Magical Beasts. If they were to encounter an enemy, they could just use numbers to kill them.

“Hehe, then we’ll give you 81 Class 9 Magical Beasts. Meng Qi, you’ll be a great weapon to our Dragon Blood Legion.” Long Chen chuckled as he searched for Class 9 Magical Beasts with Meng Qi.

Chapter 1108: Heaven Devouring Sparrow

Meng Qi and Long Chen continued to hunt. As the number of Class 9 Magical Beasts increased, the situation became more and more simple. Dozens of Class 9 Magical Beasts surrounded a single Magical Beast. Read the latest chapter in this book. ]

However, just as it was stunned, Meng Qi’s slave imprint fell from the sky and landed on its head. When it tried to struggle, the pressure from Long Chen’s bloodline was activated, causing it to pee its pants.

In two days, Meng Qi had harvested over fifty Class 9 Magical Beasts, only three flying Magical Beasts. The rest of them were Earth Magical Beasts, and seven of them were late-Class 9 Magical Beasts.

If it wasn’t for Long Chen’s bloodline pressure, Meng Qi wouldn’t have been able to subdue such a terrifying Class 9 Magical Beast. Even with her bloodline pressure, she was still met with resistance. One of Meng Qi’s pets had almost been killed by a resisting Class 9 Magical Beast.

However, after taming the first late-Ninth Order demon beast, taming a late-Ninth Order demon beast became much easier. Meng Qi’s pet army could now run amuck here.

But two days later, Meng Qi continued to plant slave seals and consumed too much soul energy. Long Chen let Meng Qi rest a bit, so she wouldn’t have to fight so hard.

While they were resting, Long Chen and Meng Qi rode on a Green Scaled Elephant, slowly moving forward. This Green Scaled Elephant was Meng Qi’s strongest magical beast.

The Green Scaled Elephant was a late-Ninth Order magical beast with long tusks covered in green scales. It could crush mountains. Long ago, in order to tame it, Long Chen had to summon the Azure Dragon Battle Body. It took a lot of effort before he could tame it.

Now that it was riding on its back, even if it were to barge into the territory of other magical beasts, they would hide as far away as they could, not daring to fight back.

Just as Meng Qi was harvesting pets, Long Chen also harvested the corpses of a dozen magical beasts. These magical beasts were all extremely ugly magical beasts like the Cliff Python, Scaled Crocodile, and Toxic Centipede. Although they were strong, Meng Qi was determined not to let them, so Long Chen sent them into the Primal Chaos Dimension.

Under the nourishment of these magical beast corpses, all of the spruce trees had grown to a height of 10,000 feet. Although they hadn’t reached the limit of 40,000 feet yet, every spruce tree gave Long Chen a tremendous amount of life force. This made Long Chen feel a lot more at ease.

“Long Chen, what are you trying to do?” Seeing Long Chen’s eyes wander and his soul power spreading out, Meng Qi couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m looking to see if I can find a Class 10 Magical Beast.” Long Chen said.

"Are you crazy? “A Class 10 Magical Beast? Even if I didn’t resist, I wouldn’t be able to plant a slave seal with my current strength!” Meng Qi cried out in alarm. Long Chen’s idea was too crazy. How could it be possible?

“I didn’t want you to imprint a Class 10 Magical Beast as a slave, but what if we run into a young beast? If we steal one, hehe …” Long Chen’s eyebrows trembled as he laughed evilly.

“Long Chen, this is too dangerous, isn’t it?” Meng Qi was a little worried.

“Wealth comes from danger. Moreover, I’m only trying to see if I can meet a Class 10 Magical Beast!” Long Chen said.

“Nonsense. Do you think I am as easy to fool as Wan-Er?” If we can’t even sense a single magical beast, then that means we’ve already entered the territory of the Class 10 Magical Beasts. How come we haven’t encountered a Class 10 Magical Beast yet? " Meng Qi said snappily.

Stunned, Meng Qi forgot that she was a Beast Master, and no one understood the habits of magical beasts better than her.

“Take a look. Everyone’s here.” Long Chen looked at Meng Qi as he spoke.

Long Chen’s curiosity was too great. Once he made a decision, he would not be able to complete it. Meng Qi could only let him do as he pleased.

"I see it!"

Meng Qi and Long Chen were like thieves, hiding their auras. Looking down from a high mountain, they saw a huge lake.

