Mu Xuanyin and blue pole star


It may be a miracle or something else like MARS fetish armor but i got a hunch that Mu Xuanyin will somehow live or can be revived. Hint- When yun che dropped her body in the ice phoenix lake some literature indicated that. Any opinion on this? And i also got a hunch that blue pole star is alright in fact in intact condition. I strongly believe Xia Qingyue pulled a fast one over everyone somehow. This has to do with the indication that Xia qingyue somehow saw the future and was prepared for it.


She is still alive. don´t you worry.
She is just recovering :stuck_out_tongue: and out of the story till the end chapters…
Why cause she is too OP :wink:

I would have prefered she traveled with Yun Che to the northern realm, even if she took a hit on her powerlevel.
Nothing some dual cultivation wouldn´t solve o.o :wink:

But I guess Mars really wanted Yun Che to be alone and hateful.
Infact can´t even believe he brought Mu Xuanyin back to Snowsong realm Ice phoenix lake. (Must have been cause of tons of complaints from fans)

Xia Qingyue story will probaly be explained later when Devil Empress returns with Jasmine from outside the wall.
When he goes collect the last piece that is outside :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not just that he wanted YC to end up like this, he kind of needed him to. If darkness is enhanced by negative emotions and the 7th sword form of Heavenly Wolf sword can only be comprehended when everything is lost, then YC needed to be there. Not to mention, he’d never accept QY if he had any other options.

Last piece of World Defying Heaven Manual isn’t outside Primal Chaos. HSDE said she left it in the Primal Chaos. And even if she didn’t say that, Mars has straight up said HSDE gave it away. The way it’s looking, it was probably to XQ.


Mars has said that HSDE left a form of protection for BPS. So it’s probably fine.

And yea, even if it’s not completely obvious that MX is coming back, it’s still very, very heavily implied.


Ah I missed that part that HSDE said she gave it away, and I read three machine translated raw sites. to check for differences.
I thought she said she didn´t had it anymore and left it outside Primal Chaos.

Why do I read three :stuck_out_tongue: to see which lines are the best. some lines on babel novel are better, while sometimes it misses a lot.
Like Mu Xuan Yin dying three words were go and Live…
Or babel novel didn´t ad darkness eternal today in Yun Che explanation of why he can waste/control Qianying power level.
So he doesn´t need a slave mark on her.


She will be back Mu Xuanyin is tsundere gone yandere.
And she is my favorite character, that is why I hated that he returned the corpse to Ice Phoenix Lake.
Was thinking wake up when Yun Che needs her the most. drat there goes that idea :wink:

Ah well QY story is also nice. sadly no slave mark :stuck_out_tongue: Mars is getting less and less evil with scum Che.
But atleast his explanation today satisfied me and does fit Yun Che greedy perverted nature.
Why have a forced boring slave when you can get a willing rebellious slave :wink:


MX is easily the best of the Harem, and probably the best female character in this series?And everyone knows this , and Mars knows everyone knows this. There’s absolutely no way she’ll be dead whenever this series has ended.


Ice Phoenix is a type of Phoenix, so it should have a Nirvana Flame.
The Ice Phoenix when YC left said he left a gift to MX for everything he did, it is probably something that allows him to revive.


I hope MX will reveal herself to YC after her revival.