Limitless Sword God - C485


Limitless Sword God - C485 - Back to Wu Ye City

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An indescribable, powerful demonic energy gushed out from the hilt of the Death Sword, like the mouth of a ferocious beast, as it tried to swallow the ghost face.


Ghost face revealed a look of surprise as he looked at the death sword that was about to kill him. He quickly chanted some incantations and the black cauldron was filled with waves of mysterious power. When the death sword arrived, it directly pierced through ghost face but was unable to kill him.

Ghost face said calmly to Su Yun, “insect!”

“Your sword is so special. Where did you get it from?”

“It was passed down to me by my sect.”

Su Yun said coldly.

“Your sect?”

Ghost face frowned slightly. “Where did you take your master to be? Which sect?”

“Why do you care so much?”

“Anyway, it’s a sect you can’t afford to offend.”

Su Yun said solemnly.

When ghost face heard this, his expression turned malevolent, “Hmph, how arrogant, you actually dare to speak such arrogant words in front of me, Green Ghost King, you insect!”

“Do you really not know how to write the word ‘die’?”

“I only know that if I don’t kill Ye Moxian today, there will be endless trouble in the future.”

Su Yun coldly said, lifted his death sword again, and chopped towards the inside of the black cauldron.

He secretly released more than half of the death sword’s power. The black sword exploded with power like a surging river. Although this power was not much, each part was extremely powerful and intimidating.

Facing the killing sword, Green Ghost King didn’t fight it and instead shouted in a low voice, “Since you worried about Ye Mo Xian’s threat, then let him continue to exist and it will be useful eventually!”

As the sound of his voice faded, the black cauldron emitted a huge amount of black gas, then he completely disappearing into the void, without a trace.

He ran fast.

Su Yun put away the death sword with a serious face.

Ye Moxian’s departure caused this mess to end for the time being. However, not being able to kill him was really unpleasant.

The cultivators that were still besieging Huairou Muyu were forced to retreat. Since Ye Moxian had already left, there was no use to continue, let alone Huairou Muyu, who were full of magic treasures.

However, Huairou Muyu wasn’t a kind person either. How could she let them go when they had provoked her?

It was a threat after all. She immediately took out her magic treasure and secretly retained the auras of these people in the air. When she returned to Huairou family, she would use the power of Huairou family to wipe them out one by one.

“Su Yun, are you alright?”

Ling Qingyu walked over and asked.

“I’m fine.”

Su Yun sighed and nodded.

“Who’s that?”

Ling Qingyu asked, looking at the place where the black cauldron disappeared, “Such a cold and powerful aura. This existence’s strength is probably beyond your imagination.”

“Perhaps it’s some powerful existence from the Ghost Realm. I’ll go ask Muyu, she should understand.”

Su Yun said as he walked towards Huairou Muyu who was recovering after consuming the pill.

“You said that he calls himself Green Ghost King?”

After hearing what Su Yun said, Huairou Muyu was shocked and stared at Su Yun.


"You’ve heard of him? ’

Su Yun asked in surprise.

“This …” Huairou Muyu’s face paled slightly. After hesitating for a moment, she nodded and shook her head. “This involves the secret of our Huairou family. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to explain it easily.”


Su Yun was stunned. Could it be that this Green Ghost King was related to Huairou’s family?

“Su Yun, Miss Ling, it’s good that you guys are here this time.”

Huairou Muyu bowed towards Ling Qingyu, expressing her gratitude.

Ling Qingyu only nodded but did not say anything.

However, Huairou Muyu continued, " Su Yun, although things happened in Bei Zhou City, this does not affect your entry into Bei Yang City. Go find your parents at Heavenly King Palace in the Bei Yang City first. I will first return to Huairou family, tell my father about this matter and discuss how to deal with it."

She spoke easily, but there was a heaviness in her eyes.

Su Yun saw it and hesitated for a moment, he looked up and said, “There’s no rush for the Bei Yang matter, I haven’t seen my parents for so many years, so I’m not in a hurry. Right now, the most important thing is to remove the curse from your father’s body. There will definitely be a lot of difficulties, so I’ll go back with you.”

Huairou Muyu had helped him many times. She was in trouble this time, how could he not repay her?

When Huairou Muyu heard this, her eyes lit up, and the heaviness disappeared. She nodded and said, " Su Yun, with your help, that would be great. I hope it won’t affect the time of you meeting your parents."

“The first thing I need to do is deal with this. Ye Moxian is also a threat to me.”

“Since that’s the case, let’s quickly head back to Wu Ye City.”


After making a decision, Huairou Muyu returned to Bei Zhou City first.

Ling Qingyu got into the sword sheath, and Su Yun entered Bei Zhou City with her.

Ye Moxian didn’t have much power in the city. Most of the cultivators that attacked them were brought here by using profound coins. After Ye Moxian controlled the power of Huairou family’s invest in Bei Zhou City, he immediately mobilized the funds and planned the future.