The lake had a radius of a thousand miles, with countless dried up trees forming a huge bird’s nest in the middle. Looking from afar, it looked just like an island.

“Heavens! There really is an egg!” Meng Qi couldn’t help but cry out. In that huge nest, there were two eggs the size of a house.

“My luck is heaven defying!” Meng Qi couldn’t help sighing.

That’s because he’s with you. Long Chen couldn’t help but mutter. If it was him, he probably wouldn’t even be able to touch a hair, let alone an egg.

Long Chen discovered that although his luck was monstrous, it wouldn’t affect others. If he had one by his side, then his luck wouldn’t be that bad.

"What should we do? With a wide field of vision, he could see everything within a radius of ten thousand miles. It was impossible for him to sneak in.

“And magical beasts, it’s unlikely that they would allow the two eggs to be exposed so easily. If we go out, we’ll be back very soon. If we run into them …” Meng Qi was a bit excited. Within the surrounding tens of thousands of miles, no rank 9 magical beast dared to come near them, meaning that the overlord of this place was definitely a Class 10 Magical Beast.

If he got two Class 10 Magical Beast eggs and went back to hatch, then even someone as calm as Meng Qi couldn’t help but feel her heart racing.

“Let’s go all out! We’ll just rush over and snatch the egg and leave!”

Long Chen couldn’t think of any good plans, so he decided to take a gamble. Since Meng Qi was here, his bad luck wouldn’t work. It would depend on Meng Qi’s luck.

Dragging Meng Qi with him, they rushed toward the bird’s nest in the lake. At the same time, Long Chen was ready to fight with everything he had. No matter how arrogant he was, Long Chen had never thought he would challenge a Class 10 Magical Beast.


What surprised Meng Qi and Long Chen the most was that when the two of them flew to the middle of the bird’s nest, they didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. When they stood in front of the giant egg, they were completely shocked.

The huge eggshell was like white jade. Strange runes covered its surface. They were densely packed, and they were emitting a very powerful pressure. Just an egg was enough to make one feel difficult to breathe.

"Meng Qi, hurry up and put it away!" Long Chen hastily said. Now was not the time to size it up.

“I … I can’t take it into my soul …” Meng Qi said somewhat worriedly. She made a seal with her hand, but she couldn’t place the eggs into her soul …

These eggs had life, so they couldn’t be stored in the dimensional ring. They could only be stored in the soul space so that the life fluctuations inside wouldn’t be affected.

Long Chen also tried it, but he couldn’t take it into his soul space. Long Chen didn’t dare to try and take it in with the chaos beads, because if he took it in and the chaos beads killed it, it would be a waste.

"What should we do?" Meng Qi was anxious.

Long Chen was also stunned. Such a big egg, he couldn’t just carry it and fly away. This was too obvious.

“There’s nothing we can do!”

Meng Qi was stunned as she looked at Long Chen. Long Chen’s eyes were like beads as he stared at Meng Qi.

“Who’s talking?” Meng Qi and Long Chen suddenly felt goosebumps all over their bodies. This voice wasn’t coming from them.

“It’s me!”

Long Chen and Meng Qi’s bodies stiffened. They slowly turned their heads and saw that at the edge of the bird’s nest, a little bird the size of a fist was staring at them.

The little bird was not large, but it was abnormally powerful. It actually had multicolored wings on its back, and it was extremely beautiful. However, it did not have any pressure, nor any aura, and was completely harmless.

“Damn, you scared me to death, I actually met a talking bird. Hey, don’t you know what it’s like? How are you going to put away this egg? Tell me, I’ll give you something delicious!”

"Long Chen, it …" Meng Qi looked at the beautiful little bird, her eyes filled with fear.

“It’s fine. I won’t hurt it. It’s always here, so it should know some secrets!” Long Chen didn’t even turn around as he handed the fruit to the little bird. Long Chen approved of the idea of using money to make things difficult for ghosts.

The little bird didn’t even look at the small fruit in Long Chen’s hand and just looked at Long Chen without saying a word.

"Alright, you can tell with a glance that he is someone with status. Do you think he is lacking?" How about I give you a thousand? How about two thousand? "

Long Chen was bargaining, but Meng Qi’s face was as pale as paper. Meng Qi grabbed Long Chen and quickly retreated to a certain distance from the little bird.

“It … it … it’s the legendary Heaven-Devouring Sparrow!” Meng Qi’s voice could not help but tremble.

