Next chapter date


Chinese New year will be completed on February 8 will mars will be regular after it … Like 2-1-2

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No one can say anything about that as everyone is as much in dark as you other than Mars. Hope he stays clear of corona virus, then maybe he will be regular for sometime.


2-1-2 release already became a myth…never coming back…just 1 chapter in 2/3 days is a lucky week…and it’s not about the Chinese festivals or events or new year…other Chinese authors are releasing just fine…Martial God Asura, NHSBA …the other two novels I read…maybe Mars has lack of motivation or plot issues or personal issues… whatever it is he should atleast give us the benefit of the doubt, tell us what the hell is going on…he wants to take a week long break fine…he wants to take a month long break fine… atleast give a heads up…


Back to 2-1-2 in your dream lol


MGA it’s finished bro


MGA is completed when did it get completed


Not even close…chu Feng hasn’t even come out of holy light galaxy…more galaxies waiting…


Mars has always had more ‘unique’ schedules ever since he began writing, don’t compare him to people like author of MGA who just writes for the sake of continuing a dying project.

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I know ur a big fan of Mars…but saying MGA is a dying project is a bit much…sure ATG is more popular…but MGA still stands at the top in wuxiaworld and that’s saying something


It stands at top because of its frequency.

Wuxiaworld base their data on basis of visits and MGA is most updated novel there.

And MGA is a dying project. It is just repeatable now. Plot does not moves until Chu Feng kills another generation of youngsters or so. When he reaches a new level we get to know that there are youngsters even more powerful than his seniors.

But all that said, I love the characters. I love the First Arc, it was just Epic. Head and shoulders above anything I read until then. I had never had such a mysterious and adrenaline pumping story at that time. I still like many concepts it showed. It’s cultivation system is awesome, his wives are all badass, his father is Godly Badass, his mother is just like changee in Chinese myth. And he himself is Asura Badass!


Isnt ATG also repeatable? I mean, mc is at another tournament. The protagonist this time is the shining star of his generation. He’s able to fight someone a few levels stronger. Pretty sure hes been doing that since Blue Star Pole. Lmao

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By that same frequency logic it just goes to prove that it is still the best out of all the still regularly releasing novels…there are many novels which regularly releases 2 chapters everyday and sometimes more

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