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Lin Wen Xin is a beautiful woman, born with elegant and distinctive features. There were countless of men chasing her, but she has never accepted any one of them. She will always remember the promise that her first love made to her in high school, “Wait for me, you will be the only girl that I will marry!”

Six years later, she was forced to marry the cold and ruthless billionaire president of DT Holdings, Wang Shen Ze. “Since she wants to play with me, I will play with her till the end. I will make sure that she will heavily regret her decision to marry me for the rest of her life!”

This novel is uploaded on BabelNovel.

Author’s note: Thank you so much for readers who are supporting this book! And I also want to specially thank those readers who have been paying to read the chapters. This really means a lot to me as well! Have a great week and God bless you all!

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Hi I might be interested - is it a Chinese translated Novel - if the Grammar in translation is very good.


Hello! Thank you for your interest! This is not a Chinese translated novel! It will be uploaded on BabelNovel today according to the editors! Please keep a lookout for it! :slight_smile:



Thank you for your reply.


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Hi Lucillescott, thank you for sharing your interest previously on this book. It is currently uploaded on BabelNovel, sincere apologies for the delay.