"Crack, crack, crack!"

Long Chen’s hand trembled, and a handful of fruits fell to the ground. In Long Chen’s eyes, there was also a look of shock.

He didn’t know who the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow was, but he had heard that it chased after the clouds and lightning, that it ate the earth and devoured the heavens, and that it was the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow.

It was said that this Heaven-Devouring Sparrow was a descendant of the immortal ancient era and was extremely powerful. Even amongst Class 10 Magical Beasts, it was an overlord level existence. It was on the same level as the flood dragon from the Mysterious Heavenly Dao Sect.

Long Chen’s heart went cold. Could it be that his bad luck had broken out again and he had encountered such a terrifying existence? If it was any other Class 10 Magical Beast, Long Chen would have tried to run away.

“Cough cough, senior, it’s all a misunderstanding. It’s all a misunderstanding,” Long Chen hurriedly said.

"Oh, you want to steal my child, and now you say you misunderstand? I would like to hear what kind of misunderstanding there is. " The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow looked at Long Chen and Meng Qi. Its small mouth moved as it spoke in the human tongue.

The Class 10 Magical Beasts had already reached the top of the world. When they opened their mouths to speak, they were a signature of the Class 10 Magical Beasts.

Long Chen’s head was filled with water just now. He thought that this little bird, a parrot like creature, would actually use a small fruit to tempt a Class 10 Magical Beast. Even Long Chen couldn’t believe how stupid he was.

“Actually, we’re not here to steal your child. We’re here to see two children exposed for fear of catching cold and bringing them to a place where they can hide from the wind and rain. That’s right, that’s it.” Long Chen said apologetically.

Meng Qi’s mind was in a mess. No one knew better than her how terrifying the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow was. Hearing Long Chen talk nonsense to the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow, she felt anxious, but there was nothing she could do.

“You have the blood of a True Dragon on you, but you’re smiling so mischievously. If the Dragon Race finds out about this, not to mention you’re a human, even the people of the Dragon Race will kill you.” Zhui Yuntian(Heaven-Devouring Sparrow) looked at Long Chen and said coldly.

Long Chen’s heart shook. This Heaven Swallowing Sparrow was able to see through his True Dragon blood essence. Just what kind of terrifying existence was this?

“What’s your name?” The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow ignored Long Chen and instead spoke to Meng Qi.

Chapter 1109 - Luck that defies Heaven

"Senior, my name is Meng Qi!" Meng Qi quickly replied. Meng Qi was a little uneasy about this legendary existence.

The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow was extremely infamous. The divine beasts of the Immortal Ancient Era were all extinct. As a descendant of the Immortal Ancient, it was almost impossible to find a Heavenly Cloud Swallowing Sparrow.

If this Heaven-Devouring Sparrow wanted to kill Long Chen and Meng Qi, both of them would die, so Meng Qi felt a little uneasy.

But Long Chen wasn’t that nervous. He held Meng Qi’s hand to comfort her, because Long Chen didn’t feel any killing intent from the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow. Perhaps it was because of the dragon blood in Long Chen’s body, but he was worried.

For example, the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow, they had their own inherited memories. Their intelligence was no worse than a human’s, and since they had lived for a long time, they might know more.

“You’re quite a decent human. I can give you one of the children!” The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow said.

What? Long Chen and Meng Qi were shocked. They didn’t believe their own ears.

“You didn’t hear wrong. I can indeed give one of the children to you. I hope you can treat it well,” said Heaven-Devouring Sparrow.

"Senior, this …" Meng Qi was still in disbelief. How could a mother give her child away?

"I gave you the child for my own reasons, because I was incapable of raising two children.

Three hundred years ago, I experienced a terrible war. My children’s father died in battle, and I was also severely injured. I escaped here and gave birth to them.

Although my injuries have been recovering over these years, I still have to use my own blood essence to hatch them.

Apart from maintaining my life, I only have enough blood essence to hatch one of the children. If I hatch them at full power, I will die.

“So, I can’t die, but only one child can live. As a mother, I have always been unable to make a choice, and now, I have reached my limit. If I don’t make a decision now, both children will die.” The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow looked at the two eggs and spoke in a low voice, sounding a little sad.

Asking a mother to give up one of her children, whether it was a magical beast or a human, was a painful choice. Meng Qi couldn’t help but cry. This woman’s natural maternal nature resonated with her. She could understand the sorrow and helplessness of chasing the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow.

