Lightning Marriage Chapter 525 - Kill You



Lightning Marriage Chapter 525 - Kill You

Didn’t they say that they had to tell each other everything that had happened between them? They couldn’t hide it from each other. What was going on now?

“Jane Ronan, I believe I can handle it well.” Edwin Carter looked at Jane Ronan and said solemnly and gently.

He looked at Jane Ronan with an affectionate and gentle gaze, which made her completely helpless. Therefore, Jane Ronan lost to her just like that.

He was right, he could handle it, she had asked if it would help, and she might even make things difficult for him, so listen to him, it was better not to know.

He didn’t ask about the mysterious man, but his daughter’s matter was always under his control.

“Janell’s illness has a lot to do with her Big Brother Lie,” Jane Ronan added. “I don’t think she’ll forget her Big Brother Lie that easily.”

“Janell is still young, so it won’t be long before I forget her, Big Brother Lie,” Wu said.

“I don’t think she’ll forget about Big Brother Lie that quickly. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so suddenly and so fiercely sick this time.” Jane Ronan had a different opinion from Edwin Carter.

Edwin Carter hugged her and said, "She might remember a month, two months, or even a year, but so what? After a little longer, she made new friends, met more people, and had a new life. She would naturally forget about the boy who once accompanied her. "

“But I feel that it’s also good for Janell to always remember her Big Brother Lie. After all, if it wasn’t for Lie Lie, Janell wouldn’t even know what would happen to her.” Jane Ronan said it from the bottom of her heart.

Jane Ronan was a female and often acted emotionally. She had been feeling sad for a long time after she had left.

Especially when she saw how sad Janell was, Jane Ronan’s heart ached even more. She really hoped that Lie Lie could return and accompany Janell once again.

Edwin Carter’s heart was filled with tenderness towards his family. To others, his heart could be comparable to a block of ice.

Moreover, he had always been rational when it came to doing things. He had always felt that it was not a good thing for Janell to rely too much on an outsider.

Before Lie had left, Edwin Carter had already thought of letting Lie leave Janell, and not letting Janell rely too much on Lie.

In fact, Edwin Carter’s men had already found out that Lie had been rescued by someone. They had also left the Longahe and returned to Country A.

After his men traced Lie back to Country A with Ian Perry, he told them to come back and cut off the trail.

It was Ian Perry who saved Lie. When they went back to A Nation together, Edwin Carter could confirm Lie’s identity without the help of his subordinates.

To be able to get Ian Perry to follow beside him without any documents to prove his identity, who else could it be other than the Third Prince from A Nation?

However, there was one thing that Edwin Carter didn’t understand. Why would the dignified Third Prince of A Nation be willing to be Janell’s follower?

Even if Janell had saved his life, there were many ways for him to repay her kindness, many not necessarily the same way.

Edwin Carter had some questions, but he didn’t mention them to Jane Ronan.

He thought that since Janell was still young, it wouldn’t be long before she forgot about Big Brother Lie. However, Janell remembered Big Brother Lie firmly, and she hadn’t forgotten him for many years.

However, Big Brother Lie’s image became more and more blurry in her memory. By the time she saw her Big Brother Lie, she had already forgotten what Big Brother Lie looked like.


At the same time, a burglary was happening upstairs.

Janell was sick. Angela Carter was also tired after a few days. Today, she could finally have a good rest. As soon as she fell on the bed, she immediately fell asleep.

Victor James was busy with the military region today and it was rather late. It was already midnight when he returned to Carter Family.

If no one answered, he couldn’t kick the door, and if he caused a ruckus, he didn’t want to be seen as a monkey.

Victor James never played his cards as usual. Since the door wouldn’t open if he thought of what he did, he decided to go to the top and climb down from the top floor to Angela Carter’s balcony.

The balcony and the room were sliding doors on the floor. The door was made of glass, and through the glass he could clearly see Angela Carter, who was sleeping like a pig on the bed.

He climbed up the stairs and climbed out the window. After half an hour of hard work, Angela Carter was still sleeping soundly in her room.

Victor James’s heart instantly became unbalanced. He roared: “Angela Carter, open the door!”

Angela Carter laid on the bed and turned around lazily. It was unknown if she heard Victor James’s shouts as she continued to sleep.

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