Although he had threatened the life of Huairou Gong, he knew very well that with Huairou Gong’s temperament, he would never surrender the Huairou family to him. Therefore, he had threatened Huairou Muyu with the life of Huairou Gong without alerting her, and had asked her to hand over “Sacred Heart”. As long as he got Sacred Heart, he would not only control the life of Huairou Gong but the life of the entire Huairou family.

With Huairou Gong as a trump card, Huairou Muyu definitely wouldn’t dare to release the Sacred Heart to him. This plan was foolproof, and with this treasure as a threat, it would be able to obtain the Huairou family easily.

However, Ye Moxian never would have thought that his plan would run into an accident like Su Yun.

He didn’t care about Huairou Gong’s life. He only cared about Huairou Muyu’s life and his own. For this, he even dared to attack Ye Moxian recklessly.

After returning to Bei Zhou city, Huairou Muyu immediately rescued Xiao Yin and quickly took over the power of Huairou family in Bei Zhou City.

Using the remaining profound coins, Huairou Muyu were able to hire a batch of local power to escort the two back to Wu Ye City.

These people were trustworthy existences. Their backgrounds were clear, so there was no need to worry.

When the two of them prepared to return to Wu Ye City, Xiao Yin reported that butler Mu’s corpse had been found in the backyard of Huairou Manor.

Huairou Muyu hurriedly rushed over, only to see that butler Mu’s corpse had already turned black. Quite a few parts of his body had turned into black liquid and died miserably. He was also an expert, so his corpse shouldn’t corrupt so quickly.

Butler Mu died tragically, causing Huairou Muyu’s hatred towards Ye Moxian to grow stronger.

The group of people set off without stopping, rushing from Bei Zhou City the Wu Ye City.

The journey was peaceful and without incident.

When Su Yun stepped back into the Huairou family’s mansion in Wu Ye City, he was filled with mixed emotions. There were so many dissension in noble families. This saying was indeed true.

Huairou Muyu hurriedly led Su Yun to the training courtyard of Huairou Gong. It was a grand courtyard that was completely made of gold and jade. There were guards stationed in front of the courtyard, and dragon and phoenix reliefs could be seen everywhere on the ground and on the walls. The walls were thick, and the atmosphere was majestic, and it was very imposing.

And in the courtyard, there was a spiralling spirit beast that looked like a lion whose entire body was emitting a fierce flame. When Su Yun and Huairou Muyu entered, the spirit beast immediately scuttled over. It shed the flames all over its body, rubbed itself against Huairou Muyu’s calves, and growled at Su Yun, blocking Su Yun with a vigilant face as if it did not want him to pass.

“What is this thing?”

Su Yun looked at this Spirit Beast with a bit of annoyance and could not help but ask.

“This is the spirit beast that my father raised, Fire Spirit Beast. Although its strength isn’t high, it can sense all the hidden dangers.”

Huairou Muyu said softly, “However, because it is too sensitive, it will see much lethal magic treasure as dangerous existences. Perhaps there is a magic treasure that is too powerful in your possession that causes it to be disgusted.”

“Is that so?”

Perhaps it was the death sword.

The two walked past the Fire Spirit Beast and entered the room.

After receiving the summons from Huairou Gong, the two of them opened the door and entered. Within the door, they saw Huairou Gong, who was dressed in loose robes, writing with a brush.

Although Huairou Gong was a merchant, his body was not fat. He did not have the wealthy appearance of a delicate and tender person. Instead, he was tall and muscular, with tanned skin, and looked more like a spiritual cultivator.

He had a square face, thick eyebrows and big eyes, giving off a very decent impression.

Upon seeing the two of them enter, Huairou Gong immediately stopped writing and laughed, “Yu’er, you’re here?”

“This is Young Master Su Yun you spoke of, right?”

“Haha, he is really handsome.”

“Your father has good eyes.”

Su Yun said softly to Huairou Muyu.

There were few people who praised him for his good-looking, mainly because he wore a cape, and there were few who could see his face clearly.

Huairou Muyu pretended not to hear and bowed to Huairou Gong. Then, she told everything about Ye Moxian.

When Huairou Gong heard this, his smiling face suddenly calmed down.

He quietly stared at the glowing words on the table before him. After a long while, he finally let out a helpless sigh.

“Actually, I sensed that Moxian had intentions. I have been lying to myself all along. He is Brother Ye’s son, so he must be a righteous and upright person. But, Maybe I was wrong from the start …” A hint of sadness flashed across Huairou Gong’s eyes.

When Su Yun saw this, he understood.

Indeed, Huairou Gong was a shrewd existence. How could a fool take good care of Huairou family like this?

It was just that they were driven by the will of the people. No matter how high the cultivation base of the people in the Ultimate Martial World was, they would never be able to shake off human’s most primitive instincts and helplessness.

“Then, do you know who the Green Ghost King is?”

Su Yun asked.

“Green Ghost King!” Huairou Gong was slightly surprised. “Has he appeared as well?”

“Is he related to the Huairou family?”

Huairou Gong hesitated for a moment before finally nodding.


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