"Senior, I can stay and help you hatch them with my soul force. We beast tamers have a secret technique that can help them hatch quickly." Meng Qi said.

The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow looked at Meng Qi and said, "You are a good child, thank you for your good intentions. This is probably a fated opportunity."

Just when I was about to give up one of my children, you came.

Furthermore, staying by my side might not be a good thing, and giving it to you might not be a bad thing.

"You are a kind child, and I believe that you will definitely treat my child well. Come, choose one of them, and from today on, their fates will be completely different. As for whether it’s good or bad, it will depend on the will of the heavens.

The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow looked at Meng Qi, telling Meng Qi to make a decision. But Meng Qi was in a dilemma. She couldn’t take a child from a mother. She couldn’t do that.

"Long Chen …" Meng Qi looked pleadingly at Long Chen.

Long Chen sighed. “Silly girl, what’s there to be embarrassed about? Didn’t the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow say that this is a lucky chance? If we don’t come, only one of the two little guys will survive.”

This is because you are helping senior, and you don’t need to feel sorry for it. With your talent and ability, if it is by your side, it will definitely grow healthy and strong.

Most importantly, with your gentleness and kindness, you will definitely treat it as your most trusted companion. I believe that this is also the reason why senior handed your child over to you without worry. "

Everyone understood this logic, but when it really came down to it, there was no other choice. Meng Qi looked at the Heavenly Cloud Swallowing Sparrow, then looked at Long Chen, and they all had expressions of encouragement in their eyes.

Meng Qi clenched her teeth and said, “Let them choose. Let’s see who is willing to follow me.”

Meng Qi stretched out her hand and touched her forehead. Two runes flew out and landed on the two eggs. These were Meng Qi’s soul marks.

As the soul imprint landed on the giant egg, a giant rune shined for a moment. Meng Qi’s face revealed a happy expression. The giant egg had actually formed a resonance with its soul.

As for the other egg, it didn’t move at all. It chased after the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow and said, “Everything is fated. It is the child that I am prepared to give up. Perhaps my heart is too ruthless …”

Meng Qi couldn’t help but feel sad, but she didn’t know how to console him.


Suddenly, the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow flew into the sky and disappeared into the clouds. Then the clouds in all directions exploded and a figure tens of thousands of feet long appeared in the sky.

A terrifying pressure radiated through the nine heavens and ten earth. The sky and the earth rumbled, and the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow finally revealed its true form.

Long Chen and Meng Qi looked at the Heavenly Cloud Swallowing Sparrow with shock in their hearts. This Qi was even more terrifying than any Class 10 Magical Beast they had encountered before. The Heavenly Cloud Swallowing Sparrow was truly well-deserved of its name.


The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow’s body lit up and a drop of blood slowly fell from its forehead.

As soon as that drop of blood appeared, the endless symbols within the blood flickered. The auspicious multicolored light surged, and divine flames still flickered within.

Blood dripped onto the giant egg that Meng Qi had chosen. Countless runes lit up on the giant egg, absorbing the terrifying blood. Finally, the blood slowly disappeared, as if nothing had happened.

The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow’s aura clearly became weaker as it jumped into the nest and became smaller again.

“As a mother, this is the last thing I can do for the child.” The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow said as it looked at the huge egg. That was to chase after the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow’s inherited blood essence. After absorbing the inherited blood essence, when the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow was born, it would automatically awaken its skill as its strength increased.

However, forcing out this Inherited Blood Essence, the amount of energy it consumed to chase the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow was enormous. Its glittering eyes had even dimmed a few times.

"Actually, you taking away my child might not be a good thing for you. We will chase after the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow and rebel out of the profound beast race.

"Facing the pursuit of the entire profound beast race, you might end up in trouble. Take care of yourselves," said the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow.

"Profound beast? is he the ancient ancestor? " Long Chen was shocked. The primordial beast race still existed?

"That’s right, the so-called primordial beast race is just a general term. There are tens of thousands of primordial beasts, and we, the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow, are one of them.

Because … “Forget it, these secrets are not suitable for you to know. In short, I’ll entrust the child to you, and I hope you can treat him well …” This last sentence was said several times, but as a mother, it was a kind of pleading.

“Senior, don’t worry. As long as I, Long Chen, am alive, no one will bully my companions.” Long Chen patted his chest and guaranteed.

