Let us build the community rules together


Hi guys,
After 8 months of growth, Babel Novel Forum already become a sweet home for all the novel lovers. Your feeling is very important to us.
Recently, some users’ behavior brings the community discords and disturbing for other users. We think it is time to make the community rule.
We are looking forward to your voice. You can give us opinions as rule + explanation.
For example:
Respect Each Other: everyone should listen to others’ opinions and do not use vulgar language.

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Hey ekko i think this is just a slight problem and basically there’s only one hater on your discord, i will not say the name you know him already talking “logic” for a long time. You should just ignore this kind of childish attitude.
Regarding some rules that i will express are still incoming, I will tell it later :wink:
On the other hand, big stuff to talk about.
How is the situation related to the translation tool right now?


You should have set the rules much earlier but better later than never :wink:

  • Be respectful to each other and to the moderators. This is a warn-able offense that could lead to ban. We want this to be a kind community.
  • Zero tolerance for death threats or anything to do with harming people. It doesn’t matter if both parties knew they were joking.
  • Multiple accounts = ban (Flooding the translator!)

I’ll give more suggestion when I think of them.


Thanks. It is exactly what we think. :slight_smile:
Give us more good idea.

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Well you should add a new button next to like button when members misbehaving the others members will click on it)(at least 4 or 5) then you can block them for 24 hours.
For first for 2nd time 3 or day


Give for Basic users 5 brick per day, and 1 is needed for 1 translation. In my opinion, it is more than enough for everyone to read 5 charapters per day.
Each next level of trust will provide more additional bricks per day (5 bricks or something).
It was good when it was 10 bricks per day and 1 for translation.


:thinking: :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :+1: :clap::clap::clap:

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Itu sudah benar, jadi mari kita melestarikannya dan membuat forum menjadi lebih hangat dengan topik topik novel yang yang sangat menjanjikan dan menghibur

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Translate to english please! And keep it in English :slight_smile:

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