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Long Time No See

Macy and Charley are each other’s first loves.
However, when they met four years later, he treated her as a stranger.
She hid their son’s existence from him, treating him like a serpent, a beast.
To pay her sick son’s medical expenses, Macy even worked at the night club.
Charley secretly asked all his friends to help her earn more tips. But seeing her smiling to her customer, he couldn’t help using the meanest words to humiliate her.
When her son was in danger, the doctor told Macy that Charley was the only man who could save her child!
Macy needed to have one more child of Charley to match her son’s bone marrow but she still needed to hid everything from Charley.
“Let me just be your mistress. I don’t want anything more than that!”
“As you wish!”

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