"En, this is the true style of a True Dragon descendant, but you must be careful. As your cultivation level increases, the risk of you being chased down is higher than that of the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow."

Alright, I was letting out my breath just now. For safety’s sake, I need to find another place to take care of my children. You guys should also leave as soon as possible since this place is no longer safe. Be kind to my child, thank you! "

After the Heavenly Cloud Swallowing Sparrow said that, it opened its mouth and a huge egg quickly shrank into its mouth. The Heavenly Cloud Swallowing Sparrow flapped its wings and disappeared without a trace.

“Hurry up and put it in your soul space. I’m afraid it’s not safe here.” Long Chen said.

Meng Qi nodded. This time, she easily took the egg into her soul space. However, Meng Qi didn’t feel happy at all. Instead, her heart felt heavy.

After putting away the giant egg, Long Chen and Meng Qi quickly left the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow’s nest. However, Long Chen still continued to gather Class 9 Magical Beasts for Meng Qi, filling up Meng Qi’s soul space.

On the second day, when Meng Qi and Long Chen were looking for their last pet, Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed and he ordered Meng Qi to summon the Shadow Storm Leopard.

He had the Shadow Gale Leopard swallow the two of them and drive the Shadow Storm Leopard to slowly close in on the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow’s nest.

Through theShadow Storm Leopard’s eyes, Meng Qi could see everything outside and share it with Long Chen. This way, she could clearly see what was happening outside.

At this moment, they saw two gigantic figures dashing over from the sky. The moment they saw their figures, they had already arrived in front of them. Their speed was so fast that it was astonishing.

Those two enormous figures flew through the air. Their terrifying pressure caused all of the surrounding magical beasts to lie prostrate on the ground, not daring to move.

The Shadow Leopard was also lying on the ground, but it could not see anything out there, so it quietly looked at the two gigantic figures.

“They’re both Class 10 Magical Beasts, are they the enemies of the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow?” Long Chen was shocked.

The two giant beasts, a tiger with wings and a double-headed python, had just arrived. Under Long Chen’s shocked gaze, they had actually turned into human figures, landing on the bird nest that was chasing the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow.

A man with wings and two heads was very scary. The man with wings looked around his lair and sniffed the air, “It’s the scent of the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow. It’s only been a day since I left, and it has the scent of a human!”

Long Chen and Meng Qi were both shocked. This man could smell the scent of a human. He looked around and closed his eyes to sense the surroundings. He pointed in a direction and said, “We’re escaping in that direction. Let’s chase!”

The two of them flew into the air and changed back into their original forms. Just as they were about to leave, the winged tiger suddenly turned its head to look at the Shadow Storm Leopard hiding in the darkness.

“There are actually two human cultivators?” The winged tiger opened its mouth and swiped its huge claws towards the Shadow Storm Leopard. Long Chen’s expression couldn’t help but change.

Chapter 1110

A huge tiger claw was about to land on Long Chen and Meng Qi. Long Chen knew that he had been discovered, so he was going to use his green dragon battle form to escape. .

“Don’t waste your time on these two ants. Catching the traitors is more important!” The two-headed python coldly bellowed. The scales on its body trembled and light appeared. Its enormous figure had already disappeared.

The enormous tiger with wings on its back seemed to be very afraid of that two-headed python. With a flap of its wings, it also left, disappearing without a trace in the blink of an eye.


Long Chen and Meng Qi came out of the Shadow Storm Leopard’s mouth. They let out a long breath, while Long Chen viciously spat out two words, “Stimulation!”

It was really exciting, so much so that it almost killed him. Long Chen’s heart was in his throat just now, and saying that he wasn’t afraid was nonsense. Thinking back now, he felt a wave of lingering fear.

“Let’s go, we can’t speak any more nonsense!”

Long Chen pulled Meng Qi along, heading back the way they came. He wasn’t planning on picking any late-Ninth Order magical beasts. He randomly picked a mid-Ninth Order magical beast to capture, then headed straight for the Mysterious Heavenly Dao Sect.

On the way back, her speed was much faster. Meng Qi had obtained a late-Ninth Order flying mount, and it only took her one day and one night to return to the Mysterious Heavenly Dao Sect.

After entering the Mysterious Heavenly Dao Sect, Meng Qi and Long Chen looked at each other. Only then did their nerves relax. This time they were scared out of their wits by the successive Class 10 Magical Beasts. They felt that the outside world was too dangerous.

Upon entering the sect, an elder immediately came to check the nameplate. This was a sect rule and it was very strict. No one was an exception, even if they knew Long Chen, they would still check him.

However, before Long Chen could hand over his nameplate, there was a sudden explosion in the sky and a huge flying boat directly flew towards the entrance.

The elder’s expression immediately changed greatly as he shouted, “Who dares to barge into the sect?!”

The elder held a jade talisman in his hand. That was the Mysterious Heavenly Dao Sect’s warning talisman. Once the entire Mysterious Heavenly Dao Sect was crushed, they would enter the first level of preparation. All the great formations would be activated.

Long Chen and Meng Qi were also shocked. They quietly looked at the huge flying boat floating in the air. What was going on?

If it was an enemy, they wouldn’t have stopped here and should have continued to rush forward. But if it was a guest, why would they directly drive the flying boat to the warning area? This was clearly provocation.

"Crack crack crack …"

The flying boat slowly opened, revealing a long flight of stairs. A middle-aged man slowly walked out.

At the same time, dozens of young disciples rushed out from behind the man. There were both men and women, and they were all Casting Stage powerhouses. However, their auras were not strong, and they should all be at the early Casting Stage.

They were all wearing purple-coloured long robes, and golden lines were inlaid into their collars and cuffs. The patterns on the lines were actually symbols.

Gold threads were drawn on his chest, creating a picture. This was an ancient Immortal character, ‘Zhen’.

Each of the disciples held a two-foot long cane. The cane was covered in a dense array of runes, and countless thumb-sized crystals were embedded into the top of the cane.

Long Chen and Meng Qi could not help but be shocked. The crystals inlaid on their staffs were actually the cores of magical beasts. They were pressed into the staffs by the space technique.

The auras exuding from these people were very weak, but they seemed to fuse with the entire world. It was as if they were different from ordinary Skywalkers who were fusing the heavens and the earth.

Ordinary Skywalkers were in a state and realm when they fused with the world, but it was as if they were truly one with the world, constantly communicating with it.

"Sky Crest Sect!"

When the elders of the Mysterious Heavenly Dao Sect saw the clothes of those people, their pupils couldn’t help but constrict as they recognized the origin of those people.

The three great sects in Central State were the Heaven Opening Sect, the Mysterious Heavenly Dao Sect, as well as the purple robed disciples in front of him.

“Honorable guest, you’re still not reporting? You’re actually here foolishly, with each generation of the Mysterious Heavenly Dao Sect being weaker than the last!” Seeing the elder’s shocked expression, the middle-aged man shook his head as he spoke, his voice filled with ridicule.

The moment the middle-aged man opened his mouth, the air rumbled, and the mountains trembled. His voice echoed throughout the entire Mysterious Heavenly Dao Sect. The elder’s face fell.

“Long Chen, go for him! Go for him in death’s door!”

As Long Chen was still in shock over the middle-aged man’s cultivation, the voice of the Profound Master suddenly came into his mind.

Long Chen was amused. He walked up to the elder, looked at the man with the aloof and arrogant face, and said, "Esteemed guest? How expensive is it? How much is a catty? "

“You are courting death. Kid, what qualifications do you have to speak to Lord Fa Xuan?” “Hurry up and get out of the way!” The middle-aged man’s face darkened. A disciple standing behind him roared at Long Chen.

"Idiot, all of you came to my door and acted so arrogantly, acting in a daze. I still don’t have the qualifications to speak.

Besides, you have to act like a guest. What are you trying to do, being so awesome? Kick a place? Smash their faces?

All of them were so arrogant that they didn’t even know what their surnames were. Their eyes were already on the top of their heads, yet they were still using their noses to look at others.

I’m sorry, but our Mysterious Heavenly Dao Sect’s temple is too small. We can’t tolerate you posturing like this, so go back to where you came from. " Long Chen waved his hand with a look of disgust on his face, as if he were driving away a horde of disgusting flies.

When the Profound Master sent a sound transmission to Long Chen, how could Long Chen not understand what was going on? Originally, when he heard that the Mysterious Heavenly Dao Sect and the Sublime Sky Sect were at odds, Long Chen did not believe him.

Now that he saw the aggressive approach of the Heaven Supressing Sect, coupled with the sound transmission from the Profound Master, he could basically guess that Long Chen had seen too many of these things.

Long Chen had been a part of the Mysterious Heavenly Dao Sect after all, and had a sense of honor in the sect. With Long Chen’s obvious provocation, he definitely wouldn’t be happy about it. Now that he had the backing of the Profound Master, if Long Chen didn’t take advantage of him, he wouldn’t be called Long Chen.

“Younger generation, pay attention to your words. Is this how your Mysterious Heavenly Dao Sect treats its guests?” The middle-aged man’s face was dark and his eyes were cold, but he still maintained his calm demeanor.

He could not be angry. This was related to his status and bearing. If he got angry at Long Chen, he would be at the bottom tier. After all, their statuses were too far apart.

As for the middle-aged man, although his voice wasn’t loud, it was spit out with a power similar to a spell. Everyone in the Mysterious Heavenly Dao Sect could hear that. He was purposefully listening.

"Our Mysterious Heavenly Dao School is the school of etiquette. However, our etiquette also varies from person to person.

As for those evil guests who have ill intentions and want to act tough, the purpose of our service is for them to act tough, to be beaten up and not be given to doing so! " Long Chen said in a neither humble nor arrogant manner.

The middle-aged man’s face immediately darkened. Long Chen’s mouth was too venomous. Even though he kept telling himself that this was a conspiracy, and that he couldn’t get angry, he still felt a fire burning in his head.

Behind the middle-aged man, the expressions of the group of disciples also changed. Their eyes were overflowing with killing intent.

"Brat, you should be glad that Lord Fa Xuan is magnanimous. If not, you would already be a corpse." A disciple said while gnashing his teeth.

According to what you said, I can say: Brat, you should feel fortunate. Profound Master Master is generous and does not care about what you say. Long Chen placed his hands on his hips and said disdainfully.

Long Chen’s few words had scared the elders senseless. Someone had already gone up to report, but the higher-ups hadn’t made any move at all.

"You …" The disciple was furious.

“You what you, don’t point your finger at me. Let me tell you, I have a bad temper, be careful of your big mouth!” He hated people who pointed their fingers at him the most. This was the most uncultured of actions.

"Li Tianxuan, what do you mean?"

The middle-aged man finally could not hold it in any longer and roared loudly. His voice shook the heavens, and Long Chen’s ears shook violently. He couldn’t hear anything for a while.

This caused Long Chen’s expression to change. Meng Qi’s pretty face had indeed paled. She covered her ears with her hands. Blood was slowly flowing from her ears.

Long Chen was infuriated, his heart aching. He was about to curse at that person, but was stopped by Meng Qi. Her injury was nothing serious, that was a terrifying existence. She was afraid that Long Chen would be in danger.

“Ma Xingkong, your temper is still as hot as ever. Isn’t it too impolite to disturb someone in closed door cultivation?” The voice of the Profound Master sounded. His voice was neither warm nor hot, and it was graceful.

“Open the door and invite our esteemed guests up the mountain!” The Grand Master continued. However, this esteemed guest was nothing much at first, but after Long Chen’s explanation, the middle-aged man and the disciples behind him felt quite awkward.

The middle-aged man gave a cold snort. He knew that it was impossible for Li Tianxuan to come to the door to greet him. He led the crowd and slowly walked up the mountain. The elders quickly gave way to him.

"Kid, wait!"

Long Chen and Meng Qi stepped aside to let the middle-aged man pass along with the other disciples. The middle-aged man didn’t even look at Long Chen, but the man who had spoken to Long Chen before pointed at his nose and arrogantly said.

"F * ck off/your mother/, you really have no memory!"

Long Chen ruthlessly slapped that person’s face. On one hand, that person didn’t think that Long Chen would dare to attack and wasn’t prepared for it. On the other hand, even if he was prepared, he wouldn’t be able to dodge at such a close distance.


The disciple screamed miserably and was sent flying by Long Chen’s slap. His entire face collapsed and he almost smashed his head into pieces with a single slap.

"So weak!"

Long Chen suddenly remembered that all the disciples of the Sky Harmony Sect were arcane masters and their bodies were extremely weak. This slap really showed just how weak they were.

“Bastard, you dare to hurt me? You’re courting death!”

The slap was nothing to worry about. The disciples of the Sky Crest Sect suddenly exploded. They all raised their staffs, and in that instant, dozens of terrifying auras locked onto Long Chen.

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